Friday, July 25, 2014

A mark of solidarity with Mosul Christians

Noticed this image on more Facebook and Twitter profiles?

Well, here's what it's all about...
NRO: There is a mass exodus of Christians from the Iraqi city of Mosul, the second largest city in Iraq. The Muslim fanatics who have taken over the city, calling themselves the Islamic State, issued an ultimatum to the city’s Christians earlier this month, saying that if they did not leave by Saturday, July 19, they “must convert to Islam, pay a fine, or face ‘death by the sword.’” As of Tuesday, most of the city’s estimated 3,000 Christians had fled.

Further, the Islamic State, formerly known as ISIS, had marked homes and businesses owned by Christians with a red, painted ن (pronounced “noon”), the 14th letter of the Arabic alphabet and the equivalent to the Roman letter N. The ن stands for Nasara or Nazarenes, a pejorative Arabic word for Christians.

The ن is now being shared on social media as a symbol of solidarity with the Iraqi Christians forced to flee their homes.
There's also a hashtag campaign...
CP: People around the world are uniting with persecuted Christians in Iraq through the Twitter hashtag "WeAreN," meant to reference the "N" painted on the doors of Christians in Iraq that make them a target for militant Islamists.

Supporters have either changed their Twitter photo to an image of the Arabic letter ن or "N", which stands for "Nazarene" or "Christian" in Arabic. Members of the jihadist militant group Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) have invaded towns, including Mosul, demanding Christians either convert to Islam, pay a tax, or be killed. To identify the Christians in the town, members of the ISIS have painted the "N" on their front doors.

The Church of England changed its profile to the Arabic letter for "N," writing: "We are changing our picture to stand with those showing solidarity for those Christians being persecuted in Mosul #WeAreN."

The ISIS invasion of Mosul has forced reportedly 10,000 Christians to flee to more secure areas in northern Iraq that are controlled by Kurdish forces. Mosul is the country's second largest city and has a 6,000-year-old Assyrian history. Assyrians are a semitic peoples distinct from Arabs and Jews and are Christians.
Here are the genuine refugees! These are a people being displaced not by their own devices, but by an invading force; not seeking a new state of welfarism, not overrunning another land, not attacking another people, but desiring a peaceful life in their homeland to worship God Almighty. To a mainstream liberal media, who bombards us with illegal children pouring over our borders, as well as those used by Hamas as human shields, in both cases to misdirect their blame towards political rivals: What about these children? In our hyper-political world, I think it's important to draw these distinctions.

Whether it's the secularism of the West dealt with daily or the bursts of physical annihilation by Eastern radicalism, don't you think it's time for all of Christendom to set aside the timidity, speak honestly against these evils, and stand up for the righteousness of our Christian brethren, especially those who know and live a severity of persecution that I pray would never befall us? In your circle of friends, this little Arabic letter might provide that opening.

In the meantime, while the international community remains immobile thus far, continue to pray for these persecuted, while raising awareness about the fate of Mosul's Christians.

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Prager explains the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in a nutshell

Dennis Prager gives one of the most concise explanations of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict out there, so thought it high time to share if you've somehow missed it!

It IS just that simple.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Levin talks with Canada’s Minister of Foreign Affairs about Hamas' attacks on Israel

Wow. What a breath of fresh air to hear an elected official espouse common sense...wish we could find more of this in America these days!
John Baird, the Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs calls in and talks about the situation in Gaza - Canada's relationship with Israel and how they are supporting them against Hamas.

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Rush on the way liberals work: Americans who love America & liberals who don't understand why

Rush reported this morning on the latest discombobulations of the Obama administration's lack of concern for our southern border, and in doing so, honed in on liberalisms approach, what they're doing to our country, and simply how wrong they are about our border crisis and illegal immigration, as well as their lack of understanding Americans who genuinely love America!

"Obama needs a team of experts on the Southern border to go down and study whether or not there’s a problem when he’s got governors all over this country, all over the border who are going crazy trying to protect the people that live in their states?

Now, if Obama’s team of experts — if they get back alive, ’cause, I mean, that news that Governor Perry had last night? I mean, 203,000 people in the last five years were booked into jail. That’s not the total number that came across. That’s just the number came across ended up in jail — and of those 203,000, 3,000 homicides, 8,000 sexual assaults.

So Obama’s team of experts could be in danger as they go down and study the border. If they get back alive, and if they are able to report their findings to Obama, maybe then Obama will then appoint a blue ribbon panel to study the problem a little more in depth. This is the way liberals do things."
Picking up on 'the way liberals do things,' Rush used the example of the racialist La Raza president to explain how what's going on at the border is all about liberals not liking this country...
"Now, here's the point. What's going on down at the border, this La Raza babe says that when she hears some people showing up shouting "USA, USA," that what she hears is hatred cloaked in patriotism. And let me just tell her how she's wrong. This is Janet Murguia, the CEO of La Raza.

Janet, what you're hearing when you hear people at your speeches shouting, "USA, USA," you're hearing love. The people of Murrieta, California, love America. They don't hate it, and they don't hate you, and they don't hate these kids crossing the border. They love America. The truth of the matter is that what's going on at the border here, the Democrat Party is helping attract people like those who are coming, by criticizing, by blaming. This country is evil. This country's filled with injustice. This country is filled with racism and sexism, and we must let these people in to prove to the world how we're not any of those things and so forth.

The fact is that the people behind this, the people who are trying to engineer a permanent underclass of voters for the Democrat Party, they are the people that have a problem with America. These people that are coming in the country that are downtrodden and poor, you know why they're downtrodden and poor? Because America made 'em that way. That's what they think. We got too much. They don't have enough. It's unfair. We should be forced to give them what we've taken from them in the first place. That's what's driving all of this."

"There's a reason why Obama is not gonna visit the border, and that's because once you see what's going on there, you have no choice, you got to shut it down. But if he doesn't go, if he doesn't see it, then he won't shut it down. And he does not want to shut this down. The Democrats do not want to shut this down. The Democrats think we deserve this.

The Democrats think that somehow it's this country's fault that these people are living the way they're living. It's either our thirst for drugs that's causing the existence of the drug cartels or it's the fact that our economic policies have resulted in us getting all the goodies in the world and depriving the rest of the world what was rightfully theirs. It's the same belief why there are poor people in America, is the rich stole it from 'em, the rich have an unfair share, and they got rich on the backs of the poor. So we gotta raise taxes and give it to the poor to make it even 'cause this country's so unjust. It's the same thinking.

There is poverty in Mexico and El Salvador, Ecuador, and Guatemala, because we have taken all the good stuff. We get all the money. We make all the products and we export all the oil and we use all the oil and we're polluting the planet. We're destroying the plane, and these people are in dirt-poor poverty, it's our fault, and they only have a right to improve their lives, and if they happen to do that by coming here, who are we to say no? And that's what's driving this. There's no love driving this. None. The people who love this country are the people like those in Murrieta who show up and tell Janet Murguia "USA, USA." They are expressing love for their country, not hatred for somebody else.

And another thing: Opposing liberalism does not equal hate. But that's what they want it to be. You oppose Obama, you hate him. You oppose Biden, you hate him. You oppose La Raza, you must hate Hispanics. If you oppose the Reverend Jackson, you must hate blacks. Screw that, folks. There isn't any hate that drives any of this. What drives this, what drives this partisan divide is love for this country that we all feel, and the shock and the anger and the fear when we see what's happening to it."
RIGHT ON, Right On!

Recall that age-old adage: 'Love it, or leave it!' Well, today's liberals are attempting to turn that phrase on its head. They don't love it, so they want to leave everything that makes America 'America' behind. We beg to differ.

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Fed study: Shorter jobless benefits lead to higher employment

Egad! And it took how much taxpayer funding to discover something that should be common sense?
BizTalk: If unemployment benefits were cut off earlier in 2013, the long-term unemployed would have been more likely to be re-employed, according to a study by the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis.

If the benefits, called the Emergency Unemployment Compensation program, expired earlier in 2013, “workers with 46 or more weeks of continuous unemployment would have been 1.2 to 2.1 percentage points more likely to become re-employed,” the St. Louis Fed reported. ...

Here is a summary and the full report.
Yes, if you cut the spigot of welfarism off, more people will learn to swim.

By Design: Obama admin was warned about illegal alien border crisis in 2011

Here's the $1.4B answer to what he knew and when he knew it! Should probably say they, because he will claim ignorance...
Breitbart: The Obama administration may have known as early as three years ago that an influx of illegal immigrant children from Central America would be on its way.

An investigation by News 4 Tuscon found e-mails that revealed that in 2011, Tony Coulson, "the retired Drug Enforcement Administration's assistant special-agent-in-charge of the Tucson office until 2010," approached the Department of Homeland Security with non-profit groups "with warnings about the coming exodus and asked to meet with DHS in order to be prepared for the crisis." His "requests to meet went unanswered."

"Well, DHS and CBP were not prepared for this influx at all," he told News 4 Tuscon. "Even though there was ample warning to them about problems with children and the influx of children that were going to come in."

A recent Washington Post report discovered that the Obama administration knew about the influx of illegal immigrant children in 2012 but did nothing about it to protect Obama's reelection and because they thought it could jeopardize Obama's comprehensive amnesty legislation.

There have been nearly 60,000 illegal immigrant children who have entered the country since October of last year, and federal officials expect at least 150,000 more in the next fiscal year.

As Breitbart Texas has been reporting, Obama's budget for the Health and Human Service's Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) may indicate that the White House was planning for the influx of illegal immigrant children. In fiscal year 2012, the Obama administration spent about $168 million on illegal immigrant children. But in "each subsequent year, that figure increased substantially." In fiscal year 2013, $376 million was spent, while $868 million has currently been spent in fiscal year 2014.
By design all conjunction with the 'we can't deport children' attitude fervently promulgated by the ill intents of the racialists and balkanizers, and steeped within increased policies of welfarism and general lawlessness experienced over this same time span. Remaking America.

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Santorum, Cruz join Bibi: Obama aiding Hamas with FAA's 'economic boycott' on Israel (UPDATE)

Quite familiar with the political motivations of the current administration, Rick Santorum and Sen. Ted Cruz have joined Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu in condemning what effectively amounts to Obama using the FAA to launch an 'economic boycott' on Israel.
Newsmax: President Barack Obama is using a Federal Aviation Administration ban on flights to Israel's largest airport as "an economic boycott" that is politically driven and that will only hurt Israel, Sen. Ted Cruz charged Wednesday.

The federal agency has forbidden U.S. carriers to fly in or out of Ben Gurion Airport for the past two days, a move Cruz and fellow conservative Republican Rick Santorum have sharply criticized.

"President Obama has just used a federal regulatory agency to launch an economic boycott on Israel in order to try to force our ally to comply with his foreign-policy demands," said Cruz, of Texas, Roll Call reported.

Cruz says the FAA ban hands Hamas a victory, a criticism voiced Tuesday by Santorum.

"I'm sure they believe they have the security in hand to protect domestic and international airlines, commercial airline flights, and that this is simply a slap in the face of the Israelis and a win for Hamas," the former Pennsylvania Republican senator told "The Steve Malzberg Show" on Newsmax TV.
Did we not just discuss Obama's affinity towards these Islamo-Nazis over American and allied support for Israel?
Breitbart: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu condemned the Federal Aviation Administration’s decision to ban all US flights to Israel as “totally unjustified.”

"There is no reason whatsoever for this mistaken decision,” said the clearly agitated Israeli leader. Netanyahu called Tuesday’s sudden and unexpected decision that bans all US carriers from flying to Israel “utterly unjustified” and serves as nothing more than a “huge reward for Hamas terrorism” in exchange “for absolutely nothing.”

Israelis were stunned and outraged by the FAA decision which, at a stroke, left the Jewish state almost completely isolated from the outside world at one of its most vulnerable moments. Nearly everyone agrees that in imposing the ban, the FAA, whether it intended to or not, handed the terror group Hamas by far and away its biggest and (perhaps only) victory in its current war against Israel.
Folks, this is no conspiracy theory, despite the light that the WH press and spokes-idiot want to make of it. For one, we have planes flying all over the world through much worse conditions. Obama's simply taking advantage of the situation at hand. Secondly, the Obama administration directs this action towards Israel, yet it unilaterally sends $47 MILLION of our tax dollars to Hamas, on top of our State Dept. excusing and defending the UN in giving rockets to Hamas! Allah forbid we impose economic sanctions on the ones who start this, indiscriminately lobbing missiles into Israel! Do the ain't hard to figure out where Obama's loyalties lie.

Sen. Cruz is none too happy about the blatant disregard for our ally in the Holy Land, and has declared that he will hold all State Dept. nominees until questions are answered about this abrupt Israeli flight ban... U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, announced that he will hold all State Department nominees until the Obama Administration answers questions about its unprecedented decision to cancel flights to Israel, while at the same time announcing continuing aid that will be funneled to the terrorist organization, Hamas.

Earlier today, Sen. Cruz questioned whether the FAA’s decision to ban all U.S. flights to Israel amounted to an economic boycott of the nation and asked that five questions about the ban be answered. When asked about his remarks, a State Department spokesperson said the questions were “offensive and ridiculous."

“Serious questions were asked about the nature of a decision that handed Hamas a public relations victory and will cost Israel billions of dollars,” said Sen. Cruz. “The only thing ‘offensive’ about this situation is how the Obama Administration is spurning our allies to embolden our enemies; the only thing ‘ridiculous’ is the administration’s response to basic questions. Until the State Department answers my questions, I will hold all State Department nominees.”

The five questions Sen. Cruz is asking are below:
  • Was this decision a political decision driven by the White House? For instance, who was this decision made by - a career official, a political appointee, or someone else (at the FAA, State Department or White House?) 
  • If the FAA’s decision was based on airline safety, why was Israel singled out, when flights would be permitted into Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Yemen? 
  • What was the FAA’s ‘safety’ analysis that led to prohibiting flights to Israel, while still permitting flights to Ukraine—where a commercial airline flight was just shot down with a BUK missile? 
  • What specific communications occurred between the FAA and the White House? And the State Department? Why were any such communications necessary, if this was purely about airline safety? 
  • Was this a safety issue, or was it using a federal regulatory agency to punish Israel to try to force them to comply with Secretary Kerry’s demand that Israel stop their military effort to take out Hamas’s rocket capacity?
Surrounded by enemies, even within their own borders...but they're the problem? Don't be fooled...

I could draw comparisons to what's happening to our own American southwest, but I'm sure you've already thought about that.

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FrontPageMag: After Senator Ted Cruz’s warning that he would hold all State Department nominees until questions were answered about the political motive behind the FAA’s travel ban on Israel… the FAA suddenly reversed itself.

On the same day that the FAA had announced a 24 hour extension of the ban, the FAA turned around and reversed itself.

Instead of providing answers, the FAA lifted the ban.

GAO 'secret shopper' investigation finds fraud in Obamacare exchanges

I don't believe it! (dripping sarcasm)...
PJMedia: On Tuesday, Republicans released preliminary results of a Government Accountability Office (GAO) undercover examination of enrollment in the Obamacare exchanges.

Using fake information during an undercover “secret shopper” investigation, the GAO created 18 fictitious identities through the federal exchange by telephone, online, and in-person. In 17 of 18 attempts the GAO was able to obtain premium subsidies and health insurance with fake information through telephone and online applications. According to the report, 11 out of 12 fake applications for the federal exchanges were approved, with credits totaling $2500 per month ($30,000 per year).

During the investigation, fake shoppers provided fake documents, such as Social Security numbers and proof of income and citizenship. They found that “Federal contractors made no effort to authenticate documents applicants provided” and the fake ID and income information proved to be no impediment to enrollment. According to the report, the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) is not required to authenticate documentation. “The contractor told us it does not seek to detect fraud and accepts documents as authentic unless there are obvious alterations,” the GAO said.

As of July 2014 the fake enrollees continue to receive subsidized coverage for the 11 applications, including 3 applications where GAO did not provide any requested supporting documents.

When the GAO made attempts to sign up for federal subsidies in person, they were unable to obtain assistance in five of six attempts. “One navigator said assistance was not available because was down and another [declined] to provide assistance,” the preliminary report said, noting that navigaors have received tens of millions of dollars in federal grants to provide assistance to those in need of healthcare.

The report also pointed out that CMS officials still do not have the electronic capability to identify enrollees who have “put their policies in force” by paying their premiums. “As a result, CMS must rely on health insurance issuers to self-report enrollment data used to determine how much CMS owes the issuers for the income-based subsidies,” the GAO report said. “Work is underway to implement such a system, according to CMS, but the agency does not have a timeline for completing and deploying it.” ...

According to GAO, over 2.6 million application inconsistencies have been found for people who have signed up for health plans in the exchange. The House Ways and Means Subcommittee on Oversight will hold a hearing on Wednesday morning with the GAO to discuss the findings of its report.
Let's discuss it. Let's talk about it. Horsepucky!

Expect more lip service, with little action...aside from those establishment members who are actually embracing it in attempts to manage this infringing leviathan! Under the current GOP leadership, the House cowards refuse to use their power of the purse that the Constitution grants them to defund this Obamanation, much less any other Democratic lawlessness.

What a huge waste of our money this so-called affordable scheme has sucked up at the expense of our liberties.

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As House and Senate offer competing plans, neither are serious about BORDER SECURITY or ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION!

Nothing in either plan to simply deport these children back to their country of origin, which would be the most expediently humane thing to do, and save the taxpayers a LOT more money than our political elite are ready to spend on crisis management.
WP: The Senate and House are poised to act on separate emergency border security plans, likely setting up a protracted debate in Washington as the Obama administration warns that it is running out of money to address the child-migrant crisis at the southern border.

Senate Democrats said Tuesday that they will move forward next week on a spending bill to provide $2.7 billion in emergency funds to deal with the influx of minors from Central America flooding into the country illegally — about $1 billion less than President Obama has requested.

Meanwhile, House GOP leaders are working on a proposal to set the funding at less than $2 billion, according to aides familiar with the talks. They are set to unveil a set of policy principles Wednesday that would also mandate that the administration send National Guard troops to the border, a move the White House has called unnecessary.

The competing border plans are expected to ignite a fierce fight on Capitol Hill that is unlikely to be resolved before Congress adjourns for a five-week summer break at the end of next week, lawmakers said.
At which time Obama will be poised to act unilaterally (as if he's not already).

But while the headlines trumpet the GOP plan's call for National Guard deployment at the border, the reality is that it still doesn't seriously address our nation's border security or effectively stop illegal immigration. Quite the contrary, it continues to encourage more Central American illegals to risk life and limb to appeal to our corrupted courts for amnesty.
AmericanThinker: On the surface, this Republican plan to deal with the border crisis is a lot better than the plan offered by President Obama.

But fearing the accusation of being "inhumane" to the illegal alien children, the GOP House members charged by Speaker Boehner with developing the plan will not call for the immediate deportation of the kids, but rather grant them their hearing before a judge. The plan calls for the hiring of more judges to expedite the process.

See: GOP border security group calls for sending National Guard to border

Frankly, I don't see much difference between the president's plan - which also calls for hiring more judges - and the GOP plan. The National Guard deployed to the border will marginally help the states by taking some administrative responsibilities from border agents so that more of them can patrol the border. But they're not going to "guard" the border in any meaningful way.

What this shows is that Washington is still unserious about border security. Too many elites benefit too much from illegal immigration for Congress to do much of anything about it.
Typically, this is more of the same nothingness out of Washington's ruling class.

Could have used a real change in the primaries, Republican voters.

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Reminding Gutierrez and Obama of their only oaths (and Grijalva)

Luis Gutierrez tells La Raza (The Race) that amnesty is needed to 'punish' Americans opposed to illegal immigration. And they say we're the vitriolic ones? On top of that, the Illinois Democrat also told La Raza that President Obama's Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program was a 'down payment' to 'stop the deportation of our people.' In other words, an oath to the ethnic front groups before granting amnesty to more illegal aliens.

I think it's become pretty clear how the majority of Americans reject this illegal lawlessness, so rather than rehash that, let me simply remind this balkanizing congressman of the oath of office that he and everyone of his colleagues took when entering Washington:
'I do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God.'
And while we're at it, it wouldn't hurt to refresh the Marxist in the White House of the one he took:
'I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.'
Besides simply a matter of pushing legislation out of spite, is not the language of Luis Gutierrez betraying the very oath he swore to this nation? And I think it's become obvious that Barack Obama cares little to extend any reasonable ability to preserve, protect or defend the Constitution...quite the contrary, when at every turn he abandons it, endangers it, and assaults its basic tenets established by our Framers and inalienably declared by our Founders before. 

Have they not become the domestic enemy destroying from within that so many political thinkers throughout the ages have warned us about?

Unfortunately, they're not the only ones (or party) who could use this vital reminder and examination.

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ADDENDUM: Looks like we got another supposed representative besides Gutierrez who's forgotten his oath to this country...this one's a MEChA-boy...
TRS: Mark Levin played a clip last night from Rep. Raúl Grijalva where he was calling on the president to act with regard to illegals in this country, using the same authority he used for dreamers in 2012.

Levin pointed out that Grijalva just wants the president to act on his own using executive power while bypassing Congress, which is totalitarianism.
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