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Chris McDaniel vs.Thad Cochran court date set (UPDATE)

Here's one to watch on Wednesday...

Two Wednesday's ago, Mississippi's Republican Party refused to hear Chris McDaniel's challenge to overturn the phony results of the June 24th GOP runoff. Instead, the party said McDaniel would do better taking his challenge to court. Well, it looks like that day has finally come after far too much delay (purposefully, no doubt)...
MSNewsNow: Special Judge Hollis McGehee has scheduled a status conference and hearing for 9:30 a.m. Wednesday, Aug. 20, in the Circuit Court Courtroom of the Jones County Courthouse in Laurel in the matter of Chris McDaniel v. Thad Cochran. A scheduling order for further proceedings is expected to be set at that time.

The case is styled Chris McDaniel v. Thad Cochran, cause number 2014-76-CV8, filed in the Circuit Court of Jones County, Second Judicial District. Camera Coverage Notices should be directed to Court Administrator Rachel Stanley, fax number 601-428-3189, and Circuit Clerk Bart Gavin, fax number 601-399-4774.

McDaniel expressed his thoughts on the court case to reporters at WLBT, claiming this was more than an election.

"This is bigger than me. It's not about a race anymore. It's not about a campaign or candidacy. It's about making sure that this type of activity can never happen again," said Chris McDaniel.
The lead-up to this day came last Thursday...
FoxNews: A tea party-backed candidate asked a Mississippi court on Thursday to declare him the winner of the June 24 Republican runoff against incumbent U.S. Sen. Thad Cochran or order a new election.

State Sen. Chris McDaniel sued Thursday in state court in his own home of Jones County. The Mississippi Supreme Court will appoint a special judge to handle the case.

Certified results of the June 24 runoff show Cochran defeated McDaniel by 7,667 votes. But McDaniel says his campaign found thousands of irregularities, including about 3,500 people who voted in the June 3 Democratic primary and June 24 runoff. Mississippi voters don't register by party, but such crossover voting is prohibited.

McDaniel campaign representatives spent weeks examining ballot boxes and other voting records. McDaniel said they found about 9,500 "irregular" votes and 2,275 "improperly cast" absentee ballots.

McDaniel began his challenge with a complaint to the Mississippi Republican Party executive committee on Aug. 4, asking the group to declare him the winner over Cochran.

State GOP chairman Joe Nosef said Aug. 6 that the committee would not consider the challenge because it did not have time to thoroughly examine the information McDaniel provided about alleged voting irregularities. Thursday marked the deadline to file a lawsuit challenging his loss.

State law says the general-election sample ballot must be given to local election officials by Sept. 10, which is 55 days before the Nov. 4 general election. While a court could order a new primary even after the general election, McDaniel campaign attorney Mitch Tyner has said he wants the dispute over the primary resolved in time to keep the general election on track.
Naaa, that don't sound rigged at all, Mr. Nosef! These establishment cronies are obviously trying to run the clock out...and they might just do it with the way they've dragged it out thus far.

From dirty Democrats in Texas to repulsive RINOs in Mississippi, enough is DAMN ENOUGH! One way or another, Cochran mustn't prevail, and the establishment must be made an example of. It's a matter of principle at this point, and that's what McDaniel is after so that this never happens again in Mississippi.

UPDATE: Looks like the judge wants the trial sooner than later, and McDaniel's legal team is raring to go!
MSNewsNow: Special appointed Judge Hollis McGehee said he will file a scheduling order for the Chris McDaniel vs. Thad Cochran trial by the end of this week.

The half hour conference hearing convened Wednesday morning in Jones County Circuit Court. McGehee said he expects the trial to begin no later than September 22, which is an earlier date than expected due to this being an unprecedented trial.

McGehee will send notices to 82 county clerks to preserve any election materials from the June 3 and 24 Republican primary elections, per the request of McDaniel's lawyer Mitch Tyner.

Any motions filed will be heard next Thursday, August 28 at 9:30 a.m. in Jones County Circuit Court. The Cochran team is expected to file a motion to dismiss the case, and the court said a response will be given by Tuesday, August 26.
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Perry prevails despite phony indictment

"The hypocrite with his mouth destroys his neighbor,
But through knowledge the righteous will be delivered." ~ Proverbs 11:9

"This is what they do..." ~ Tom DeLay to Rick Perry
No doubt by now, you've heard the news, likely with little detail outside the headline: Texas Gov. Perry indicted!

But for what? Oh, nothing criminal, like Ted Kennedy, Bill Clinton or any assortment of other Democratic miscreants. No, he simply performed a veto action as governor that Democrats didn't like, folks. Tis the game that Democrats play.

As soon as news of Perry's indictment hit Friday afternoon, Levin went NUCLEAR...

On Friday's Mark Levin Show: Mark discusses the breaking news regarding an indictment of Texas Governor Rick Perry. Mark calls this a witch hunt, a set up and bogus charges against him. Mark says that Perry didn't gain anything here - neither politically nor financially, and he publicly announced what he was doing. Mark says that once again we have a rogue prosecutor who is trying to attack Perry and will have to put him on the defensive even when he didn't do anything wrong. If you want to talk about abuse of power - what about everything President Obama has done? Where's the investigations into him on the IRS, Obamacare and his unilateral Executive Orders and decisions? Also, Mark talks about Nancy Pelosi and the shady business dealings she is doing to benefit her husband, which also should be investigated; she should be called to answer questions about why she is doing certain deals regarding the light rail system she is seeking...
It's of course different for a Democrat. You know.

Then Rush followed suit on Monday pointing out the Democrat Party's ongoing effort to criminalize political differences or opposition...

...which leads to the reality of the Left's goal to delegitimize...
"I don’t care how far gone we are with low-information voters, they are never gonna support an indicted Republican. They’ll support indicted Democrats left and right. So it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter the outcome here. You want to talk about a smear? This is a smear. This is character assassination."

And the media glee is blatantly obvious here, but imagine the hypocritical outrage if the shoe were on the other foot!
"Well, you can bet if the Republicans ever tried something like this to indict a Democrat governor for exercising a veto, I shudder to think what the news would look like that day. I don’t think you could bottle the rage. I don’t think you could keep it contained on TV. I think your TV would be smoking. Your TV might catch fire. The rage of commentators would be so uncontrollable. But when this happened, why, this is a smart, smart move, ’cause they got Perry when he wasn’t looking.

Here’s Perry, he’s really feeling his oats. He’s thinking he’s scoring some major points, and he’s also helping the state. He’s taking on Obama and the left on this illegal immigration business. He’s doing his best to represent not only the people of Texas, but he’s representing a majority of Americans. He’s feeling really good and he’s got a lot of media attention, and he’s on a comeback trail from his previous presidential campaign, where he didn’t shine so well, according to some. But now he’s putting it all together, he’s coming back for a new run, and out of the blue comes this. Governor of Texas indicted."

Related link: Senator Ted Cruz Blasts Texas Gov. Rick Perry's Indictment As 'Politically Motivated'

Gov. Perry's taking everything in stride, though. Still managing to tick off Democrats, even with a handsome mugshot! LegalInsurrection even asks if this is the mugshot that launches a presidential campaign?
FreeBeacon: Gov. Rick Perry (R., Tex.) drew a sharp contrast against President Obama this afternoon. As Obama scurried away from Washington to resume his Martha’s Vineyard vacation, Perry voiced his rousing defense before strutting inside a Texas courthouse for his booking for a grand jury indictment.

Perry was defiant, echoing comments Sunday that the charges are nothing more than a political attack and that he would again defund the anti-corruption unit that earned him his mugshot.

RICK PERRY: I’m here today because I believe in the rule of law. And I'm here today because I believe I did the right thing. I’m going to enter this courthouse with my head held high, knowing the actions that I took were not only lawful and legal, but right. And if I had to do so, I would veto funding for the public integrity unit again. You think any governor, Democrat or Republican, would expect this important unit with jurisdiction over state officials, be led by someone who lives up to the high standard of conduct and personal integrity. And this issue is far bigger than me. It is about the rule of law, it's about the constitution that allows not just a governor but every citizen to speak their mind free of political interference or legal intimidation. This indictment is nothing short of an attack on the constitutional powers of the office of governor. There are important fundamental issues at stake, and I will not allow this attack on our system of government to stand. I’m going to fight this injustice with every fiber of my being, and we will prevail! And we’ll prevail because we’re standing for the rule of law. [cheers and applause]
This is the look of a man who just won his news cycle.

Erick Erickson boils this all down for us rather nicely...
RedState: The drunk in charge of the Travis County District Attorney’s Office wants to settle a political grudge with a criminal indictment. It is sad that this has gone so far. It is sad that Rick Perry had to suffer the indignity of a mug shot as Democrats try to fundraise off it.

But I’ll take Perry’s mugshot over Rosemary Lehmberg’s any day of the week. And Perry will make more money off this than the Democrats ever will. Frankly, Republicans should be thanking Rosemary “Vodka” Lehmberg for this opportunity to highlight just what contempt progressives have for the democratic process.

And should anyone ever put handcuffs in a glass of vodka, be sure to name that drink the Lehmberg.
And here's a headline, courtesy of DailyRushbo:
Gov. 'Rick Perry’s Mugshot. Wait, What? Is That Josh Brolin'

Honestly, I didn't want Perry to run for President again, no more so than another Romney run or any of the other candidates over the past two failed Republican presidential races (especially the Romney and McCain's of the cast). It's time for some new blood...preferably constitutional conservative, through and through!

As it stands, though, this is gearing up to be strike two in Texas for leftists. But this criminalization of political opposition to Democratic statism, anywhere, along with the incessant lib media cheerleading, is something that cannot continue to stand...particularly when the double-standard is so flagrant...

(courtesy: WND)

Friday, August 15, 2014

Sights on 2016: Media, Hillary distance from Obama

This is no horsesh*t! Throughout the week, Rush has made mention of the Drive-By Media's transition from Obama to Hillary in anticipation for the next Democratic President in 2016...
"Ladies and gentlemen, you may have noticed it already. If not, I think it's safe to say that the worm has turned in Washington. I think behind the scenes a formal decision has been made on the part of the media, and that is to focus on their treatment of Hillary while casting aside Obama. Obama is over. He's yesterday's news. There's nothing positive to report. It's time to build up Hillary"
"All these journalists know their credibility has been thrown aside, but it's been worth it to defend and prop up Obama. But now it's time for the next Democrat to get elected, so this time throw Obama overboard and gain credibility in that process, so that whenever you say whatever you say about Hillary, it has credibility. So NBC, I think, is gonna tee up 2016 as the Buyer's Remorse Campaign. It's gonna go something like this: "Oh, yeah, sure. We all got swept up in the historic Obama excitement.

We all got caught up in that. We all got caught up in hope and change. We all got caught up in the historical aspect of the first black president. We all got caught up in this blank canvas, that we could make anything of him we wanted him to be. We got caught up in all of that. But the smart, savvy experienced Democrats knew in 2008 that smart, savvy, experienced Hillary was really the better candidate. This is what's gonna be said now, mark my words.

See if I'm right. Remember this. And as you go forward and listen to NBC News and ABC, CBS, all the rest of them, I think what you're gonna be hearing, and it's just to position Hillary, "Oh, yeah, we all got caught up in 2008 and Obama this and Obama that, but remember Hillary came close. She was great and she was the better candidate." They're gonna do their retrospectives, their deep analysis with their analysts on camera stroking their chins, lost in deep thought.

And they will conclude in a very erudite and intellectual fashion, that, yes, Hillary really was the better candidate back 2008. We all got caught up in this excitement, and who could blame us. After all, everybody did. The first black president, it certainly was historic, but let's face it: Hillary was always the better candidate. And let's not make this mistake again, David. Let's not make this mistake again, Chuck. In fact, let's correct that mistake by nominating her this time. This time let's get it right. ...

See, the thing is, Hillary was in Barack's back pocket, but they are gonna have to make it look like Hillary was never really on board. She was just being loyal, but she knew that there were mistakes being made, but he helped her retire her campaign debt. He didn't have to help her out, and he didn't have to put her in his administration. And of course there's the subtext with Bill and the racial stuff, so there's a lot of stuff, but now, now Hillary is the one.

But they'll ignore all these things. They'll do their best to ignore all the similarities -- and there are many -- between Hillary and Obama. And they'll take shots at O when it will help her. ...

I want you to be able to understand it when you watch the news elsewhere, what it means and why it is being done. Benghazi was her and Obama! This effort to say that she had nothing to do with Obama foreign policy is BS. Once more they're trying to make up a bunch of stuff in order to inoculate her from the poison that is the Obama foreign policy. Make no mistake about it. She was right in there. That is the cliche, the dirty little secret."
Because you see folks, for the media, it's Hillary's turn (again), says El Rushbo...

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So, why is Hillary trashing Obama now? Rush has an answer...
"I think Hillary knows, and is convinced, that a whole lot worse is yet to come. What's happening now -- Iran, Iraq, Syria, immigration, you name it -- what's happening now may be bad, may be uncomfortable. But with Obama basically disengaged, uninterested, incompetent, and John Kerry who's no better, what does she know that we don't know that she thinks might be happening in the next two years that she doesn't want to be anywhere near? She doesn't want to be associated with this regime. She doesn't want to be thought of in the same sentence. I'm telling you, I think the reason that she's distancing herself so decisively, so decidedly, and so soon is because she has an idea of how bad it could potentially get, and she doesn't want to be anywhere near it if something blows up."

But don't be fooled again, America...these two always 'hug it out,' because he is her, and she is him.

And in lieu of any serious Republican candidates -- I"m talking about the Mitt Romney/Chris Christie/Jeb Bush trifecta of establishment losers -- she will unfortunately be our next president. It'll be up to the American People to find someone better than any of these miscreants to lead us out of the current mess they've collectively made and set us back on a more righteous course.

Black Panthers throw Obama under the bus

Can't we all just get along? Not even the Great Obama can work that miracle. Some might even say he's exacerbated things...including the New Black Panthers!

You've inevitably been inundated with coverage of the anarchy coming out of Ferguson, MO following the shooting death of another would-be presidential son, so I'm not gonna attempt to rehash this Trayvon rerun. What I did want to address however was the Thursday evening takeover of what was supposed to be the Ferguson Police Chief's press conference by the New Black Panthers, who proceeded to throw the man they were once cozy with and helped elect (albeit through illegal voter intimidation) into the White House...
TheBlaze: Protesters and members of the New Black Panther Party took over what was supposed to be Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson’s press conference Thursday regarding the ongoing unrest in the St. Louis suburb.

A crowd gathered inside the Ferguson fire department as New Black Panther Party leader Hashim Nzinga addressed the crowd, mostly focusing his anger on President Barack Obama.

“This is a shame that as we speak the president of United States is talking to Russia, he’s talking to China, he’s talking to North Korea, he’s talking to Iraq and the Middle East about treating their people better,” he said. “But as he look out the window at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, he’s watching the black man, who built the White House, shot down like dogs.”

Nzinga also claimed Obama is from Kenya, calling him a “Mau Mau.”

“He need to go back to his roots and stop people from killing Africans in the streets,” he added.

KTVI reports that Chief Jackson left the area when the protesters invaded the news conference.

Nzinga was arrested on weapons charges in 2012 shortly after offering a “dead or alive” bounty on George Zimmerman’s head.
Nice stars on the shoulders...wonder how many white devils you have to knock out to get those?! Don't want to put that one on the national stage.

More distractions, folks.

ADDENDUM: Case closed? Rush divulges that the Drive-Bys knew about the video of the 'strong-arm robbery' by the not-so-gentle giant Michael Brown in a Ferguson convenience store, but apparently they wanted to make another racial circus out of it. I smell Sanford, Florida all over this one...

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Ferguson police call Michael Brown a robbery suspect, identify Darren Wilson as officer who shot him

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It’s like Obama doesn’t know that internet video is for-EVAH!

"If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it." ~ Joseph Goebbels
So, what happens when you've told those lies so many times, and people actually did believe it, but then you do the opposite to prove it was a lie to begin with? I'd say that goes well beyond mere hypocrisy. I suppose his hope extends towards our collective memory lapse, alongside the MSM's lack of holding this phony accountable in any meaningful manner. But folks...the time limit on forgiving and forgetting has long expired with this chief.

Just as Obama is obviously backing off the applause line during almost every campaign address made in 2012: “I promised to end the war in Iraq, and I did.”...

...he was also apparently just kidding when swearing off leisure time, then proceeding to hit the golf course 186 times (and counting)!

H/t: DC, WZ, FB, DR

Aside from these compulsive lies, reminiscent of all the ones before, including the Obamacare whoppers, fat chance of Americans being so distracted that they forget about the current threat to our national sovereignty: illegal immigration and lack of border security. We can walk and chew gum at the same time.

Mr. "I ended the war in Iraq" restarts the war in Iraq

Says the man who campaigned (both times) on ending Bush's War and pulling troops out of Iraq...
NYTimes: President Obama said on Saturday that the airstrikes and humanitarian assistance drops he ordered last week in Iraq could go on for months, preparing Americans for an extended military presence in the skies there as Iraq’s leaders try to build a new government.

“I don’t think we’re going to solve this problem in weeks,” Mr. Obama told reporters before leaving for a two-week golf-and-beach vacation on Martha’s Vineyard. “This is going to be a long-term project.”

The president repeated his insistence that his administration would not send ground troops back to Iraq after ending an unpopular, decade-long war and withdrawing the last troops in 2011. But two days after emphasizing the limited scope of the mission in a White House address, he pledged that the United States would stand with Iraq if it could form a unified and inclusive government to counter the Sunni militants who threaten its future.

“Changing that environment so that the millions of Sunnis who live in these areas feel connected to and well served by a national government, that’s a long-term process,” he said during a lengthy departure statement on the White House lawn during which he took several questions from reporters.

The American military continued striking militants in Iraq on Saturday, with jet fighters and drones conducting four attacks that military officers said were designed to defend Yazidis, an ethnic and religious minority.
Haven't Christians in Syria and Iraq been threatened and attacked over the past several months by these same ISIS forces? Just saying...

But just for gits and shiggles, let's FLASHBACK...
CNSNews: On multiple occasions in the run-up to the 2012 election, President Obama gave himself credit for ending the war in Iraq. Here on video are some of those back-patting moments.

Really? We're leaving behind a solid, stable, self-reliant Iraq? Not so much...

But no, delete all that from your memory, clear your cache, especially the drones out there. Because now Barack Obama says 'not my decision' to pull troops out of Iraq! Unreal...
NRO: President Obama refused to take responsibility for the lack of U.S. troops in Iraq, saying that American soldiers had to pull out due to political pressure from Iraqi leaders.

“This issue keeps on coming up as if this was my decision,” Obama retorted when asked if he had any second thoughts, in light of the terrorist force taking over regions of Iraq, about having pulled all American troops out of the country. “The reason that we did not have a follow-on force in Iraq was because a majority of Iraqis did not want U.S. troops there and politically they could not pass the kind of laws that would be required to protect our troops in Iraq,” he said.

A report in The New Yorker showed how President Obama failed to secure the status of forces agreement necessary to leave the troops in place after 2011.
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That's what a handshake's worth with this joker. And the lib media aren't too happy about it. But the fact is Obama didn't end the war in Iraq...he restarted it.
NRO: President Barack Obama came to office promising to “bring a responsible end to the war in Iraq.” That should have been easy enough to do, considering the war was already over. Alas, he seems to have had in mind something quite different than “ending a war.” Perhaps because of his general bias against exertions of American power, Obama seems to have convinced himself that our continuing military presence in post-war Iraq was the same as continuing the war.

This novel conception of when wars end suggests Obama may yet pull our forces out of Europe and the Far East in order to “end” World War II. It also helps to explain how he came to equate “responsibly ending the war in Iraq” with throwing away everything we had gained from it. Obama made it plain from the start that he saw no reason to keep investing in a mistake. He let our military presence in Iraq lapse, and left the Iraqi government to fend for itself when it was still far too fragile. There is a reason we stayed in Germany and Japan and South Korea for decades after the fighting stopped: We didn’t want our sacrifices to be for nothing, and we didn’t want to have to fight again.

Now the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, or ISIS — the very al-Qaeda forces we defeated in Iraq in 2007 — have come back and taken over huge swaths of the country, including most of the Sunni heartland to the west and north of Baghdad. Meanwhile, over in next-door Syria, Obama stood by while the rebels fighting Bashar Assad came under the dominance of extreme Islamist forces, and then sold them all out with the chemical-weapons deal in September 2013. Consequently, we have thrown the Iraqi government into a de facto alliance with the murderous Baathist regime in Syria — a feat that not even common enemies and a common ideology could achieve during Saddam’s rule — and now both governments find themselves increasingly dependent on Iran.

With Iran’s power and prestige thus enhanced, and rapidly filling the vacuum left behind by the U.S., the mullahs now see the possibility at long last of extending the Islamic Revolution across the Fertile Crescent. With our impending agreement to let Iran keep its nuclear-weapons programs, we can now settle comfortably into the role of a de facto subordinate ally of Iran, whose forces we may soon be helping with air strikes in Iraq. If you’re wondering where that leaves our actual allies among the Gulf kingdoms and Israel, they are wondering the same thing.

Foreign-policy mistakes are inevitable, and should generally be expected, if not always forgiven. But in its approach to Iraq and the Middle East as a whole, the Obama administration has been criminally negligent. It could be years and maybe decades before we see a situation as good as the one Obama found when he got to office — and things are almost certainly going to get far worse before they get better.
Rick Moran adds:
AmericanThinker: When a politician invests so much in trying to prove failure, what are we to expect but failure? ISIS was nearly dead and buried in 2008 following the surge. The fact that they were able to reconstitute themselves is due to two factors; the Syrian civil war where they first went to fight and recruit; and the policies of Prime Minister Maliki that angered Sunnis and fed Sunni paranoia about Shiite dominance. Both factors existed because Barack Obama failed to back the secular opposition (or, at least, the non-jihadist opposition) in Syria and because there was no restraining influence of American troops in Iraq, Maliki brought down the hammer on Sunnis.

In a very real sense, Loyola is right. It is decisions made by the president that has led directly to the situation Iraq finds itself in today. Restarting the war? He practically encouraged it with his policies.
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Limbaugh, Levin sound the alarm: Genocide going on while Obama vacations!

The two heavyweights sounded the alarm on Friday that while Obama vacations at Martha's Vineyard, there's actually a genocide of Yazidis and Christians going on in Iraq...courtesy of those 'JV' terrorist, right Mr. President?

Rush says the media is fretting over Iraq happening when Obama's going on vacation to Martha’s Vineyard...

...while Levin points out that there’s a genocide going on, while Obama vacations at the ‘whitest place on earth!’

LATimes: President Obama started his annual vacation on Martha’s Vineyard as he began the previous four and in the same way he will likely end it: on the golf course.

With barely 24 hours on the island behind him, Obama was already into his second round of golf at a semi-private course with a view of Nantucket Sound. The Farm Neck Golf Club is an Obama favorite; it was his first stop last year, as well.
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Lawmakers say ISIS is capable of attack on U.S. soil: ‘They are more powerful than Al Qaeda was on 9/11’
Mark Levin Fires Back At Mediaite For Criticism Of His Mocking Of Obama Vacationing In ‘Whitest Place On Earth’

ADDENDUM: Oh wait, Obama will interrupt his vacation...to attend his 401st fundraiser!
WashingtonExaminer: Vacationing President Obama will host his 401st fundraiser Monday night on Martha’s Vineyard, Mass., continuing his record-setting pace that has had him collecting checks from donors at events on average every five days since becoming president.

For the president, it’s a sign that even while he is taking some time off to golf and relax with his family, the business of raising money for his embattled party is endless. He should do well, since many of the party’s elite also vacation on the island.

According to calculations from the Washington Post and Republican National Committee, the fundraising pace has picked up, with the president hosting seven party fundraisers in just the last 25 days.
Ahhh, priorities.

H/t: WZ

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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Obama's African summit stumble (ADDENDUM)

Yesterday, Obama hosted an African leadership summit at the White House. It'd be one hell of a stretch to say that came off without a hitch (as noted in the previous post)!
HumanEvents: I guess events aren’t delivering enough bad karma to President Obama these days, because he decided to go out and make his own bad press on Wednesday. He hosted a summit with African “leaders” – a term that belongs in scare quotes when applied to some of the thugs and kleptocrats who showed up to pose for photos with the American president and his First Lady. The UK Daily Mail called it “Obama’s Monsters Ball.” The only monster who wasn’t invited was Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, which tells you a lot about Robert Mugabe.

The Daily Mail lists the crimes of nine of the worst attendees of Obama’s little shindig, none of whom faced the slightest condemnation from the American president. One of them used the money looted from his impoverished people to buy the jacket Michael Jackson wore in the “Thriller” video, while another treated himself to a million-dollar command performance by Mariah Carey. Paul Biya, dictator of Cameroon, pays off international observers to claim that his stuffed ballot boxes are legit. Gambian president Yahya Jammeh, who elected himself in one of those coups Obama occasionally expresses disapproval of, imprisoned a thousand people on charges of witchcraft and threatened to behead any homosexuals caught in his country. Nigerian president Goodluck Jonathan, so utterly ineffectual at dealing with the Boko Haram Islamist terror gang, is also keen to crack down on gays, although he settles for putting them in jail. The president of Rwanda, halfway through his second decade of power, owes much of his political success to the suppression of free speech, and the tendency of his opponents to die under suspicious circumstances. Even Obama’s homeland… er, sorry, I’ve been watching too much MSNBC, I mean ancestral homeland… of Kenya is a thug state currently facing charges before an international criminal court.

Speaking of the previous post, Rush managed to segue between these two. Reflecting on the rap sheet of associates Obama invited into the White House yesterday, Rush says, "Instead of being amazed that he would refer to Hamas as 'extraordinarily irresponsible,' may you better dig deep and try to find out why he does NOT call them a terrorist organization? Maybe you might look into being curious why Obama is three times as tough on Israel as he is on Hamas in the words he uses?"

"I’ve long thought of Obama as the chief of staff for Hospice America. His ideology is all about making an exhausted nation comfortable on its deathbed, before it fades away into an oblivion it deserves for all its past sins. Polls showing huge majorities of Americans believing their children and grandchildren won’t be able to match their achievements, or enjoy their lifestyle, show that the morphine drip is starting to take effect. Obama’s foreign policy – designed to make it clear America is no longer a major force in the world, and has no right to be – is him drawing the shades in the hospice room and dimming the lights as we drift away. Try not to make a fuss for the bureaucratic nurses as you go gently into that good night. If you need Dr. Obama for anything, he’ll be on the golf course." ~ John Hayward
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“You sound like a kook!” Mark Levin SLAMS Obama for suggesting the US has human rights abuses at Africa summit

ADDENDUM: Via TheRightScoop...
Levin lit into Obama for suggesting that the US has human rights abuses at the Africa summit:
"How dare this man, this temporary occupant of our White House, how dare he bring mass murderers and rapists into our White House! How dare he bring the Muslim Brotherhood in our White House! And how dare he stand there and compare us, in essence, to the most loathsome dictators on the face of the earth.

We may not be a perfect nation. We may have our issues and God knows all countries do. But we are a civil society. We are what’s left of a republic. We have a just rule of law. It’s not perfect but it’s better than any other on the face of the earth.

And I am sick and tired of this man dragging us down to the lowest common denominator. He invites these people into our White House and trashes my country. He should be telling them ‘look at this great country! Look at the food on your plate. Look at our buildings, look at our economy. Look at how we treat one another from all over the world — all ethnic groups, all colors, all religions. Look how we’re tolerant. You should try and copy us.’

Not this crap, trying to drag us down to identify with some of them."

Hamas, Russia, ehhh...Obama acts 'extraordinarily irresponsible' daily! (ADDENDUM)

A predictably soft-handed Obama approach towards Hamas in Israel...
AmericanSpectator: In yet another uninspiring performance by our unengaged and unengaging president, this time a press conference at the end of a three-day U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit in Washington, D.C., Barack Obama discussed, among other things, the ceasefire between Israel and Hamas which, according to The One, “we” have achieved.

It’s not entirely clear just how “we,” meaning the president, his feckless Secretary of State John Kerry, and his utterly incompetent foreign policy team (but at least they’re loyal — the most important characteristic for employees of any petty dictator), helped achieve anything other than the emboldening of Hamas, which led to the death of many more of Hamas’ human shields. Obama further asked how “we build on this temporary cessation of violence.”

It is unclear whether Hamas will go along with Israel’s offer to extend the ceasefire beyond its original 72 hours, which will determine how they who are actually fighting might or might not “build on” anything. As for what “we” might do, well, Martha’s Vineyard is very nice this time of year.

Showing his further detachment from reality on the subject — or more likely his ingrained anti-Israeli bias — Obama claimed (twice!) “I have no sympathy for Hamas.”

The nominal leader of the free world needs to tell us (twice!) that he doesn’t feel sympathy toward a universally-acknowledged terrorist organization that is bringing intentional death and mayhem on the citizens who gullibly elected them. (We Americans, suffering through a second Obama term, know how gullible voters can be.)

But wait, there’s more! The president also generously offered that Hamas has acted “extraordinarily irresponsibly.” As Ron Fournier, no right-winger he, put it, “Frat boys are extraordinarily irresponsible. Hamas is a terrorist organization that’s killing people. Words matter when you’re trying to lead a country and trying to lead a world. I’m stunned by how poorly he uses them.”
Even those establishment-to-liberal responses on Obama's approach towards both the Russia/Ukraine conflict as well as that of Hamas and Israel are stunning...

IJReview: Fox New’s “Special Report with Brett Baier” Wednesday night, Charles Krauthammer gave a devastating evaluation of the attitude and words given by the President in statements about Russia and Israel. On the President’s response to the news about the possibility of war between Russia and Ukraine, Krauthammer summarized Obama’s response as basically having zero interest in the issue.

An alternate way of making the same strong point was voiced next by guest Ron Fournier, who brilliantly pointed out that it’s frat boys whom one calls “extraordinarily irresponsible” and that Hamas is a terrorist organization that’s killing people.

The basic point is that as the president of the most powerful country in the world – and as the supposed best ally of Israel – words matter.

Ignoring some things and downplaying others are actions that nations and leaders across the globe are sure to notice; even more so, those that might carefully consider any potential U.S. response before taking any actions are sure to notice.
But hey, this President can't be bothered with that...off to Martha's Vineyard again!
The president, about to head off to another extended vacation in another multi-million dollar home (because the $7 million home he stayed in on Martha’s Vineyard last summer wasn’t fancy enough), made one thing extraordinarily clear: Vladimir Putin, Hamas, even the Ebola virus, are annoying little distractions against the real enemy: the Republican Party. And therefore, it is an unmistakable sign to Putin, to fanatical Islamists...that bad behavior will go unpunished, not unlike that bad behavior involved in sneaking across our border.
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MARK LEVIN: Under Reagan, Bush-41 tens of millions freed from tyranny; Under Obama tens of millions are suffering

ADDENDUM: Perhaps Obama finally took Levin's advice...doubtful. At any rate, a couple of bombs were tossed in ISIS's direction, deemed an 'air strike' in Iraq, but Rush recalls a different Obama and implies that perhaps something else is going on here...
"Would it be too cynical to suggest that Obama might be bombing Iraq to distract us from his numerous problems? I mean, we've got an immigration disaster taking place, our economy is a disaster, Obamacare is a disaster..."

It's obviously not an air strike...but with all that's going on in the world, still no change in Obama's vacation or fundraising plans.

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Friday's Mark Levin Show

Article V: An alternative to impeachment

First, Rush channels Levin...
RUSH: So there is impeachment to deal with a lawless president, a lawless executive. But there is another way, and it is right in the Constitution. It's right there in Article V of the Constitution. Mark Levin has written a book about it called The Liberty Amendments, and essentially, you should read the book. The book explains the entire constitutional process and also contains some new amendments to the Constitution, the purpose of which is to simply affirm the Constitution as it was.

It's a shame that we're at this point, but the Liberty Amendments are simply amendments to restate the original purpose of the constitution and just pound it into everybody's head what the Constitution is. Article V allows for the states to establish a constitutional convention for the purposes of dealing with circumstances such as we are experiencing today. If the Congress will not impeach, it's right in Article V: The states have the power, if they want to do it.
Then Levin lays it out...
On Wednesday's Mark Levin Show: It is common knowledge that President Obama doesn't care about the Constitution and has continually violated it. So when Speaker Boehner has the obligation to do something about it via the oath he took, and doesn't - what is the citizen to do? When our politicians refuse to use the powers bestowed upon them, such as the power of the purse - to stop the funding or certain government programs, or the power of impeachment but don't do so, where do we go? We're seeing the Executive Branch use more power than ever before with no consequences to it. We have the worst Presidential actions going on and Boehner and some House Republicans have already said that they won't begin the impeachment talk.

Mark says there's no alternative anymore, the only solution must be what the Framer's had intended, written about, and voted it into the Constitution. A Convention of States would bring the power back to the state legislators and ultimately the American people. Mark talks about what Amendments he would take up if he was a legislator and how he would go about getting them done.
From a balanced budget to term limits, and now to this, the sole recourse that the American People retain is right there in the Constitution via the States. At this point, Washington is beyond fixing itself. It's just not going to happen. It's up to each and every state to push their elected officials to take up the mantle and straighten out this pervasive federal tyranny and Article V provides the civil mechanism!

8/6/14 - Mark Levin Audio Rewind