Thursday, October 23, 2014

NOT 'Workplace Violence': Harper calls Ottawa attacks 'terrorism'...Obama equivocates

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper addressed his nation with a blunt message, unequivocally calling the recent attacks 'terrorism,' and that by their very nature were "attacks on our country, on our values, on our society..."

Compare that to Obama's tepid response...
AmericanSpectator: Let's compare what Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and President Obama had to say about yesterday's events in Ottawa and the shootings in St. Jean-sur-Richelieu on Monday.

Here is part of Harper's televised address to Canadians:
"Fellow Canadians, in the days to come, we will learn more about the terrorist and any accomplices he may have had, but this week’s events are a grim reminder that Canada is not immune to the types of terrorist attacks we have seen elsewhere around the world."
For good measure, Harper also said the man responsible for killing the soldier in St. Jean-sur-Richelieu was an "ISIL-inspired terrorist."

Now here's part of what Obama said at the White House:
"We don’t yet have all the information about what motivated the shooting. We don’t yet have all the information about whether this was part of a broader network or plan, or whether this was an individual or series of individuals who decided to take these actions. But it emphasizes the degree to which we have to remain vigilant when it comes to dealing with these kinds of acts of senseless violence or terrorism."
Less than a week after the Canadian Parliament approves a contigent to join this country's efforts against ISIS in Iraq, two Canadian soldiers are murdered 48 hours apart followed by an attack on the very institute that authorized the military mission. And yet Obama tells us not to jump to conclusions. Nor can he unequivocally flat out characterize these incidents as terrorism. Given that he could not do so at Fort Hood or Benghazi I guess we shouldn't have expected anything more here.
And speaking of, compare that to Obama's lackadaisical, politically correct response to the Fort Hood shooting, or rather the one he eventually gets to as he makes his way through all the shout outs!

Obama referred to yesterday's Canadian terror attacks as 'senseless violence,' and his administration continues to call the 2009 Fort Hood attack 'workplace violence,' denying victims and families commendations and benefits deserved (when even MotherJones can call understand what's going on, that's telling) Remember, though, this administration has also called other instances of terrorism on American soil 'workplace violence,' the latest being that ISIS-inspired Oklahoma beheading.

He just can't bring himself to recognize or even utter the obvious, much less acknowledge that fundamental Islam is center stage in all of this.

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ADDENDUM: There may have been a smaller scale, yet similarly Islamic terror related attack on 4 NYC police officers yesterday...
NYC Police seriously considering hatchet attack on cops a terrorist attack

The empty spectacle of the 2014 Midterm Election

It might be hard to hear or admit, but here's the bleak reality of what's culminated into this lackluster midterm election...
Reason: With just two weeks until election day, the most striking thing about the 2014 midterm may be how petty and substance-free it is. No major policy issue has defined this election; no major legislation is immediately at stake. It is possible to find candidates talking about a variety of policy issues—Obamacare, the minimum wage, immigration, the Export-Import bank, and more—but the implications are described almost entirely in political terms. For the most part, the focus for both parties is not on what they would do, but what they wouldn't, not who they are, but who they aren't. It's an election about nothing, except, perhaps, who one hates the most.

The big problem for Democrats is that President Obama is unpopular, and voters dislike his handling of major policy areas. ...

The president's sagging popularity means that Democrats can't easily campaign on his policies or his proposals. And it has given Republicans a blunt object with which to attack opponents. At this point, dissatisfaction with the president appears to be strong enough that this has given Republicans an edge.

Yet Republicans have a problem of their own. Despite their attacks on Obama and his policies, they have almost nothing specific to say about what they would do instead—and much of what they are saying is either incoherent or opportunistic.

For years, the party has failed to rally around an alternative to Obamacare, even while repeating the mantra "repeal and replace." This election, the first following Obamacare's major coverage expansion, many Republican candidates have tip-toed carefully around the possible consequences of repealing Obamacare, including its Medicaid expansion, suggesting a continuing unwillingness to grapple with the reality of repeal. ...

Broader efforts to define the GOP's policy agenda are similarly underwhelming. The Republican National Committee's (RNC) 11-point "Principles for American Renewal" was intended as a launching pad for a GOP governing vision, and a set of ideas that everyone in the party could agree on. "People know what we're against," RNC Chair Reince Preibus said earlier this month, "I want to talk about the things we're for."

Mostly, though, what the 11 points illustrate is how vague the party's commitment is to anything in particular. It's almost entirely rhetorical fluff...

The result is an election in which Democrats cannot run on what they have done, and Republicans cannot run on what they will do. So petty squabbles and Twitter-friendly soundbites dominate the news as each side attempts to drive turnout by campaigning the notion that the other party is worse—for women or for struggling workers, for the economy or for America's place in the world. It's not an election about which side to vote for. It's an election about which side to vote against.

The bipartisan emptiness of this midterm election, and the intense focus by both parties on turning out core voters rather than on broadening party appeal, suggests the deep exhaustion of both parties and their respective agendas. (One reason why Ebola has received so much attention is that it helps fill the void.) At this point, both Democrats and Republicans are running on policy fumes.

Members of the public see less and less to like from almost any politician, even the ones they voted for themselves. Obama's marks are low, but even still, they're stratospheric compared to Congress. ...

In other words, the public is exhausted too. There's no enthusiasm for any of the available options, no sense that either side has a vision worth pursuing or ideas worth trying. It's an election that's not about anything except which side is the worst—and tellingly, what voters really seem to want is to not have to decide.
As Mark Levin made clear last night, it's not enough anymore to just vote (particularly if Americans can't figure out how equally important the PRIMARIES are, perhaps even more so than the general elections). Replacing the worse with the lesser might provide temporary comfort, but doesn't change our nation's trajectory. We need to utilize every tool that the Framers gave us in order to restore our Republic. We've gotta try...and a great place to start is the Article V process.

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STEYN: One person can change everything and 'I like Ted Cruz'

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

STEYN: One person can change everything and 'I like Ted Cruz'

LOVE the way this guy thinks! We need Mark Steyn in the U.S. Senate!
TRS: Mark Steyn really is one of today’s intellectual heavy weights when it comes to understanding politics and the culture. And for most of the interview he and Hannity discuss the amazing hole American seems to be in and how Republicans are losing the argument.

But at the end of the interview he describes why he is still an optimist about America and when asked if there is anyone out there who could make a difference, he said he likes Ted Cruz. Why? Because Ted Cruz isn’t interested in conceding ground to the left, but rather pulling them in his direction.

Breitbart: Mark Steyn, author of “The Undocumented Mark Steyn,” argued that culture is more important than elections, and that he liked Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) as someone who could shift American politics to the right in an appearance on Tuesday’s “Hannity” on the Fox News Channel.

Steyn stated “vision’s the important part. What's actually happening is that the kind of model of the social democratic welfare dependency state since the Second World War has run out of gas. It's over, and to persuade people to move off that model actually requires you to have a conversation with the people and change minds,” which he added goes beyond elections.

According to Steyn, providing a vision is important because “a lot of people don't want to think about complicated issues or unpleasant issues. They don't want to think about Islam. They don't want to think about massive debt that will cripple their children's lives, and liberals are very good at just giving them a kind of cute slogan that says this slogan will get you through it. ‘Coexist.’ You put a ‘coexist’ bumper sticker on your car you don’t have to think about problems of the world anymore.”

He added, “the whole position of the Left is that they don't want to win the argument, they'd just as soon cancel the argument. So, if you query open borders immigration, which is an existential issue for any nation, then you're a racist. So, in other words, you have to let in the Ebola guys because otherwise. As there were people protesting outside this building today, you’re xenophobic.”

Steyn concluded that “the right man can make the difference,” and declared “I like Ted Cruz” when asked who he thinks is the one person who could shift the tide in American politics.
He's absolutely right! Now, it's convincing the Republican Party, then weaning voters off the MSM, that are the major obstacles to such truth.

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Obama divulges stratagem for Democratic midterm reelections...will it matter?

Earlier this week, Obama told Al Sharpton that despite the optics of Democrats distancing themselves from him throughout contested states this midterm election cycle, in all actualities, they are still strong allies, and will continue to vote right along with him and support his agenda.

While this should be an effective tool against such reelection efforts, in the surreal Age of Obama, where a president can use ethnicity and status to get away with pretty much anything as long as there's a 'D' beside his name, this won't make much difference to Democratic-leaning voters. Well, why not? Because this is the typical modus operandi they're used to: encouraging stealth, disguise and deception to win by any means necessary.

Perhaps more frustrating is the fact that something like this would guarantee reverberations across the media spectrum if the shoe were on the other foot (i.e., a Republican president divulging such a stratagem before the lead up to his party's reelection efforts). That speaks volumes, not only towards a liberal media run amuck, but also towards the general lack of principle or accountability on the Left.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Reclamation: The time for ceding ground must end!

Here's a timely one. Not only is this a validation of what so many tried to stress throughout the PRIMARY process, but it also reinforces our vigilance and the pursuit of righteousness...
TRS: This morning on Fox and Friends, guest Dana Loesch was on to talk about her new book, and of course, the news of the day. As part of the discussion about the midterms, Dana was asked about Mark Steyn’s commentary on Monday regarding the culture war. Dana’s answers touched on something that has been covered before here at Right Scoop: Getting into the thick of it.

Mark Steyn rightly points out that if you cede the ground to the left, then left becomes the default position. This is a critical point. What you are doing when you give up the popular culture to the left is creating an atmosphere that says “this is what normal is, everything else is a deviation from the normal.” You’re defining yourself into deviancy.

Dana hammers that point home. The ballot box is too late to try and make a sea change or shift in what is considered the “new normal.” You’ve already lost, she says, if you wait until the vote.
And the Left's constant belligerence of labeling everything traditional, Judeo-Christian or conservative in America 'extreme' and 'anti' this, that and the other, which is promulgated by a lib media, only furthers the devolution of what's normal.

The Republican Party, the Church, society in general has been ceding far too much ground to the deviancy of pop culture, ultimately leftist utopianism. As such, we've allowed this to become the norm. Only by engaging within it, flooding it with an articulation of our foundational perspective, can we bring about the change required for a more righteous path.

As one of my church buddies told me this weekend, 'It should be the Church leading the culture, not the other way around.' Politically speaking, a similar perspective should be observed, particularly within a supposed opposition party. Yet, we've constantly seen, and continue to see, both Church and State, and society along with them, ceded and dragged over the cliff and towards the abyss by forces on the Left.

God Willing, this must change.

Obama admin preparing for 'surge' of illegal alien MILLIONS following midterms

Yeah, never mind Americans struggling for jobs, a tepid economy, rampant welfarism, mystery diseases, terrorists threats, national sovereignty, and overall lawlessness. No, the Obama administration is quietly preparing a 'surge' of millions of new immigrant IDs, 'cause that's just what we need...for the fundamental transformation to Third World status!
Breitbart: Despite no official action from the president ahead of the election, the Obama administration has quietly begun preparing to issue millions of work authorization permits, suggesting the implementation of a large-scale executive amnesty may have already begun.

Unnoticed until now, a draft solicitation for bids issued by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Oct. 6 says potential vendors must be capable of handling a “surge” scenario of 9 million id cards in one year “to support possible future immigration reform initiative requirements.”

The request for proposals says the agency will need a minimum of four million cards per year. In the “surge,” scenario in 2016, the agency would need an additional five million cards – more than double the baseline annual amount for a total of 9 million.

“The guaranteed minimum for each ordering period is 4,000,000 cards. The estimated maximum for the entire contract is 34,000,000 cards,” the document says.
Up to 34 MILLION blank green cards and work permits are being ordered ahead of Obama illegal immigrant amnesty planned for after the November 4 elections...and here I was thinking we only had 11 - 20 million illegals in the country. Unless, of course, Obama's inviting more unassimilated foreign masses to our demise...
DailyMail: U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services plans to seek a vendor to produce as many as 34 million blank work permits and 'green cards' – the paperwork that authorizes illegal immigrants to live and work in the United States – as the White House prepares to issue an executive order after the Nov. 4 midterm elections.

According to a draft solicitation published online, the government agency will look for a company that can produce a minimum 4 million cards per year for five years, and 9 million in the early stages.

President Barack Obama has pledged that he will make a move on immigration reform this year. His original timetable called for a decision by the end of the summer.

Republicans have decried the plan as an 'amnesty' for millions of illegal immigrants, including hundreds of thousands of unaccompanied minors who have come across the U.S.-Mexico border this year.
Well, to be most accurate, it's actually conservatives who've not just decried but exposed Obama's illegal alien amnesty waiting in the shadows of the midterm elections (make no mistake, that's the only thing in the shadows!). Unfortunately, too many Republicans have hopped aboard this crazy train with Dems, the Chamber of Crony Commerce, and some misguided branches of the Church, among a plethora of phony race-baiting, ethnic front groups, to erase our sovereign borders, along with our democratic society and inevitably our way of life in America.

Out with American exceptionalism and prosperity; in with the antithesis.

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Friday, October 17, 2014

Rove advised Bush admin to cover-up Iraq's real WMDs because they 'lost the argument'

What an Architect! FoxNews, maybe it's time to show this regularly-attending clown the door, ya think?
On Thursday's Mark Levin Show: Mark talks about a breaking news story that there were indeed many chemical weapons found in Iraq since 2003 and yet the Bush Administration, via Karl Rove, said not to release this info. Rove said that it wouldn't be politically wise to do so around the 2006 election, that the issues of WMDs was in the past and that they lost the argument on it. Meanwhile, it was the Democrats constantly attacking Republicans as well as our military saying that the war was on false pretenses, that there were never any weapons there and now we find out there were and it was kept secret!

Whether they're causing the same degree of destruction from within is another argument, but with secrets like this, is it no wonder why so many view the GOP as equally corrupt as the Democratic Party when you've got a guy like Rove advising a Republican president? Imagine those advising Obama!
TheDailyBeast: There’s one man, some Republicans say, who kept the public from learning about the chemical shells littered around Iraq. He was Bush's most important political adviser.

Starting in 2004, some members of the George W. Bush administration and Republican lawmakers began to find evidence of discarded chemical weapons in Iraq. But when the information was brought up with the White House, senior adviser Karl Rove told them to “let these sleeping dogs lie.”

The issue of Iraq’s WMD remnants was suddenly thrust back into the fore this week, with a blockbuster New York Times report accusing the Bush administration of covering up American troops’ chemically induced wounds.

To people familiar with the issue, both inside that administration and outside, the blame for the coverup falls on one particular set of shoulders: Rove’s.
The cover-up unravels further as Rick Santorum and Dave Wurmser are tapped for more details as theDailyBeast piece goes on. But Levin summed it up nicely last night:
"So this was all about politics and manipulating the press! We sent men and women to war for among other reasons to get these damn weapons. ... I'm sorry, ladies and gentlemen, I know families who lost sons over there. And the President of the United States and his staff should have announced, 'We found these weapons!' But they didn't, because they say they lost the argument. 'Why bring it up now in the 2006 election cycle? It's beyond us; it's past; let's not get into it now.'"

I wish conservative politicians, pundits and voters would unify behind something better than what these Rovians have transformed the Republican Party into, 'cause we need a New one.

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ADDENDUM: Is it finally starting to sink in why Levin continues to view the current incarnation of the Republican Party as a 'liberal, neo-statist party' as clearly stated the day before?

More from Friday's Mark Levin Show:
Rick Santorum calls in to discuss a new article which showed that Karl Rove amongst others didn't want to release to the American people that WMDs were actually found in Iraq. Rove decided to play politics rather than inform the people who are the ones actually fighting and supporting the war efforts. Karl Rove wants to play both sides, he goes after conservatives when it's convenient for him, as well as the Democrats.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

CDC's insufficient protocol leads to another hospital worker contracting Ebola (UPDATES)

Sometimes you just want to scream, 'Hey, Sherlock!' Frieden, Fauci...these genius Obamabot bureaucrats don't have a clue! The fault lies in insufficient protocol and non-quarantine procedures, both failures of the CDC, not the nursing staff, and not even the hospital, of which there are only a handful in the U.S. equipped for such a disease.
AP: A second Dallas hospital worker who provided care for the first Ebola patient diagnosed in the U.S. has tested positive for the disease, pointing to lapses beyond how one individual may have donned and removed personal protective garb.

It's not clear how the second worker contracted the virus. Authorities declined to say what position she holds at the hospital or the type of care she provided to Thomas Eric Duncan, who was diagnosed with Ebola after coming to the U.S. from Liberia. Duncan died Oct. 8.

Officials have said they also don't know how the first health worker, a nurse, became infected. But the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said "an additional health care worker testing positive for Ebola is a serious concern."

"What happened there (in Dallas), regardless of the reason, is not acceptable. It shouldn't have happened," Anthony Fauci, director of the Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases of NIH, said on MSNBC Wednesday. ...

Dr. Tom Frieden, head of the CDC, has acknowledged that the government wasn't aggressive enough in managing Ebola and containing the virus as it spread from an infected patient to a nurse at a Dallas hospital.

"We could've sent a more robust hospital infection control team and been more hands-on with the hospital from day one about exactly how this should be managed," he said Tuesday.
No shit, Sherlocks. And I'm positive if you were to ask them about quarantining west Africa countries affected by this deadly disease & restricting flights from these areas to America, they'd still look at you like something's wrong with you.

We've had incompetency and worse traded for common sense, folks.

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UPDATES: Now, a week-and-a-half later, we've got good news and bad news. So first, the good news...
AWESOME: First nurse to contract Ebola in Texas now EBOLA FREE!
And now, the bad news out of New York...
BREAKING: Ebola doctor in New York tests positive for Ebola
And still, these idiots running things refuse to restrict flights from infected African countries and properly quarantine aid workers during the disease's incubation period BEFORE returning to the States.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Schlafly: Government has failed in its job to protect Americans

This one says everything about everything right now when it comes to the government's number one job of protecting's failing.
IBD: Americans against amnesty are not only worried about unemployed Mexicans crossing our southern border illegally to take U.S. jobs.

More than ever, we need the fence that Congress voted for and President George W. Bush made a television photo event when he signed it into law.

Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-Calif., said that at least 10 ISIS thugs have crossed our southern border. Hunter added, if we caught 10, "you know there are going to be dozens more that did not get caught by the Border Patrol."

Rep. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., says the Islamic State, ISIS, is actively working with Mexican drug cartels to infiltrate and eventually attack Americans.

ISIS has told us it wants to extend a caliphate over America, so why is anybody surprised that they are doing what they said they wanted to do?

The problem of invasion across our border is no longer just a jobs problem. It's a national security problem, a welfare problem, a public school problem and a dangerous disease problem.
From the additional stresses and burdens on our educational institutions to the transmission of new diseases to our children such as EV-D68; from just one African with the infectious Ebola disease to health care personnel who never went Africa, not to mention the thousands of U.S. troops sent to Liberia. What about the dangers when these servicemen and women return home? Schlafly says, "The safety of the American people is less important to [Obama] than posing as a world citizen." In other words, his popularity and agenda both exceed and undermine the safety of America and its citizenry. The same can similarly be said of his underlings.

Yet, after all of these problems and others unmentioned (Fast & Furious, Fort Hood, etc.), in a post-9/11 era for Pete's sake, our government continues to pass off the outside threats as no big deal, while exacerbating internally, and demeaning the sector of the citizenry who care to recognize the realities of our dire situation.

Understanding how an unprincipled GOP could still win the Senate

If you get this:
"The Republican Party is liberal, and the Democrat Party is radical. We have no conservative party right now in America." ~ Mark Levin
...then you'll invariably understand how this could happen, particularly with the current imperial president and sycophant party mucking things up...
WaPo: The Washington Post's Election Lab -- our statistical model designed to predict outcomes of the various races on the ballot this fall -- is currently showing Republicans with a 95 percent chance of winning the Senate. While most political handicappers suggest Republicans have an edge in the battle for the Senate majority, few would say it is as heavily tilted toward the GOP as Election Lab.
The American Left and the lib media are hoping that voters won't return to the Republican Party. And from all accounts, far too many Republicans have demonstrated that it'll be an easier transition for a less principled America to sign on to an ambiguous GOP platform of nothingness...from McCain's desire for an Ebola czar to Susan Collins' assurance that Obamacare will never be repealedfrom the open-borders crowd to an assortment of anti-traditional pop-culturalists, all of whom place an 'R' beside their name, but know little of the party's inherently conservative foundation.

It's gonna take a long, long time to get America back on the right track, if ever...even with today's Republicans.

Many prayers are needed for our nation.

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Vatican Proposes Dramatic Shift In Attitude Towards Gays, Same Sex Couples
The Great Catholic Cave-In that Wasn’t

ADDENDUM I: Via Monday's Mark Levin Show (10/20/14):
If the Republicans win the Senate, which Mark predicts they will, it won't be because the Establishment or the leadership helped in any way - but rather, it would be because the American people are fed up with what the Obama Administration and Democrats have done. Mark goes thru the biggest landslide victories that the Republicans have had in the past, including with Reagan, and how the principle way that came about was because of conservatism and conservatives coming out and voting. Why won't the RINOs join the conservatives in restoring the Republic, and pushing for a liberty agenda again? The Left has a totalitarian mindset and the Republicans need to do more than just win an election.
ADDENDUM II: Mitch McConnell provides Exhibit A for a do-nothing, go-along Republican majority, clearing the decks of any conservative influence...why?! Whether it's what the majority of Republican voters want is irrelevant to these people. The power-brokers demand it...
TheHill: Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (Ky.) wants to get all must-pass legislation completed in the lame-duck session, so Senate Republicans would have a clean slate at the start of 2015, if they control the upper chamber.

Senate GOP aides say that’s the message from the leader, who could face opposition from conservative lawmakers who want to block any nonemergency measures in the window between Election Day and the start of the new Congress in January.

“We keep hearing from the leadership we’re going to clear the decks in the lame duck,” said a senior GOP aide.
Here's an accurate response, via Lucianne:
'The Leader of the Go Along to Get Along Gang of Social Progressive/Liberal RepublicRats already laying the groundwork for being Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey's to the Hussein Regime and DemocRats.'
Essentially, the bought-and-paid-for are staying bought-and-paid-for.