Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Obama: Most people experiencing Obamacare benefits, 'even if they don’t know it'

Oh, we certainly know it, as we experience our deductibles, co-pays, prescriptions and especially our premiums, the whole kit and kaboodle, rising year after year, while the quality of coverage and care bottom out. Affordable? But as long as we're getting that 'free' preventative care. Fools, it's not free when your premiums rise to cover it!

In other words, you're too stupid to know what's good for you...and that's Big Government, according to this president.
FreeBeacon: President Obama said Tuesday that Americans who already have health insurance are “already experiencing most of the benefits of the Affordable Care Act, even if they don’t know it,” responding to a question about what Sen. Max Baucus (D., Mt.) has dubbed the “train wreck” of implementing Obamacare.

But there is still much unclear about how the law’s implementation will affect premiums and coverage for different types of Americans in the next year, including how the Internal Revenue Service will enforce parts of the law. CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield, Maryland’s largest health insurer, has proposed raising premiums on individual plans by 25 percent as part of the insurer’s compliance with the health law.

A number of major health insurers have also already warned brokers that premiums could increase sharply next year.
Fortunately, support for Obamacare is taking a nosedive, according to the latest poll, despite the ignorance of those who don't even know it's the law of the land. Unfortunately, the bureaucracy doesn't much care how it polls.

Clueless: Polling pitiful people on Obamacare and Planned Parenthood

I'm sure there are many polls out there reflective of the low-information voter's limited knowledge, but two that were released today give a pretty good idea of the challenges this country faces if its people ever want to reclaim their prosperity, moral compass and basic liberties.

42% of Americans are unaware that Obamacare is law!
NRO: It is entirely possible that we have a public so spectacularly ill-informed, we are no longer capable of governing themselves. Here’s an April tracking poll from the Kaiser Family Foundation: “Four in ten Americans (42%) are unaware that the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) is still the law of the land, including 12 percent who believe the law has been repealed by Congress, 7 percent who believe it has been overturned by the Supreme Court and 23 percent who say they don’t know enough to say what the status of the law is.”

With the public so vague on whether or not Obamacare is actually law, we should take all poll results with a grain of salt. But the law is even less popular than when it passed

How do we know the media is downplaying the problems in implementing Obamacare? When 40 percent of Americans are unaware that the law is in place.
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55% of Americans don’t know Planned Parenthood performs abortions!
LifeNews: Half of Americans don’t know Planned Parenthood does abortions — let alone that it is the biggest abortion business in the United States.

That figure comes from a new Polling Company survey that the firm conducted for the National Right to Life Committee. It found that a substantial majority of registered voters say that they are familiar with Planned Parenthood and a majority has a favorable impression of the abortion giant.

But that favorable opinion might change if Americans actually knew Planned Parenthood is an abortion company. However, the same poll found that a majority did not know that Planned Parenthood performs abortions.

“The polling reflects the results of Planned Parenthood’s campaign to publicly minimize and obfuscate its involvement with abortion.” said David N. O’Steen, Ph.D., National Right to Life Executive Director.

O’Steen told LifeNews that his organization’s poll found 88% of respondents said that they were familiar with Planned Parenthood, with 41% saying that they were very familiar and 47% saying that they were somewhat familiar. Forty percent said they knew someone who had received services at a Planned Parenthood. Although 63% said that they had a favorable opinion of Planned Parenthood, including 38% of those who identified themselves as pro-life, 55% of those polled did not know that Planned Parenthood performs abortions.

The poll found 50 percent of pro-life respondents did not know that Planned Parenthood performs abortions. Of the 45% who knew that Planned Parenthood performs abortions, the majority greatly underestimated the number of abortions Planned Parenthood performs annually.

In 2011, the last year for which the data is available, Planned Parenthood performed 333,964 abortions, or just over 27% of all abortions performed in the United States. Yet of the 45% who knew that Planned Parenthood performs abortions, only 14% (6% of the entire sample) knew that they perform over 300,000 abortions annually.
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What's it gonna take to wake the hell up, America?!

Sessions: Amnesty bill grants 'immediate' access to welfare

But I thought Rubio told us it didn't?
Breitbart: The immigration bill introduced to the Senate a week and a half ago would, if passed, allow illegal immigrants to access state and local welfare benefits immediately, Breitbart News has learned. The financial impact of allowing potentially millions of immigrants onto state and local public assistance could overwhelm these programs' budgets.

Senate Budget Committee ranking member Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) uncovered this loophole in the bill and many others, and he will circulate a memo detailing the gaps in the bill on Tuesday. Breitbart News exclusively obtained a copy of the memo before its public release.

“The Gang of Eight made a promise that illegal immigrants will not be able to access public benefits,” Sessions said in a statement to Breitbart News. “We already know that, once granted green cards and ultimately citizenship, illegal immigrants will be able to access all public benefit programs at a great cost to taxpayers. We have, however, identified a number of loopholes that would allow illegal immigrants to draw public benefits even sooner than advertised.”

If the bill were signed into law, America’s 11 million illegal immigrants would be legalized within six months, when Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano submits her border security plan to Congress. Illegal immigrants would immediately be eligible for Registered Provisional Immigrant (RPI) status, making them legal to live and work in the country.

As Sessions’ staff points out in the memo, “state laws frequently extend benefits to anyone ‘lawfully present’ in the U.S.” The Sessions team points to a Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) brief that details how the only requirement many state and local governments have with regard to immigrant access to public benefits is that they are “lawfully present.”
I know the other seven already knew about this, so you'll excuse me if I don't believe that they eighth didn't.

Obama asked about 2nd Term failures: 'Maybe I should just pack up and go home'

Golly! Best idea of his entire presidency...if only!

Obama wants to shut down GITMO, again: 'I don't want them to die'

A president on repeat for all the wrong reasons...
AP:President Barack Obama says he’s going to try again to close down the prison for terrorist suspects at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

Obama says he’s asked a team of officials to review the issue and will take it back to Congress again. He told a news conference Tuesday he’s not surprised there are problems at the facility, where 100 of the 166 inmates are on a hunger strike.

Obama ordered the detention center closed upon taking office, but Congress thwarted him and made it harder to move prisoners elsewhere. Releases and transfers have since become rare, giving detainees little hope of ever being released.
Poor little terrorists. How fortunate for them that we have a sorry excuse for a president who sympathizes with them...

Obama: 'I am not familiar' with Benghazi whistleblowers being threatened

Damn liar...

There's no other alternative than to call BS on this when the lawyers representing these whistleblowers are claiming that the administration is threatening them. Oh yeah, he knows about it...
FoxNews: At least four career officials at the State Department and the Central Intelligence Agency have retained lawyers or are in the process of doing so, as they prepare to provide sensitive information about the Benghazi attacks to Congress, Fox News has learned.

Victoria Toensing, a former Justice Department official and Republican counsel to the Senate Intelligence Committee, is now representing one of the State Department employees. She told Fox News her client and some of the others, who consider themselves whistle-blowers, have been threatened by unnamed Obama administration officials.

“I'm not talking generally, I'm talking specifically about Benghazi – that people have been threatened,” Toensing said in an interview Monday. “And not just the State Department. People have been threatened at the CIA.”
...but he can't be bothered with this...he's too busy calling and congratulating insignificant people for coming out of the closet.

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ADDENDUM: Mark Levin says Obama's playing rope-a-dope with Fox's Ed Henry in regards to the administration threatening Benghazi whistleblowers...

Exactly right, Mark...the dirty little secret is that he went to sleep and he didn't give a crap about an American ambassador or an American consulate.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Holder panders to terrorism, derides citizens

What a piece of work. Eric Holder is on the hunt...no, not for terrorists, but for citizens! He's more concerned with a backlash against Muslims (which hasn't happened, btw) over protecting this nation and its people from Islamic terrorist attacks. Priorities...
Politico: Attorney General Eric Holder declared Monday that the Justice Department is on the lookout for acts of violence or discrimination that signal a backlash to the Boston Marathon bombings earlier this month in which three people were killed and scores wounded.

"Our investigation into this matter remains ongoing – and I want to assure you that my colleagues and I are determined to hold accountable, to the fullest extent of the law, all of those who were responsible for this attack," Holder said, according to the prepared text of a speech delivered Monday to the Anti-Defamation League. "But I also want to make clear that – just as we will pursue relentlessly anyone who would target our people or attempt to terrorize our cities – the Justice Department is firmly committed to protecting innocent people against misguided acts of retaliation."

Holder did not mention the backgrounds of the two alleged perpetrators. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, 19, was charged in federal court with using a weapon of mass destruction. His brother, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, 26, was killed in a violent encounter with police a few days after the bombings and is described as a co-conspirator in a court filing. Both men are Muslims and of Chechen descent.
Never mind, that didn't stop Holder from prematurely mirandizing Joker Tsarnaev, cutting off all ongoing, and lawful, FBI interrogation of this murderous thug. Unbelievable.

Furthermore, with Holder's pronouncement that we should "resolve once more to help our fellow citizens to meet fear with reason," Levin advised our irrational AG towards a more appropriate avenue: meet terrorism with force!
On Monday's Mark Levin Show: Attorney General Eric Holder give his first major speech since the Boston Marathon attacks and uses it to cause more division. He says there can't be backlash against the Muslim community - when there hasn't been any. Why is Holder pandering to terrorism instead of meeting it with force and calling it for what it is?


Obama eyes $2.7M lifetime limit on your 401(k)

Once again, Mr. Fair Share tries to step in with Big Government socialism to not only tell Americans when they've made enough, but now when they've saved enough. The audacity...
NYPost: President Obama’s new budget proposal aims to trim Americans’ nest eggs by setting a cap on lifetime contributions of 401(k)s at an average of $2.7 million and putting the policing of the limit on their employers.

This proposal, if it becomes law, would be the first time there has been a limit on the balances one could build up in a defined contribution plan, such as a 401(k) or an IRA.
Anything and everything's up for grabs when it comes to what they think government's fair share should be. After all, you don't need any more.

Rush had a few things to say about this one...
"This is the last thing Obama ought to be looking at, especially as a means of wiping out deficits and so forth. All this means, once again, is that your independence, your self-reliance, is a threat to them. Your being able to take care of your retirement is a threat."

Todd: Obama 'hates' new media

Feeling's mutual. Though I think most of us could have gathered that through his Senate's readiness to impose internet taxes...ugh.

But last night, NBC's Chuck Todd revealed an inconvenient truth about his President's view of new media...
"The rise of the internet media and social media and all that stuff - he hates it. Okay? He hates this part of the media. He really thinks that the sort of the buzzification – this isn’t just about Buzzfeed or Politico and all this stuff - he thinks that sort of coverage of political media has hurt political discourse. He hates it."

NewsBusters: Todd was likely quite correct, but chose not to disclose why Obama hates new media. It's because most of it isn't in the tank for this President and can't be controlled by him.

That's obviously not true of folks such as Todd and his colleagues in the old media who echo the current White House resident's talking points, mercilessly attack his opponents, and cover for his missteps.

It's therefore no wonder the President hates "the rise of the internet media and social media," and although Todd is very active on Twitter, one thinks he also hates this rise because it's making him and his colleagues less relevant.
So much truth in those three little sentences...provided to you via the new media!

Judge Jeanine's EPIC smackdown of mama jihadi

Following last week's display from mama jihadi, including the discovery that she was also on a federal watch list, Judge Jeanine Pirro had enough and unleashed on this mother...
"Lady, you shouldn't be allowed here! We don't want you here! We should not be required to breathe the same air as you! We should not be required to suffer the indignity of your presence!"

Expressing the sentiment of millions upon millions of Americans, Judge.

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Friday, April 26, 2013

Holder calls amnesty a 'civil right', McCain concedes reform 'won't gain a single Hispanic vote'

If we buy into Eric Holder's argument, which professes that illegally inhabiting America (through a 'pathway' or otherwise) is now a civil right, then what's left? How can we refuse anyone? There's no point in borders, sovereignty, citizenship, or even law. This notion is absurd. But it certainly makes it easier to call one who opposes it a racist, now doesn't it?

FoxNation: During a April 24th speech to the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Attorney General Eric Holder said that creating a "pathway to earned citizenship" was a "civil right.”
"Creating a pathway to earned citizenship for the 11 million unauthorized immigrants in this country is essential. The way we treat our friends and neighbors who are undocumented – by creating a mechanism for them to earn citizenship and move out of the shadows – transcends the issue of immigration status. This is a matter of civil and human rights. It is about who we are as a nation. And it goes to the core of our treasured American principle of equal opportunity."
And Sen. McCain, if passing this legislation, and thus granting amnesty to millions of illegals, won’t gain us a single Hispanic vote, then guess what? There is no playing field to compete in! If you've only got 15-20% of the Hispanic vote now, and amnesty won't gain a single vote, but will increase your rival's by millions, then you've already condemned your party, moron!
HotAir: Forget all the stuff you know about polls showing that Latinos support ObamaCare, gay marriage, bigger government, and various and sundry other policies that most conservatives oppose. Forget all the electoral arguments. If this is Maverick’s core rationale for passing the Gang of Eight bill, that the GOP simply can’t remain competitive without a grand pander on immigration, then it really doesn’t matter what the details of the final bill are, right? From his standpoint, the policy implications of the bill are entirely irrelevant. If Schumer turned around tomorrow and demanded a blanket amnesty with zero border security and was somehow able to convince McCain that Republicans would win more Latino votes — eventually — by adopting that position than they’d lose from disaffected conservatives walking away, McCain would presumably be all for it.
Rush chimed in about the amnesty bill, saying 1.) Ted Cruz is right about Obama's campaign motives in pushing the bill to fail, but 2.) if the amnesty bill passes, there will be no GOP...
"The base will disintegrate in terms of support for the Republican Party. And even if the base doesn't, you've got millions of new Democrat voters. It's Republican Party suicide."

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God Bless? Obama praises Planned Parenthood, while 7 lives are lost

Another historic moment came today when Obama became the first sitting U.S. president to address the abortion factory in the guise of a women's health organization known as Planned Parenthood. I'm certain that he, nor the audience, even thought about the lives lost in the unusually brief 12 minutes that he spoke...
CNSNews: President Barack Obama praised the Planned Parenthood Federation of America for saving lives and helping women and families in a 12-minute, 3-second speech on Friday, which was enough time for 7.6 abortions to take place at Planned Parenthood clinics, based upon the abortion data in their latest annual report.

According to that annual report for 2011-2012, Planned Parenthood and its affiliated clinics performed 333,964 abortions in fiscal 2011. That averages one abortion every 94 seconds.

President Obama spoke to Planned Parenthood for 720 seconds today. Thus, over the course of the president’s speech, on average 7.69 abortions would have been performed at Planned Parenthood facilities.

Over a million abortions a year is 'decades of progress'? Rolling back policies more suited to the 1950's? Because today's Kermit Gosnell model is so much more preferable? Oh wait, forgot, we're not supposed to talk about that because neither Obama nor PP will acknowledge mass murder in those terms.

But on to women's health. Folks, there is no effort, nor are there any laws, which restrict contraceptives, screenings, educational programs, etc. That's the lie we're sold. There is however the desire not to be mandated to pay for every single one of these so-called women's health programs through our insurance policies' coverage and premiums. Obama has the audacity to state that "no politician should get to decide what's best for you," and then brings up the realization of Obamacare, when everything about that decision involved politics and politicians, NOT the individual!

So, there's no other option for women facing health problems with fertility and cancer? Only a Planned Parenthood facilities? Hogwash. Then he assures these women that "no matter how great the challenge, no matter how fierce the opposition...Planned Parenthood is not going anywhere." And as President, he's with them all the way...
“As long as we’ve got a fight to make, make sure women have access to quality, affordable health care and as long we’ve got to fight to protect a woman’s right to make her own choices about her own health care I want you to know that you’ve also got a president who’s going to be right there with you fighting every step of the way.”

“Thank you Planned Parenthood and God Bless you.”
God Bless? Is this guy serious? I highly doubt God is Blessing the destruction of the millions upon millions of lives that this organization has snuffed out. This president could have as easily been one of them. Unreal.

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ADDENDUM: Rush's feelings about Obama's PP appearance: "This makes me ill"...

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Sequester fraud in one picture

This singular image explains a previous post even more succinctly...

Examiner: A picture is worth a thousand words. The FAA made news this weekend as hundreds of flights were delayed due to cuts in air traffic controller hours, supposedly as a result of the Sequester. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood claimed that "We looked everywhere possible to avoid the kind of furloughs that are now taking place." Obama Press Secretary Jay Carney added:
"The fact is Congress had an opportunity, but Republicans made a choice. We made it clear that there would be these kinds of negative effects if Congress failed to take reasonable action to avert the sequester..."
They are simply lying. There is no other way to describe it. The accompanying chart, courtesy Phil Kerpen, shows that the FAA has a larger budget now, after the sequester, than the President requested for 2013.

This President is willing to put lives at risk and maximize inconvenience for travelers in a blatant effort to tar Republicans. It is a game of "I win, you lose," designed to improve the prospects for Democrats in 2014. If Republicans stand tall and don't give in to these tactics, Obama and his minions engage in this public defamation campaign. If Republicans cave, he demands more taxes, a violation of the "Fiscal Cliff" deal with Republicans, whose concessions included tax increases, and for whom further tax increase agreements would be disastrous.
Spread this around, folks, because you know the media won't...

Don't get fooled again.

Napolitano (and Rush) schools Bloomturd on the Constitution

Profoundly wrong, mayor. Napolitano weaves some Limbaugh in the discussion to make the point...
RUSH: "When you trade your freedom for temporary security, when you're not in charge of your security, when you have no control over your security, when you have no control over your economic circumstances, what kind of a thin thread are you hanging by? You're depending on the performance of other people who don't even know you. Politicians in a distant capital, who on a whim could cancel whatever program that you depend on."

NAPOLITANO: "That is so profound, it could have been uttered at the time of the American Revolution. The debate between liberty and security is the essence of America. The default position is liberty."

Congress, aides MAY exempt themselves from Obamacare!

Speaking of exemptions...honestly, I figured they already had exempted themselves under the radar!
Politico: Congressional leaders in both parties are engaged in high-level, confidential talks about exempting lawmakers and Capitol Hill aides from the insurance exchanges they are mandated to join as part of President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul, sources in both parties said.

The talks — which involve Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.), House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio), the Obama administration and other top lawmakers — are extraordinarily sensitive, with both sides acutely aware of the potential for political fallout from giving carve-outs from the hugely controversial law to 535 lawmakers and thousands of their aides.
Another Politico shocker. Rush elaborates...

ADDENDUM: Levin launched into one hell of a tirade tonight over reports that Congress is attempting to exempt themselves from Obamacare...
"The very people who created this monstrocity now are trying to escape it... This is what revolutions are made out of! This kind of two Americas, the rulers and the ruled, is simply unacceptable. And yet, more and more, it's becoming engrained in this society."

"If our health care system goes down, we take these bastards with us!"

Government skies: another sequester dupe

The subversion of the fair share philosophy extends to pain as well. As Levin expressed during Wednesday evening's program, 'we have an incompetent federal government and an imperial President that is out of control.' This administration is purposely crippling the FAA, causing the air traffic control situation to worsen, so that we feel the pain of selectively-imposed cuts to blame on the sequester. All of this would be avoidable, if the federal government made cuts accordingly. Instead, Obama chooses to wield cuts to things, like travel, that directly affect all Americans.
WSJ: As travellers nationwide are learning, the White House has decided to express its dislike of the sequester—otherwise known as modestly smaller government—by choosing to cut basic air traffic control services. We wrote about this human- rights violation on Tuesday in “Flight Delays as Political Strategy,” but the story gets worse the closer we look.

Start with the Federal Aviation Administration, better known as the Postal Service without the modern technology. Flyers directly fund two-thirds of the FAA’s budget through 17 airline taxes and fees—about 20% of the cost of a $300 domestic ticket, up from 7% in the 1970s. Yet now the White House wants to make this agency that can’t deliver what passengers are supposedly paying for even more dysfunctional.

Ponder this logic, if that’s the right word: The sequester cuts about $637 million from the FAA, which is less than 4% of its $15.9 billion 2012 budget, and it limits the agency to what it spent in 2010. The White House decided to translate this 4% cut that it has the legal discretion to avoid into a 10% cut for air traffic controllers. Though controllers will be furloughed for one of every 10 working days, four of every 10 flights won’t arrive on time.

The FAA projects the delays will rob one out of every three travellers of up to four hours of their lives waiting at the major hubs. Congress passed a law in 2009 that makes such delays illegal, at least if they are the responsibility of an airline. Under President Obama’s “passenger bill of rights,” the carriers are fined millions of dollars per plane that sits on the tarmac for more than three hours. But sauce for the goose is apparently an open bar for the FAA gander.
A 4% FAA spending cut somehow delays 40% of flights? Yet, there's room for exceptions...
TheWashingtonTimes: The chief of the FAA told Congress today that Washington-area airports will largely escape the effects of the air traffic controller furloughs — a blessing for lawmakers who fly out of the nation’s capitol.
A blessing? Sounds like a willful decision to me. However, the same is not afforded to the mere taxpaying public. Folks, you're smarter than this.
A rational government would use the sequester to improve on this sorry record. But instead this White House is responding to the FAA’s failures by making the flying experience for millions of Americans even more unfriendly. It is actively creating even more delays, cancellations and missed connections in order to incite a public outcry on behalf of bigger government.

All of this deserves to backfire, and it will if Republicans break from their circular immigration firing squads and explain what Mr. Obama is doing. For all of its rough edges, the sequester is proving to be educational. It is showing Americans how broken so much of government is, and it is revealing how our politicians refuse to distinguish between essential services and needless waste.
What it all boils down to is this President not getting the blank check that he desires, so he's going to make you feel the pain, hoping you relent and pressure your representatives to genuflect to his will. This is creeping tyranny, folks. Don't allow this President and his administration to hold you hostage. Do not submit.

We DON'T need Jeb Bush in 2016

These squishy moderate Big Government Republicans have to stop these dynastic fantasies, especially the Bushies. Levin had a few words last night for the family...
"Since when in America are we so bankrupt, in terms of statesmen, that we would have to have three people from the same family as President? This is like Argentina with the Perons. You know, family members, one handing it off to the other. This is an extremely unhealthy development for a republic folks."

Remember, the last one, while a nice guy and seemed to understand the terrorists threat to America, nonetheless spent big, had a hand in wrecking the economy and managed to usher in a statist named Barack Obama. We've also seen what another Clinton has done with the Benghazi/State Dept. debacle. One can only imagine the damage that Jeb would bring to the table (i.e., open borders, climate change, etc.).
"Folks, enough! Enough from one family. Thank you for your service. God bless you all. Now leave us the hell alone."
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Reid compares tea party to anarchist

The ramblings of a fool. Mr. Big Government statist Harry Reid would have you believe that tea party patriots are anarchist, that we believe in no government. Umm, Harry, we believe in limited government and a return to constitutional rule...and that's really the sole problem this senile jerk has with us or anyone who questions an all-powerful, centralized government that daily abandons the Constitution (which he swore an oath to uphold)...

Note, you'll never hear Reid speak this way of any Democratic-manufactured entity, like Occupy Wall Street for instance, which was truly anarchist in every meaning of the word.

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Congressional Benghazi-gate report states WH and Hillary LIED

Shocker, right? But what difference does it make? Plenty...
FrontPageMag: The response of Obama Inc. and its defenders to the Benghazi attack has generally been some variation of, “Who could have known?”, “We didn’t know” and “How could we have known.”

Their claim that they practiced due diligence only to fall victim to an unexpected set of events never held much water. Benghazi was a danger zone and everyone knew it. The issue wasn’t a movie trailer, but the aftermath of a botched war that left Islamist militias in control of entire cities.

Now the Congressional report on Benghazigate tears apart some of the biggest claims.

An ongoing Congressional investigation across five House Committees concerning the events surrounding the September 11, 2012, terrorist attacks on U.S. facilities in Benghazi, Libya has made several determinations to date, including:

• Reductions of security levels prior to the attacks in Benghazi were approved at the highest levels of the State Department, up to and including Secretary Clinton. This fact contradicts her testimony before the House Foreign Affairs Committee on January 23, 2013.

• In the days following the attacks, White House and senior State Department officials altered accurate talking points drafted by the Intelligence Community in order to protect the State Department.

• Contrary to Administration rhetoric, the talking points were not edited to protect classified information. Concern for classified information is never mentioned in email traffic among senior Administration officials.
Furthermore, following the attack, the report lays out more condemnation for the Obama administration's cover-up...
  • The Administration willfully perpetuated a deliberately misleading and incomplete narrative that the attacks evolved from a political demonstration caused by a YouTube video.

  • Administration officials crafted and continued to rely on incomplete and misleading talking points.

  • Evidence rebuts Administration claims that the talking points were modified to protect classified information or to protect an investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

  • The Administration deflected responsibility by blaming the IC for the information it communicated to the public in both the talking points and the subsequent narrative it perpetuated.

  • The Administration’s decision to respond to the Benghazi attacks with an FBI investigation, rather than military or other intelligence resources, contributed to the government’s lack of candor about the nature of the attack.

  • Responding to the attacks with an FBI investigation significantly delayed U.S. access to key witnesses and evidence and undermined the government’s ability to bring those responsible for the attacks to justice in a timely manner.

The report makes clear that Hillary's State Dept. knew of the situation in Benghazi, but chose to weaken security, while Obama's White House lacked preparation and displayed incompetence in centralizing a national security framework atop the foreign policy blunder.

What action might be taken, if any, with the release of this report is anyone's guess. But one vital thing that does come out of this is the public exposure that Hillary knew about the consulate's inadequate security and did nothing, while Obama Inc. lied about the video to cover-up for his bureaucracy.

That should make a difference, America.

Boston jihadis' mother doesn't care if they're all killed, 'And I will say Allahu Akbar!' (UPDATES)

Like mother, like sons? Apparently, the apples don't fall far from the tree...

Despite authorities' further interviews with the Dagestani parents, Dzhokhar's confession should provide ample evidence to speed this case through the legal system and onto its justifiable conclusion...
BostonGlobe: Dzhokhar Tsarnaev admitted to authorities Sunday that he and his brother were behind the Boston Marathon bombings, according to a senior law enforcement official.

Tsarnaev made his admissions to FBI agents who interviewed him at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, where he is being treated for multiple gunshot wounds. He had not yet been given a Miranda warning.

Tsarnaev’s attorneys are certain to challenge the legal admissibility of those admissions... But in an interview with the Globe, a senior police official said authorities are not worried about the initial admission to authorities being thrown out, because they have a strong witness: the man who was abducted by the Tsarnaev brothers last Thursday night.

Police sources told the Globe that the carjack victim has told police that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and his older brother, Tamerlan, pointed guns at him and, in an apparent effort to intimidate the victim and dissuade him from trying anything foolish, Tamerlan Tsarnaev told him, “We just killed a cop. We blew up the marathon. And now we’re going to New York. Don’t [expletive] with us.”
ADDENDUM: Looky there...adding insult to injury, the whole family was on welfare! As one of my friend's commented, "We pay taxes for his welfare entitlements so he can sit home and make bombs to blow us up. Nice." Only in an America with a broken government, folks.

H/t: Cindy B.

UPDATES: Peculiar. While she's not caring, Allahu Akbar, she certainly has a crafty way of blaming America and pleading for mainstream media's sympathy...

By the way, lady, 'one of your sons used the other one as a speed bump!'

And here's the icing on the cake...

Apparently, mama jihadi was on a federal terrorist watch list too! Yep, along with son, Tamerlan. So, how was brother Dhzokhar granted citizenship? I swear, why do they even have these watch lists if they're paid no attention?

The Gang's immigration bill: the irony, the rush, the deception

It's quite ironic that while the nation was focused on the apprehension of terror suspects last week, who were here due in part to the undermining of existing law, the Senate's Gang of Eight saw fit to introduce their 844-page immigration monstrosity, which further bastardizes the legal process. Make no mistake, this is yet another bill that focuses not on the problem of illegal alien entry into America, nor on the fundamental securing of our border; but instead, it resurrects the failed Bush/McCain/Kennedy plan (with a Democratic shot of adrenaline and more Republican dupe this time) that once again schemes to legalize those here, while encouraging further thwarting of the rule of law. In other words, it doesn't solve a damn thing...besides flooding the Democratic voter base over the next decade, which they've been emboldened to reveal per the prior post (which still doesn't solve a thing).

Why must this bill be rushed through the legislative process? Why not put it on ICE for a while, as William Jacobson of Legal Insurrection so poignantly shares among his many concerns...
And the reason we need “immigration reform” urgently is?

I’m getting very uncomfortable with the rush to vote on an 844-page bill.

Let it hang out in the air for a while.

If it doesn’t stink, the fresh air and sunshine won’t hurt it.

If it does stink, the fresh air and sunshine will do it good.

Ted Cruz is asking hard questions and challenging assumptions, and is being demonized for it. That tells me much of what I need to know.

Chuck Schumer is clucking like he’s the King Rooster. That tells me the rest of what I need to know.
And referring to that Politico piece, Jacobson reminds us we are not talking about 11 million new voters who are here legally, we are talking about giving a bonanza of currently illegal voters to the Democrats through immigration “reform” and a pathway to citizenship for people who broke our laws to get here.

Likewise, the Heritage Foundation shares their reservations with the good, the bad and the ugly of such a drastically massive endeavor...
The good news is Congress cares about trying to fix our flawed immigration system and broken borders.

The bad news is they want to do it with a solution that looks a lot like Obamacare—the “Gang of Eight” 844-page-plus “comprehensive” bill.

The sad news is that such an “easy button” solution will not improve our immigration system.

History shows that big bills designed to solve everything wind up creating as many problems as they address. They become loaded with payoffs for special interests and often introduce measures that work at cross purposes.
Furthermore, Heritage details how this bill fails from the start in several aspects: 1.) it indeed grants amnesty and accommodates fraud in the process, 2.) it doesn't account for the fiscal costs to taxpayers over the lifespans of individuals being legalized, 3.) it's a Trojan horse for government spending, 4.) it requires 'border triggers' towards enforcement that have yet to be proven successful or effective, and 5.) it questionably 'modernizes' visas. And that's just the top five problems that they've been able to distinguish in this behemoth.

Yet, the Gang of Eight would dismiss these details, while disseminating deception with a new ad campaign aimed directly at red states, using none other than the disappointingly naive junior Senator from Florida...

End De Facto Amnesty by supporting a convoluted bill that will in effect grant amnesty, Senator? Not to mention its failure to solve the problems.

And what of the law enforcement perspective from those who actually have the job of securing our border and regulating lawful entry? Why has their say in all of this been undermined by introducing a bill that they had no input in drafting? That they were specifically excluded from?

Here's Monday's testimony from Chris Crane, ICE Officer and President of the National ICE Council representing our nation's ICE officers, agents and staff...apparently, the only union that the Obama administration doesn't approve of or suck up to. Listen to his legitimate concerns in the rush to pass this legislation and the lawlessness encouraged through such legislation...

In addition, Crane held a press conference on Friday informing the public that immigration agents had filed a lawsuit against DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano and ICE Director John Morton because "both have refused to enforce the immigration laws enacted by Congress. DHS and ICE knowingly manipulate arrest and deportation data with the specific intent of misleading the American public with regard to the enforcement of illegal immigration in our country."

Question for Rubio, McCain, all of the Gang of Eight Republicans, or any of the GOP Senators and Representatives who'd consider supporting such colluded legislation: If we have an Executive Branch that picks and chooses what parts of current law it feels like enforcing or disregarding on any given day, but doesn't uphold the entirety of immigration law in this country, then what pray tell are the chances that this reform will suddenly be treated any differently? Because it's bipartisan? That's Democratic code for 'fooled you again, suckers!'

In light of the immigration debacle surrounding the Boston bombing terrorists, the question of whether citizenship is a new tactic, alongside other cases out there, one would expect such proposed reforms to take a more inquiring and careful approach. This Congress would seem to do the unfortunate opposite at the bequest of political expediency, rushing through and expanding the lawlessness it's supposed to restrain. And in that deception lies the ultimate irony.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

They admit it! Immigration reform could be a 'bonanza' for Democrats

Wow. The liberal press actually admits it...
Politico: The immigration proposal pending in Congress would transform the nation’s political landscape for a generation or more — pumping as many as 11 million new Hispanic voters into the electorate a decade from now in ways that, if current trends hold, would produce an electoral bonanza for Democrats and cripple Republican prospects in many states they now win easily.

Beneath the philosophical debates about amnesty and border security, there are brass-tacks partisan calculations driving the thinking of lawmakers in both parties over comprehensive immigration reform, which in its current form offers a pathway to citizenship — and full voting rights — for a group of undocumented residents that roughly equals the population of Ohio, the nation’s seventh-largest state.

To support the measure virtually guarantees millions of new Democratic voters.
Hear that McRINO? Doubt it...

One supposed GOP strategist goes on to say that if Republicans do nothing to repair their relationships with current and future Latino voters, "we certainly won’t be a national political party anymore." Might I remind these panderers that if the Republican party does nothing to repair its relationship with its conservative base, it won't be a national political party anymore! That's not speculation, like the strategist's statement, that's guaranteed! 
RUSH: "This story in The Politico, I can’t believe that they published this story. ‘Immigration reform could be bonanza for Democrats.’ I mean everybody knows it, not everybody wants to admit it, particularly on the Republican advocate side."

The Trayvon-ization of a terrorist (UPDATE)

As the days have passed since the identification and eventual apprehension of the Boston Marathon bombers, it's become clearer that the mainstream liberal media are attempting to downplay the severity of the young Boston bomber, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, as just some misguided kid, instead of the callous terrorist he is. And El Rushbo's not letting them off the hook with this Trayvon-ized portrayal...
"The news media are doing to Dzhokhar what they did to Trayvon Martin... The news media seem to be making him look like an innocent little angel... Why do we do this? Why in the world do we...take what we know is truth and reality and try to hide from it?"

"Normal college kid? This is how this stuff ends up getting bastardized. This is how we end up not thinking ill of bad people. Normal college kids do not do this. Radical college kids do this. And by the way, this guy is not a kid. The boy he killed is a kid. This guy is not...he's 19 years old, he's not a kid and he's not a normal kid. ... He's not a normal kid. He's not a kid. He is a terrorist."

Photo courtesy of Mediaite

UPDATE: Mrs. Tsarnaev, mother of the two knock-off jihadis, delivered more media red meat in her pleas to a sympathizing liberal press...

Never mind that one of your sons used the other one as a speed bump! No amount of playing the victim card is gonna change the long list of brutalities that your sons conspired in. Sorry.

Gutfeld: Muslim vs. Christian extremism is 'like comparing Hurricane Katrina to a squirt gun'

Home run, Greg, home run...

...even the Bushie and the Bob in the room get it.

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Monday, April 22, 2013

Earth Day's dirty secret

Huh, wonder why the Google doodle didn't include this?
Gizmodo: As you step outside today to breathe in the fresh air and note our planet's lush, life-giving fauna, take a minute to appreciate the fact that this whole day exists thanks to the hard efforts of Earth Day's environmentally conscious, murderous conspirators.

Because even though this day is founded on the vision of an Earth worth saving, it's also founded by (or at least partially by) a man who whose conservation efforts didn't quite extend to human life. On September 9, 1977, Ira Einhorn, one of Earth Day's co-founders, lured his ex (the 'ex' portion occurring pre-brutal murder) girlfriend, Holly Maddux, to his apartment and killed her in a heartbroken rage. Though, he did choose to dispose of the body by composting her. So at least he's consistent. [You can see the composted body here, but be forewarned: it's not pretty.]

It took seven months for the police to discover what had happened, and just days before his murder trial was set to begin, Einhorn—or as he preferred to be called, the Unicorn—fled to Europe, where he enjoyed a 17-year holiday from the law, avoiding extradition and marrying a Swede along the way. He was at last sent back to face the consequences on July 2001, and is currently serving a life term in prison without the possibility of parole.

So with all this considered, it shouldn't be surprising that you probably won't see Einhorn's name on any of the many Earth Day pamphlets literred around our beautiful blue marble today.
As one AmericanSpectator writer comments, "That’s the pro-environment, anti-life platform of the left that we’ve come to know and love."

Happy Earth Day!

Did undermining the rule of law accommodate the Boston bombing? (UPDATE)

If only we enforced laws, instead of undermining them. Better yet, if only the government, this administration, would permit and require the rule of law to be enforced and to adequately work.

We've learned that the older brother could have been deported after a 2009 conviction...
TheExaminer: One of the brothers suspected of carrying out the terrorist attack on the Boston Marathon faced deportation in 2009 after being convicted of a domestic violence charge but was allowed to stay, according to a government watchdog.

“Tamerlan Tsarnaev, the 26-year-old killed in a wild shootout with police, was a legal U.S. resident who never the less could have been removed from the country after a 2009 domestic violence conviction,” Judicial Watch reports based on an unnamed source.
Then, just six months ago, the FBI were tipped off by the Russians to investigate Tamerlan after his trip to visit a Dagestani jihadist!
DailyMail: Speculation is growing that one of the Boston bombers met a known Jihadist terrorist in 2011 – as it emerged the FBI failed to follow up on a Russian tip that he was seen with an Islamic militant six times.

On a YouTube account widely believed to belong to Tamerlan Tsarnaev, 26, there are two videos on a playlist called ‘terrorists’ created five months ago that since have been deleted.

Both videos appear under the name, ‘Amir Abu Dujana rabbanikaly’ which is also the name used by Gadzhimurad Dolgatov, a notorious Dagestani terrorist.

Investigators are pouring over the YouTube account to see if they can confirm whether Tsarnaev had any links with Dolgatov, who was killed by Russian security forces in Makhachkala in December 2012, after a fierce gun battle.

These latest revelations question the adequacy of the U.S intelligence community, who failed to spot the national security threat posed by suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev and his younger brother Dzhokhar, despite the repeated warnings.
Although the NBC report that the UK's DailyMail references was scrubbed, theRightScoop was able to track down another article to corroborate that the FBI had been notified last year about the older brother.

Meanwhile, you've got McRINO and Grahamnesty, alongside liberal cohorts, stressing that the Boston bombing shouldn't slow or halt their immigration reform efforts. That's wrong"That's ludicrous," says McRINO. Never mind that enforced immigration/deportation law could have sent this guy packing four years ago. These guys would undermine that rule of law.

As for an intelligence breakdown...considering how well the FBI worked with the local Boston authorities in apprehending both of these brothers, something smells of political correctness and expediency in failing to spot the terrorist threat of the older Tsarnaev. I mean, we know that Obama and Democrats are still in denial that there exist external forces who desire America's annihilation, particularly as they tippy-toe around the fact that these guys are Islamic terrorists. Again, undermining suspicions comes to mind...

UPDATE: And the undermining of law continues with the younger brother that was caught...
BREAKING: White House Says Boston Jihadist Will Not Be Tried As An Enemy Combatant – Update: Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Arraigned In Hospital Bed By Federal Magistrate Judge...

Althought, Mark Levin explained on Monday's program why the Boston jihadi CANNOT be legally tried as an unlawful enemy combatant. Might surprise you why...then again, it might not.

Friday, April 19, 2013

CAPTURED! They've got him...for REAL this time!

It’s over. Word came down from the Boston PD this time...Dzhokhar Tsarnaev has been arrested alive:
8:53 p.m.ET: “We got him,” tweets Boston Mayor Thomas Menino.

8:50 p.m. ET: Cheers erupt from Watertown, Mass., crowd gathered near where suspect was captured.

8:45 pm ET: Boston bombing suspect, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, is in custody, say Boston Police. Officers sweeping the area. His condition is unknown.

An ambulance was seen leaving the scene as people cheered.

Sleep easier tonight, Boston.

ADDENDUM: The Boston PD tweeted out a very sobering message following the capture of Tsarnaev...

Indeed. And in that remembrance, I have no doubt that calls for the waterboard can be heard across America. It's time for answers, not with delicate gloves, but with the fists of justice.

Night of murder/mayhem leads to one bomber dead, other on the run

Looks like these Chechen/Kyrgyz brothers have been ID'd...and one's dead! Did you get that press? Foreign infiltrators...not the white Americans David Sirota wanted.
FoxNews: The brothers behind Monday's deadly bombing at the Boston Marathon are believed to have come to the U.S. from Chechnya as long as a decade ago, but apparently never fit in with the American culture.

“I don’t have a single American friend, I don’t understand them,” the older brother, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, who was killed in a shootout with police hours after the pair was identified as suspects, told a photographer in 2009.

What drove him and his brother, Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev, 19, who lived with him in Cambridge, Mass., to perpetrate the deadly attack, which killed three and inuured 176, is not clear. They are believed to be Muslim and to have had military training overseas.
And Islamic terrorists on top of that. Who'd a thunk it? Another report recounts the lead up to the discovery of the bombers (don't think we need to call them suspects anymore), including another murder!
Multiple explosions echoed from inside a house as police in Boston massed inside a perimeter set up to contain the remaining suspect in the Boston Marathon bombing.

The situation was fluid, and the latest development came in the city's Watertown section after a chaotic night of mayhem that included the murder of a Massachusetts Institute of Technology police officer and a shootout with police, authorities said early Friday.

Schools are closed, train and bus service is suspended and police were telling residents of neighborhoods including Cambridge, Waltham, Watertown, Newton, Arlington and Belmont to stay indoors. Police have formed a wide perimeter and believe the suspect is on foot, armed and dangerous, inside.
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The latest report indicates that police fear the younger brother still on the lam may be wearing a suicide vest! Regardless, as the reports indicate, Boston is on lockdown as the manhunt for the remaining bomber continues.

WeaselZippers has also been furiously updating everyone, not only on the shootout and manhunt, but also on the liberal media's excuses and CAIR's damage control campaign, as reports are surfacing that these two may have something to do with the al Qaeda-linked Islamic Jihad Union.

Related link: TIMELINE: Manhunt for Boston Bombing Suspects

ADDENDUM: The brothers' fourth victim is being overlooked in all the breaking news of the day...
NYDailyNews: A much-loved MIT campus police officer with less than two years on the force is the Boston Bombers’ fourth victim, authorities said.

Sean Collier, 26, of Somerville Mass., was shot multiple times in his squad car by the bloodthirsty brothers Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev around 10:20 p.m. after the pair attempted to rob a 7-Eleven, according to police and news reports.

Collier, who’d joined the Massachusetts Institute of Technology police force in January 2012, was pronounced dead at Massachusetts General Hospital.
Prayers for the family of Sean Collier.

Related link: Students Post Moving Tributes To Slain Police Officer Sean Collier