Tuesday, June 10, 2014

HUGE UPSET! Dave Brat CLOBBERS Eric Cantor in Virginia primary! (ADDENDUMS)

Well, looks like tonight's results might put a damper on that previous post...per Cantor's role, anyway...
HuffPuffPo: House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) was shockingly defeated in the Republican primary to represent Virginia's 7th District, the Associated Press reports.

Cantor faced what was considered a long-shot challenge from Dave Brat, a tea party-backed professor who has been a vocal critic of the House's number two Republican...
Way to go, Virginia's 7th Congressional District! Time to send Eric's weak leadership home and out of Washington. THANK YOU!


Politico: House Majority Leader Eric Cantor was toppled on Tuesday night in the most shocking primary defeat since Republicans took the House in 2010.

Dave Brat, a local economics professor who had tea party support, became the second challenger to defeat a House incumbent this primary season. Texas Republican Ralph Hall lost to a tea party insurgent at the end of May.

Brat also halted one of the most meteoric rises in national politics, and his win illustrates the strong anti-incumbent fever that has taken over Cantor’s Richmond-area district.

Cantor’s defeat not only reorders Virginia politics, where Cantor was the highest-ranking Republican, but it completely throws the House Republican leadership into flux. Cantor, 51, was long seen as the next speaker of the House after John Boehner retires.
Despite the glum faces on Fox, despite the stunned naysayers of the RINO establishment, this is a HUGE VICTORY FOR CONSERVATISM!
Jesus replied, “What is impossible with man is possible with God” ~ Luke 18:27

(Eric Cantor Gives Concession Speech 'Obviously We Came Up Short')

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ADDENDUM I: Brat joined Hannity Tuesday evening to discuss the win over Cantor...

...as did Levin...

ADDENDUM II: HAHA! Rush out of the gate Wednesday morning mocking the Beltway elite..."Don't you dare believe immigration had anything to do with Eric Cantor losing!"

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ADDENDUM III: Charlie Spiering put this stunning montage together of last night's media reaction...priceless!

And another bit of news dispels the media's claim that there was low voter turnout for this deposition...via TheRightScoop: DUDE: Almost 40% more people turned out vote in VA-07 last night than in 2012!

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