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Over half of Republican voters want a MORE CONSERVATIVE party

Wow...and this from lib-leaning Politico. Can someone over at the RNC and on Capitol Hill place some smelling salt under Reince Priebus, John McCain, Mitch McConnell, Boehner, Cantor and all the rest of the establishments' collective nostrils? There's only one way the party could move at this point!
Politico: Nearly two-thirds of Republicans want their party to change its direction, and more than half say they want the party to become more conservative, according to a new poll.

When asked if Republicans just need to make a stronger case on its positions or whether it needs to reconsider some of those positions, 59 percent of GOP voters surveyed in a new Pew Research Center poll said the party needs to reconsider some policies, while 36 percent said it just needed to make a stronger case. Sixty-seven percent said the party needed to address major problems, as opposed to 30 percent who said needed changes were minor.

How the party should move, though, was more split. Just over half, 54 percent, of Republican voters said the party leaders should move in a more conservative direction, while 40 percent said they should be more moderate.

The poll also showed the tea party is strong among primary voters, making up almost half of the Republican primary electorate.
And yet, the leadership is constantly undermining & attacking conservatism, abandoning the base, and capitulating on issue after issue. And they expect to win what? Doesn't make sense, does it?

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Ryan suggests immigration bills could evade 'Hastert Rule'

MUST SEE: Rush goes 'On the Record' with Greta

Greta finally got her interview with the Maha Rushie (a.k.a. El Rushbo)...

Here's the Limbaugh Theorem in 59 seconds:
How in the world can they like him, reelect him and yet disapprove of everything he’s doing? And I came up, well, I call it the Limbaugh theorem. And you hear other people talking about it in the sense that he’s a bystander president or he’s outside Washington.

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...and here's the rest of the Greta interview. WATCH IT!

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Ted Cruz, Mike Lee speaking out to defund Obamacare

They're hitting every plausible outlet, and their sights were set on the airwaves this morning. WBAP's Ben Ferguson interviewed Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) over the effort to defund Obamacare (listen here), and then Rush Limbaugh conducted an excellent discussion with the man leading the charge, Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT)...

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The 47-Minute Senate Colloquy on Defunding Obamacare, Starring Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and Marco Rubio

Obama's unilateral usurpation

"Absolute power corrupts absolutely." ~ Lord Acton
Obama unconstitutionally rewrites Obamacare time and time again, along with the Court and other Executive Departments (i.e., the IRS), with as much ease as he's allowed to get away with rewriting welfare laws or anything else that he doesn't see fit to enforce, basically disregarding the rule of law by simply ignoring law...Rep. Joe Pitts (R-PA) explains...
PennLive: It’s one of the first things you learn in government class: Separation of Powers. It’s one of the things we’re most proud about in the American form of government. The Constitution was designed with a system of checks and balances that would prevent any one person or branch of government from becoming dominant.

All three branches of the government would be subject to the Constitution but would also be checked by the other two.

The system only works properly when federal officials, both elected and appointed, enforce the law regardless of their opinions or preferences. In John Adams’ words, we have “A government of laws and not of men.”

However, this President and his administration have taken to ignoring laws that they find inconvenient rather than coming to Congress to have the law amended. This is not only a recipe for chaos, but it is a horrible precedent that could have lasting harm on our nation.
Pitts points to the most recent evidence of Obama's ignoring of law within the President's implementation of his own first-term namesake: Obamacare. Pitts says that because of the sloppy way the bill was written, serious problems continue to arise; and instead of admitting the flaws, Obama just keeps preaching to the masses about how great it is, while his executive departments (namely HHS & the IRS) keep unconstitutionally tweeking it.
If the President can do whatever he wants, then there is no real point to Congress or the judiciary.

The scales are tipping heavily toward the executive branch and we need the American people to stand up and insist that our checks and balances be respected. No one should be above the law.
But as long as a feckless Congress doesn't hold this President accountable, Obama is allowed to raise this office closer to dictatorial status.

Mark Levin touched on this very topic during the third hour of last night's program, in reference to a Byron York piece on Obama's unilateral actions...
WashingtonExaminer: In an interview after his speech Wednesday in Galesburg, Illinois, President Obama was asked if he consulted White House lawyers before unilaterally delaying the employer mandate in Obamacare. Since Congress, in the Affordable Care Act, specified that the mandate is go to into effect at the start of next year, reporters from the New York Times asked if the president investigated whether he had the legal authority to put it off without going through Congress.

Obama didn’t exactly answer the question. But judging from what he said, his answer was: No, I didn’t consult White House lawyers because I know a lot more about the Constitution than the Republicans who are complaining about it. And besides, they don’t think I’m legitimately the president, anyway.
Levin says you can tell Obama has 'serious, deep rooted issues,' because even though he's President of the United States, 'he still acts like he's put upon.'

This was Obama’s complete answer:
"And if Congress thinks that what I’ve done is inappropriate or wrong in some fashion, they’re free to make that case. But there’s not an action that I take that you don’t have some folks in Congress who say that I’m usurping my authority. Some of those folks think I usurp my authority by having the gall to win the presidency. And I don’t think that’s a secret. But ultimately, I’m not concerned about their opinions — very few of them, by the way, are lawyers, much less constitutional lawyers.

I am concerned about the folks who I spoke to today who are working really hard, are trying to figure out how they can send their kids to college, are trying to make sure that they can save for their retirement. And if I can take steps on their behalf, then I’m going to do so. And I would hope that more and more of Congress will say, you know what, since that’s our primary focus, we’re willing to work with you to advance those ideals. But I’m not just going to sit back if the only message from some of these folks is no on everything, and sit around and twiddle my thumbs for the next 1,200 days."
This guy is nothing but an usurper. Mark points out that one doesn't usurp their own authority; rather, one usurps the authority of something else, say the law, more specifically the Constitution, in Obama's case. But then again, you can see within the next few sentences that he feels entitled to, particularly over those in Congress, because they're not lawyers, much less constitutional lawyers. It's a joke to consider this usurper a constitutional scholar. And he's so concerned about the folks...which I guess is why he says tax rates should be 28% for corporations, but 40% for small businesses...what tha?
Levin: "So Obama's justification for unconstitutional, unilaterally rewriting Obamacare, is that he's doing it for the folks. Now isn't that a despots mind? Isn't that how a despot expresses himself? Isn't that how a despot conducts himself? I would never call Obama a despot, with all due respect. No, he calls himself a despot by what he says and what he does. The man literally rewrote a federal statute, and nothing happens, as he did with workfare and wrote it out of welfare. It's amazing with the country we live in, isn't it?
I guess this feckless Congress wants a despot ruling...? What other explanation could there be for not holding the highest office of the land accountable to the Constitution, the Rule of Law or the American People? An Ameritopia, as Levin has coined it, is not the way it was ever meant to be, folks. If ever the time were ripe to begin restoring the American republic, it is now.

How to use Obamacare to scam taxpayers

I posted a related link to a previous post that mentioned a 'Chicago-style' vote buying Obamacare subsidy. Well, Levin expanded on that within a Heritage report...
On Tuesday's Mark Levin Show: Obamacare is more than just about healthcare - it's about the redistribution of wealth. What President Obama wants to do is buy your vote - by giving you a check in return for Obamacare to take place. So while the country's health care system becomes a disaster, some families will get kickback checks and that will apparently keep them happy.
Yet another reason to defund Obamacare...
TheFoundry: Looking for a little extra cash? If you’re interested in defrauding taxpayers, it might be as easy as writing down a number on a form. The number is your income. The form is the Obamacare application.

If you do not have “affordable” employer-sponsored health insurance and your income is between about $31,800 and $94,200 for a family of four (that is, between 138 percent and 400 percent of the federal poverty level), you qualify for an insurance subsidy through Obamacare.

But when you apply for coverage in the Obamacare insurance exchange, it’s up to you to report your income accurately. It turns out that the IRS won’t be checking everyone’s Obamacare applications.

Heritage health care expert Chris Jacobs ran the numbers to show what a difference a little fraud can make. He took a hypothetical family of four with $90,000 in income who were eligible for coverage through the exchange. If this family were honest, they would receive a subsidy of $2,997 to help cover their insurance premiums.

But if that same family put down $35,000 as their income instead, they would receive $10,175 from taxpayers. Even if they were caught, they would have to pay back only $2,500 of their ill-gotten subsidy, due to a loophole in Obamacare.

Top GOP donors tell party to legalize illegal immigrants

Donors of the Surrender Party strike again. This has Karl Rove's fingerprints all over it...
WashingtonTimes: Nearly a hundred top Republican donors and Bush administration officials sent a letter to the House GOP on Tuesday urging lawmakers to pass a bill that legalizes illegal immigrants, arguing that the current system is already allowing them to stay and so it makes sense to register them and bring them into the system.

The donors, led by former Bush administration Cabinet officials Carlos Gutierrez and Spencer Abraham, also said that immigrants are potential Republican voters who can be won over — if the party can be seen as welcoming to immigrants.
Hmm, I thought the Bush administration ended about five years ago? Furthermore, didn't we just see a report that explained how illegals actually favor Democrats 8-to-1?! Yes, we did. These guys are full of it. They'll do anything, say anything, to thwart the rule of law. These neo-statists are no better than Democrats...and they're certainly no damn good for the country.

Jeff Session's plan to flip the immigration debate is certainly a better remedy than Rove's.

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McCain already starting to fold, says ‘border surge’ could be changed in conference committee

ADDENDUM: On Tuesday's Mark Levin Show...
We have politicians that want us to be a global citizenry, that don't care about our borders or our sovereignty and don't want to stop illegal immigration. We have people in the Republican leadership that are trying to push this lie that if Republicans would only be welcoming to illegals, they would be able to get their vote. We know historically and also statistically that this hasn't been true - that Republicans who have caved into amnesty haven't beaten the Democrats in elections.

Uh oh: lawmakers & aides required to join Obamacare exchanges

I guess they should have read the bill before passing it...
NYT: As President Obama barnstorms the country promoting his health care law, one audience very close to home is growing increasingly anxious about the financial implications of the new coverage: members of Congress and their personal staffs.

Under a wrinkle that dates back to enactment of the law, members of Congress and thousands of their aides are required to get their coverage through new state-based markets known as insurance exchanges.

But the law does not provide any obvious way for the federal government to continue paying its share of the premiums for the comprehensive coverage.

If the government cannot do so, it could mean an additional expense of $5,000 a year for individuals and $11,000 for families under some of the most popular plans.

Not surprisingly, that idea is unpopular on Capitol Hill.
Ya don't say. Guess where else it's unpopular? Realville, USA! 

This should offer assistance with the Lee/Cruz push to defund this beast...but don't count on it. I suspect Congress will shiftily figure out a way to sneak a provision into some other bill, perhaps the upcoming CR, relieving them and their staff of this shared responsibility. DC never practices what it just imposes lawlessness on the rest of us.

Sen. Sessions' plan to flip the immigration debate

Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) has circulated a thought-provoking new memorandum to his GOP colleagues concerning the on-going immigration debate. Whether the leadership will heed his words is one thing, but Sessions undoubtedly makes the case for the Republican Party to turn this debate around in their favor for a conservative win. Here's some of the pertinent excerpts from the memo:
The GOP needs to flip the immigration debate on its head.

The same set of GOP strategists, lobbyists, and donors who have always favored a proposal like the Gang of Eight immigration bill argue that the great lesson of the 2012 election is that the GOP needs to push for immediate amnesty and a drastic surge in low-skill immigration.

This is nonsense.

The GOP lost the election—as exit polls clearly show—because it hemorrhaged support from middle- and low-income Americans of all backgrounds. In changing the terms of the immigration debate we will not only prevent the implementation of a disastrous policy, but begin a larger effort to broaden our appeal to working Americans of all backgrounds. Now is the time to speak directly to the real and legitimate concerns of millions of hurting Americans whose wages have declined and whose job prospects have grown only bleaker. This humble and honest populism—in contrast to the Administration’s cheap demagoguery—would open the ears of millions who have turned away from our party. Of course, such a clear and honest message would require saying “no” to certain business demands and powerful interests who shaped the immigration bill in the Senate.

Indeed, more than a few in our party will argue that immigration reform must “serve the needs of businesses.” What about the needs of workers? Since when did we did we accept the idea that the immigration policy for our entire nation—with all its lasting social, economic, and moral implications—should be tailored to suit the financial interests of a few CEOs?

Americans broadly oppose further increases to our current generous immigration levels by a 2-1 margin, but the opposition among those earning less than $30,000 is especially strong: they prefer a reduction to an increase by a 3-1 margin. And no wonder: according to Harvard’s Dr. George Borjas, it’s the working poor whose wages have declined the most as a result of high immigration levels.

The GOP has a choice: it can either deliver President Obama his ultimate legislative triumph—and with it, a crushing hammer blow to working Americans that they will not soon forgive—or it can begin the essential drive to regain the trust of struggling Americans who have turned away.

Like Obamacare, this 1,200-page immigration bill is a legislative monstrosity inimical to the interests of our country and the American people. Polls show again and again that the American people want security accomplished first, that they do not support a large increase in net immigration levels, and that they do not trust the government to deliver on enforcement. The GOP should insist on an approach to immigration that both restores constitutional order and serves the interests of the American worker and taxpayer. But only by refusing any attempt at rescue or reprieve for the Senate bill is there a hope of accomplishing these goals.

Instead of aiding the President and Senator Schumer in salvaging a bill that would devastate working Americans, Republicans should refocus all of our efforts on a united push to defend these Americans from the Administration’s continued onslaught. His health care policies, tax policies, energy policies, and welfare policies all have one thing in common: they enrich the bureaucracy at the expense of the people. Our goal: higher wages, more and better jobs, smaller household bills, and a solemn determination to aid those struggling towards the goal of achieving financial independence.
Right on, Senator Sessions!

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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The third party from within

Erick Erickson delivered a concise piece yesterday surrounding the repeal effort and the internecine GOP battle that must take place in order to create an effective opposition party...
RedState: For several years, Republican establishment types and their allies in the press have mocked conservatives for wanting an all or nothing strategy. They’ve said we have to be willing to compromise. So Mike Lee proposes a plan to fund the government except for the discretionary funding for Obamacare. The reaction of GOP leaders? They only want to support a plan that fully repeals Obamacare.

Conservatives have done what the GOP establishment wants. And now they attack us for compromising instead of going all or nothing?

We inch ever closer to a third party as Republican Leaders commit suicide by lie. The leadership willing to fight the base to pass a terrible immigration reform bill won’t lift a finger to fight against Obamacare.

The best chance we, as conservative activists have, is to deliver the third party from within by picking off Republican establishment leaders in primaries. From Matt Bevin to Milton Wolf to Larry Rhoden to Rob Maness to so many others, it is time to disrupt the GOP in a last ditch effort to save it from itself.
As Levin would say, enough of the mush Republicanism!

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Levin talks with Cavuto about Obama scandals, GOP establishment and more

The Great One appeared on Cavuto's program this afternoon to discuss that 'phony scandals' line that Obama keeps using, Boehner & Cantor's ineptness, the media distractions, the fight against the Republican establishment and much, much more...
"This President could give a damn about a serious investigations, about scandals that are swirling around his administration. ...and what's necessary is for the Republicans in the House to get their act together."

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Cutting through the cowardice: Cruz on strategy to defund Obamacare

"Cowardice asks the question, is it expedient? And vanity asks the question, is it popular? But conscience asks the question, is it right?" ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.
It's absolutely untrue that we can't defund Obamacare in the upcoming Continuing Resolution, despite the discouragement of the pundits, the consultant class and the GOP wimps on Capitol Hill. What it takes, though, is the will to do so, and that's where the problem currently resides (among a host of decisions, not just this one, that involve principle).

There are multitudes of comparisons that can be drawn from the capitulation that we've seen and heard lately. And last night, Mark Levin drew one based on our nation's founding independence and what the likes of the current GOP establishment would have done...
"Can you imagine if the Republican establishment today, let alone the Democrats, and the Roves and all the rest were advising the colonists, do you think they would have advised them to take on the British crown?"
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“Lip Service from the Get Go” – RUSH LIMBAUGH: Republicans were never serious about repealing Obamacare
Sen. Bob Corker says defunding Obamacare effort is ‘silly’ and it ‘lacks courage’. He’s an idiot.
Effort To Defund Obamacare Is Separating The Leaders From The Cream Puffs In The GOP Ranks

At some point, the spine of more than only a few must be stiffened to take on this fight. And Ted Cruz has taken up the mantle with Mike Lee to push this effort through every plausible outlet. First, you have to understand where the timidity originates, and why the GOP is 'terrified' of fighting to defund Obamacare...
Breitbart: Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) told Breitbart News that Republicans in Washington are scared to fight the Democrats and President Obama on efforts to defund Obamacare in the next two months.

“The House has voted 39, 40, 41 times to repeal Obamacare,” Cruz said in a phone interview. "Every one of those has been an empty symbolic vote that had no chance of being enacted."

"If we can get 41 Republicans in the Senate to stand together, or if we can get 218 Republicans in the House to stand together, we can win this fight," he claimed. "The dirty little secret is an awful lot of Republicans are terrified of this fight. They’re very, very happy to cast symbolic votes against Obamacare so they can go to their constituents and point to how terribly, terribly opposed to Obamacare they are."

"But this fight scares them because they believe Republicans will be blamed politically for shutting down the government," Cruz explained.

As for how to approach defunding Obamacare, Cruz agreed with the approach Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) proposed in a recent interview with Breitbart News. Cruz said, "Here’s how I think we should proceed: I think the House should pass a Continuing Resolution that funds the federal government in its entirety except for Obamacare and that explicitly prohibits spending any federal money on Obamacare."

"What will happen next, we know very well because we’ve seen this play out before, President Obama and Harry Reid will scream and yell that 'the mean, nasty Republicans are threatening to shut down the government over Obamacare,'" Cruz predicted.

"At that point, Republicans have to stand up and fight and make the argument and say 'no, we have voted to fully fund the government, every bit of the government, why is it that President Obama is threatening to shut down the government in order to force Obamacare down our throats? He’s already granted a waiver for big corporations, why does President Obama want to shut down the government to force the same burdens on hardworking American families that he’s willing to exempt big corporations from?'" he explained.
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Then, an interesting Heritage Blogger Briefing this morning picks up on the necessary strategy. After laying out why the fight to defund Obamacare is important, how we can win, and what needs to happen on the ground, Ted Cruz laid out a familiar framework...
theRightScoop: Earlier this year the grass roots mobilized and convinced enough senators to vote against the Obama administration’s gun control legislation. Ted Cruz believes that is a great example, a template, of how we can get more senators and House members on board and fight to defund Obamacare.
WATCH in FULL: Sen. Ted Cruz on Defunding Obamacare: A Matter of Principle

Heritage: Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) is challenging both House and Senate members to “stand up for principle” with his defund Obamacare bill — and he’s refusing to stay quiet until they do.

With the continuing resolution expiration date only 62 days away, Cruz thinks Congress has just enough time to stop U.S. tax dollars from feeding the Obamacare beast.
The grassroots have work to do while our congressional members are recessed and back home: we must engage them!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Obamacare's cost of control

Minus a literal handful of conservatives in Washington, this is why all Democrats and most Republicans won't stop's as obvious as the nose on your face: CONTROL.
Breitbart: There is a strong push currently being made by advocates of Obamacare to convince Americans it is the best thing that has ever happened to this country. Even celebrities are being trotted out by the White House to tell us how lucky we are to be forced into a system that is both built on promises that were never intended to be kept, and one that is ethically and morally bankrupt that they, members of Congress and other cronies of the elite will never have to use.

The truth about Obamacare that no one will tell you is it is NOT about healthcare, it is about centralized government control:
1. It is about control of 1/6 of the economy.
2. It is about control of physicians.
3. It is about control of your private health information.
4. It is about control of your money.
- Employers will no longer be able to write off the expense for coverage for their employees as a business expense, making them more likely to drop coverage.
- Employees cannot write off payment of health insurance premiums.
- The threshold for writing off personal health expenses has jumped to almost 10,000 out of pocket.
- Those with a health savings account (HSA) cannot use their money to purchase cost effective over the counter medication or nutritional supplements--only more expensive prescription medication.
- Out of pocket expenses for the Obamacare "silver" plan will cost the monthly premium, plus the individual would have to pay $2500 out of pocket before the insurance would kick in. Imagine someone working for minimum wage or a family having to pay into the system, and then paying an additional $2500 dollars every year just to access the system. It will lead to a decrease in access because the individual won't be able to afford it because entering the exchange will only help pay the premium.
5. It is about control of your freedom to live your life as you choose.
Obamacare is a corrupt scheme that has fooled Americans into entering a system that will limit their health care choices, encroach upon their freedom, rob them of their hard earned money, and destroy their privacy.
Folks, can't help feeling that this should be a 'torches and pitchforks' moment on the Hill...if we'd just put down the remote.

The hole in the fence

Border Security? Reality, as opposed to DC's perception/propaganda, tells quite a different, revealing tale...
Breitbart: Breitbart News’s Brandon Darby walks viewers from the Rio Grande River into a U.S. neighborhood, revealing just how unsecured the U.S./Mexico border really is. Darby walks viewers through the unfinished “Border Fence,” which had no gate or security of any kind. The location was west of Penitas, Texas.

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Here's another revealing image of Washington's idea of border security...

What an unfunny joke.

Mark Levin: "The Republican Party has a war on conservatives"

Exactly, Mark... (from Friday's program)
"You know, it's interesting. I hear it said, usually by people on TV who used to work for George W. Bush, among others, if you criticize talk radio, I mean, they're going to come attack you and so forth and so on. Well, there's some truth in that. Some people defend themselves, I defend myself. But, I'll tell you what the real issue is here: If you dare to question what the RINOs and the ruling class does in Washington, D.C., then they're going to come for you.

I just want you to look at the big issues right now, the big issues right now that affect your lives and will affect your lives for decades to come. And you tell me -- open the calls, Mr. Call Screener -- if you think the Republican party is on the right side of these issues. And notice now that criticism of the Republican party from conservatives is picking up. It's picking up now, because I've demonstrated that it can be done, it can be done intelligently and responsibly, but it has to be done. No, I don't have a war on the Republican party; the Republican party has a war on conservatives."

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Defunding of Obamacare is being Republicans!

Wow. An evening full on Thursday. Here's the clearest way I can lay it out...stick with me!

Full implementation of the train wreck known as Obamacare takes effect January 2014. The quickest maneuver to stop it is to defund it, and the last chance to do so is in September's continuing resolution. You'd think Republicans, who had no say-so in foisting this unpopular Big Government power grab onto an American public under a one-party Democratic rule at the time, would back this effort wholeheartedly. You'd be mistaken...

Over the past several days, Mike Lee has led an effort, also heralded by fellow conservative Ted Cruz, to unify members of both the Senate and House to get on board with defunding Obamacare...
“A few of us in Congress are saying, ‘look, we’re not going to fund Obamacare.’ You can criticize us all you want, but we’re not going to pass a continuing resolution or other appropriations measure that includes funding for ongoing further enforcement and implementation of Obamacare. ... We want to keep everything funded in the government–everything except Obamacare.”

NRO: Senator Ted Cruz has issued an appeal to conservatives across the country: Demand that their representatives in Congress defund Obamacare.

On Sean Hannity’s radio show Thursday, Cruz criticized Republicans who “want meaningless show votes” to repeal Obamacare when they could actually defund the law’s implementation. If every GOP member in the House and Senate gets on board to defund the Affordable Care Act, Cruz said, “we don’t need a single Democrat vote.”

Cruz praised Senator Mike Lee’s campaign to defund the law, saying that Lee has led the effort to “stop talking about it and do it.” And “if we don’t do it now,” he added, “Obamacare will very likely never be repealed.”

Yet, as Levin discussed in great detail during Thursday evening's program, such a request -- for Republicans to act with principle, as the opposition -- has been met with the usual RINO capitulation, displaying far more viciousness against these conservative Senators than have ever been reserved for Obama and the Democratic apparat...
On Thursday's Mark Levin Show: Callers are furious at the Republican leadership and how they continue to cave in on every single issue. Congress has the power of the purse to stop funding Obamacare and they just won't do it. We need to chip away at Obamacare thru the funding mechanisms. We need to either shut down certain parts of the government or else President Obama and Harry Reid will just wait for the Republicans to concede, which they have been doing. If Obamacare remains the law, then we can thank the current Republican leadership for not using the time to go after it now. The Senate will never repeal Obamacare fully, so it's the conservatives' job is to defund it any way it can.
It appears that House Speaker Boehner and Senate minority leader McConnell have disseminated their lieutenants throughout the media to make it known loud and clear that they have no desire to stop Obamacare!

First, one of Boehner's...Oklahoma Rep. Tom Cole:
"It seems to me there's appropriate ways to deal with the law, but shutting down the government to get your way over an unrelated piece of legislation is the political equivalent of throwing a temper tantrum, it is just not helpful. And I think it is the sort of thing that could create a backlash that could cost the Republicans the majority in the House, which is after all the last line of defense against the president, and could materially undercut the ability of the Republicans in the Senate to capture the majority in 2014 which I think they have a decent chance to do."
Levin went NUCLEAR on this 'absolute jackass!'

Then there was McConnell's guy, NC Senator Richard Burr, making his own dumb statement of which Mark blasted for surrendering on Obamacare...if not over this, then what and when?!

theRightScoop: He was asked about Mike Lee’s idea of refusing to fund Obamacare even if it meant the Democrats shut down the government. His response was:
"I think it’s the dumbest idea I’ve ever heard of. Listen, as long as Barack Obama is president, the Affordable Care Act is going to be law."
Mark said Burr needs to lose his Senate seat over such wanton capitulation. And furthermore, reminded Republicans of what really happened in 1995, for those fearful of some hypothetical voter backlash. I can assure these men, there will absolutely be one if they don't fight this!

So if so many of these so-called Republicans are willing to just roll over on what's likely the last opportunity to defund the nationalization of one-sixth of our economy, our private health care, then there's only one conclusion: THEY SUPPORT IT!

And Levin circled right back around to the two GOP congressional leaders, John Boehner and Mitch McConnell, explaining that they, along with their lieutenants and other RINO backbenchers, are actually in favor of Obamacare...

Since it seems we're into redefining terms these days, these truly Democratic Republicans have proven time and time again to be no damn good for their own party, and antithetical to the conservative movement. It's high time to primary every damn one of them out who can't get behind such a fundamental task as DEFUNDING OBAMACARE!

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Eric Holder attacks Texas over Voter ID

Undoubtedly, Texas is an overwhelmingly conservative state...and in Eric Holder's mind, as simply as I can state it, conservatism equals racism...
AP: The Justice Department's civil rights division has objected to the new photo ID requirement for voters in Texas, saying many Hispanic voters lack state-issued identification.

The department says the state has failed to show that the newly enacted law has neither a discriminatory purpose nor effect.
Here's more from PJMedia:
Two important developments this morning. First, Attorney General Eric Holder will announce that the Justice Department will initiate broad nationwide attacks on election integrity measures like Voter ID using the remaining portions of the Voting Rights Act. Last month, the Supreme Court struck down the 1965 triggers that forced 15 states to submit election law changes to Washington D.C. for federal approval.

Second, despite the Supreme Court’s ruling, the Justice Department announced it will try to recapture Texas under Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act by showing the state continues to act with a racially discriminatory intent when passing voting laws.
Like all leftists, when something doesn't go their way, they run to the courts in hopes that it will. But when the courts rule against them -- in this case, throw out something they want to keep -- then suddenly they're entitled to cast aside the rule of law and do whatever they want to do? This has to stop. Enough! It's time for Holder, Obama and the rest of this federal government to be reintroduced to exactly how much power the states actually hold, under the Constitution mind you. And I can't think of a better state to show them than Texas!

Hopefully, Levin's new book will help light a fire under all the states to do something about an out-of-control, overbearing federal government as well. As for this particular attack on Texas, I'm certain our current governor and the next, as well as our fantastic junior Senator, backed by the majority of Texans, will have more than enough to say about this encroachment very soon.

ADDENDUM: It didn't take long...on the same morning, Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott basically gave an 'if it's war you want, it's war you've got' kind of response. Gov. Rick Perry & Sen. Ted Cruz also quickly responded to Holder's end-run & politicization of his office. Don't mess with Texas!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Limbaugh, Levin weigh in on Obama's economic speech

Both Rush & Mark weighed through Obama's malarkey during his latest so-called economic campaign today...first Rush this morning:
"There’s something pathologically wrong here."
RUSH: We have a couple of sound bites from Obama, as he’s out in Galesville, Illinois, blaming Washington for paying not enough attention to the economy. We’ve actually got one, two, three, four, five, six sound bites here. We’ll get the last two that I want to play for you right now. This is Obama talking about his vision for rebuilding the economy.

OBAMA: With this endless parade of distractions and political posturing and phony scandals, Washington’s taken its eye off the ball. And I’m here to say this needs to stop. There are Republicans in Congress right now who privately agree with me on a lot of the ideas I’ll be proposing. I know because they’ve said so. But they worry they’ll face swift political retaliation for cooperating with me.

RUSH: Oh, jeez. Folks, I can’t react to this without… there’s something pathologically wrong here. In the first place, “Washington has taken its eye off the ball, and I’m here to say this needs to stop.” Now, I mentioned, I told you I heard that bite, I heard him say it live. He is Washington! This is the Limbaugh Theorem. He’s articulating it himself. It’s coming out of his own mouth. He’s out there in Illinois claiming Washington hasn’t been paying enough attention to the economy. They’ve been looking at the IRS. They’ve been looking at Benghazi. They have been looking into Obamacare, and they haven’t been working on the economy, and (imitation) “I’m here in Illinois to make sure that they refocus in Washington,” as though he has had nothing to do with it.
Distractions? They are of his and his Big Media ilk's makings! Phony scandals? I'm not even gonna begin to list the multitude affected by this man and his administration's very REAL scandals...some of whom have died as a result of them! And those RINOs who agree with his statist policies, well, they're no more in the shadows than illegal aliens these days. They've been emboldened by five (actually seven) years of a resilient Left. So much easier to cast aside conservative principle and become a neo-statist, you see.

Rush continued to explain how there is no 'building from the middle out'...that's how we got Detroit! Furthermore, there's no formula for it, "It's just a bunch of words designed to sound good to a bunch of ignoramus, low-information people who don't pay enough attention to be fully informed about what's going on, and have been so woefully, ineptly educated on economics that it all sounds good, but it's meaningless." Obama doesn't have a clue what makes this country special, what makes it great, what makes it exceptional.

Related link: Obamanomics: A Rising Tide Does Not Lift All Boats

Later this evening, Levin responded to Obama's remarks with more than a few facts about five years of statist results:
“Obama’s economic growth record is the worst in sixty years.”
Obama’s debt creation record is the greatest in American history. The Food Stamp program, which is supposed to make sure that people don’t go hungry, now has fifty million Americans, as well as foreigners, on its rolls. The real unemployment number, when you take into consideration temporary, part-time work, people who've dropped out, is 15%. Economic growth is anemic, always under or hovering around 2%. People are losing their health care because of Obama's policies. It's a disaster, an absolute disaster.

We have a Marxist ideologue, and on top of that, an incompetent, in the White House; and I can't even say 'in the White House,' since he's rarely in the White House, physically. He's out giving speeches.

He increased taxes about 8 months ago by $600 billion dollars with the support of the Republican Party. Republican members of the Senate, who've been meeting with his staff, five or six times, have already agreed to raise them again $600 billion, if only Obama will agree to some cuts. So if Obama has his way, and the Republican mush-heads have their way, that's $1.2 trillion in tax increases in 12 months. We've never seen anything like that before."
But don't listen to Levin, who's promoting the free, not while the Great Obama lies about the real state of the economy, pushing an old new way, and says it's "back to where we were." Shameful. Yet, 5 years later, you've still got people, Americans, sucking up this Marxist clap-trap. It's no stretch to say that's even more shameful.

As long as this guy, and these policies are in place, and there's little-to-no real opposition to truly push back against it, hang it up on the economy, or the Nation for that matter, improving on whole.

As Levin accurately expressed the other night, 'Get ready for 1200 more days of Hell.'

WTH, John Boehner?

I keep hearing this quote repeated, as I'm sure you have, so I suppose I should mention it...this came out of Speaker John Boehner's mouth on Sunday...
“We should not be judged by how many new laws we create, we ought to be judged on how many laws that we repeal..."
Umm...what the hell have you REPEALED?! Answer: NOTHING!

Fighting? HA! The more marble-mouthed they get, the more useless they become...Levin summed it up well Monday evening...
On Monday's Mark Levin Show: We are fighting the same battle that Reagan and Goldwater had to fight - not just against the Democrats, but also against the Republican Party leadership and the RINOs. Our leadership right now doesn't bring up or talk about the Constitution, nor do they invoke anything that it stands for as they continue to capitulate on matters of our healthcare and our finances and immigration. We don't want to reach out, change our system of beliefs, and bring other people in - rather, we want to institute the Constitution once again into the American system of government.
Folks, it's past time to put these spineless Repubics on notice: 2010 will happen again!

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Eric Cantor and John Boehner Don’t Really Want to Repeal Obamacare

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Out of the shadows: Latino illegals favor Dems 8-to-1

In the shadows? Pew found'em! And like we've been screaming...THEY'RE DEMOCRATS!
Breitbart: A poll released Monday by Pew Research Center shows that Latino illegal immigrants, given the opportunity to vote, would vote Democratic at an eight-to-one clip. 31 percent of illegal immigrants of Latino descent identify themselves as Democrats, compared to just 4 percent who identify as Republicans; another 23 percent lean Democrat, compared with 15 percent who lean Republican.

Over time, illegal immigrants also begin identifying with political parties. For those in the US under ten years, 26 percent identified with Democrats against 9 percent for Republicans; for those who’d been in the US for over two decades, 54 percent identified as Democrats and 10 percent identified as Republicans.

Overall, Latino immigrants eligible to vote identify as Democrats vs. Republicans at a 54 percent to 11 percent clip.
Still think Rubio was being genuine? And what of Boehner, the man who said the House isn't taking up the Senate bill, but is now GOP DREAMing? They're subverting America, just as their rhetoric attempts to fool the citizenry.

ADDENDUM: Oh look, the DREAMers don't want Republicans' help. Unlike just a few years back, they now only want to achieve their desired goals with full-bore Democratic amnesty policies...
YahooNews: A Republican-led push to legalize young unauthorized immigrants has been met with stony resistance from groups representing the very "Dreamers" such a bill would help.
I really don't want to hear another damn word from McLame about this!

Obama supplies your personal info to community organizers and enlists Hollywood celebs to push Obamacare propaganda

With even Democratic support for Obamacare crumbling, along with polls showing the majority of Americans believe their health care will worsen over the next two years thanks to the ill-conceived, partisan-passed law, don't be misled into believing that's gonna stop this ideological administration from seeking every means possible to foist it upon us.

I mean, what could possibly go wrong with the White House providing community organizers with reams of personal info just to sell Obamacare?
NRO: President Obama has had a poor record of job creation, but at least one small economic sector is doing well: community organizing.

The Department of Health and Human Services is about to hire an army of “patient navigators” to inform Americans about the subsidized insurance promised by Obamacare and assist them in enrolling. These organizers will be guided by the new Federal Data Hub, which will give them access to reams of personal information compiled by federal agencies ranging from the IRS to the Department of Defense and the Veterans Administration. “The federal government is planning to quietly enact what could be the largest consolidation of personal data in the history of the republic,” Paul Howard of the Manhattan Institute and Stephen T. Parente, a University of Minnesota finance professor, wrote in USA Today. No wonder that there are concerns about everything from identity theft to the ability of navigators to use the system to register Obamacare participants to vote.

HHS secretary Kathleen Sebelius wasn’t satisfied with the $54 million in public funds allocated for navigators this year, so she tried to raise money from health-industry executives for Enroll America, the liberal nonprofit group leading the PR push for Obamacare. She had to retreat under withering criticism that she was shaking down companies that were dependent on government, a clear conflict of interest.

Because 34 states have declined to set up their own insurance “exchanges,” the job of guiding exchange enrollees in those states has been left to Washington. The identity of the groups who will get the Sebelius grants isn’t yet known, but Politico reports they are likely to include Planned Parenthood, senior-citizen advocacy organizations, and churches.
And what's wrong with enlisting every moonbat celebrity under the sun to push Obamacare propaganda on the masses?
HuffPo: President Barack Obama is enrolling some star power to promote health care.

Obama stopped by a private White House meeting Monday with celebrities including singer Jennifer Hudson and actors Amy Poehler, Michael Cera and Kal Penn.

The White House says the artists expressed interest in helping spread the word about the health insurance marketplaces opening Oct. 1.

The White House says Obama told the artists they could help reach young uninsured Americans who will be vital to his signature law's success. Insurers need healthy young customers to help offset the costs of older, sicker consumers.

The group also included representatives for Oprah Winfrey, Alicia Keys and Bon Jovi. Also in attendance were officials with Internet video makers YouTube and Funny or Die, which are working on promotions featuring comedians.
Boy, for folks who don't like to be compared to their Soviet comrades and other national socialist miscreants of the past, they sure do a hell of a job mimicking them.

H/t: WZ

Trans-Atlantic takeout?

Just ship it to me and put it on the card...the EBT card, that is! The latest in welfare abuse, leading to a much larger issue...
NYP: Food stamps are paying for trans-Atlantic takeout — with New Yorkers using taxpayer-funded benefits to ship food to relatives in Jamaica, Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

Welfare recipients are buying groceries with their Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) cards and packing them in giant barrels for the trip overseas, The Post found.

The practice is so common that hundreds of 45- to 55-gallon cardboard and plastic barrels line the walls of supermarkets in almost every Caribbean corner of the city.

The feds say the moveable feasts go against the intent of the $86 billion welfare program for impoverished Americans.
So, you come to America to make a better life for yourself, but our multi-culti sensitive system is designed to maintain your previous identity? Besides undermining the key purpose of the food stamp program (to help feed impoverished Americans), these kind of actions speak to the broader problem of assimilation, which we continue to see in many other communities.

And don't tell me we don't have an assimilation problem in America when Univision, the all-Spanish-speaking network, tops U.S. ratings among July sweeps!

This isn't the new American citizenship...this is global doctrine.

Monday, July 22, 2013

HUD plans to racially map every neighborhood in America

Yeah, nothing nefarious about this hyper-partisan, special interest swooning government racially mapping every neighborhood in America. No sooner than Detroit falls, they go right back to the same kind of urban renewal policies that have collapsed so many neighborhoods across America time and time again...
CNSNews: To ensure that "every American is able to choose to live in a community they feel proud of," HUD has published a new fair-housing regulation intended to give people access to better neighborhoods than the ones they currently live in.

The goal is to help communities understand "fair housing barriers" and "establish clear goals" for "improving integrated living patterns and overcoming historic patterns of segregation."

“This proposed rule represents a 21st century approach to fair housing, a step forward to ensuring that every American is able to choose to live in a community they feel proud of – where they have a fair shot at reaching their full potential in life,” said HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan.

“For the first time ever," Donovan added, "HUD will provide data for every neighborhood in the country, detailing the access African American, Latino, Asian, and other communities have to local assets, including schools, jobs, transportation, and other important neighborhood resources that can play a role in helping people move into the middle class."
No matter how much they mask it with feel-good language, these little Marxists can't help themselves with the social engineering, following one central planning failure after another, always with the same disastrous results (Cabrini-Green, Pruitt-Igoe and Brewster-Douglass projects come to mind). It's truly the definition of insanity.

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ADDENDUM: Levin had a great segment focused on this story during Monday's program. Check it out @ theRightScoop.