Wednesday, June 18, 2014

CRUZ: 'I have more faith in the Bill of Rights than I do any elected official'

In 17 minutes, Sen. Ted Cruz thoroughly and eloquently lays out every conceivable consequence of thus far 42 Democrats' attempt to alter the First Amendment with their free speech killing bill... 
"I see some of y'all chuckle at the concept that Congress might criminalize unions from acting, might criminalize movies, might criminalize books. There is no dispute, ZERO, that under the language proposed by the Democrats, it would be entirely constitutional to do so. So, your only protection, if you value your free speech rights, is a bunch of politicians in Washington saying, 'Trust me.' Let me be very clear, I don't trust politicians in Washington in either party, not with something as vital as liberty. ...

Where are the liberals, where are the Democrats, willing to defend the Bill of Rights? I will tell you, any politician who put his or her name to an amendment taking away the free speech rights of every American, in my view, should be embarrassed to stand up and say, as 42 Democrats have, that they think they're wiser than Madison and Jefferson and Hamilton, and that we should trust elected politicians in Congress to determine what you the citizens can say and what you can't."

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