Thursday, June 26, 2014

RUSH: RINOs in Mississippi 'won the election and lost the party' (MS VOTER ADDENDUM!)

Yet another discouraged Mississippian calls into Rush to tell him he's not only NOT voting for Cochran in November, but he's voting for his opponent! Rush sympathized, reiterating the words of yesterday's caller with the same sentiment...
"We had a guy call here and say, 'Rush, I don't care... the Republican Party tells us 'we've gotta be loyal,' and 'we've gotta unify,' 'we've gotta join together everytime the tea party loses,' SCREW IT! Not when they play like this.' Had a guy from Mississippi say that he was gonna vote for the Democrat. And let me tell you something, I totally understand it.

What good is Thad Cochran gonna be? At some point, these people have to be cleared out. Now in voting for the Democrat, you could be maintaining Harry Reid in office as the Senate Majority Leader. It's possible. And for a lot of years, people have been using analogies like that, 'No, you've gotta stay loyal to the party, otherwise, we're never gonna get rid of Harry Reid.' At some point, it's not just Harry Reid as the problem. I totally understand.

This guy, Chris McDaniel, has been a loyal Republican all of his life, and has had this kind of smear campaign run against him by the party to whom he has been loyal all of his life. The Republican establishment, eager to have him defeated, might have had a role in ginning up all of these racial voters, the basis that the tea party is racist and so forth. It's understandable to me your attitude. You gotta clear the dead weight out of there. And if it means the Democrats hold power a little longer, so be it. But this has gotten serious to a lot of people. This kind of thing has infuriated!"
And what has this infuriation caused? It's causing the Republicans to lose their own party!
"If you take a look on the ground what happened in Mississippi on Tuesday, conservatives WON the primary. More Republicans voted for McDaniel than Cochran in the runoff. If it hadn't been for the 8 or 9 percent of the vote that was African-American [Democrat] voting for ol' Thad, Thad would not have won. The Republican Tea Party candidate would have. Yet, the RINOs are running around claiming they crushed the Tea Party, when the truth is THEY LOST THE PARTY! They won the election and they lost the party! In a Republican primary, the Republican victor needed Democrat votes to win. And in order to pull that off, the Republican majority, or the RINOs, resorted to racebaiting. Now, who wants to be part of THAT future, if that's what the future of the Republican Party is?"

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ADDENDUM: Many Mississippi tea party members have not only felt betrayed by the GOP establishment, but they're infuriated to the point of sitting November out!
MississippiWatchdog: Barring a challenge by Chris McDaniel, tea party members in Mississippi will likely sit out the general election rather than vote for incumbent U.S. senator Thad Cochran. ...

The rancor in the divisive race was stoked by Cochran’s open courting of Democratic voters to cross over and vote in the runoff.

An ad played on radio stations geared toward African-Americans and robocalls to Democratic households both accused McDaniel of wanting to take away food stamps and federal aid to historically black universities in the state. The robocall was first revealed by the Washington Examiner on Wednesday. The radio ad was found by freelance journalist Charles C. Johnson.

“I will not vote for Thad Cochran,” said tea party member Joy Dixon Payne. “To do so would be the equivalent of approval for the horrendous actions of the campaign in the final three weeks. No pass and no forgiveness for painting me as a racist." ...

Mississippi tea party member Clay Vaughn said he was dissatisfied by the GOP establishment and said he’s still trying to decide on whether to sit home in November or cast a ballot for Childers.

“They betrayed us,” Vaughn said. “They’d rather go and bargain with the other side — which has no intentions of helping them in the end — than to concede to us fairly. The GOP traditionalist hierarchy consisting of (former Gov.) Haley Barbour, (Lt. Gov.) Tate Reeves, Thad Cochran, (U.S. Sen.) Roger Wicker, (Gov.) Phil Bryant and the newly acquired (Rep.) Gregg Harper are dead to me.”

If a McDaniel challenge fails, calls for a write-in campaign will not put McDaniel in the U.S. Senate. According to state law, write-in votes are only allowed in the “event of the death, resignation, withdrawal or removal” of a candidate.

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