Thursday, June 19, 2014

ISIS Leader: ‘I'll see you guys in New York’

Those who say 'Never mind, it's not our business,' will be among the hordes to say 'How the hell did this happen,' when we're hit again. ~ Mark Levin
Some say stay away. Let them deal with it. We're a war-weary nation. Some say this has nothing to do with us. And maybe I could go along with that thinking...if the ISIS terror leader hadn't told U.S. authorities upon his release,“I’ll see you guys in New York.”
DailyBeast: When Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi walked away from a U.S. detention camp in 2009, the future leader of ISIS issued some chilling final words to reservists from Long Island.

The Islamist extremist some are now calling the most dangerous man in the world had a few parting words to his captors as he was released from the biggest U.S. detention camp in Iraq in 2009.

“He said, ‘I’ll see you guys in New York,’” recalls Army Col. Kenneth King, then the commanding officer of Camp Bucca. ...

King had not imagined that in less that five years he would be seeing news reports that al-Baghdadi was the leader of ISIS, the ultra-extremist army that was sweeping through Iraq toward Baghdad.

“I’m not surprised that it was someone who spent time in Bucca but I’m a little surprised it was him,” King says. “He was a bad dude, but he wasn’t the worst of the worst.”

King allows that along with being surprised he was frustrated on a very personal level.

“We spent how many missions and how many soldiers were put at risk when we caught this guy and we just released him,” King says.
As the American Left never ceases to push its progressive agenda forward, these bloodthirsty Islamists are even more resilient towards their goal of crippling the West. Now the fact that we have no strong leader to direct us in such situations is extremely problematic as well.

But this discussion isn't an issue of neo-con vs non-interventionalist, this is a growing concern that we're being naive to think that they won't bring this to our shores (again) once the Caliphate is allowed to materialize. We either stamp out these threats with our unshackled military might, or...they will assuredly hit us again.

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