Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The lawlessness of D.C. continues with both Repubs & Dems...

The lawlessness of Washington, D.C...whether from liberal Republicans assisting Obama's 'war on the suburbs'...
On Thursday’s Mark Levin show, The Republicans in the Senate under Sen Mitch McConnell have once again betrayed conservatives in their vote on Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH) amendments and their war on the suburbs. Instead of voting for the Sen Mike Lee amendment, many Republicans crossed over to vote with the Democrats in favor of the phony Sen Susan Collins Amendment which enabled the Democrats. The Collins Amendment is ineffective at stopping President Obama and his agenda. Mike Lee would have stopped the AFFH from taking effect. Senator Lee was trying to stop HUD from abusing a federal statute but his colleagues voted him down. This is absolutely shocking that Republicans would join in Obama’s war on the suburbs. This shows that having a Republican Congress, full of liberals, is worse than having a smaller conference full of conservatives. We are now expected to comply with HUD’s lawlessness while our leaders don’t have to comply with anything.

...or from statist Democrats unconstitutionally deceiving the courts on immigration...

It literally reads as if this court were taking the DOJ out behind the woodshed, and for good reason. To make it even better, it opens with this scene from the movie Bridge of Spies, correctly noting that it “exemplifies what this case is, and has been, about”:

The case concerns how the Obama Administration ignored the “rulebook” – the Constitution – in making its lawless Executive action on immigration, “chang[ing] the law” to grant legal status to four million illegal aliens. (This became known as the DHS directive.) The decision in that case is currently in the hands of the U.S. Supreme Court, but this order concerns the fact that the Obama Administration’s lawyers “knowingly” made “multiple misrepresentations” to the federal district court that the Administration’s scheme had not gone into effect. In fact, the Administration was “surreptitiously acting,” implementing the DHS directive in over 100,000 instances. ...

The court went far beyond cutting rhetoric and imposed six serious and concrete penalties:
  1. Banning Some DOJ attorneys from appearing in that federal district court.
  2. Ordering the Obama Administration to file a list of the 100,000 individuals granted legal status in direct violation of its order in each state.
  3. Mandating that every DOJ attorney (not just those involved in this case) that practices in any of the 26 states involved in this litigation undergo mandatory ethics training.
  4. Requiring the Attorney General to appoint someone to “ensure compliance” with the order and report yearly to the court for five years.
  5. Commanding the Attorney General to “report to this court in sixty (60) days with a comprehensive plan to prevent this unethical conduct from ever occurring again.”
  6. Directing the Attorney General to report to the court within 60 days on “what steps she is taking to ensure that the [DOJ] Office of Professional Responsibility effectively polices the conduct of the Justice Department lawyers and appropriately disciplines those whose actions fall below the standards that the American people rightfully expect from their Department of Justice.”
"Don't expect any disciplinary action from the DOJ. The lawyers will probably be promoted." ~ Rick Moran
...or as we've become all too familiar with, activist courts handing down activist decisions, circumventing the constitutional rule of law reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.

Whatever the case, it all leads to a collective federal tyranny. A matter of how fast its wanted or desired by whichever side of the aisle becomes semantics on perception.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

No regrets from Ted, his campaign or his supporters...

...not then, not now.

This is about furthering the broader fight for constitutional conservatism, plain and simple...

There's a stellar piece at RedState that's well worth the read in its entirety, giving a very real and credible glimpse at how we got to the miserable point we're at now. However, I'll let you go back and read all of that, and instead cut to the chase as relates to this inspiring video:
Ted Cruz ran the most professional, most data-driven, most well-funded primary campaign for president, EVER. He built a donor base of nearly 800,000 individual contributors, along with a dedicated grass-roots army of volunteers that would make Barack Obama envious. The infrastructure, the Rolodex, the data, the micro-targeting, was, and remains, world-class.

The Cruz campaign was more nimble than any in history– and moved from one strategy to another, as events on the ground changed and morphed throughout the season. For a 44-year old man who’d never run a national campaign before, it was masterful.

When you consider that no one –and I mean NO ONE— in the pantheon of the conservative movement lifted a finger when Ted Cruz needed it most, it is phenomenal that the Senator got as far as he did. Not one major columnist came out for him early on, Rush Limbaugh ignored him in those early days after Trump sucked up all the oxygen. The Koch brothers sat in the dugout. Matt Drudge loathed Cruz’ traditional Christianity, and mocked and belittled it and him throughout the course of the campaign.

There were sickening canards left unchallenged by those that should have been Cruz’ natural allies: That he was “not likeable” (a cursory bit of investigation proved this laughable), that he was a liar, that he was wasn’t constitutionally eligible, are all damnable lies that should have been easily kicked to the curb last November by a Paul Ryan, or a Brett Baier, or a Bob Tyrell. Instead? Crickets; and mostly because the “conservative movement” has become something of a damp squib.

I DO hold out hope that the delegates can break the emergency glass, and toss Donald J. Trump in the Cleveland GOP Dumpster. Barring this only development that can save the Republic, I see little hope for the next half-decade.

The fact is: Ted Cruz ran a stellar campaign, which in normal, Trump-less times, he would have won walking away. He pitched a no-hitter– but, the reliever came in at the top of the ninth, and gave up The Long Ball.

Once again, the Republicans have seen fit to nominate an extremely liberal north-eastern patrician, big-government authoritarian multi-millionaire with high name recognition. Once again, events and the media conspired against the true conservative. Once again, the packed field was over-stuffed, and the conservative vote was splintered for too long on the primary calendar.

But: If there is an election in 2020 — a long way from now, and President Hillary Clinton will have plenty of time to burn America to the ground, and scatter the ashes, and spread lime on the open wounds, — we must break from this damnable pattern. Let’s start with nominating Senator Cruz– preferably by acclimation…
I pray to GOD that we're granted another 1980 moment after four more years of either evil. I implore my fellow Americans to yearn for righteousness and strive for such leaders...
“I don’t know what the future will hold. We may face some challenging days ahead. We may face growing challenges going ahead, but I am convinced that movement, the men and women gathered here, will be the remnant, will be the core of pulling this country back from the abyss.” – Ted Cruz, Texas GOP Convention
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ADDENDUM: FYI, this may have been the most attention the media gave Ted Cruz the entire campaign cycle!

Friday, May 13, 2016

Crooked Hillary, Dodgy Donald, struggling for more than civility through it all...

There are still plenty of in-depth pieces being published across the internet that detail the problems with a Donald Trump candidacy, from the downright nastiness instituted through the primaries to the dismal poll numbers, from the innumerable comparisons with Hillary to the actual failures behind the wall talk...and so on. Here's a few of those:

Trump and Hillary…One and the Same
A Sound-Byte Candidacy in Dangerous Times
Crooked Hillary and Dodgy Donald Are Two of a Kind

So it's not surprising that many of us feel like Dr. Solomon on 3rd Rock from the Sun!
"Oh God, I hope I did the right thing?!"

In one of Erick Erickson's latest posts, detailing the discord confronting him from both Trump supporters and opponents, he says, "What I see more than anything right now, though, are conservatives deeply upset and disappointed by people now endorsing Donald Trump." Here, here.

Yet, Erickson goes further in demonstrating that though he receives attacks and threats daily for not supporting Donald Trump, he'd rather reciprocate with principle over the same sentiments of malice...
I don’t want to be like Trump supporters. I encounter very few Trump supporters who are gracious. And the ones I do encounter most often only wound up there after all their preferred candidates lost. They just want to beat Hillary Clinton. For twenty years Republicans have been programmed to beat the Clintons, who are supposed to be the devil incarnate.

I have lost friends because of my opposition to Trump. But I have no desire to write off friends who support Trump. I disagree with them, but I do understand where they are coming from. They desperately fear Hillary Clinton. They desperately want to beat her. I cannot bring myself to vote for Donald Trump because I find him temperamentally and morally unfit for the job. I could not look my children in the eyes if I had to tell them I voted for Donald Trump or for a woman who is okay with killing children.

I can’t do it. But I am sympathetic to those who will vote for Trump as a means to an end.

I am not willing to write off those who are trying now to be team players. It may make me less inclined to support them in a future race, but I just don’t have the energy to purge good people from a movement because they have always been and will always be team players.

I have a harder time with the con-men and charlatans who latched on to Team Trump early. I have a hard time with the pundits on television who have been as graceless and nasty on television as the Trump supporters on Twitter throughout the primary season. Those are the people I will be wary of in the future. It’s not a blacklist so much as confirmation that most of these people are who I always thought they were. Backing Trump in the primary just affirmed about many of them what I already thought. I will be wary of candidates who hire those people in the future.

There is, though, going to be a future. We are in uncharted territory now. Everyone is feeling their way about in the dark. I wish others, like Rick Perry and Bobby Jindal and Marco Rubio, etc. would take a strong stand against Trump. They know he is unfit for office. They have said so and I believe privately still think it. But I just can’t be mad at good men trying to be team players for the team they’ve always supported even when it hasn’t supported them back. I am disappointed in them, but have no ill will toward them. We are all trying to figure this out.

I hate to not be on the team for the first time since I started voting. I am exhausted by the daily nastiness of Trump supporters pouring into my phone lines on radio, email, and social media. I have no energy to reciprocate with that level of invective and I hope that those who, like me, are disappointed in team players will have malice toward none of them after this is over. Certainly, their jumping on the bandwagon may mean you don’t support them in the future. But I don’t think it means we should heap scorn on them or write them off.

What a frustrating time to be in politics on the right.

As a random aside in this rambling post, I commented to my producer tonight that the thing that really stands out to me about the behavior of Trump supporters is their lack of grace. If, for example, I had a change of heart on Trump in the future — not that I will — but if I did then decided to support him, I’d just get attacked by these same people as flipping because my ratings or income or something was put in jeopardy. There’d be no appreciation for the conversion. There’d be no “welcome aboard.”

It is the most bizarre cult of personality. Unless you were there in the beginning, you can never truly be a part of it. There’s no missional approach. It is just “convert or die” and conversion gets you nothing other than a twitter storm of hate for not doing it sooner. I’ve never seen anything like it. It is poisonous. So many people have embraced their leader’s own incivility. It’s like that Twilight Zone episode where the people put on masks and at midnight take them off and realize their faces have become the images on the masks. In this episode all the masks are of Donald Trump.

When this madness burns out, and it will burn out, it will be spectacular to see all the burned out lives and ruined careers in the cult. This won’t end well for most anyone. All I know for certain is that I do not want to ever get to the point in life where I behave the way these people behave and begin to justify behavior that should never be justified. Republicans said “character counts” against Bill Clinton. It should against Donald Trump too.
Just as this election cycle is far from over, so is the struggle.

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Senate Republicans want to draft your DAUGHTERS!

Speaking of androgyny, the coercion behind it, as well as the perverse acceptance of it, we move from schools to military. Already our most powerful military on the planet is being reduced to the leftist government's social-experiment playground with the lifting of DADT, the enlistment of illegals, the abolition of Christian-centric ministries, etc., etc. Now, there's yet another agenda item to tick off.

Remember when they said a draft would be highly unlikely in our all-volunteer armed forces? I mean, we're at peace now with our current rulers, and everyone loves us again, right? Well not only are they suddenly talking draft now, but for a literal handful of common sense Senators, they're demanding that our DAUGHTERS must be a part of it if/when they're called to go fight at the Washington Cartel's whim...
TheResurgent: It is becoming harder and harder to tell the two major political parties apart. Today in Washington, all but three Senate Republicans on the Armed Services Committee voted to require your daughters to sign up for selective service and be drafted in times of war.

Only Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, and Mike Rounds opposed the measure, which was offered up by the Democrats.

It is true that there are countries that require women to join the military, but the United States has never been a country to demand our daughters be drafted to war. Even in an age where the left demands complete equality, we have tended to recognize that men and women are actually different physically and we have left the wars to men.

But Senate Republicans are preparing to change that. The party that supposedly champions families and children is siding with leftists who want to eradicate the family structure and blur the lines of men and women completely. Shame on them.
And why all the draft talk now in the first place? Simply because thus far 21st century administrations won't allow our most powerful military on the planet to UNLEASH HELL on Islamo-Nazis decapitating at will? Can't win any battle, much less a war, with hands tied behind backs.

Furthermore, considering these Washington cowards latest proposal to force women to fight their wars, if you thought draft-dodging was a thing of the past, wait until Hillary or Trump (or Obama on the way out) get us into another quagmire. When it comes down to real men protecting their wives and daughters from anything these morons would get us into, we'll fight alright...but I don't think it will be the one they want. 

Obama administration demands schools no longer recognize gender in their restrooms

Choice. What happens to choice when common sense doesn't accompany it? We've lived through decades worth of its detriments, so this latest will be no exception in the Left's quest to create an androgynous dystopian society. Where's the choice in top-down coercion?
TheResurgent: The Obama Administration is ordering all public schools in the United States to allow boys to go to the girls’ bathroom and girls to go to the boys’ bathroom. While the percentage of Americans suffering the mental health disease of transgenderism is less than one percent of the nation, the Obama Administration has decided we are no longer allowed to note that it is a mental health issue.

Not only that, but the administration is doing this contradictory to the language of the transgender movement. That movement believes that gender and sex are two different things. It is the only way they can justify the pseudo-science they think proves they aren’t crazy. But the Civil Rights Act the Obama Administration is using to justify its expansive new order references “sex”, not gender.

Normal people realize that sex and gender are the same thing and gender is just a synonym for sex. But the entirety of transgenderism as something real demands that sex and gender be two different things. In their language, sex is what you are born as and gender is what you decide you are.

This is a fringe movement of nutters who the Obama Administration has decided have valid legal claims to pee where they wish. There is no uniform definition for the mental illness, so if you decide tomorrow to be of the opposite sex, you’d qualify.

We know that boys will be boys and we can see this to its logical and final conclusion. It will end badly. But the left will not care.

Up is down, down is up, the sky is green, the grass is blue, right is wrong, and wrong is right. Oh, and before you demand that I vote for Donald Trump to stop this madness, he is already on record saying he’s fine with men using the women’s bathroom.
That last sentence covers my expected P.S. (Thanks, Erick!) But because this came from fiat on high, now all public schools will feel the pressures of federal funding retained or pulled or even face lawsuits, much the same as the threats hanging over North Carolina and Mississippi's heads. Yet another reason to sever the Department of Education from the federal level and send back home to the states and localities that benefit each community individually (i.e., personal liberty and sovereignty).

But in the end, what this is about is the one-man wrecking ball (as Levin nicknamed Obama long ago) seizing another opportunity to divide Americans, and so he pounces on it with the furtherance of absurdity. Anything to flush away more of the norm of our once thriving, assimilated American culture and the principles of genuine rights with it.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Federal judge strikes down Obamacare insurer bailouts

In mentioning Obama's Iranian lie that he's ending the final year of his presidency with and the way in which that deception was foist upon the people, the comparison to Obamacare's pitch in the first half of his tenure was unmistakable. And since that topic was brought up, it now appears that the disastrous government healthcare takeover has run into another flaw (I know, shocker). Besides all the unlawful rewrites and interpretations, including that of the Court's, there's the latest issue of unconstitutional funding, ironically called out by a federal judge...
RedState: Obamacare is unpopular for a whole host of reasons, most of which have to do with the individual mandate and the crush of regulations it places on businesses. One thing most people don’t really understand about Obamacare as it was passed, but which is probably the most fatal flaw in the law, is that it created a financially unsound system and prohibited insurers from reacting to the market adjustments by law.

The Obama administration has been busy trying to prevent the whole system from collapsing (and taking the private insurance market with it) by taking a series of blatantly unlawful unilateral actions to essentially rewrite the entire law – from erasing or rewriting deadlines, to offering unlawful credits to consumers who were on national exchanges (a program that was only saved by the political cowardice of John Roberts), and so forth.

The administration’s latest ploy has been to essentially bail out private insurers whose balance sheets have been decimated by participation in Obamacare with taxpayer dollars, in spite of the fact that the law contains no such provision. The administration’s “defense” to their action essentially was that the law said we can give tax credits to consumers so surely that means we can give them to insurers too, right? The first Federal judge to rule on the question disagrees:
A federal judge on Thursday ruled for House Republicans in their lawsuit against the Obama administration over ObamaCare.

In a major ruling, Judge Rosemary Collyer, an appointee of President George W. Bush, said the administration does not have the power to spend money on “cost sharing reduction” payments to insurers without an appropriation from Congress.
Given that the Supreme Court has already twice saved the law from a catastrophe of its own making, it’s hard to imagine that they won’t a third time, especially now that Justice Scalia has passed away. Granted, the stakes are at least theoretically lower in this case since there’s not even really an argument that the insurer bailouts are an essential part of the law, not even if you squint hard, but SCOTUS long ago decided to act as a rubber stamp for the administration’s unilateral actions in implementing Obamacare, and it’s hard to see this case being decided any differently.
'Cause more bailouts is what we need while advancing historic national debt. Peculiar how such a grand idea can't stand on its own. The insurers should have known better, but then, the titans among them colluded with the government to allow this takeover to occur in the first place.

Even more peculiar is that Congress can't own its own power and has to run to the courts with lawsuits! But that's how out of wack separation of powers are in this new progressive era.

It's also interesting to observe with this case how at every turn, liberty tries to shine through, even if it is one hand-slap at a time. I guess we'll see if some glimmer of it can cut through every fresh layer of tape this debacle allows for. However, the way capitalism and competition are talked in hushed tones these days, as well as the state of a Congress and Court subdued by an ever increasing Executive power, who to say.

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P.S. Just to remind viewers, this whole socialized medicine nightmare was gonna be another of Cruz's Day 1 takedowns, as opposed to Trump's incoherence on the topic...just sayin'.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Iran deal: Obama ends presidency with another Big Lie

Obama began the first few years of his administration with the lie of Obamacare. Apparently, he's going to end it with another BIG LIE...
On Tuesday’s Mark Levin show, The Iran Nuclear deal is the most devastating treaty in modern times. The survivability of the West is at stake with this deal, but the Obama administration doesn’t care. They continue to deceive the American people and their lying is amounting to a scandal worse than Watergate. Sen. Bob Corker was one of the Republicans who surrendered Congress’s treaty making power in the execution of the Iran Deal.
This is treason. Plain and simple...orchestrated from the top, no less.
Mediaite: Remember that time the White House deceived those gullible Americans about the Iran deal? Haha, good times!

That was the undeniable tone of a recent New York Times profile of President Barack Obama‘s national security advisor Ben Rhodes.
Rhodes’s innovative campaign to sell the Iran deal is likely to be a model for how future administrations explain foreign policy to Congress and the public. The way in which most Americans have heard the story of the Iran deal presented — that the Obama administration began seriously engaging with Iranian officials in 2013 in order to take advantage of a new political reality in Iran, which came about because of elections that brought moderates to power in that country — was largely manufactured for the purpose for selling the deal.
Rewind to last Friday and Levin reviewed how Obama was always a sellout on this deal...

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And follow the media breadcrumbs...or lack thereof:

Where's CBS News on this? Hmmm...
Ben Rhodes’s brother, the day after Benghazi: The government thinks this could be a coordinated attack, not a video protest
How about ABC? Well...
Presidents of ABC and CBS News Have Siblings Working at White House With Ties to Benghazi
So if they were tight-lipped about Benghazi until the beans were spilled, chances are that they're gonna be about this latest betrayal.

They lied about Obamacare and got away with it...
Thanks to Jonathan Gruber for revealing Obamacare deception
Confirmed: White House Lied About Jonathan Gruber’s Role in Developing ObamaCare
...so they'll lie about this. No accountability.

But there's no liberal bias in the press. Move along. Nothing to see here.

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P.S. In regards to this pathetic deal which turns out to be another Obama administration lie, Trump seems to have flopped around on this one as well. I believe his most current position is to renegotiate the deal, unlike Cruz who was simply gonna RIP IT UP on Day 1. Just sayin'.

Hey RNC, #FreeTheDelegates!

So any other ideas aside from a third party candidacy? It's another long shot, maybe more so than a third party candidate, but in a nutshell, Yep. Essentially, flip it on him...
Here’s the deal: If Trump thinks he doesn’t need to unify the GOP, then I say to hell with unity. If the delegates have the backbone and means to shut Trump out, then so be it. Let Trump go third party.
When Trump won just 60% of the vote while unopposed in Nebraska on Tuesday night, it became more apparent that he cannot unite the party. So perhaps it's time to #FreeTheDelegates!
TheResurgent: In Nebraska, a state where Donald Trump won unopposed, he only got sixty percent of the vote. Not only did he get just sixty percent of the vote, but the state experienced a low turn out among Republicans. Put another way, forty percent of Republicans who showed up cast votes for candidates other than Trump, which essentially now really does amount to a protest vote against Trump.

Some of those are early votes to be sure, but that is still a pretty significant protest vote against Trump on the day of the election.

Donald Trump cannot and will not unite the party. As another example of that, today Trump is doubling down on his attack over John McCain’s record for no other reason than he thinks his poll numbers went up because of it.

This is going to be a disaster for the GOP with a candidate the actual party membership does not want. Trump is being forced on the GOP by a lot of voters who actually are not committed to the long term survival of the GOP.

The delegates can free themselves. They should look at Nebraska as a red flag. They should prepare in Cleveland to unbind themselves and save the GOP and the nation from the Schadenfreudenfuhrer.
That would drive the Trumpkins absolutely nuts...err, nuttier. But here me out (or rather, Steve Berman piecing it together on this next piece). Trump has already stated that he doesn't need to unite the party and doesn't need conservatives, so...to hell with unity! The Republican Party is a private party that makes its own rules, so... #FreeTheDelegates!
Whatever the “free the delegates” plan is, it’s a heck of a longshot.
The idea is, at best, a complete long shot because it would require the 112-member convention rules committee to agree to such a change, and delegates on the convention floor to support it as well.

Radio host Ian Bayne unveiled the idea, labeled Save Our Party, last Friday after Trump’s last GOP opponent dropped out.
I reached out to Bayne, who told me “If Trump (really Cruz) delegates hold out at a separate location and don’t show up for a vote, there will continue to be so many votes that eventually all delegates will be completely free to vote how they want.”

Essentially Bayne wants Cruz-supporting Cleveland delegates to hole up until after the first ballot. Written on the website saveourparty.com:
Organize separately as delegates to the 2016 Republican convention at an undisclosed location until such a time as we can not be held to a vote for any particular candidate;

Work together to agree upon an acceptable nominee that will, above all else, nominate a member of the Supreme Court that will serve in the spirit of our founding documents;

Nominate a Republican candidate that will serve as a caretaker of our Constitution and our rule of law for a period of 4 years;

We, as Delegates, are the last line of defense, and we will act within our authority to live up to that responsibility.
I’m not sure how this plan would work out–it’s for the lawyers to kick around–and I think the rules committee would have to go along, no matter what.

If the plan succeeded, I’d expect the GOP to go up in flames. I’d burn down the party to keep Trump from hijacking it. Not everyone agrees on that. At this point, conservatives are in full rout, every man for himself, with no banner under which to gather.
Berman concludes:
We’ve got millions of conservative voters thinking about giving up on what is not going to be a quick and easy war.

I say fight. I say go full Samson. I say become William Tecumseh Sherman and march all the way from Cleveland to the sea. If the GOP wants to self-destruct, let it happen, but don’t let a charlatan hijack it.

Hey, choosing a Democrat out of the entire field of potentially half-decent Republicans, a few I'd put in the exceptional category, is suicide in and of itself. So this Hell Mary isn't so outlandish comparatively.

ADDENDUM: Berman updates the situation on the ground with the demand for delegates to unite, encouraging them to hold the party accountable to them and not the other way around...
TheResurgent: I can’t think of a more cringeworthy scene than Donald Trump at the podium in Cleveland, blathering on about winning to a room full of stone-faced, arms-crossed delegates hurling catcalls and boos. But here we are.

“These are the jokes, kid.” Billy Crystal’s go-to line when his act hits a dead spot. The GOP is going to be one enormous dead spot for Trump. I mean it’s hard to barely win a primary when you’re the only candidate running. The only remaining candidate got to where he is by leveraging delegate allocation rules to maximize his “bound” delegates without actually fielding those party delegates at the local and state level.

Between now and Cleveland, the peer pressure on delegates to get on the Trump Train will be immense, but disingenuous. It will be more like frat kids telling the pledges to drink or face shame, or get that co-ed drunk and take her up to the bedroom or you’re not a man. Or jump off that cliff into the deep, cold, dark water filling the quarry. Don’t be a wimp.

I suggest that the wimps are the people who go along with the crowd because the crowd wants to feel validated. Most of the delegates in Cleveland will be dispirited Cruz or Rubio supporters who don’t necessarily mix well with each other, never mind Trump cultists. They’ll be there with gritted teeth. They’ll be likely to boo and heckle instead of clap and cheer.

Nothing Trump could say or do, short of dropping $100 bills as confetti over the convention floor, would move these delegates to be happy for his coronation. Saying bad things about Hillary Clinton can only go so far.

Either the party will free the delegates and force Trump to negotiate positions with the party about to nominate him (which by the way might offer him a better chance of–you know, winning–than he has running to the left of Hillary), or it will hold the delegates prisoner in Cleveland.

Delegates, you’re being sent a message: You will be made to unite. You don’t have to accept that message. Demand your freedom and demand your party be made to stand with you, not against you.

Exploring the third party field

So, what can we do to make the Office of the President great again? Well, what conservatives cannot do is give up their principles. We continue to fight on. How? There's a couple of ways. They're not easy, they're long-shots, but they're necessary when both parties and each of their bandwagon of loyalists have failed us.

The first is the obvious: a third party candidacy. Agreement upon which is the tricky part.

There's probably the widest known of them, the Libertarian Party, who's national convention to determine it's candidate falls on May 26-30, 2016 in Orlando, Florida. And in a season where we witnessed 16 Republicans vying for their top spot, this party has more candidates vying for that nomination (18 total)! Libertarians have a litany of issues that may appeal to secularists, but unfortunately miss the mark with many conservative values. So, are there any options to consider there? Austin Petersen is likely the most attractive candidate for conservatives (spending cuts, flat tax, audit the Fed, 'Ellis Island' immigration, reform entitlements, overturn Obamacare, defend Life, and more!). Here's some dates/events/personalities that may help you decide...
  • April 1st - the first nationally televised Libertarian Party presidential forum on Fox Business’s Stossel.

  • May 12th (that's TOMORROW, folks!) - RT America to host presidential debate for Libertarian Party candidates.

  • Next Monday, May 16th - the final Libertarian Party presidential primary debate in Las Vegas.
  • TheLibertarianRepublic: Next Monday, May 16th, Penn Jillette will moderate the final Libertarian Party presidential primary debate in Las Vegas. Former Governor Gary Johnson, cybersecurity guru John McAfee, and TLR founder Austin Petersen will debate on a variety of topics ranging from the war on drugs to censorship. There are tickets available to attend the event.

    All proceeds will go to benefit Opportunity Village, a non-profit dedicated to serving children and adults in the southern Nevada with intellectual disabilities.

    The debate will take place at Opportunity Village- Engelstad Campus, from 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm (PT). The event will be filmed for later broadcast, though Austin Petersen may stream it live like he has done with many prior debates.

    There is a rumor that theBlaze will be collaborating with the Libertarian Party of Nevada to broadcast on their network, but nothing is official yet.

    With the Fox Business presidential debate, Russia Today’s live debate, and now this one moderated by a libertarian icon, Libertarians are getting more exposure than ever. Will this exposure translate into votes? November is seven months away; we will have to wait and see.
There's also the Constitution Party, which is probably much more attractive to disaffected conservatives (particularly those of faith), but doesn't have near as much steam behind it (or honestly charisma) as the libertarians, as it wrestles to gain ballot access throughout all the states. Nonetheless, The Constitution Party has already selected its presidential and vice-presidential nominees! Visit the campaign website here and check out the nominees' acceptance speeches...

And yet a third option is for #NeverTrump to ramp things up and run a conservative third party candidate!
TheResurgent: As conservatives come to the end of sitting shiva over Abraham Lincoln’s Republican Party, many in the #NeverTrump movement are wondering: what next? After all, honorary American citizen Winston Churchill had a little something to say about surrender. A third-party conservative candidate can accomplish something positive this election cycle even if winning the White House remains the remotest of wild dreams.
  1. A conservative third party will lay out the principles of the conservative movement of the future – a new Sharon Statement of non-negotiables.

  2. It will deny Trump the White House.

  3. It will give conservatives a reason to turn out and vote down ticket, when many might otherwise stay home and create a disastrous year for state and Congressional races.

  4. It will get a conservative on stage to communicate the conservative message to the country.

  5. It will make it more difficult for Trump to ignore conservatives as a voting bloc.
This year, Tea Party conservatives have learned the hard lesson that we are not just the minority of the electorate, we’re a minority even within the Republican Party. But a determined minority can do a great deal to sway the path the country; self-described liberals have never broken 25 percent in polls, yet they’ve undeniably deeply influenced the history and culture of the United States. An organized conservative third party bid has real, tangible benefits, and declares us as what we ought to strive to be – a vocal, organized remnant standing athwart history, yelling ‘Stop!’”
Short of talking Cruz into a third party run, which he's pretty much ruled out (however garnered the endorsement of the Conservative Party USA, just sayin'!), here's your third party options (thus far).

Are there any other options? Certainly...next blog...

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Anti-Donald Trump Forces Gear Up For Third-Party Challenge

ADDENDUM: Liz Mair presents 4 ways to oppose Trump besides voting for Hillary that are reflective of the above post and the next...
TheFederalist: American voters have had about a week now to start trying to get comfortable with living in a world where, barring extraordinary and historic action, they will be faced with a Hillary Clinton versus Donald Trump general election contest.

To many of us, this feels like a choice between being shot or being shot. But if key leaders in the #NeverTrump movement have it their way, there just might be a way for those voters to get out alive—just maybe.

Here are the options various Never Trump leaders are actively pursuing right now to try to deliver an alternative choice for Americans as they head to the polls this fall.
  1. Support the Libertarian Party Candidate

  2. Keep Working the Delegates

  3. Place New Names on the Ballots in All 50 States

  4. Form a New Political Party
A lot of factors will dictate which, if any, of these options takes precedence in the next few days and weeks. But for the time being, all remain actively on the table, with a late April Suffolk University poll showing that only 60 percent of Republican primary voters were committed to supporting Trump if he is the nominee, and rumblings from Bernie Sanders voters about refusing to support Clinton.

The fact that high-profile Republicans like Sasse, Romney, Jeb Bush, and—for the time being, anyway—Paul Ryan are refusing to commit to vote for Trump or Clinton also gives these options legs, at least for the foreseeable future. Then there is the fact that 2016 is manifestly already a very weird, out-of-the-ordinary political cycle—something that is as heartening now as it was disconcerting three weeks ago to people opposing both Trump and Clinton.

Stay tuned: The bottom line is that Never Trump could still play a very significant role in 2016.
For more details on these four options, go to the source here.

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A week's worth of Trump alone...

A week's worth of Trump alone (and with last night's continued primary results ensuring that), the curtain is lifted to reveal his true nature, and it ain't pretty...downright humiliating (more so for us!)...
TheResurgent: Getting what you wish for isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be. Since Trump vanquished the last of his Republican rivals in Indiana, America has had a week to behold The Donald in all his presumptive nominee glory.

It hasn’t been a pretty sight. In an interview with George Stephanopolous, Trump doubled down on the tabloid story of Rafael Cruz linked to the JFK assassination. ... Similarly, Trump countered with the trustworthiness of the National Enquirer. It was a ‘news story’ and ‘there was a picture’. Just as there have been ‘pictures’ of a resurrected Elvis and Michael Jackson.

Trump then plods through the week with a series of reversals regarding his tax plan, the minimum wage, and his pledge to self fund his campaign. Trump zealots got in Ted Cruz’s face with signs decrying Goldman Sachs, the evil incarnate cabal with whom Heidi Cruz was once employed. Yet now, Trump hires a Goldman Sachs partner with deep Democratic connections as his Finance Chair. No word as to what the zealots make of that.

Then there was the cringe inducing Cinco de Mayo Twitter pic of Trump eating a taco bowl to appeal to ‘the Hispanics’. The bikini clad pic of his ex-wife on the table just added to the weirdness of it all.

Trump is the last man standing in the primary so he got what he wished for. The problem is that the spotlight on him is not flattering. As radio host, Steve Deace accurately assessed, “Trump has no straw men to demagogue. There’s nobody for him to play off of. There’s no, “Rand Paul shouldn’t be here today, he’s at one percent!” No Lyin’ Ted, Low Energy Jeb, Little Marco. There’s no foil. The bully has no one to bully.”

Trump is left standing on the stage alone and it isn’t going well, though he seems oblivious. He probably believes he has the audience in the palm of his hand. Little does he realize he has become Lina Lamont. ["Singin’ In The Rain" reference] ... I don’t expect Trump to run off the stage. His ego is too far gone. No matter how dramatically he is exposed as a fraud, he will stand there and gaslight everyone that what they are seeing isn’t really what they are seeing.
I didn’t really mispronounce Tanzania. I didn’t really claim that Supreme Court justices ‘sign bills’. I didn’t really just propose that America default on it’s loans to reduce the national debt (like I declared bankruptcy with my casinos). What ya think I am? Dumb or somethin?
The curtain is peeled back and there is nowhere to run. The audience sees and while some are laughing, some are crying. Many of us are simply shaking our heads and wondering how it all came down to this.
I share in Cruz's lamentation @ around the 10:00 mark of his interview with Beck yesterday morning...
"One of the disturbing things about this election, and there are many, is that it opens the door potentially for what comes next. And what comes next is not likely to be sound, stable leaders with good judgment and the understanding of the problems facing this country, our economy and the challenges and threats facing us across the world. You know, I'm still a little bit old fashioned in that I think we ought to be able to look up to our president. We ought to be able to be proud if our kids want to be like the president. And that's a test that many presidents, from JFK to FDR to Ronald Reagan, there were millions of kids who wanted to be like those presidents, and their parents were proud that that was the model they were emulating. I sure hope we don't move away from that to a system where you'd be less than proud if your kids said they wanted to be like the president."

So, what can we do to make the Office of the President great again? Next post...

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