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CRUZ: The Real Story of what's happening in Washington

Can't let this one slip by without acknowledgment, and neither did Levin this evening...
On Tuesday’s Mark Levin Show: President Obama has built nothing since becoming president. Instead he’s used everything that was built before him to tear down America by institution lasting, destructive policies illegally. He’s getting away with it because we have the worst leadership ever in both parties, and only a handful of Senators that fight for what Americans believe in. Sen. Ted Cruz is leading the fight and he’s despised for not marching to the beat of the GOP establishment drum. Republicans have voted over and over again to fund Obama’s corrupt agenda. Anyone opposed to funding his agenda is considered a radical or an extremist, things that are never said about people like Obama or Bernie Sanders or Nancy Pelosi. If the Republican party has become the no nothing do nothing party, and if they won’t stand and fight for the Republic, what good are they?
This is the reason why Sen. Cruz stands virtually alone in the Senate and to a large degree in the presidential campaign...because the Washington Cartel doesn't want the truth getting out!
TedCruz: While speaking on the Senate floor yesterday, U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) implored Republican leadership to defend the right to life – an issue for which many Republican leaders have strongly advocated – and fight for conservative principles. Sen. Cruz’s speech followed Senate GOP leadership’s blocking of his attempt to get a vote on his amendment to end taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood and the Iranian nuclear deal.
"I will give President Obama and the Senate Democrats credit. They believe in principles of big government. They believe in this relentless assault on our constitutional rights, and they are willing to crawl over broken glass with a knife between their teeth to fight for those principles. Unfortunately, leadership on my side of the aisle does not demonstrate the same commitment to principles. Now, how is it, you might wonder, that a preemptive surrender is put in place? Well, it all begins with the relatively innocuous statement ‘there shall be no shutdowns.’ ...you have got one side that has preemptively surrendered. Republican leadership has said: ‘We will never, ever, ever shut down the government.’ And suddenly, President Obama understands the easy key to winning every battle. He simply has to utter the word ‘shutdown,’ and Republican leadership runs to the hills.

You want to understand the volcanic frustration with Washington? It's that Republican leadership in both houses will not fight for a single priority that we promised the voters we'd fight for when we were campaigning less than a year ago."

Breitbart: Ted Cruz Blasts GOP Leaders for Funding Planned Parenthood
Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) is excoriating the Republican leadership in the House and Senate for failing to “lift a finger to defend life” by eliminating taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood. Cruz’s speech on the Senate floor comes as the lawmakers voted, 77-19, to advance a bill to authorize government spending that includes funding for Planned Parenthood…Cruz said it is likely that Planned Parenthood has committed multiple crimes that are punishable with imprisonment, yet asked why the Obama Department of Justice and FBI have failed to open investigations into the abortion organization. Similarly, he observed that not one Democrat has asked to have Planned Parenthood investigated.

Town Hall: ‘Preemptive Surrender’: Cruz Criticizes Colleagues for Passing Spending Bill that Funds Planned Parenthood
Cruz, one of several conservatives determined not to see one more taxpayer dollar go to Planned Parenthood in the wake of several disturbing videos, criticized his party after the vote for about an hour, accusing them of failing to show any passion for the causes for which they are supposed to fight. While President Obama and the Democrats have no problem "walking through glass" to defend Big Government programs, Cruz said the GOP has failed to live up to its tenets.

Washington Examiner: Ted Cruz: Barack Obama Is the Terminator
"So what does he say?" Cruz said of Obama. "If you don't fund this one private organization that's not part of the government, that's under multiple criminal investigations, I, Barack Obama, will veto funding for the entire federal government and shut it down." "And what does Republican leadership say?" he asked. "Well, it will surprise no one. Republican leadership says, we surrender." He said the result is that Republicans end up funding anything the Democrats want, including Planned Parenthood. The House and Senate are about to pass a "clean" spending bill, but Cruz said that bill is anything but clean.

The Daily Signal: How Senate GOP Leadership Stymied Ted Cruz on Defunding Planned Parenthood
As the Senate voted Monday on a continuing resolution with taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood, Cruz attempted to offer an amendment ending all federal funding for America’s largest abortion provider. The amendment also cut off money to implement the Iran nuclear deal. But in a departure from Senate custom, a quartet of Republican leaders blocked the Texas senator from even getting a vote on his amendment. Only one senator, Mike Lee of Utah, stood with Cruz on the Senate floor.

The Right Scoop: Sen. Cruz: The Real Story of What Is Happening in Washington
Ted Cruz couldn’t get anyone in the Senate to back him tonight as he tried to get a ban on Planned Parenthood funding and a linkage of the Iran Nuclear deal in a government funding bill…Cruz’s amendment would place a one-year ban on federal funding for Planned Parenthood. It would also ban the Obama administration from using funds from the short-term bill to implement the Iran nuclear deal or any “assessed contributions” to the United Nations until lawmakers receive the “side deals” between Iran and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

Conservative Review: McConnell, Not Dems, Block Cruz Vote
Tonight Senator Ted Cruz attempted to offer an amendment to the must pass spending bill that would have halted the implementation of Obama’s Iran Deal and public funding to abortionists like Planned Parenthood…Cruz however wanted to make one last effort to put members of the Senate on the record, but GOP Senators were so scared of voting to strike funding for these Obama priorities that they opted to block Cruz from even receiving a vote.
Take note of how at the end of his speech the One Party D.C. elite shutdown the People's voice on the Senate floor, because they themselves don't care to face the truth.

You want to know the reason why McConnell won't suspend the filibuster rule for Republicans to actually win votes in the Senate? Because that would hold Republicans accountable in following through with constituents' wishes in stopping the Obama agenda, and this failure of a leader won't risk it! Instead, they fund every bit of it in the name of averting a government shutdown, while surrendering everything. Ludicrous!

It couldn't be more clear with headlines like these that the One Party GOP/Democrat alliance with media sycophants in tow HATE Ted Cruz...
Fellow Senators Have Had It With Ted Cruz and His Government Shutdown
On the eve of a shutdown, Cruz annoys his GOP allies
Ted Cruz, shunned by colleagues, trashes Congress in hour-long Senate speech
Cruz sternly rebuked by GOP
Even supposed anti-establishment conservatives like Rand Paul have chosen sides with McConnell, cowardly declaring Cruz 'done' in the Senate. Newsflash for the Kentucky junior senator: That's TEXAS' call, not yours! 

Despite all their efforts, those paying attention are taking note, and LOVE Sen. Cruz for fighting for them.

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Cruz at Values Voter Summit: 'HELP is on the way!'

From one disastrous Speakership to another if torch passes from Boehner to McCarthy

Even after a stark warning in a Breitbart exclusive, we knew McCarthy would be waiting in the wings. They're like cockroaches!
Politico: House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy officially announced his bid for House speaker on Monday, promising to "lead the fight" for conservatism while healing divisions in the conference.
Riiight. Who's he think he's fooling?! No one...but likely a lot of back room dealings in the works.


Levin emphasized over the weekend how much of a disaster Boehner has been as Speaker...
TRS: Mark Levin was on with OAN after his appearance on Saturday at the FRC to discuss Boehner ouster, why he had to go and why we need a conservative to replace him. He also explains how Republicans should react in the event Obama shuts down the government over Planned Parenthood.

...as well as how conservatives are sick and tired of Republicans funding the Obama agenda!
CNS: Radio talk show host Mark Levin said Saturday that conservatives are “sick and tired” of the Republican leadership in Congress “funding the Obama agenda.”

“Don’t tell us we’re not going to shut down the government,” Levin said during an onstage interview with Family Research Council (FRC) president Tony Perkins at the Values Voter Summit in Washington. “You put these bills on [President Obama’s] desk and let him shut down the government.”

“Let the government shut down and let us continue to live as free human beings,” he added.

The president “may have a pen and he may have an Obamaphone, but we have a Constitution. Now use it!” Levin exclaimed.

“If that means the government shuts down for three weeks, then by God, the government is shut down… By the way, the government never shuts down. It just doesn’t stop.”
And the liberal media hack Jake Tapper asked McCarthy to respond to Levin's criticism that he's nothing more than "Eric Cantor with TEN LESS IQ points!" Cantor's response"Give me time...give me a moment to show if I can govern, and then you can come back and judge whether I've done well or not." Uh huh...does that sound like a fighter?

Folks, we've seen the disaster film already. It'll be new-boss-same-as-the-old-boss if conservatives can't force this establishment leadership out.

Unfathomable: Putin takes over as leader of the world at UN, schools Obama's transformed America (UPDATE)

"Do you realize what you have done?"
Whether it's Rush saying it or yours truly, it's not a good thing when an old Soviet leader sounds more like American presidents used to sound compared to the current Oval Office occupant. But the unfathomable is made possible on a global level when you have a president and a party that has fundamentally transformed America, diminishing her standing in the world...
"Vladimir Putin, a former KGB agent went to the United Nations yesterday and said to the rest of the world 'Do you people know what you have done?' by supporting the Arab Spring and by launching all this Muslim activity in the Middle East. 'Do you know what you've done?' And it was Vladimir Putin speaking up for Democratic values and freedom and liberty, and not the President of the United States at the UN. It's just stunning."
"I never thought I'd see the day where the Soviet leader (and that's what Putin wants to be) was saying things that you had to pause and consider for a moment. And I never thought I'd see the day where on one hand you've got the Soviet leader, the other hand the President of the United States, and being conflicted. Never thought I'd see that day.

Putin said, 'We believe that any attempt to play games with terrorists, let alone arm them, are not just shortsighted. This may be and may result in the global terrorists threat increasing dramatically and engulfing new regions.' I mean, he's pointing his finger right at us and Obama's hands off policy and Obama's quest to make sure everybody understands that there's nothing at all in common between ISIS and Islam.

Think about this. We have a former K -- well, no one ever leaves the KGB -- KGB agent President of Russia, a Russian leader, schooling us on human rights and moral clarity. That's just unfathomable."

Things are very upside down indeed.

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UPDATE: When the current administration makes such a complete mess in Middle East affairs, it's easy for Putin to punk Obama...
DUDE! Russia DEMANDS America stop flying airstrikes in Syria as it begins launching airstrikes of its own
...and Rush explains that Putin is confident as hell that Obama isn't gonna do anything about it.

In case you didn't catch that last word, yep, it was 'screwed'.

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Proposed Article V Convention of States rules!

We have proposed rules! Don't succumb to the naysayers who banter on about a runaway convention and fearmonger against the states utilization of this clear constitutional redress, folks. There is genuine progress being made in the effort to regain control of our country over the Washington cartel's iron fist...and it's high time we support this courageous endeavor!
ConventionOfStates: In July 2015, Professor Rob Natelson, one of the nation’s leading Article V experts, crafted an initial draft of rules for a Convention of the States along with Convention of States Project co-founder, Michael Farris. Since then, members of the Convention of States Caucus -- a group of 200+ state legislators from 40 states, all united in their support of an Article V Convention of States -- have been invited to review Natelson’s rules and provide input. The following is the latest iteration of those rules as of September 2015. When a Convention of States is called, these rules will be available for official debate and adoption.
Review Rules 1 - 24, along with Endnotes, in the link above. Exciting!

Cruz at Values Voter Summit: 'HELP is on the way!'

"You wanna know how much each of you terrify Washington? Yesterday, John Boehner was Speaker of the House. Y'all come to town, and somehow that changes. My only request is can you come more often! Tony, we need to schedule these weekly!"
Ted lit'em up once again at the Values Voter Summit...
"I want to come to you this morning with a word of hope and encouragement and exhortation. All across this country, the American people are waking up, and I'll tell you today, HELP is on the way! So, I want to ask everyone here to look forward, look forward to January 2017. If I am elected President, let me tell you what I intend to do on the first day in office. The first thing I intend to do is resend every single illegal and unconstitutional executive action!"
Cruz also went on to address how he intends to deal with the corruption that extends throughout the federal government and what he will do on his first days in office. HINT: Lots towards religious liberty, security through freedom, economic prosperity, peace through strength and our commitment to Americans and her allies. Simply put, a return to exceptionalism.
"The people are waking up. And let me tell you what Washington wants. Washington wants us divided. Washington wants conservatives splintered. They want a chunk of evangelicals over here, a chunk of conservatives over here, a chunk of libertarians over here, a chunk of tea party folks over here. That's how, if we are splintered, that a moderate establishment candidate runs up the middle with 23% of the vote, steals the nomination, and then loses to Hillary Clinton in the general election. You know what? We've seen that movie before. I'm not interested in going to see Rocky XIX. We have a simple task before us. If conservatives unite, we win.

So I'm here to ask each and everyone of you, stand, stand in your faith, stand with your principles, come together. How do we turn this country around? Just like in 1980, we rise up as We The People, and we say we will defend this last best hope for mankind, this shining city on a hill that is the United States of America!"

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ADDENDUM: Cruz WON the straw poll again!
WT: GOP White House hopeful Ted Cruz ruled the roost once again at the annual Values Voter Summit by winning the annual presidential preference straw poll here for the third straight year - further cementing his status a favorite among social conservatives that will play a pivotal role in picking the party’s nominee.

The Texas Republican captured 35 percent of the votes cast, outpacing his closest rival Ben Carson, who received 18 percent.

Boehner will FINALLY resign!

First Cantor, now Boehner. Yeah, I think this was millions of Americans' reactions to the news of Johnny boy's resignation this morning. The time has come to turn the page, indeed!

I knew something was up while the Pope was speaking yesterday. Yeah, Biden always looks constipated, but Boehner looked especially emotional. Whatever the case, so long, farewell, good riddance, don't let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya, etc., etc....
NYT: Speaker John A. Boehner, under intense pressure from conservatives in his party, will resign one of the most powerful positions in government and give up his House seat at the end of October...
The New York Slimes immediately lobs the run-of-the-mill government shutdown fearmongering, 'throwing Congress into chaos' one-liner. And all the mainstreamers are mentioning what a hard time Boehner had trying to work between those damned 'tea party' conservatives and the lovable squish 'moderates', the loathsome bunch they are, but that was his Waterloo! Ultimately, Boehner showed no principle towards the party he was leading, siding more time than not with the opposition.

Now, being pragmatic about it, this could go one of two ways. Either something extraordinary is finally about to happen within the party, at least within the House (you know, actually standing up for something and up to Obama/Democrats/Media), or he's about to do something catastrophic. Considering the timing, right after laying out his agenda, and with debt ceiling and Planned Parenthood fights in the wings, this should give any and all non-Democrat go-alongs cause for concern.

So celebrate the news, but with caution and awareness. And a couple of hashtags to remember going into the selection of a new Speaker...

and next...

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ADDENDUM: A stark warning via the Great One in a Breitbart exclusive...
Popular talk radio host and best-selling author Mark Levin is warning Republicans in Washington: don’t replace outgoing House Speaker John Boehner with Rep. Kevin McCarthy.

Levin’s a tirelessly warrior against Speaker Boehner and the Washington establishment. “Kevin McCarthy is Eric Cantor with ten less IQ points,” Levin declares in an exclusive interview with Breitbart News.

The radio star adds Republicans must learn their lesson and not repeat the mistakes they made following Eric Cantor’s historic fall from power—namely that Republicans must replace Boehner with a “principled conservative.”

Levin explained that with the resounding defeat of the former-House Majority Leader, conservative voters made their voices heard and sent a clear message to the Republican establishment. Washington Republicans, however, refused to get the message.

“The Republican establishment never learned their lesson after Cantor… They replaced Cantor with McCarthy, who is a wheeler and dealer—he is not a principled conservative… My concern now is that they will do the same thing again,” Levin said. ...

Levin said that House conservatives—many of whom are a part of the House Freedom Caucus—need to demand better for their voters.

“Those thirty or so Republicans need to remain united” to elect a principled conservative leader who represents the interest of Republican voters, Levin explained. “Republicans could make a real difference now for the Party and for the country if we elect a Speaker or a Majority Leader who’s a conservative—such as Rep. Jim Jordan. But he’s just one example.”

“We need leaders who are solid, who are intelligent, who are strategic, who are constitutionalists, who can bring in– not just the mainstay of the Party– but demonstrate to millions of us in the grassroots that the message has finally been received. [We need to see that] there is a serious effort—not just a PR effort—but a serious effort to try to govern and keep the President in check—that they are prepared to fight, prepared to show courage, and that they’re going to stop cutting deals with the inside the beltway crowd.”

Levin explained that House conservatives should not squander the opportunity this new leadership election affords them.

“I’ve been pushing very hard for the replacement of this leadership, not just to save the Republican Party, but to save the Republic itself against an out-of-control President.”

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Levin educates the Pope on 'America'

There’s so much that the Pope could have said to us that he didn’t say. He talked down to us through his socialist agenda. We have politicians and leaders who talk about the socialist agenda all the time but never talk about the heart and soul of America. We have a president and a Pope that speak down to us on so many issues, from immigration to poverty to global warming. They don’t appreciate the American people, our history, and what we’ve done for the rest of the world. American soldiers don’t go into war to fight for the leftist agenda; they fight for liberty. Just because we don’t accept the left’s agenda of national suicide doesn’t make us intolerant people. We’re tired of America and the American people being put down, either by world leaders, religious leaders, or our own president. ~ ML, 9/24/15
The Pontiff should really think about making his rounds by the bunker! Because it's quite apparent that his knowledge of America's greatness is incomplete, and no better a human being to educate him than the Great One...
TRS: Mark Levin opened his show tonight saying that after listening to the Pope today, he doesn’t think the Pope likes America (as a country) anymore than Obama does. Levin argues that we are a great people and there’s so much than the Pope could have said to us that he didn’t say. Instead he talked down to us through his socialist agenda.

Levin sets the record straight in a powerful way:
"We have a President and a Pope who speak down to us about so many things, whether it's immigration, whether it's poverty. Frankly, they do not appreciate the America people. They do not appreciate American history, the American heritage, what the people of this nation have done for themselves and for the rest of the world.

It's easy for a man like Barack Obama who's contributed ZERO to American liberty to go off on his ideological agenda and force his will on the American people because of the failure of the opposition party and the courts to stop him. It's easy for a Pope to come here from Italy, from the Vatican, and quite frankly lecture us in many respects and talk down to us in many respects about immigration; we, the most tolerant, giving people on the face of the earth, who send our own men and women all over the world to fight wars for liberty."
Mark gave the Pope an exquisite history lesson, introducing him to the greatest among the American Founders' orators, Patrick Henry, and 'one of the greatest speeches in American history' given on March 23, 1775...

That persuasive speech was the clarion call for American independence, in which our Forefathers fought a Revolutionary War for the sake of liberty and representative government, 'showing the way to the rest of the world.'
"I listened to what the Pope had to say today, and I respect enormously the Catholic Church and Catholicism. But I've concluded that the Pope, despite the best efforts among people on tv and radio to spin and spin and spin and cherry pick, the Pope doesn't much like us anymore than Obama does. I'm not talking about as human beings, but as a country. There's so many things he could have said in gratitude to the American people."
Recall World War II, Mussolini, followed by the Nazi occupation of Italy? We, Americans, defeated Mussolini, then pushed the Nazis out of Italy at the cost of tens of thousands of brave American soldiers (405,000 American lives lost in WWII liberating Europe). WWI, we lost 116,000 to help save free nations; Vietnam, 58,000; Korea, 54,000. Not to mention, our greatest number of casualties, 750,000 dead, fighting a Civil War to maintain our fledgling Union and to put an end to slavery in our nation. 'And we fight today the wars that the rest of the world won't fight.'
"We are a magnificent people. We should be proud of ourselves. Just because we don't embrace the left's agenda of national suicide, the left's agenda which rejects liberty, the left's agenda which rejects national sovereignty, doesn't mean we're an intolerant or bad people. Quite the opposite.

So I would ask the President or the Pope, hundreds of thousands dead to correct the issue, the stain of slavery, tell me, how many countries do that? How many countries look inward and suffer those kinds of casualties to correct a grievous wrong? Very few.

People who come to this country and condemn us, directly or indirectly, do not understand us. This President not only doesn't understand us, he has contempt for us."
I would hope and pray that this Pope doesn't share that as well with this President.

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#OutOfTouch: Slaughter of Christians & worldwide genocide, but Pope & President want to talk about 'climate change' & immigrants?

"I watched Obama and I watched the Pope earlier, and I think to myself, they want to talk about global warming and poverty? Why don't they want to talk about the genocide that's going on in the Middle East? Because Barack Obama can talk about eliminating poverty all he wants, but he won't do what's necessary to eliminate genocide. And I would think this Pope, given the conditions in the world, how horrific they are, would come to the United States, the beacon of liberty, where we've lost thousands and thousands of men and women fighting this evil, would stand up against what's going on in the Middle East. This is the perfect place to do it; this is the perfect opportunity. Instead, we get global warming as if he's a Democrat Senator from Massachusetts. I don't put the man down as the leader of the Catholic Church in any respect, I never would. But I do challenge his politics, which are destructive, as are Barack Obama's, as are all the other leftists."
Thank you for saying EXACTLY what we're thinking, Mark!
TRS: Mark Levin said the whole day went by and neither Obama nor the Pope mentioned the Christians being raped and slaughtered by ISIS. Yet they were more than happy to talk about Climate Change, something he said doesn’t mean anything to the girl being raped by 20 different men every day.
Levin went on to also discuss the flagrant disrespect towards the citizenry in contrast to the praise heaped on non-citizens, and much, much more. Listen:

"The whole day went by with all the pomp, the whole day went by with all the speeches and all the prayers, and nothing about the evisceration of Christians in the Middle East, nothing about the genocide, nothing, not a word, not a word from the Pope, not a word from the President with the strongest nation on the face of the earth, not a word. Unfortunately, that says way too much."
Indeed it does. And Mark helps us cut to the heart of the matter: this is a worldly Pope who seeks to serve two masters. One would think the fundamental warnings of Matthew and Luke would be given some regard...
On Wednesday’s Mark Levin Show: Too many religious leaders around the world, including Pope Francis, seem to worship 2 gods: the real God and the god of big government. Political and religious leaders today are sending us over the cliff. Capitalism is the most humane economic system, the converse being a growing centralized police state and the spread of poverty and despair through redistribution – also known as socialism. Also, we’re tired of being lectured about immigration, whether its President Obama, Republicans, Democrats, or the Pope. The Pope should be thanking American citizens for their hospitality since 1 in 5 immigrants in the world come to America. For all the talk Obama and leftists do about humanity, there’s more slaughter and genocide in the world today than before Obama took office. They’re not worried about saving actual human lives, but about global warming.
Levin also went in depth on how we're constantly made to defend capitalism, but virtually no time, with this Pope or President, is spent debating and exposing the tyranny of socialism (or more broadly referred to as statism), "instead it's promoted as 'fair', something that creates 'social justice', gives people free things, it's humanistic, it's 'equal'. Outcomes and results are almost irrelevant."
"Socialism is, folks, an assertion, a claim, a demand. To the extent there's equality under socialism, it's an equality of destitution, it's a conformity. Capitalism understands man's imperfections; socialism insists on the perfection of man. Capitalism respects individuality; socialism demands conformity. Capitalism empowers the individual or groups of individuals; socialism empowers an ubiquitous leviathan. In capitalism, the individual is master; in socialism, the state is master. Capitalism is about voluntary arrangements; socialism is about coerced conduct and arrangements. Under capitalism, decision-making is dispersed; under socialism, decision-making is centralized and exercised by a few. Capitalism relies on the people making their own decisions; socialism relies on a beneficent mastermind or masterminds making decisions for the people. Capitalism is compatible with constitutionalism; socialism destroys the constitutional order..."

"Capitalism, the right to private property...the right to defend your property through due process...the right to be wealthy if you seek to pursue it or not, voluntary trade, voluntary commerce. Imperfect, yes! Man's imperfect; all institutions are imperfect. Capitalism isn't perfect, but it's the most perfect of imperfect models...

Rather than trying to deminish the individual, rather than trying to coerce the individual, rather than trying to destroy the individual, it allows the individual to express him or herself as he or she wishes without dictates from politicians and bureaucrats and judges and committees. Free market capitalism, we should really appreciate it."
Though it's barely ever mentioned, the majority of immigrants legally and illegally entering our country right now are coming from socialistic countries. That, as well as the unassimilated stance, are severely problematic for the preservation of our governing system and society at large. Mark also briefly mentioned the Argentinian demise to encapsulate where this Pope came from. Folks, it's time for the frank truth and reality between these two diametrically different worldviews...
"So those who speak, whether they're religious leaders or political leaders or self-described experts or intellectuals, about the humanity and compassion of socialism, they're not right. And it seems to me those who advocate that position should be on the defense, they'd have to explain themselves. They'd have to demonstrate with evidence why they're right and we're wrong. But all I know is this: Mao Tse-tung wasn't a capitalist. Joseph Stalin wasn't a capitalist. Adolf Hitler wasn't a capitalist. The killing fields in Cambodia, that wasn't on behalf of capitalism... The mass genocides in the world weren't in any respect promoted, encouraged, caused as a result of capitalism, but the opposite: an increasingly coercive, totalitarian state, redistributing wealth, where a relative handful of masterminds make decisions for everybody else. These police states. Some of them are softer than others; some of them are more aggressive than others, but it's the same seed, the seed of tyranny."
From the womb (of which there's been not even an utterance!) to everyday life, the opportunity to make an impact on genuine social justice in the world seems lost on a pontiff and a president, and that is why I offer this prayer...
ALMIGHTY God, who hast created man in thine own image; Grant us grace fearlessly to contend against evil, and to make no peace with oppression; and, that we may reverently use our freedom, help us to employ it in the maintenance of justice among men and nations, to the glory of thy holy Name; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.
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The ONE girl the Pope picked out of the audience of thousands happens to be an illegal immigrant activist!
Here’s the stunt the Pope wanted to pull at the border to show he supports immigrants…
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ADDENDUM: Interesting post-mortem worth checking out...
Vatican Reassures American Liberals They’re All On The Same Side

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Obama's immigration deception is fundamentally transforming (and dismantling) America

While Congress was away, more Obama immigration deception was at play. And this is how a country is not just fundamentally transformed, but dismantled.

I thought it was all about 'jobs that Americans won't do'? So we were told. Well, this administration, nudged by its business cronies, have obviously moved beyond that, now filling hi-tech jobs that Americans could certainly do in favor of hiring lower paid foreign workers...
NRO: Obama’s Department of Homeland Security...pushed through, during a congressional recess, a major immigration item that has long been on the technology lobby’s wish list. According to a new “policy memorandum,” Obama’s immigration authorities will now be redefining the term “specialized knowledge” as it applies to the L-1B visa, a program previously aimed at bringing over highly sought-after “intracompany transferees” from American firms’ affiliated companies abroad. No doubt burned by Congress’s “stubborn” refusal to raise the cap on annual cap on H-1B visas (which are “skilled” temporary non-immigrant worker visas) the Obama administration, at the behest of Big Tech lobbyists, has told its agency lawyers to think up a clever alternative. ...

The L-1B visa, a cousin of the H-1B, applies to so-called “specialized knowledge” employees, usually in the IT industry, who may be transferred to the U.S. from their foreign affiliated employer to work here for up to five years. Often, as with H-1B holders, these “temporary” workers obtain sponsors and apply for permanent status. When President Obama announced his general plans to “reform” the program last spring, he stated that his goal was to allow more workers to move from foreign offices into the U.S. “in a faster, simpler way.” Americans should get behind the proposal, he stated, as it “could benefit hundreds of thousands of nonimmigrant workers and their employers,” which “in turn, will benefit [the] entire economy.”

Setting aside concerns about whose “economy” will actually be benefited — the public’s or the special interests’ — the problem with this new “reform” is that the L-1B intracompany-transferee program was never meant to be a mass temporary-worker program. On the contrary...Congress’s intent was to ensure that the class of persons eligible for such visas would be “narrowly drawn.” This would seem to comport with the purpose of the program, which is to attract only “key employees” with “specialized knowledge.”
This is but one of the schemes to import the fundamental transformation of America as rapidly as possible. And the regime's ramped up influx is no longer fixed to only south of the border. Now they're tapping into other continents with countries vastly different from the cultural makeup of America. And when it comes to the degradation of the Judeo-Christian principles the country was founded on, Obama is all about increasing the flow of unassimilated Muslim immigrants at an alarming pace...
CR: The Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) has published another analysis of the immigration population based on Census data released last week from the American Community Survey (ACS). The ACS is a widespread household survey and contains very detailed questions about the current population and arrival of immigrants. One of the striking results of this survey is that it reveals a massive increase in immigration from “predominantly Muslim countries,” as broken down by CIS.

From 2010 through July 2014, the following sending countries experienced the largest increase in the share of immigrants living in America:
Saudi Arabia (up 93 percent);
Bangladesh (up 37 percent);
Iraq (up 36 percent);
Egypt (up 25 percent);
Pakistan, India, and Ethiopia (all up 24 percent);
Nigeria and Ghana (both up 21 percent)
In raw numbers, the most immigration still comes from Mexico, Latin America, China, and India. But notice where the trajectory is headed based on the sharp increase in immigration from Muslim countries. All of the countries experiencing the steepest increase in immigration over the past five years are Muslim countries.
And if you think these fools have given it a second thought as to how many will assimilate into America (or even be radicalized ala cyber jihad), then you're kidding yourself. The safety of America and the security of its citizenry are the furthest things from their agenda-driven minds. And Obama wants to foist thousands of Syrian so-called 'refugees' on us! David Horowitz asks, "Why do none of the politicians observe the fact that we have already admitted an enormous number of immigrants from the Middle East in recent years and the trajectory is only growing?" Not to mention that in addition to the spike in Muslim immigrants, our overall immigration intake is at record levels!
As of July 2014, there were 42.4 million immigrants living in the country, but that number is likely over 44 million at present. As we observed from the last CIS study, the trajectory appears to have grown even quicker over the past year, with an estimated growth of 1.7 million, according to the more limited, but up-to-date Current Population Survey.

In addition, CIS estimates that 5.2 million immigrants have entered the country from 2010 to July 2014, indicating that the trajectory of 1 million immigrants per year has already been increasing since before the sharp spike of this past year.
And heading to a city near you! Any number of 190 cities, in fact, that have been 'secretly selected' since before the summer. Don't tell me this is only in response to the refugee crisis in Europe. How convenient...
One final important observation is how much of this immigration, which is primarily from the third world – with an ever-increasing share from the Middle East – is affecting smaller, more homogenous states. Here are the states with the sharpest increase in immigration since 2010:
North Dakota (up 45 percent);
Wyoming (up 42 percent);
Montana (up 19 percent);
Kentucky (up 15 percent);
New Hampshire (up 14 percent);
Minnesota (up 13 percent);
West Virginia (up 13 percent)
Americans are friendly and welcoming, but when did the people ever vote for such a transformation? At some point, this is no longer immigration but colonization. No wonder a recent Gallup poll found only 7% of Americans want to increase overall levels of immigration. There is a reason the immigration issue is so explosive in this election, and it’s time the political elites get with the program.
This is no longer immigration...this IS colonization. Forced on us by our own contemptible government, at the behest of an imperial president, with statist Democrats cheering along. Will Republicans acquiesce yet again while not only our country, but our culture and society continue to be dismantled?

Monday, September 21, 2015

The RNC is in bed with a Democratic media

How far the RNC has fallen in such a short amount of time...from a communications director who once suggested more authentic debates with the likes of Rush, Levin and Hannity just a few short years ago to the flagrant, choreographed food fights with bought-and-paid-for media moderators we're now witnessing.

So, between these instances and every piece of reporting in between, if you don't think the RNC is playing their part in allowing the Democratic media to help drive the Republican candidacy, then you're not paying attention.

From one media-determined controversy lobbed at the unorthodox frontrunner...
On Friday’s Mark Levin Show: The latest in a long line of fake issues to be propped up by the media is Donald Trump not defending President Obama after someone at a rally called Obama a Muslim. Obama is allowed to call us racist and trash Christians and refuse to say Islamic terrorism, but as soon as anyone criticizes Obama it’s unacceptable and we have to come to his defense. We cannot allow the media to drive the Republican debates and determine the GOP nominee through phony controversies like this. The issue is not whether Obama is Muslim; the issue is Obama and his anti-Semitic policies and his mistreatment of Israel.

...to the smear of another top tier candidate's opinion...
On Monday’s Mark Levin Show: If Democrats in the media can’t be objective journalists they should get the hell out. We’re tired of pretend journalists injecting their bias into every interview, most recently attacking Ben Carson. If someone says they wouldn’t vote for someone based on their religion that doesn’t violate Article 6 of the Constitution; in fact it’s protected under the 1st Amendment. Carson is being painted as anti-Muslim while we’ve witnessed more persecution of Muslims in the Middle East under President Obama than any other president in history. The media keeps dragging us into their quicksand of flat-out lies while our country continues to spiral into a post-Constitutional hell.

...and culminating in knocking more conservative supported candidates out, while the establishment contenders astonishingly hang on to the end...
On Monday’s Mark Levin Show: The current format for Republican debates doesn’t serve some candidates well, and Gov Scott Walker is the first casualty because of it. It’s a shame because Walker had the best record of any governor on the stage at the CNN debate, yet he received the least amount of time to talk. Walker is suspending his campaign for the presidency while all the RINOs are still running strong.
The tentacles of the Washington cartel distract with the left hand to pick off with the right. All the while, working in unison.

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ADDENDUM: Since the Democratic media, along with the RNC, assuredly deceives Republican voters and potentials, perhaps reshuffling a few stats to highlight the TOP FIVE contenders based solely on record will contribute in some positive way towards the selection of a meaningful nominee by a more informed electorate...

Detailed information about each candidate issue-by-issue can be interactively explored HERE.

The Pope's politics and the President's religion

What in HELL is happening to Rome? Well, I may have just answered my own question. No offense to my fellow faithful catholic brethren...of whom many I've spoken to and are asking the same question(s)...

A lengthy record is emerging, but for simplicity's sake, we'll stick to just the past few months. In June, the Pope jumped on the ill-informed, 'settled science' climate change bandwagon. Last week, the Vatican simultaneously welcomed the Iran nuke deal, while singling out the disarmament of Israel's nuclear defenses. Then over the weekend, on the way to America, Pope Francis rubs elbows with the Castros? Wow. John Paul II is turning in his grave...
DailyBeast: His anti-Communist Cold War crusade shaped the late saint’s papacy. The first Latin American pope has very different views. And in Cuba, it shows.

The ripped corner of a faded banner from Pope John Paul II’s 1998 visit to Cuba hangs from a crumbling stone wall in Old Havana. Whether someone hung it anew to herald the visit of Pope Francis this weekend or if it has truly stood the test of time is anyone’s guess, but there is little question that the two papal visits are very different, and the earlier one feels as if it’s from a very distant past.

When John Paul II visited this strange and wonderful island 17 years ago, he kissed a tray of Cuban soil held up by children at his airport ceremony and held Fidel Castro at arm’s length telling him in no uncertain terms that he was there to pray that Cuba would become a land of “freedom, mutual trust, social justice and lasting peace.” It was a kind of victory lap for the great Cold War crusader against Communism, given credit by many for vanquishing Fidel’s sponsors in the by-then quite defunct Soviet Union.

The elder Castro was just as rigid, using his time at the podium to say Cuba was fine just the way it was, thank you. “We choose a thousand deaths rather than abdicate our convictions,” he told John Paul as a way of greeting.

Nothing could be more different from the welcoming ceremony when Francis landed here on Saturday night, not least because Pope Francis shares many of the convictions that Fidel and Raul officially say they stand for: identifying with the poor, calling for greater income equality.

On Friday evening, Francie and Fidel’s younger brother, Cuban President Raul Castro, greeted each other like old friends, embracing in such a warm way one can almost imagine them sitting down over a glass of rum (and a cigar?) in the old city center like old compaƱeros de lucha, comrades in the struggle.
But that's only the warm up. For Pope Francis's first visit to the United States, our Occupier-in-Chief has invited a pro-abortion nun, a gay Episcopal bishop, and LGBT ‘Catholic’ activists! It sounds like the beginning of a joke, and perhaps that's what this president is making of it. I mean, his tenure has fully displayed his disdain for faithful Christianity. So why is this Pope going along?
WaPo: THE VATICAN has raised objections to a few of the guests invited to the White House arrival ceremony [this] week for Pope Francis. The Wall Street Journal reported that the guests include transgender activists, the first openly gay Episcopal bishop and a nun who criticizes church policies on abortion and euthanasia. The Vatican worries that photos taken with the pope might be used to suggest his endorsement of activities he in fact disapproves of.
Uh, ya think?! Then say something, El Papa! I don't suspect anything will be said, though. This has rapidly become a result of the current Vatican's liberal lean towards so-called tolerance and inclusion. That can be no more dismissed as the Obama White House's role-reversal treatment of allies and enemies...
What struck us as we read about this controversy is the contrast between the administration’s apparent decision to risk a bit of rudeness in the case of the pope and its overwhelming deference to foreign dictators when similar issues arise. When Secretary of State John F. Kerry traveled to Havana to reopen the U.S. Embassy recently, he painstakingly excluded from the guest list any democrat, dissident or member of civil society who might offend the Castro brothers.

And when Chinese President Xi Jinping comes to the White House next week, shortly after the pope leaves town, it’s a safe bet that he won’t have to risk being photographed with anyone of whom he disapproves. Chen Guangcheng, the courageous blind lawyer, for example, lives nearby in exile, but he probably won’t be at the state dinner. Neither will Falun Gong activists, democracy advocates or anyone else who might, well, give offense.
A Rush caller chimed in today, and seemed to hit both targets in terms of acutely describing Pope Francis's politics and President Obama's religion...
"The Pope is Peronista...Peronism is a fungible combination of kleptocracy, fascism and cult of personality...he ascribes to that view. He didn't reject it! The Pope from Poland grew up with communism, and he rejected it. And the President worships in the mirror...and the only real question about his religion is, is there a reflection?"

The accuracy is unmistakable. And if this isn't an an antithetical trifecta to the Reagan/Thatcher/John Paul alliance that brought down an Evil Empire and lifted up a renewal in worldwide Faith, then I don't know what is!

Brethren, have we not been warned so many times against false teachings and worldliness? I pray that these presidents and this pope discover Truth.

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A politician, a pope and a president

ADDENDUM: Get ready, because the Pope's arrival will commence a week of trashing capitalism. This from the mind of Thomas Sowell, through the lips of El Rushbo...
"Thomas Sowell has a column today about the pope and his arrival, but primary it's about the pope's message. I have highlighted three things that Sowell has written here because they're brilliant. They take issue with the pope and his belief that the objective for all of humanity is to end poverty. And of course the pope believes that we've all done a rotten, horrible job of it, and that governments need to get bigger and they need to become populated with more and more compassionate people to find ways to get rid of poverty.

And of course Thomas Sowell points out that there's one way to get rid of poverty. But let me read to you what he wrote 'cause it's really, really good, folks.

"Any serious look at the history of human beings over the millennia," let's say from the beginning of time "-- Any serious look at the history of human beings over the millennia shows that the species began in poverty. It is not poverty, but prosperity, that needs explaining. Poverty is automatic." Poverty is the natural state. I'll tell you the reason I like this is because it goes right at my definition of American exceptionalism, which is that since the beginning of time the existence for most of the world's human beings has been bondage, tyranny, poverty, dictatorship. It certainly has not been liberty. It has not been freedom. Not until the United States came along. And that's not an exaggeration. ...

But what's happened over the course of the years, it is the quest for prosperity has become the reason they say people are in poverty. And that's why liberalism, socialism, communism, seeks to punish achievement, because achievement is deemed to be the reason people are the poverty. Therefore, we need to take from those people that succeeded because they really are just lucky winners of life's poverty. So we must take from them what is not fairly theirs and give it to some big entity over here, either the government or now Bono and let him distribute it and make things fair.

Another pull quote from the Thomas Sowell piece. "Any serious look at the history of human beings over the millennia shows that the species began in poverty." And again it's prosperity that needs explaining. Poverty is automatic. "As distinguished economic historian David S. Landes put it, 'The world has never been a level playing field.'" Of course, right there the left would stop and scream, "That's right, that's right, and that's why nothing has ever been fair, and that's why we must make sure that everybody has a equal chance of a fair playing field." That's the excuse for liberalism, that it somehow is social justice, that it equalizes everybody. False premise, can't be done.

But here's the question, folks. "But which has a better track record of helping the less fortunate -- fighting for a bigger slice of the economic pie, or producing a bigger pie?" Let me ask that question again, 'cause I think it and its answer are profound. Which has a better track record of helping the poor: fighting for a bigger slice of the economic pie or producing a bigger pie, growing the pie, or keeping a finite-size pie and have everybody fighting for a bigger piece of it, zero-sum game?

Yep, the pie is only so big. It's never gonna get any bigger. What we need is a referee to make sure that the pieces of the pie are parceled out fairly. That's why we need a great compassionate person like Obama or the pope to make sure that the pieces of the pie are not extraordinarily large for the undeserving and microscopically small for the truly deserving. And this also includes the idea that there is virtue in poverty and sin in success, and that's dangerous. That is really, really dangerous if you ask me, but that's where we are in the evolution of things today. ...

It is not poverty that needs explaining. We don't need any experts to come along and tell us what poverty is. What needs to be explained is prosperity. Poverty's automatic. Prosperity requires many things, none of which is equally distributed around the world or even within a given society. Prosperity does not have equal distribution. Never has. And this is why it's such a juicy target. Prosperity is deemed to be ultimately unfair because it isn't for everybody. But it is part of a growing pie. You can be prosperous for five years and lose it all, be back in poverty. It's up to you. Prosperity requires a lot of things. Prosperity does not require equal distribution around the world or even within a given society because it isn't possible.

I just wanted to share that with you because for the next five days you are going to hear nothing anywhere remotely like that. You're going to be hearing, you're gonna be deluged with how unfair your country is, how unfeeling. You're going to be told how your country isn't doing enough, hasn't done enough, you aren't doing enough. You might hear how your country and you are selfish. You might even hear how your country has taken things that it does not deserve and are not its own from other parts around the world. You're gonna hear all kinds of things the next four or five days to try to convince you how unjust, socially unjust your country is."
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