Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Iraqi turmoil, Obama's negligence and Harry's memory lapse

Harry Reid put his almost-daily diatribe about the Koch brothers on the back burner for the day to launch into a tirade against Dick Cheney on the Senate floor, specifically Dick & Liz's WSJ op-ed piece criticizing Dear Leader's handover of Iraq to's a few excerpts:
In one Arab capital, a senior official pulled out a map of Syria and Iraq. Drawing an arc with his finger from Raqqa province in northern Syria to Anbar province in western Iraq, he said, “They will control this territory. Al Qaeda is building safe havens and training camps here. Don’t the Americans care?”

Our president doesn’t seem to. Iraq is at risk of falling to a radical Islamic terror group and Mr. Obama is talking climate change. Terrorists take control of more territory and resources than ever before in history, and he goes golfing. He seems blithely unaware, or indifferent to the fact, that a resurgent al Qaeda presents a clear and present danger to the United States of America. ...

The tragedy unfolding in Iraq today is only part of the story. Al Qaeda and its affiliates are resurgent across the globe. According to a recent Rand study, between 2010 and 2013, there was a 58% increase in the number of Salafi-jihadist terror groups around the world. During that same period, the number of terrorists doubled.

In the face of this threat, Mr. Obama is busy ushering America’s adversaries into positions of power in the Middle East. First it was the Russians in Syria. Now, in a move that defies credulity, he toys with the idea of ushering Iran into Iraq. Only a fool would believe American policy in Iraq should be ceded to Iran, the world’s largest state sponsor of terror.
Dingey Harry didn't like that, but the ol' codger is forgetting something: He was one of the Democrats legitimizing the need to go into Iraq! Facts, and the internet, are stubborn things, aren't they, Harry?

I should mention that I'm neither a WSJ fan or a Bushie, but the fact remains that Harry Reid and the multitude of his Democratic caucus are hypocrites to the Nth degree when on one hand they supported action to go into Iraq under Bush, only to turn on that decision once there (for political purposes of course), while on the other hand, they now pretend as if Obama gives a rip about the current situation unfolding in Iraq or the greater fall of the Middle East entirely into terrorists' hands.

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