Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Go Along: Cantor announces leadership resignation, endorses McCarthy (UPDATE)

In typical fashion, the GOP leadership shows the conservative base that it didn't learn a damn thing after Cantor's defeat...his desire is to pass the torch to another go along...
TRS: Cantor has officially announced in a press conference that just ended that he’s resigning as Majority Leader effective July 31. He says he will fully back Kevin McCarthy for that position should he run.

He refused to do any political analysis as to why he lost, deferring those questions back on reporters.

I was disappointed no one asked him if he would support Dave Brat in the general or if he’s even congratulated Brat. My guess is ‘no’ on both questions, but I would have loved to hear his response.

UPDATE: In the last 24 hours, conservatives have unfortunately been in disarray to coalesce around a singular challenger to McCarthy. It's obvious that some fear retribution from Boehner and establishment company over committee memberships and whatnot. Jeb Hensarling dropped out, then Pete Sessions (not that the latter was much of a conservative choice in the first place!). Now, some conservative lawmakers are pushing Jim Jordan to run for Majority Leader, and tea party firebrand Raul Labrador is also thinking about making a last minute run. Still not a single challenger, though, boys. However, this scramble may simply be pageantry, a half-hearted attempt for conservatives to put up a fight, even though the general consensus seems to leave little doubt of the outcome...

Never underestimate congressional Republicans’ preference for the status quo.

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