Monday, June 30, 2014

Obama ignores immigration laws, acting unilaterally towards amnesty... States should ignore him!

If President Obama can ignore our immigration laws...

...then shouldn't we ignore him, and demand our states turn all these illegals back across the border from whence they came?
Breitbart: A glimpse into the reality of the thousands of illegal immigrants being released into the U.S. by the Obama Administration was captured on video in a Greyhound Bus station in Laredo, Texas this weekend.

The illegal immigrants who cross as incomplete family units simply enter the U.S. illegally, turn themselves in to U.S. Border Patrol agents, are processed, and then are released with a notice to appear at a future date for court proceedings. U.S. taxpayers then fund bus tickets for the illegal immigrants to go to the U.S. city of their choosing. Approximately 95 percent of the illegal immigrants never return as promised for court proceedings, according to Hector Garza, a Border Patrol agent and spokesperson for the National Border Patrol Council (NBPC) Local 2455.

"The majority of these people crossed the border illegally and were then dropped off here at the bus station, so they could continue to their final destination, and that destination is an American city near you," said Garza. "This right here is border insecurity at its best. Our border is not patrolled, it's not being secured... our federal government is releasing thousands and thousands of illegal aliens into our communities."

That would be the lawful thing to do. But this...this is lawlessness, folks, approved by Obama's lawless executive branch at his discretion, and fully supported by the Democratic Party, who sees this as an 'opportunity'...
TheBlaze: House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi on Saturday called the recent inpouring of Central Americans across the U.S. border an “opportunity” rather than a “crisis” — and added a personal desire of hers.

“I wish I could take all those children home with me,” Pelosi said during a press conference in Brownsville, Texas, after visiting a nearby Border Patrol facility housing illegal immigrants, reported KGBT-TV in Harlingen, Texas.

“We’re all Americans in this hemisphere, North and South America.”

The Democratic representative from California said, “We will show the rest of the world how we deal with this,” KGBT said, noting she called those who’ve crossed the border refugees who must be treated with “decency.”

“We need to find the best solution to the problem,” Pelosi added, “not necessarily the fastest.”

Here are Pelosi’s remarks; her relevant comments start just before the 6-minute mark:

We all know what that opportunity is: future dependent voters.

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