Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Amnesty by Independence Day? Gutierrez threatens GOP with Imperial Presidency; Cantor desires compromise for DREAMers

Independence? Sovereignty? Rule of Law? Anyone?

Further balkanization from our politicians as they hope for amnesty, an unsecure border, and a jealous society pitting one against another (H/t: Levin)...

Whether on the Democratic side of the aisle, supporting tyranny for political gain...
FoxNewsLatino: Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.) issued a "final call" to his Republican colleagues in the House of Representatives to move forward on immigration reform this month or see President Barack Obama act by executive order to resolve the problem of undocumented migrants living in the United States.

Gutierrez, a leader on the issue of immigration, spoke at an event held by the Illinois Business Immigration Coalition.

"Look, if by July the 4th, my Republican friends and colleagues - and I say that sincerely - have not acted and have not presented a bill for comprehensive immigration reform, if they haven't done it by then, then we know that there is only one action that will bring justice, freedom, respect for our community, and that is for the president of the United States to take his pen and free the 11 million undocumented workers in this nation from the tyranny of a broken immigration system," he said.
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...or on the Republican side of the aisle, supporting lawlessness for crony campaign coffers...
TheDC: GOP Majority Leader Rep. Eric Cantor called for a compromise immigration deal with President Barack Obama during a campaign interview with a local Virginia TV station.

“I have told the president, there are some things we can work on together,” he said in the WTVR interview.

“We can work on the border security bill together, we can work on something like the kids,” he said referring to his proposal to offer some undetermined variety of amnesty to the children and youths of millions of parents who entered the country illegally.

Cantor’s June 6 offer of a youth amnesty comes during the final days of a surprisingly close primary race, where his rival — Dave Brat, an economics professor — has slammed him as an unwavering ally of big business.

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...it's crystal clear that the political class seeks to undermine the citizenry, remaking it along with America.

ADDENDUM: Rush poses a theory that perhaps the regime is trying to repeat Fast & Furious with illegal immigrant children...

Furthermore, Rush offers a solution for housing these refugee illegal children...instead of occupying our military bases, "Why not take all of these kids and drop them in all of these wealthy counties in Washington and the suburbs of D.C., because that's where the new wealth in this country is."

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