Thursday, April 30, 2015

Why the Court and not the People? SCOTUS Justices question redefining marriage

Oral arguments on whether to preserve marriage or redefine it began this week at the Supreme Court, and Justices asked all the right questions that the Left wants ignored and silenced...

What Alito is saying is when you open the gate for redefining marriage, what's to say that future litigators won't attempt to broaden the definition further? It's a slippery slope...and a destructive one to the union of marriage, to the family, to society.
CNSNews: In the oral arguments presented [Tuesday] in the Supreme Court on the question of whether the U.S. Constitution guarantees two people of the same sex the right to marry one another, Justice Samuel Alito asked whether—if two of the same sex have a right to marry—why not four people of opposite sexes.

Also, notice how Bonauto continues to mention the states stepping in, yet these same activists DENY the will of the people of the states that have already voted numerous times over the past decade against redefining marriage!

Roberts, Kennedy and Scalia pick up on that, pointing out how these few want the courts, not the people, to decide this.
CNSNews: In oral arguments at the U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday about whether the Constitution’s 14th Amendment requires states to license homosexual marriages and recognize such marriages from states where they are legal, Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Anthony Kennedy noted that the pro-gay marriage petitioners were asking the court to decide to fundamentally change the institution of marriage.

In some of his remarks, Justice Antonin Scalia said the court ruling in favor of homosexual marriage would mean the courts, and not the American people, would have the definitive say on same-sex marriage.
And there's the kicker from Scalia: "But once again, that’s not the people deciding it."

Here's the crux of the problem, folks: Western society (first in 16th century Europe, then again in mid-20th century America) allowed a downgrade of this Holy Sacrament into a government institution for the purposes of keeping track of you & yours, as well as divvying up perks, and in doing so, opened the door for societal and spiritual degradation. It's time to return this sacrament to its rightful source...and that's not in Washington, D.C. among the Justices of an earthly Court.

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GOP Senators side with Dems to protect Iran from any meaningful standards on nuke deal

'Give us the Senate,' they said. And do what with it, pray tell? But it's bipartisanship. Phonies! Republicans, you have the WORST Senate of all time! Here's the latest proof in the Iran nuke dealings when it comes to bending the knee to not only a lawless Executive, but the miscreants they ousted!

On Tuesday, Mark Levin exposed the ‘DIRTY TWELVE’ Republican Senators who attacked the rule of law when it came to restraining Obama’s agreement with Iran as a treaty. Many of the usual suspects:

Alexander (R-TN)
Ayotte (R-NH)
Capito (R-WV)
Coats (R-IN)
Cochran (R-MS)
Corker (R-TN)
Ernst (R-IA)
Flake (R-AZ)
Hatch (R-UT)
Isakson (R-GA)
McCain (R-AZ)
Perdue (R-GA)

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Levin EXPOSES how US Senate just GUTTED constitutional treaty power & GAVE IT TO OBAMA

Then Wednesday, they rinsed, repeated and doubled down...
On Wednesday's Mark Levin Show: Everything is party first, country and ideology second to the U.S. Senate. Eight GOP Senators voted no to a bill that would not lift sanctions on Iran unless we can confirm they aren’t engaging in terrorist attacks against the U.S. Meanwhile, Mitch McConnell blocked a bill that would require Iran to recognize Israel as a Jewish state.

See the repetition of those RINOs who can't even hold Iran to any standards?

Alexander (R-TN)
Coats (R-IN)
Corker (R-TN)
Flake (R-AZ)
Graham (R-SC)
Hatch (R-UT)
McCain (R-AZ)
Perdue (R-GA)

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Bob Corker, Craven Moron

But it's not just the Senate. It goes all the way through the D.C. party establishment, from the House to potential presidential nominees. Whether it's kissing Pelosi's ass, err, face, whatever, at every turn or constantly sucking up to the illegal, while ignoring the CITIZEN, these !@#$%^* are cut from the same ragged cloth.

Pause the elections and campaigns for just a moment, folks. We can kiss the COUNTRY goodbye with these unprincipled quislings in power!

Now unpause. Remember, before the general, it starts with the PRIMARIES! Nominate those who work for the people, not their own self-interest or party politics. That's the only way any of this gets fixed...if it can at all.

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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

'Tough love' Baltimore mom: 'I don't want my son to be a Freddie Gray'

With an understanding of the mortal risk and rap sheet (Freddie Gray's, that is), this mom took action to prevent her son from becoming another inner city statistic. We need more of these caliber of MOMS taking action in our urban centers, America...

'I didn't want him to be another Freddie Gray.' Toya Graham is being hailed for doing her part after video emerged Monday. She saw her son, 16, throwing rocks at police on TV and then tracked him down. Police Commissioner Anthony Batts praised the mom at a press conference. Michael was dressed in all black and had a black ski mask covering his face. He tried to get away from the single mother-of-six as crowds of rioters looked on. Graham went to high school 10 minutes from where Freddie Gray was arrested. She previously worked as an assistant manager at an alcohol and drug treatment center and recently lost her job. She said she was 'shocked' and 'angry' at what she saw her child doing.

(Toya Graham appearing on CBSNews)

...and we desperately need responsible DADS in the picture, NOT the Democratic Party as a substitute!

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'My pastor is going to have a fit': America's 'mom of the year' who chased her son home from riots reacts to nationwide praise and reveals she recognized him from his baggy sweatpants
Did Freddie Gray Have Spinal Surgery (From Car Accident) A Week Before His Arrest?…
Man-made liberalism stirs the pot in Baltimore

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Man-made liberalism stirs the pot in Baltimore

Never mind that police kill more whites than blacks, it's minority deaths that generate more outrage, so we have to 'give them space' or something. Baloney.

The Great Divider has to keep stirring the pot. Out of one side of his mouth, he struggles for words of scolding for the wrongdoers...

(A handful, huh?) ...while out of the other side of his mouth, the excuses for lawlessness roll off the tongue (yes, even when he says they're not excuses)...

And why should we expect any more from this lawless President?

Obama follows suit, falling right in line with what Levin discussed on Monday's program...
We're watching the unraveling of the civil society in America. There are too many people making excuses for these riots in Baltimore and see these events as opportunities for revolution. We have too many people in positions of power who refuse to condemn outbreaks because they long for the days of the 1960s when violent protests destroyed city after city. Justice must be done, not looting and rioting, and the people who keep making excuses are creating the environment for more violence.
Levin further discussed Obama's double-speak today...
The crumbling of civil society is a sad thing, especially through an effort to push a leftist agenda by using any problem as an opportunity. The situation in Baltimore has nothing to do with race, yet President Obama is quick to place blame on local police and white cops attacking young minorities. The biggest problem here is the indoctrination of young people, who are taught in schools how terrible American history is and how everyone is a victim. The rhetoric of entitlement, the welfare state, and institutionalized racism do nothing but make the situation more volatile.

"Everybody's a victim in the greatest country on the face of the earth. Nobody's stopping anybody in this country to make something of themselves. Nobody. Nobody's holding anybody back. We have absolute mobility; we have opportunity, if you wish to make it. We don't have a caste system. And yet, the same bromides, day in and day out, decade after decade, to advance the Left's agenda, centralized government."
Mark's not the only one speaking up about the roots of this sub-human behavior...

BizPacReview: Outspoken Milwaukee Sheriff David A. Clarke, Jr. blasted Baltimore rioters and the left-wing agenda he says created the powder keg that blew up into violence.

On Fox News’ “Your World with Neil Cavuto,” Clarke told the host that liberal policies, not the death of accused drug dealer Freddie Gray, are responsible for the violence in the city.

“Like Baltimore, like Ferguson, like New York and many other areas where failed liberal government policies have led to high unemployment, chronic poverty, failing schools,” Clarke said. “This is what besets the Baltimore area. Ninety percent of the homicide victims in the Baltimore area are black as are ninety percent of the suspects. That’s a bigger problem than Freddie Gray.”

He added that the rioters, under any other circumstance, wouldn’t care about Freddie Gray’s life.

“These individuals that are rioting and lotting right now and throwing rocks and bottles do not know Freddie Gray, do not care about Freddie Gray,” he said. “If they were in a nightclub in Baltimore [they] would shoot and kill him for bumping into them on the dance floor.”

Clarke echoed those sentiments Tuesday on Twitter.

“I am tired of this mealy-mouth crap from politicians. They cause the conditions for a permanent underclass in America,” he tweeted before sending out another tweet moments later. “Why are we surprised at this sub-human behavior on display in American ghettos? Lib policies created the conditions.”
The Sheriff's point segues right into El Rushbo's notation of man-made liberalism on display...
"That's what's on display here. Man-made liberalism. Political climate change is destroying America's urban core. Not rising sea levels, not melting glaciers, not hurricanes, none of these things that we've been told are gonna be the end of us. Nope, it's man-made liberalism that is destroying America's urban core."
And this historic president just keeps throwing more kindling under the kettle.

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Friday, April 24, 2015

Hillary's uranium scandal takes the yellow cake

Passing the torch from one corruptocrat to another (i.e., Obama to Hillary, Holder to Lynch) historic...
On Thursday's Mark Levin Show: Major Clinton donors sold control of 20% of America's uranium to Russia in a deal that required permission from 7 major cabinet members of the Obama administration. This isn’t just a Clinton scandal, but an Obama administration scandal of the highest order and he should be held accountable. Our government has become institutionalized corruption. The GOP Senate will never hold Hillary or Obama accountable; they’re too busy confirming Obama’s Attorney general, Loretta Lynch. 10 GOP Senators, including Mitch McConnell, Orrin Hatch, and Lindsey Graham, have made sure that Lynch will continue to allow Obama to usurp the Constitution. Establishment Republicans like John McCain and Graham are too busy trashing conservatives like Rand Paul and Ted Cruz than preventing the confirmation of the most radical Attorney General in U.S. history.
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More on HilRod's latest...
TRS: Mark Levin says that Hillary Clinton’s uranium scandal is much bigger than Whitewater or Hillary’s emailgate or any of her other crimes and unethical behaviors:

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Senate confirms Loretta Lynch as new Attorney General [TEN RINOS VOTED FOR LYNCH]
Obama’s been caught lying AGAIN…this time about Iran
VIDEO: How many times did Obama LIE to America about Iran’s nuke capability?
Hillary Clinton isn't the champion of the middle class but their worst nightmare
Hillary Clinton believes the economy needs a toppling of the top 1%
By one measure, Hillary earned more than America's top 10 CEOs
WH Won’t Deny Accusations Hillary’s State Dept Did Favors for Clinton Foundation Donors
VIDEO: Hillary gives TERRIBLE DODGE when asked about influence-peddling at State Dept.

Hillary Clinton is SHOCKED to find out small businesses growth has STALLED under Obama
Hypocrite Hillary! Campaign CONFIRMS enormous gender WAGE GAP in her senate office!
Hillary On Abortion: ‘Deep-Seated Cultural Codes, Religious Beliefs And Structural Biases Have To Be Changed’

ADDENDUM: Putting more of the puzzle pieces together...

Fundamental transformation: The balkanization (and danger) of unrestrained illegal immigration

Double-standards much? Security for thee, but not for me? South of the border can have it one way, but damned if we demand law and order?

Levin addressed some of this on last Thursday's program...
The corrupt Mexican government enforces their strict deportation laws while American deportation law is ignored and rewritten by President Obama and the left to open our borders. Luis Gutierrez wants to train our border patrol agents to look the other way when it comes to illegal immigrants unless they’re criminals. People come from all over Central and South America and other third-world nations because these corrupt countries view us as suckers. It’s time to stop listening to the fools in both parties that pretend that wave after wave of immigration is good for the U.S. Politicians don’t care about immigrant children and their families; it’s all about fundamentally transforming America.
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Hillary Clinton Wrong On Family’s Immigration History, Records Show

And continued more this week with how we should be enforcing our law, you know, like Mexico!
On Monday's Mark Levin Show: We should adopt Mexico's immigration enforcement program and deport anyone we catch coming across instead of giving them due process rights. We used to have a system to weed out dangerous immigrants with bad intentions, but now we have open borders and accept refugees from the Middle East.
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Six people in Minnesota, San Diego busted by FBI for joining ISIS well as underscoring the political whims despite Americans' opposition...
On Wednesday's Mark Levin Show: We're facing the largest amount of immigration in U.S. history because there's no longer a fear of deportation. A majority of Americans oppose open borders and amnesty, but politicians ignore popular opinion and use our own laws against us while phony journalists like Jorge Ramos continue to advance their agenda. People are pouring over our borders and have no idea what American heritage and culture is. How can you assimilate people that don't comprehend the founding principles of America?
You can't. This is nothing short of balkanization foisted upon us by the Washington ruling class. But actually, it's even more dangerous than that...

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Census: Record 51 million immigrants in 8 years, will account for 82% of U.S. growth
DICK MORRIS: Obama hiding ‘UNRESTRICTED IMMIGRATION’ in new trade deal

ADDENDUM: Bridging the gap..."When there's no border, it doesn't stop at the border."
TRS: Mark Levin opened his show [Monday] night warning that there will be more terror attacks in this country if we don’t deal with the urgent Islamo-Nazi problem that has been made evident via the Somali community in Minnesota. He plays audio of officials from a press conference in Minnesota where they blatantly say we have a terror-recruiting problem in the Somali community and it’s not just one person doing it.

Levin ties this into the current issue of illegal immigration and points out that our weak politicians aren’t doing anything about it.

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By hook, but mostly by crook, Obama, Big Business cronies want Iranian nuke deal

Corruption...from within and permeating out...

From greedy, unprincipled Big Business cronies (yes, the same ones who want hordes of unassimilated illegals for cheap labor, and who also happen to bankroll the Washington Establishment of both parties)...
On Monday's Mark Levin Show: It's time for the U.S. Senate to stand up for itself and take their power back, because we can't afford for them to surrender any more power. We've learned the real reason the Obama administration is pushing for a deal with Iran so hard - because some American businesses want sanctions lifted in order to do business with Iran. Nukes, ICBMs, and the security of America and our allies in the Middle East don't matter as long as executives can make an extra buck. Israel, Egypt, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia are facing a fusion of the hard-left Marxists with unpatriotic American businessmen.
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Iran marks Army Day with cries of ‘Death to Israel, US’
Iran official: Foreign inspectors can't see military sites cahoots with Big Statist Government subsidies...
On Tuesday's Mark Levin Show: President Obama isn't just giving aid and comfort to the enemy, but subsidizing them too. The U.S. State Department is prepared to give Iran $50 billion as an incentive to sign a deal. Our allies in the Middle East are crying out for help while Obama does his best to turn a third-world throwback Islamo regime into a superpower. Republican Senators need to stand up to Obama's endless power grab because bi-partisan national suicide is unacceptable. Obama's foreign policy is worse than isolationism; it's interventionism on the wrong side. hook, but mostly by crook, this President and his sycophants want this disastrous deal.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Levin gives more insight into the roots of Obama's communist/racialist 'schooling'

Midweek, Levin touched on some newly surfaced audio clips demonstrative of the thoughts of a despot, which just so happen to be utterances of the Marxist in the White House...

Let's take a look at each of these:

1.) "my individual salvation would only come from a collective salvation"

Obama has repeated this numerous times...

Levin even mentioned one of these instances in Liberty and Tyranny:
"Throughout history, Statist systems have included: Nation Socialism, communism, and economic socialism. Invariably, the various forms are governed by the same principle: equality above all else. The Statist offers a Faustian bargain; if the individual surrenders his will to the state, then perfect equality in a worldly utopia is possible. Barack Obama has articulated views along these lines. For example, in 2008 he told a group of college graduates, "[O]ur salvation depends on collective salvation." Of course, the conservative rejects the view that salvation is something government can grant.

The international community, academics, and the media are generally allied or sympathetic to the Statist agenda. The enemies of individual liberty and civil society recognize they cannot achieve their aims in America overnight. Instead, their goal is to ridicule and marginalize Americans who believe in God, patriotism, and the blessings of liberty."
So as we can see, both in this excerpt and as Levin expressed the other evening, this isn't a religious or earnest notion made by this man, but rather the recognition of a tyrant, the collective salvation of totalitarians. Ultimately, anti-American and extremely dangerous.
AmericanThinker: President Obama has made no secret of his belief in "collective salvation"; the religious belief that one cannot achieve salvation by himself, unless he is also concerned for the the salvation of his neighbors, and society as a whole. By salvation of himself and his neighbors insert "for the greater good" or "income redistribution" , or for that matter, any number of things. And it is that "any number of things" that can get us into trouble. ...when salvation moves from the individual to the wholesale. Things get real fuzzy when the bright line of individual right and wrong , i.e. the Ten Commandments, succumbs to the fog of societal needs and justice. This concept is not new, neither is the mischief it can create-- often in unexpected and unrecognized ways. ...

By introducing the concept of collective salvation into our political discourse , our modern progressive/liberals have linked God to their old fashioned, largely discredited, notions of class fairness and material equality. With God at their side, they hope for greater success in selling this notion to Americans. Yet, this belief system can come with dangerous, unintended consequences.
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2.) "new map of the world"

Obama talks about his white friends being uncomfortable at a black party and how this brings about his perception of a 'new map of the world'. Could you imagine the media uproar if this garbage came out of the mouth of a white non-Democrat?
AIM: In the passages he read back in 1995, Obama discussed inviting some white friends to a black party and seeing them squirm. “They’re trying to tap their foot to the beat and being extraordinarily friendly,” he said. They are trying to fit in but they are uncomfortable and they tell Obama they want to leave. Obama concluded, “What I have had to put up with every day of my life is something that they find so objectionable that they can’t even put up with a day.”

This is like a revelation to Obama about the world of white racism. All of this he says “triggers” something in his head and he comprehends a “new map of the world.” He gets a sense of the anger and betrayal in society and even in his own family, where he is being raised by his white grandfather, “Gramps,” and white grandmother, “Toot.” This leads him to seek advice from “Frank.”...
We call this a racialist chip-on-the-shoulder mentality...never mind that the man and his family live the way he condemns! This is nothing more than race-baiting in all of Obama's glorious fraudulence. But this segues into a larger third point that Levin touched on...

3.) On Frank Marshall Davis: "he schools me that I should get used to these frustrations"

20 years later, the nation finally begins to receive clarity on the roots of both Obama's racialist derision and communist affinities...

TruthRevolt: Video of Barack Obama in 1995 has surfaced online from the vault of Cambridge Public Library where a discussion of his book Dreams from My Father was hosted. Speaking to the crowd, Obama reveals that "Frank," whom he mentions "schooled" him on how to "get used to" white racism, is really Frank Marshall Davis.

Davis was known as a card-carrying member of the Communist Party USA; according to a Breitbart report, he was also on the federal government's Security Index during the Cold War era for his extreme politics. The report explains that because Davis was on that list, "he could have been immediately arrested" if war broke out between the Soviet Union and America.

"Frank" is mentioned throughout Obama's book. Curiously, in the abridged audio version of Dreams from My Father released in 2005, the year Obama began his Senate career, all mentions of his mentor were scrubbed.

But now this video exists online. In it, Obama talks about sitting with Davis in his home drinking whiskey listening to him talk about how "black people have a reason to hate… so you might as well get used to it."
Utterly abandoning the reasonable, compassionate teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (i.e., "not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character"), Obama pursues the indoctrination of a communist/racialist mentor. Now his 'new map of the world' makes more sense. Now his 'collective salvation' begins to fall into place. And yet, his livelihood is in utter opposition to his rhetoric. This is where his imperialism shines.

Sends his girls to an elite school, he vacations in Martha's vineyard, she vacations in Aspen, both vacation in Hawaii (often taking separate planes). Living larger than most Americans would ever dream of, all on the taxpayer dime. All of this extravagance, and then the constant Marxist clap-trap of equality and fairness, always pushing demographic politics throughout our communities. When does he set foot in either the suburbs or the urban minority centers to experience any of the real life situations that his propaganda targets?

Here lies the consummate forked-tongue hypocrite and false prophet of our era. But no worries...the media and academic sycophants, along with the international quislings and our own internal cowards, will once more take a nothing-to-see-here approach, sweeping it all under the proverbial rug of our crumbling republic, while labeling us extremists for pointing out the tyranny at hand as we dare to sound the alarm. Remember, though, the truth will set you free. It's time, America.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Reminding ourselves of the ongoing American holocaust of abortion

"How dare you compare abortion to the holocaust or slavery? ... How dare we not compare the Abortion Holocaust to the American Slave Trade, the Jewish Holocaust or any other catastrophic evil in history?"
As we remember this 70th anniversary of the Jewish Holocaust with a resolute 'Never Again!' let us reflect inward towards ending the ongoing genocide in our own backyard. No decision, no policy, no law can blur the line between good and evil...and abortion is an unequivocal evil stain upon this land that this government and its people must face before the annals of history and our Maker...
StandTrue: I have heard many people cry foul whenever any pro-lifer uses the Jewish Holocaust or slavery in America as a comparison to abortion. Many times at my talks someone will scold me during question-and-answer time, claiming to be offended that I would use such a comparison.

The problem they have is not really the fact that a comparison is being made to one of these horrific tragedies; after all, we build museums, memorials and reminders of what happened to make sure something like the Jewish Holocaust will never happen again. The problem really is that we have elevated what they consider to be a blob of tissue to personhood status.

If comparison in and of itself were the problem, then we would not go to such great lengths to educate society about what happened. The reason places like Auschwitz are open for the public is to guarantee that we understand the horror of what took place in the death camps.

This is precisely the reason we use such imagery. We want to the world to understand that what makes us so sick about Jewish Holocaust is precisely what makes us sick about the Abortion Holocaust. We talk about the Dred Scott Supreme Court Decision because we want people to see that Roe v. Wade is just as despicable.

The same reason these people are so upset about pro-lifers using these comparisons is the very reason we use them: personhood. We have a duty to use the tools that history has given us to educate future generations about the bloodshed that has already destroyed the lives of over 57,000,000 innocent American baby boys and girls. ...

The fact is these comparisons have to be made in order to show the full scope of the tragedy that took place on January 22, 1973. I would argue that we should be offended if we don’t compare these events and use these historical tools to show the world the truth about the Abortion Holocaust.

It is obvious that we have not yet learned from the unthinkable acts of human destruction in history and the ignorance that led to such devastation. We are obligated to take these lessons and teach people the truth in hopes we can end the plague of child killing that is abortion.
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ADDENDUM: Further evidence that abortion is the sacrament of the Left...

TRS: Megyn Kelly cornered DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz on where the line is when abortion is NOT okay. But she absolutely refused to give any kind of direct answer, using every caveat she could find to avoid it, essentially saying it’s all permissible if your doctor thinks it is okay.
...and here's the culture that it breeds and destroys...

TRS: Live Action has gone into different Planned Parenthood facilities in Virginia, New York, and New Jersey and all of them were willing to aid sex traffickers in getting abortions for their child sex slaves, with one even telling them where to go to get a secret abortion for a minor under the age of 14. They also made sure the sex traffickers knew that their child sex slaves could get insurance, even if they weren’t citizens.
On both accounts, on all accounts, sickening.
"Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do."
Lord, give us the will and wisdom to end this atrocity. Amen.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

NEVER AGAIN! Remembering the Holocaust 70 years later

A solemn reminder to younger generations, including that of a particular president: this can never be forgotten...and it can never be permitted again.
FoxNews: Seventy years after the end of World War II, the first and last documents authored and signed by Adolph Hitler continue to impact on events and the hearts and minds of men.

At 4 am, on April 29, 1945, the man who had vowed that his Third Reich would last a thousand years signed his final political will and testament. Later that same day he would marry his longtime girlfriend Eva Braun. The next day they committed suicide rather than be captured by the Soviet army.

Despite the fact that the genocidal monster had succeeded in destroying two out of every three European Jews, including Anne Frank and 1.5 million other Jewish children, in the document Hitler still blamed the Jews for the catastrophic global conflict he had unleashed.

And then he added these words about his archenemy -- the Jews:
“Centuries will pass away, but out of the ruins of our towns and monuments the hatred against those finally responsible whom we have to thank for everything, international Jewry and its helpers, will grow.”
The Fuehrer was wrong. It didn’t take centuries but a mere 70 years for history’s oldest hate to ferociously reemerge on the streets of Europe. Respected polls indicate that at least 150 million Europeans harbor anti-Semitic and/or extreme anti-Israel views.

Anne Frank, who perished in the Bergen Belsen concentration camp just before British troops “liberated” the skeletal survivors, penned these words in her diary:
“I keep my ideals, because in spite of everything I still believe that people are really good at heart.”
But even as millions of tourists stream into Anne’s hiding place in Amsterdam, Dutch Jews who openly display their Jewishness, find themselves under assault. ...

This Yom Hashoah, Jews cry not only over past martyrdom but also to mourn the growing number of European Jews killed by Islamist terrorists...

It is true that today’s terror is different. It is not launched by a government but by transnational, theologically-fueled terrorists. Increasingly however many European Jews are feeling the frigid chill of apathy, the type of which encouraged Hitler in the 1930s and paved the way for the genocide of the 1940s.

This Yom Hashoah community leaders wonder what good is it to have politicians shed a ceremonial tear for dead Jews, when they don’t take steps to protect live ones. ...

No one took the then-unknown corporal seriously . Later, the world dismissed his book "Mein Kampf" as bombast and then in 1938, embraced the promise of “peace in our time” despite the evidence that Hitler was preparing for war. The next year, Hitler would launch World War II and his genocide against the Jewish people.

Recently, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu visited the Simon Wiesenthal Center’s Museum of Tolerance where he read the original 1919 Hitler letter. The world’s failure to take on Hitler’s Jew-hatred then is key to understanding Bibi’s and our refusal now, to believe any spin that the Ayatollah’s anti-Semitic threats are mere posturing.

It’s not too late for President Obama to break the silence. Yom Hashoah is the perfect time to signal to the Iranians that Never Again, means Never Again!
No, it's never too late to right a wrong...unfortunately, in our own backyard, the risks of an unsecured, porous border, coupled with unstable southern neighbors, don't even seem to rattle our current regime. On the contrary, these neglects compounded by a deadly Iranian nuke deal, it's as though they welcome it. But it is to such an administration, led by such a president, that we must continue to remind of the catastrophic consequences of such idealism.

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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Levin EXPOSES how US Senate just GUTTED constitutional treaty power & GAVE IT TO OBAMA

They hold majorities in both houses of Congress, yet one surrender after another with this Grand Ol' Party...power of the purse, impeachment off the table, immigration law upheaval, and now dereliction of their treaty power. Such hard work to surrender so much...they need permanent vacations!
TRS: Mark Levin exposes the treachery in the US Senate today, who he says just capitulated completely to Obama by gutting their own constitutional duty to approve treaties, giving it solely to Obama. So in short, Obama can make a treaty with the Islamo-Nazis in Iran without submitting it to the Senate and the Senate can only stop it if they can get enough nays to vote against it.

Levin explains:

I don't think it's any coincidence that Levin just announced the title of his new book to be released on Aug. 4th against his publisher's wishes: PLUNDER AND DECEIT

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Obama caught in a lie about the Iran nuke deal

Monday, April 13, 2015

Obama caught in a lie about the Iran nuke deal

By none other than the vipers he's dealing with! You know we've been usurped by a den of thieves and liars when Iran is being more honest about so-called negotiations than Obama...
WeeklyStandard: President Obama has long known that the real decision maker in Iran is Ayatollah Khamenei, the so-called supreme leader. While other Iranian officials have negotiated with Western powers over the mullahs’ nuclear program, Khamenei’s opinion is the only one that really counts. It is for this reason that Obama began writing directly to Khamenei early in his presidency.

Earlier today, Khamenei broke his silence on the supposed “framework” the Obama administration has been trumpeting as the basis for a nuclear accord. Khamenei’s speech pulled the rug out from underneath the administration.

Khamenei accused the Obama administration of “lying” about the proposed terms, being “deceptive,” and having “devilish” intentions, according to multiple published accounts of his speech, as well as posts on his official Twitter feed.

Khamenei also disputed the key terms Obama administration officials have said were agreed upon in principle. Economic sanctions will not be phased out once Iran’s compliance has been “verified,” according to the Ayatollah. Instead, Khamenei said that if the U.S. wants a deal, then all sanctions must be dropped as soon as the agreement is finalized. Khamenei also put strict limits on the reach of the inspectors who would be tasked with this verification process in the first place.
Weakness and capitulation get us, and our allies, nowhere. On the contrary, they only heighten the risk and dangerousness of the situation.

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ADDENDUM: And more lies...and more lies.

A Model for the Nation: Maine tackles the Welfare State

Follow the leader!
TopRightNews: Last November, just one week after his re-election, LePage did something unusual — he made good on a major campaign promise, by slashing funds for cities who give welfare to illegal aliens. The policy has already had a huge impact, with illegals fleeing in droves, and Democrat mayors having to defend giving handouts to illegal invaders before angry voters.

Now, just 6 months later, LePage is making good on another promise: to put an end to welfare leeches in his state, once and for all.

The results are something every American should see — an EPIC victory. And Democrats are FURIOUS.

Governor LePage passed a measure last year that requires recipients of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistant Program (SNAP) to complete a certain number of work, job-training, or volunteer hours in order to be eligible for assistance. The new requirement has resulted in a dramatic decline in food stamp enrollment, resulting in a logical win-win for all of Maine.

At the end of 2014 the enrollment count for SNAP was approximately 12,000 individuals. Now that individuals have to complete either 20 hours of part-time work a week, volunteer for at least 24 hours per month, or get involved in a vocational program, the amount of SNAP recipients has dramatically dropped from 12,000 to approximately 2,500 by the end of March — a nearly 80% reduction in welfare.

The drop in numbers exceeded Republicans’ expectations by leaps and bounds.

Instead of just giving welfare applicants an easy way out, Maine is forcing people to explore every opportunity for employment before allowing capable adults to take advantage of the system and the people of Maine.
This is a full reversal on the state level of Obama's federal rollback of Clinton's workfare. Look for Obama to release the DoJ on Maine soon enough. Nonetheless, a final word from RightNews...
Now if only we could get every American governor to do what Paul LePage is doing — against both illegal aliens, and welfare leeches — we might well save our nation.
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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

How the hell can NYC give illegals the right to vote?

In a new unlawful America where even pasty white Jeb Bush is supposedly 'Hispanic', these are the questions that we are faced with...
NRO: New York City mayor Bill de Blasio’s approval ratings have slipped below 50 percent, making it possible he could face a serious primary challenge in 2017. But New York’s pro–de Blasio city council may have found a way to stop that cold: A majority of the council supports giving more than 1 million non-citizens full rights to vote in local elections. That’s one in five adult New Yorkers.
Thank God for one voice of reason out there...
"Now first of all, I could have sworn we had a Supreme Court decision, an absurd decision, but a decision nonetheless, supported by the Obama regime. They sent their legal hacks into the Supreme Court to argue, 'Look, Arizona, other states and localities, they can't decide immigration policy.' They said, 'the Constitution provides exclusive, plenary jurisdiction to the Feds,' which is not true, but nonetheless that's what they argued. And of course the Supreme Court agreed... So, that's the law of the land, right? Well, apparently not!"
Much more below:

On Monday's Mark Levin Show: The number of illegal aliens voting in America is already high, and now New York City wants to give them the right to vote. Mayor Bill de Blasio and his city council want to give voting rights to 1 million illegal aliens, claiming 1 in 5 adults in NYC are illegal immigrants. Citizenship is supposed to mean something but the Marxist left is tearing us to shreds from the inside out. You can't have assimilation into American culture while elected officials with no virtue use liberty to destroy liberty.
Levin's absolutely right, "They will burn down the building to get the toilet!" And where the hell is the GOP in all of this? Asleep on the crapper!

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Iran nuke deal: sinister misdirections, but a viable way out

The difference between reality...
"Under no circumstance should a U.S. President lift sanctions and grant nuclear capability to a nation that proudly chants 'Death to America'" ~ Ted Cruz 4/3/15
...and something misleadingly sinister.
"If Iran cheats, the world will know it. If we see something suspicious, we will inspect it." ~ Barack Obama 4/4/15
No spot inspections in the deal, among other misgivings...
NewsMax: numerous arms-control experts warned that based on Iran's long history of cheating and the failure of similar arms verification procedures in the past, there was ample reason to doubt the administration's assurances that a final deal will be verifiable.

In fact, a White House fact sheet explaining the nuclear agreement acknowledges that it would not require Iran to dismantle centrifuges or remove stockpiled nuclear material from its territory. Nor would it require Iran to agree to convert such material into less dangerous fuel rods.

The agreement also would permit continued weapons research at nuclear facilities built in violation of the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty (NPT), which Iran signed in 1970 but has repeatedly violated.
BTW, took less than a month for Obama to flip on his no inspection/no deal rhetoric (as if he ever meant it in the first place).

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Then there's also no recognition of Israel's right to exist, which doesn't seem to bother Obama much...

"The notion that we would condition Iran not getting nuclear weapons in a verifiable deal on Iran recognizing Israel is really akin to saying that we won't sign a deal unless the nature of the Iranian regime completely transforms. And that is, I think, a fundamental misjudgment.

I want to return to this point: We want Iran not to have nuclear weapons precisely because we can't bank on the nature of the regime changing. That's exactly why we don't want to have nuclear weapons. If suddenly Iran transformed itself to Germany or Sweden or France then there would be a different set of conversations about their nuclear infrastructure."
Bizarre way of showing it!

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Yeah, this will work as well as Clinton's deal that prevented North Korea from nuking up. Oh, wait...
WS: It's worth watching President Bill Clinton hail the virtues of the nuclear deal with North Korea, in this video from October 21, 1994:

The video's more relevant now that President Barack Obama has announced his very own nuclear deal with another tyrannical regime, Iran.
See List of nuclear weapons tests of North Korea and notice the dates following Clinton's presidency. Get ready to see this played out again, with likely more disastrous consequences.

At this point, Obama is playing a deadly game of Let's Make A Deal...any deal, really...
WT: In the late 1950s there was a slogan that reminds me of what is taking place between Iran and the Obama administration: “Better red than dead.” It was coined as the United States was put on its heels by the Russians in talks to reduce nuclear weapons. We were reducing testing while Russia continued to test and develop more nuclear weapons.

In the case of talks with Iran, the slogan could be “Better a legacy than an enemy.” What President Obama wants is an agreement and any ol’ agreement will do to satisfy his lust for a legacy. Anyone who has common sense knows that Iran will not allow spot inspections of its nuclear facilities; it never has. But this administration ignores history, as it has on so many other occasions, and ignorance will be Mr. Obama’s legacy.
There is one thing that can stop such a terrible deal, and that's to break up the unilateral nature of it. Fortunately, that power resides in our Congress; unfortunately, that's also dependent on their will. Mark Levin explains what Congress should do with Obama’s Iran nuke deal...
Mark Levin said he had a brilliant idea this weekend on what Congress should do with Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran. Based on the Constitution, Levin explains that the Senate should treat the deal like a treaty and vote on it. And if it doesn’t pass, it’s done.
On Monday's Mark Levin Show: It's time that Congress took its power back from President Obama. They have an independent power granted by the Constitution to be involved in the treaty process. Obama refuses to work with Congress on a nuclear deal with Iran; the only reason we know what’s in the deal is because Obama took it to the UN Security Council. The Senate should enact the Levin plan and vote on the treaty without Obama submitting it to them, and if it receives less than two-thirds majority vote they can announce their refusal to recognize and approve it. Mitch McConnell doesn’t have to wait around for Obama to bring the deal to the Senate; he has a pen and a phone too and should use it against Obama. Bill Clinton’s nuclear deal with North Korea is almost identical to what Obama’s doing with Iran, yet North Korea has nuclear weapons. These are the leaders of the Democrat party; disillusioned, arrogant, and stubborn as hell.
That's heir apparent with these miscreants, particularly one who deems this deal a GOOD Congress better NOT screw it up for me!

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