Tuesday, June 24, 2014

New Low: Cochran racebaits black Democratic voters to steal Republican runoff in Mississippi (UPDATE: STOLEN!)

"[Cochran] has abandoned conservatives in this state." ~ Chris McDaniel
The day of the Mississippi runoff, and this is what Thad Cochran's 'Republican' campaign has devolved into...

You heard about the robocall yesterday, but here's what Cochran has mailed out to black Democratic voters in the state:

And CNN went to Jackson today and has interviewed Democrats who illegally voted for Thad Cochran today...
TRS: This is pathetic. CNN is reporting that establishment Republicans have been pushing Democrats to vote for Cochran today in order to defeat the Tea Party. And sure enough, CNN’s Dana Bash interviewed several Democrats who have voted today for Thad Cochran:

This just shows you how desperate and fearful the GOP Establishment is of The Tea Party. Let’s just hope McDaniel is successful tonight and crushes Cochran in this runoff.
Prayers that conservative voters turned out in droves today and didn't allow the Democrats to hijack this crucial runoff.

You can follow election results at the following sites:
UPDATE: Democratic voters and RINO Repubs have squeaked by and STOLEN this election for Thad Cochran. So shitty, Mississippi. Furthermore, Thad just gave Democrats in Mississippi a blueprint to defeating Republicans in the state!

It's time to let Thad and his supporters take on Childers...I'm so done with an establishment that HATES conservatives more than it's willing to fight Democratic statists. It's time for a NEW PARTY!

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