Friday, May 30, 2014

Obama admin plans to let illegals join the military

Spoke too soon about a good Friday. Apparently, Obama plans to unilaterally use the military as a path to citizenship for younger illegals. Where in federal law is this permissible? No where. And Congress is just gonna let him do it...
HuffPuffPo: Pentagon officials have approved a policy that would allow a limited group of undocumented young people who came to the U.S. as children to enlist in the military, opening up a path for them to eventually become citizens, The Huffington Post has learned.

The move, which has not been formally announced by the Obama administration, would affect some of the roughly 550,000 undocumented young people granted the ability to remain in the country under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, many of whom have pled with the government to allow them to enlist.

Immigrants in the country legally can enlist in the military, and through their service, they can receive expedited naturalization as U.S. citizens. More than 89,000 service members have gained citizenship since September 2002, according to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. But young undocumented immigrants, often referred to as Dreamers, cannot currently enlist, even if they have been granted work authorization and the ability to remain in the country under DACA.

The new change, under a Pentagon recruitment plan called Military Accessions Vital to National Interest, would allow some undocumented immigrants with critical language or medical skills to enlist in the armed forces — considerably limiting the number of Dreamers who would be eligible. Roughly 3,000 legal immigrants have enlisted through the MAVNI program since 2009, and now the program will be open to those who are in the country illegally.
And so advances one man's dictatorial plan to fundamentally transform America.

ADDENDUM: Levin philosophically asks, if this is the routine that will be allowed to continue, do we even need a Congress? This President doesn't think so...and apparently some in Congress think their elected, representative position is just a paid vacation.

Obama's Carney barker resigns

Wow. What a good Friday it's turning out to be...
NYDailyNews: White House Press Secretary Jay Carney is stepping down, President Obama announced Friday in a surprise statement at the start of Carney's daily press briefing.

Carney, who said he planned to leave in mid-June, will be replaced by Josh Earnest, a deputy press secretary.

"In April, Jay came to me in the Oval Office and said that he was thinking of moving on, and I was not thrilled, to say the least ... but Jay has had to wrestle with this decision for quite some time," the President told reporters.

Obama praised Carney for his "good heart" and "temperament" as he dealt with the media since he replaced Robert [F]ibbs as the White House's chief spokesman in early 2011.
Ok, I replaced the 'G' with an 'F'...nonetheless, good riddance to this annoying spokeshole! Just keep'em rolling, though.

Obama's next, right? If only...

VA Secretary resigns, Obama accepts with 'considerable regret'

After all the excuses and lip service on Capitol Hill, as well as the President's military rounds this week, looks like Shinseki is falling on his sword to protect Obama (and Democratic reelections). Note, this is the VA Secretary taking the lead, though, not the President...typical.
NYDailyNews: President Obama accepted the resignation of Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki on Friday as politics trumped the President’s clear admiration for the retired four-star general.

Shinseki did not want to leave. But his desire to stay and clean up what he now concedes are “systemic” foul-ups with hospital wait times crashed into election-year realities facing Obama and fellow Democrats.

Obama said he accepted the resignation “with considerable regret” and praised Shinseki’s “service to this country” and reforms he’d announced earlier Friday.

The President said he made the move now because he accepted Shinseki’s own “belief that he would be a distraction from the task at hand.” He deflected the suggestion that Shinseki was a scapegoat.
Uh huh...another one under the bus. And though Obama claims that the VA will be fixed this time, we’ve heard that all before. Remember, and he even mentioned it in this morning's presser, then-Senator Obama was a member of the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee...and still did nothing, except promise to fix it when he became President.

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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Not another incumbent RINO, Mississippi! It's time to elect Chris McDaniel

Less than a week to go, Mississippi...not another incumbent RINO! It's time to elect a genuine constitutional conservative, folks. And I couldn't think of a better state to do it than my birth-state, or a better man to elect this primary season than Chris McDaniel.

Chris joined Glenn Beck on the Blaze radio last week...

Chris also joined the Great One last Thursday evening...
TRS: Mark Levin had conservative Chris McDaniel on who is running to oust incumbent Thad Cochran from the US Senate. A few highlights are that McDaniel said fundraising has been going great, but they are trying to close the deal now and is raising more donations. He says he is leading in a couple of recent public polls and pointed out that Cochran refuses to debate him despite a close race. [listen to FULL INTERVIEW].
Sen. McDaniel had the opportunity to speak at the Religious Liberty Conference this year, discussing religious liberty legislation that he authored while serving in the state Senate.

Meanwhile, Thad continues to dodge...
TRS: CNN’s Dana Bash did a story on the Senate race between Chris McDaniel and incumbent Thad Cochran, telling how the local blogger took pictures of Cochrans wife in a hospital in order to raise questions about Cochran’s alleged current relationship with his aide.

She interviewed McDaniel for the piece but when she tried to interview Cochran, she says his team went to great lengths to run from her, even switching vehicles. Apparently that didn’t play well in Mississippi so today Cochran held an actual press conference and took photos of himself with reporters and tweeted them out, to show he’s not running from the press or something.

The choice is clear, folks. Now Is The Time!

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LEVIN: Eric Cantor is only pretending to oppose amnesty

Here's an open plea for Virginia to do a better job in the primary season than Kentucky or Ohio have...

MFP: Republican House Majority Leader Eric Cantor has been a strong advocate for amnesty and illegal immigration.

Cantor has worked hand in hand with La Raza operative Luis Gutierrez to pass the DREAM Act– legislation that would grant citizenship to millions of illegal aliens that entered the United States as children (most of whom are now overweight adults)…
"One of the great founding principles of our country was that children would not be punished for the mistakes of their parents.
But facing an unexpectedly tough primary challenge from Dave Brat– Cantor has been forced to pretend to oppose amnesty until after the election…
"The day after Cantor portrayed himself as an anti-amnesty warrior in campaign literature, Brat accused Cantor of coordinating with Democratic Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL), the Democrat holding the rival press conference, to provide him political cover in his moment of greatest need.

Cantor, Brat noted, had previously visited sites with Gutierrez in a pro-immigration reform tour.
Cantor has even gone so far as to manufacture a fake argument between himself and Obama. After Obama called to wish Cantor a happy Passover– Cantor reported that the two had a heated argument about immigration…
"White House officials expressed surprise at Cantor’s reaction to the Obama phone call, describing it as a pleasant Passover greeting. …

A White House official said the White House was surprised by Mr. Cantor’s reaction, saying Mr. Obama had only called the majority leader to wish him a happy Passover…the official said the call was ‘pleasant.’”

RUSH: The Obama Doctrine: ‘America is NOT anything Exceptional’ (LEVIN ADDENDUM)

While all the mediaites spin in the wind trying to figure out what the Obama Doctrine is, Rush hits the nail on the head...
"The Obama Doctrine basically is that America has been a false superpower, an illegitimate one, not a real one. We acquired our superpower in less than honest ways, and now the world sees us for who we really are, and we must now demonstrate to the world that we are no longer that cowboy country just running roughshod over everybody, sending our military anywhere we want them to go.

Now, I could get a little more nuanced and detailed than even that, but the sum total of the Obama Doctrine is that there's nothing exceptional about this place, and what everybody thought was exceptional about it was misguided, because this country's got too much baggage to ever be considered exceptional, and we need to apologize and acknowledge that we're aware of that now to the rest of the world, so that we will be seen with more friendly eyes."

"He has a chip on his shoulder about this country. It's how he was raised. It's how he was educated. Look, when a guy writes in his own book that his first job out of college in a law firm, he thinks he's in enemy territory because he's at a capitalist organization, that should tell you something. When a guy tells you he wants single-payer socialized health care, it should tell you something. When the guy assumes office, and even before he assumes office, apologizes for America in several foreign policy speeches, it should tell you something. And to me, it said a lot.

The Obama Doctrine is resulting from, it's based on the fact that he's got a chip on his shoulder about this country from the moment it was founded. In his mind, and you've heard me say this before, it was unjust, it was immoral, it codified the supremacy of whites and the rich and the elites at the expense of minorities, people of color, and the poor. It was a rigged game from the outset, a system designed to keep the elites, elites and the rich, rich, and everybody else with nothing. It was a country that grew and expanded and became powerful by virtue of its illegitimacy. And it grew and expanded by virtue of not liberating the oppressed around the world, but rather, going around the world and stealing the resources from other parts of the world and bring them home and using them as our own, and of course we could become a superpower if we were gonna be thieves.

They never use those words, but this is what he believes. This country's superpower status was never truly, honestly deserved. It was, and we were a superpower, but we didn't deserve to be, because we frequently, what would he say today, 'abandoned our values' and 'we forgot our roots' and 'we behaved in manners of our enemies.' And so now, this country has to be brought back down to size, because you see, to the modern American Left, America the superpower was not real. If it was illegitimate, it wasn't deserved, so it's not real. It's just like they say, that the 20 years of economic expansion that started during the Reagan years, that was a quark of fate, that wasn't real. The real America is all of the misery and inequality and discrimination that existed before that, and has now returned. This is the real America. This is the new normal. This is what it is. America's glory days of the past were simply not real, because they derived from illegitimacy and immorality, and as such, we really didn't deserve it.

So, the Obama Doctrine is America needs to be cut down to size. The Obama Doctrine is America is not anything exceptional."
Rush also explains that Obama really doesn't know what the hell exceptionalism means. I'm convinced of that as well. He doesn't understand that America IS the exception to the tyranny of the world that had ever existed.
"The Constitution of this country was written for the first time in human history to LIMIT the power of its leaders, to LIMIT the power of its government."
The exception of America that you can't get through to these numb skulls is not that we're somehow better or smarter people, but that we've had more freedom and liberty, "We've had the ability to live our lives according to our desires, not according to the limits placed on us by other human beings."

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ADDENDUM: Similarly, Mark Levin said last night that Obama is a serious revolutionary who believes this country is built on a foundation of evil... (H/t: TRS)
"I listened to Obama’s speech today at West Point and I thought to myself this man hasn’t learned a damn thing from being president. He hasn’t learned a damn thing about evil. He hans’t learned a damn thing about the greatness, indeed the righteousness of this country. He hasn’t learned a damn thing about our enemies.

He is committed to unilaterally disarming this country. He is committed to weakening this country because he’s been indoctrinated and he believes, not that this country is exceptional, but this country is built on a foundation of evil. I honestly believe this. Otherwise why would he conduct himself the way that he does?

He believes that this nation has been colonialist. He believes this nation has been treacherous to minorities all over the world, not to mention in our own country.

He believes that America needs to “change” — and I don’t mean change for the better. I mean that our constitutional system, he believes is inadequate for the objectives that he seeks.

Here at home he’s been a complete and utter disaster and many, many millions of people are suffering as a result and many, many millions more will suffer as a result."
If this isn't D'Souza's 2016 film coming to fruition, then I don't know what is.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Levin joins Hannity to discuss Obama's West Point speech, foreign policy, scandals, and DC GOP

An all-encompassing interview between Hannity and the Great One...
TRS: Mark Levin gave a great interview on Hannity tonight discussing both Obama from his speech today, his scandals, and the problem with Republicans in Washington and why we need to take over the Republican Party.

"We're watching a man who's degraded the United States military from the recruits all the way to the vets. ...

Putin's watching this, the Red Chinese Communists are watching this, our enemies all over the world, our allies too of course, and what are they taking away from this? They're taking away that this is not a leader, he's not a Commander-in-Chief, he's unilaterally disarming the United States. He goes to West Point and he tells the warriors, these men who are trained to be warriors, these women who are trained to be warriors, 'Don't worry, I'm not sending you overseas.' I'm not into reckless interventionism, these democracy projects and so forth, but I am into the strongest national security defense any nation can have, and the next President of the United States is gonna have a hell of a job, not just rebuilding the economy, but rebuilding the United States military."
In the second segment, Levin minced no words in describing the Beltway Republican establishment...
"What we have now with the Republican leadership is essentially neo-statists who are supported by crony capitalists."

H/t: MassTeaParty

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ADDENDUM: On Wednesday's Mark Levin Show...
President Obama spoke at the West Point military academy earlier Wednesday and instead of taking the opportunity to make a positive influence on our up and coming military volunteers, he politicized it - at times even bringing up global warming. Mark says that Obama has let this country down, and that he is putting us at risk by not building up our military. Obama mentioned the Law of the Sea Convention, which would bind us to an international body in the United Nations, basically putting our sovereignty at risk. Meanwhile, China and other countries are free to roam the South China Sea and do as they please, now knowing that Obama has said we won't interfere. There is no doubt anymore that Obama hates America and thinks it was built on a foundation of evil that needs to change.
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Waltz Across Texas! Tea Party candidates WIN BIG in primary runoffs

YEAH! Leave it up to Texas to keep us on track. Thank You! You can just hear the disdain of the lib media, along with the Rove-like establishment. Music to our ears!

CBSHouston: Republican voters appeared ready to push Texas even further to the right Tuesday, backing Tea Party favorites and casting out longtime Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst for a state senator and firebrand radio talk show host who criticized the incumbent as too moderate for one of the state’s most powerful political jobs.

Dan Patrick, who emerged as the front runner from the first round of voting, easily beat Dewhurst in the primary runoff for the GOP nomination, ending the political career of a multimillionaire energy businessman who has been lieutenant governor since 2003. Dewhurst had said this would be his final campaign.

“Salute the Tea Party of Texas!” Patrick said in his victory speech that quoted scripture. “Tea Party folks love America, they love the Constitution, they love (free) markets, they love the Second Amendment and they love Texas. … If you love America, welcome to the grass roots of the Republican Party.”

With Texas Democrats again the underdogs in November, many Tea Party-aligned candidates who won Tuesday are poised to pursue an aggressively conservative agenda that would likely include further spending cuts, expanded gun rights, and more restrictions on abortion and illegal immigration.

Tuesday’s Republican runoffs settled nominations for four major offices and nearly a dozen statehouse seats.

In the GOP campaign for attorney general between two state legislators, Tea Party-backed Ken Paxton beat Dan Branch, who is a member of the House leadership team.

Sid Miller won the nod for agriculture commissioner over his former colleague in the Legislature, Tommy Merritt, whom he accused of being too moderate.

And in a Northeast Texas congressional district, U.S. Rep. Ralph Hall, at 91 the oldest-ever member of the U.S. House, was beaten by 48-year-old former U.S. Attorney John Ratcliffe, who enjoyed backing from powerful national groups with Tea Party ties.
Also, thanks for kicking us off, Sen. Cruz! And reflecting on that last win mentioned, let's keep the momentum going into Mississippi's primary. Now is the time!

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ADDENDUM: Rush says the Left can dream that the Tea Party is dead, but it isn’t going anywhere. And reports of the Tea Party's demise by their media mouthpieces are grossly exaggerated...

Sunday, May 25, 2014

A Memorial Day Blessing

This Memorial Day, remember to thank a veteran, remember those who paid the ultimate price, and offer prayer for them all...

For the Army...
O LORD God of Hosts, stretch forth, we pray thee, thine almighty arm to strengthen and protect the soldiers of our country; Support them in the day of battle, and in the time of peace keep them safe from all evil; endue them with courage and loyalty; and grant that in all things they may serve without reproach; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.
For the Navy...
ETERNAL Lord God, who alone spreadest out the heavens, and rulest the raging of the sea; Vouchsafe to take into thy almighty and most gracious protection our country’s Navy, and all who serve therein. Preserve them from the dangers of the sea, and from the violence of the enemy; that they may be a safeguard unto the United States of America, and a security for such as pass on the seas upon their lawful occasions; that the inhabitants of our land may in peace and quietness serve thee our God, to the glory of thy Name; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.
And finally, a prayer of Memorial...
ALMIGHTY God, our heavenly Father, in whose hands are the living and the dead; We give thee thanks for all those thy servants who have laid down their lives in the service of our country. Grant to them thy mercy and the light of thy presence, that the good work which thou hast begun in them may be perfected; through Jesus Christ thy Son our Lord. Amen.
God Bless all those who have served and sacrificed for our nation. May we continue to always honor them.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Issa: As Benghazi consulate burned, WH was emailing Youtube about Islam video

Smoke and mirrors from the very beginning, folks. Issa says he's got the proof that the White House was emailing Youtube to take down the ‘Islam video’ while the consulate was burning...

H/t: TRS

Levin BLASTS Dems over Redskins name change

Levin blasted Cantwell and 49 of her Democratic colleagues who signed a letter on Thursday demanding the Washington Redskins change their know, 'cause they've got nothing better to do in the nation's Capitol than to race-bait before the next election cycle...
"They haven't done a damn thing for minority unemployment in this country. In fact, they want to make it worse with their asinine push for an increase in the minimum wage. In fact, they haven't done a damn thing for anybody in this country! But this they think is important. ...

This is the same party that promoted Robert Byrd! This is the same party whose current leader made racist statements about Barack Obama! The NBA acted quickly. Did the Democrat Party act quickly and expel Harry Reid? Of course not! That's different, even though he's the Donald Sterling of the Senate?! Of course not, that's different!"
Oh, there's more, so listen to the rest! GREAT overview of the historical and deliberate racism of the Democratic Party, from Jim Crow and Woodrow Wilson to Robert 'KKK' Byrd and Harry Reid...

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Oklahoma is derived from the Choctaw words okla and humma, meaning "red people"
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Prison inmates to be offered yoga classes

Seriously? We can't get vets the help they need, but we can give yoga classes to prison inmates? If this isn't proof enough that all of our country's priorities are truly upside down...
HeraldNet: The New Mexico Department of Corrections is using a new method to prepare inmates for life outside prison — yoga.

Corrections officials recently launched a "yoga and mindfulness" program as part of the department's many rehabilitation efforts.

According to the department, the yoga classes will "help incarcerated individuals on their path to self-discovery, healing, and ultimately into living differently."

Officials said other prisons systems are using yoga classes as a method for increasing inmate and public safety and for lowering rates of recidivism rates.
Yet another stab in the dark from the rehabilitationists that have tried anything and everything  under the sun for decade upon decade when the one proven deterrent is HARD TIME!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

RUSH gives us the VA scandal rundown

Rush gives us the rundown today of how this VA scandal is developing on all fronts.

Obama comes out yesterday, puffs up his chest in feigned outrage, acting as if he just found out about this even though he's known about everything, and the MSM latch onto that, pouncing on the opportunity to protect their hope.

Now to set this scenario up, first there has to be plausible deniability on Obama's part. He didn’t want to know about the VA scandal!

RUSH: Now, there’s one other explanation for the VA mess only coming to light recently. And it may be a bit of a stretch because Obama may, and Shinseki may not have this degree of control over it, because this was affecting a whole lot of people, but it still has big possibilities here. Obama comes out yesterday and said (paraphrasing), “I didn’t know anything about this. I’m livid. I’m not gonna tolerate this. I’ve told Shinseki, ‘You investigate and you find out. We’re not gonna have this. We’re not gonna have 40 people die. We’re not gonna have all these fake wait lists. You fix it!’”

Why not come out and do this last year? Why not find out about it, get mad about it, and make a big deal of it earlier? And the answer — sad to say — plausible deniability. The only way that such a determined ignorance on the part of Obama makes any sense is if he didn’t want to know. And it’s entirely possible. You know, presidents love plausible deniability, particularly when there’s a scandal involved. “You keep my fingerprints off this. There aren’t gonna be smoking gun memos, IRS, whatever it is, I don’t want to know.”
That's a perfect setup for the media whitewash, led of course by Pelosi's Democratic crew, with the old 'it's Bush's fault' standard, as the media transfers the anger over the VA scandal from Obama's six-year tenure to the former administration...

RUSH: Now, the CNN guy can’t believe what he’s hearing. He can’t believe this. It doesn’t make sense. It doesn’t compute. Now, somehow they have got to get from this to it being Bush’s fault, see. Because this guy, Drew Griffin, this is the normal reaction to have. We’re six years into the Obama administration. We’re still in Afghanistan because of Obama. He’s got his drawdown, but he’s not pulled everybody out yet. We’re still there. Gitmo is still open, and we’re still capturing bad guys around the planet. And so this guy learns about all these delays, people not being treated and worse, and he can’t believe it. That’s the normal reaction. And this follows — you’ll have to remember, we had a sound bite from the same reporter yesterday who couldn’t believe that Obama would go out yesterday and act like he didn’t know about any of this. So then after this little exchange, Anderson Cooper weighed in with his two cents.

COOPER: I mean, it’s really incredible. I mean, you know, we all hear about delays and stuff, but, I mean, somebody who’s recently returned with a war injury, with an IED injury, lost a limb, severe PTSD is told to wait 10 months, I mean, that’s insane.

RUSH: Yeah, it’s insane. Now, what they’re going to have to do is transfer this incredulity and anger to it being the fault of George W. Bush. ‘Cause right now the normal reaction — this is six years we’re into the Obama administration. We’re in the second term. How can Shinseki or Obama or whoever allow this to happen? That’s the normal reaction. So let’s re-listen to Pelosi from earlier today as she sets the stage for how all of this at the VA is gonna end up being blamed on George Bush.
Now, while all that's being formulated, here comes the shocker. Obama suddenly wants to set aside his ideas about socialized medicine in the one area that should be a national obligation: veterans' health care. It seems he wants them to pay for their own through the private sector (that'd be the same private industry that he's currently dismantling). So in essence, this solves nothing towards the country's obligation to care for our vets... 

RUSH: March 17, 2009: “This next story is an absolute shocker.” I’m reading from the website. This is a transcript from this program. “This next story is an absolute shocker. Actually, it’s a two-parter and it’s all over the place. It’s McClatchy, it’s AP, the veterans groups have even put out a press release. ‘The Obama administration is considering making veterans use private insurance to pay for treatment of combat and service-related injuries.

The plan would be an about-face on what veterans believe is a long-standing pledge to pay for health care costs that result from their military service. But in a White House meeting Monday, veterans groups apparently failed to persuade President Obama to take the plan off the table.” So Ralph was right. Now his point was (summarized), “I don’t care what Obama said yesterday. I don’t believe him. I don’t believe he was mad. I don’t believe he cares and I don’t believe he wants to get to the bottom of it, because Obama wants veterans to be paying for their own health care insurance and treatment on their own,” and it turns out Ralph was right.

James O’Keefe EXPOSES Hollywood environmentalists

Down to their very fiber, it's all just another act...and now we know it!
KellyFileExclusive: Activist James O'Keefe discussed with Megyn Kelly his undercover investigation involving Hollywood celebrities, trying to 'entrap them in hypocrisy' over green energy policy.

Fox411: James O'Keefe says his secret recording of actors Ed Begley, Jr. and Mariel Hemingway meeting with two men pretending to represent Middle East oil interests who want to fund an anti-fracking movie is just the tip of the iceberg.

"We have more videos, more celebrities," O'Keefe told FOX411 in an interview Wednesday at the Cannes Film Festival where he premiered his film 'Hollywood's War on U.S. Energy.' "So we're going to hold back a lot of ammunition."

O'Keefe said he hosted a screening for 'Hollywood's War on U.S. Energy' in Cannes because "this is the celebrities' back yard, their playground." He said he expects Hollywood to come after him after the controversial new 20-minute film premieres.

Mariel Hemingway's manager Tracy Columbus hinted at legal action, telling the Hollywood Reporter O'Keefe may have "legal issues on this one."

O'Keefe points out the recording were made in a public place, and trusts his First Amendment rights will trump any legal recourse taken by the subjects of his film.

In the film, Begley, Jr. and Hemingway take a meeting with a man identified as 'Mohammed' and an ad executive helping to facilitate the deal. They are meeting on behalf of Josh and Rebecca Tickell, the husband and wife team behind 2008's environmental-themed movie 'Fuel,' who are looking for money to make an anti-fracking movie 'Fracked.'

Now that's a beautiful picture!

Zucker admits that CNN is part of the left-wing agenda

Here's a great case study of stripes finally being revealed.

On the one hand, there's an admission that the enviro-propaganda's not working, but they're gonna push it anyway...
Breitbart: CNN boss Jeff Zucker conceded that his audience is not interested in the network's global warming agenda, but he indicated that he will try to find more creative ways to make them care.

"Climate change is one of those stories that deserves more attention, that we all talk about, but we haven't figured out how to engage the audience in that story in a meaningful way," Zucker said Monday at an awards dinner in New York. "When we do do those stories, there does tend to be a tremendous amount of lack of interest on the audience's part."

CNN's ratings have suffered because the network masquerades as being objective while backing a blatantly liberal agenda. However, its climate change push, by Zucker's own admission, may be even too much for the few people who still regularly watch what had once been the "most trusted name in news."
On the flip side of that, while foisting a narrative onto viewers that they really don't believe or care to hear, the network boss proclaims 'we're not going to be shamed' into covering a story that everyone actually wants to hear about (i.e., another Obama administration scandal)...
TheDC: CNN President Jeff Zucker declared his network would “not going to be shamed” into covering Benghazi and other stories without “real news value” at an awards dinner Monday.

Capital New York reports that Zucker explained CNN’s post-plane plans during an interview at the Deadline Club’s annual dinner on Monday night.

“I don’t think there’s any question about our commitment to breaking news, as evidenced by all the questions about the plane,” Zucker told The New York Times’ Bill Carter.

“So we’re still there whenever that happens,” he continued, “but we’re going to supplement that with some different kind of storytelling.”

What kind of stories? “Climate change is one of those stories that deserves more attention, that we all talk about,” he explained — though he lamented the fact that “when we do do those stories, there does tend to be a tremendous amount of lack of interest on the audience’s part.”

But there are some stories Zucker is loathe to touch, like the House select committee on Benghazi scandal.

“We’re not going to be shamed into it by others who have political beliefs that want to try to have temper tantrums to shame other news organizations into covering something,” he explained, taking a not-so-subtle shot at the Republican Party. “If it’s of real news value, we’ll cover it.”

For all his talk of “real news,” Zucker felt compelled to explain why his network obsessively covered the missing airliner for two months despite possessing almost no new information.
So the template is as follows: Climate change, YES! Missing plane, ad nauseam. Benghazi...crickets.

As Rush said yesterday, Zucker has essentially admitted what we've known for a while now, that CNN is part of the left-wing agenda, instead of doing its job reporting the news...

White Privilege Conference EXPOSED!

Indoctrinating teachers to indoctrinate your children in critical race theory and anti-capitalism. ~ William A. Jacobson, Legal Insurrection
Just in case you haven't heard, here's the new level of hate, Marxism and anti-Christian indoctrination for so-called educators that they'd like to permeate throughout our schools and instill in their students (a.k.a. our children!)...oh, and on the taxpayer dime to boot!
GatewayPundit: WHITE PRIVILEGE CONFERENCE trains 2,400 educators to attack capitalism and Christianity in the name of defeating racism (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

Progressives Today went undercover to expose the new levels of hate and race-baiting at the White Privilege Conference 2014 in Madison, Wisconsin. The conference was filled with hate-filled rhetoric and far left lunacy.

Progressives Today released this teaser video today with much more to follow.

“I mean, these people, are they crazy? They really think that this is Martin Luther King’s dream? Really? He wanted an equal shot. He wanted to be judged by the content of his character. We don't judge people by the content of their character anymore. We don't. We judge people solely on the color of their skin. You are a racist, if you are white. If you are black, you are oppressed. It doesn’t matter. You are oppressed. Really? And if you’re not – if you're Condoleezza Rice, well, then you are not really black, you're a racist! Wait, what? This is not Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King's vision. It's not, because it doesn't make any sense. None.” ~ Glenn Beck has released the footage captured in four separate parts:
Get informed and understand what's happening with our children in American schools. This hateful leftist propaganda must be CRUSHED! And the more that can be exposed, the better.

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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Obamacare provides bailout for insurance companies

"If conservatives want to stop the illegal Obamacare insurance bailout before it starts they must start planning now." ~ Conn Carroll,
Those dirty insurance companies...oh, wait. This is the government's Ponzi scheme! Obama's gonna subsidize insurance carriers with our tax dollars while his regime aides in the industry's demise, so they won't collapse all at once and thus prove the ineffectiveness and dysfunction of his health care dictate, you see. Oh, gracias, Presidente! But there'd be no need for it if Big Government would keep its hands out of private matters!
LATimes: The Obama administration has quietly adjusted key provisions of its signature healthcare law to potentially make billions of additional taxpayer dollars available to the insurance industry if companies providing coverage through the Affordable Care Act lose money.

The move was buried in hundreds of pages of new regulations issued late last week. It comes as part of an intensive administration effort to hold down premium increases for next year, a top priority for the White House as the rates will be announced ahead of this fall's congressional elections.

Administration officials for months have denied charges by opponents that they plan a "bailout" for insurance companies providing coverage under the healthcare law.

They continue to argue that most insurers shouldn't need to substantially increase premiums because safeguards in the healthcare law will protect them over the next several years.

But the change in regulations essentially provides insurers with another backup: If they keep rate increases modest over the next couple of years but lose money, the administration will tap federal funds as needed to cover shortfalls.
Crickets from the five-term, permanent minority incumbent reelected in Kentucky last night, as well as the rest of the miscreants within the GOP leadership. You know, I was gonna use the peanut gallery analogy, but that's far more reactive than their timidity on display.

Obama keeps VA Secretary, praises as 'great soldier', denies wait times led to deaths

What does it take to get fired in the Obama administration? Evidently more than having 40 veterans die on a waiting list in one Arizona facility that you oversee! No, for that you're referred to as a 'great soldier'...
WeeklyStandard: President Obama didn't ask his VA secretary to resign. Instead, after meeting with Secretary Eric Shinseki, Obama addressed the press and praised the embattled cabinet member:

"Ric Shinseki has been a great soldier. He himself is a disabled veteran, and nobody cares more about our veterans than Ric Shinseki. So if you ask me how do I think Ric Shinseki has performed overall? I would say that on homelessness, on 9/11 GI bill, on working with us to reduce the backlog across the board he has put his heart and soul into this thing and he has taken it very seriously," said Obama.

"But I have said to Ric [Shinseki] and I said it to him today, I want to see what the results of these reports are, and there is going to be accountability. And I'm going to expect even before the reports are done that we are seeing significant improvement in terms of how the admissions process takes place in all of our VA health care facilities. So I now he cares about it deeply. And he has been a great public servant and a great warrior on behalf of the United States of America."
But Obama won't stand for VA misconduct...please. Enough with the feigned outrage always after he supposedly finds out via the press (more BS!).

Oh, he also denied that wait times led to deaths. Really getting to the bottom of it, ain't he? He'll probably say there's not a smidgen of corruption in just a few short months...
WeaselZippers: All you can do is shake your head in disbelief.

Via the transcript from today’s remarks:
"[W]ell, we have to find out first of all what exactly happened. And I don’t want to get ahead of the IG report or the other investigations that are being done.

And I think it is important to recognize that the wait times generally — what the IG indicated so far, at least, is the wait times were folks who may have had chronic conditions, were seeking their next appointment, but may have already received service. It was not necessarily a situation where they were calling for emergency services. And the IG indicated that he did not see a link between the wait and them actually dying.

That does not excuse the fact that the wait times in general are too long in some facilities. And so what we have to do is find out what exactly happened. We have to find out how can we realistically cut some of these wait times. There has been a large influx of new veterans coming in. We’ve got a population of veterans that is also aging, as part of the baby boom population. And we’ve got to make sure that the scheduling system, the access to the system, that all those things are in sync."
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ADDENDUM: Oh, get this...House Majority Leader Eric Cantor's solution: give the VA Secretary more power!
RawStory: The House of Representatives will vote this week on a bill to make it easier for the Department of Veterans Affairs to fire or demote senior executives, officials said on Tuesday, following accusations that veterans’ healthcare delays have led to preventable deaths.

The bill addressing the “mess at the Veterans Administration” will “try and provide the tools to the administration to hold senior managers accountable,” House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, a Republican, told reporters.
More government on top of government...yeah, that'll solve everything (facepalm).

The liberal hypocrisy of campaign finance

Money in politics is only bad when it’s given to support Republicans and their agenda. But when big donors throw money at Democrats and their agenda, it might as well be from angels ~ The Right Scoop
Case in point, Tom Steyer buys off Koch-addict Harry Reid and gets a pass...
FreeBeacon: Left wing eco-billionaire Tom Steyer has formally purchased Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D., Nev.). Steyer recently donated $5 million to Senate Majority PAC, the pro-Democratic Super PAC run by former Reid aides, making him the single largest contributor to the group.

The transaction is related to Steyer’s broader effort to buy American democracy for $100 million and block construction of the wildly popular Keystone XL pipeline. In fact, news of Steyer’s donation comes just days after Senate Democrats helped kill a bipartisan energy efficiency bill after Republicans tried to require a vote on Keystone approval.

It also highlights the absurdity of Harry Reid’s senile jihad against the billionaire Koch brothers. Reid has accused the Kochs of “trying to buy America,” while insisting that Steyer is a benign billionaire who is simply “concerned about climate change.”
Meanwhile, Dinesh D'Souza gets the book thrown at him...
TRS: Dinesh D’Souza wasn’t allowed by the Judge to contest the selective prosecution of his case, so he basically had no defense and was forced to take a deal. The government agreed to drop the more serious charge if he’d plead guilty to the lesser charge, something he readily admits he did, however naive he was.

He does make the obvious point, though, that the Obama administration doesn’t seem to care about Harry Reid and his illegal use of campaign money, which only makes his point even more that he’s been targeted because of his political views.

Despite whether you agree or disagree with campaign finance laws, there's no denying the political double standards at play.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

POLL: McDaniel beating Cochran 43-36%!

We win some, we lose's inevitable. Last week, a win with Sasse in Nebraska; tonight a loss for Bevin with McConnell winning his sixth term. Nonetheless, conservatives shouldn't allow tonight's results to tarnish the grassroots eruption occurring in Mississippi. Keep the surge going, folks!
Breitbart: A new poll from Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund shows that Tea Party-backed state Sen. Chris McDaniel has seven-point lead over 36-year incumbent Sen. Thad Cochran (R-MS).

The poll, conducted by pollster George Birnbaum of GEB International who surveyed 600 likely GOP primary voters on May 14, shows McDaniel beating Cochran outside the 4 percent margin of error 43 percent to 36 percent.

The Tea Party group says this is a 30-point swing in favor of McDaniel since its last poll, conducted on April 2 with the same confidence level and same number of likely GOP primary voters, showed McDaniel losing to Cochran 28 percent to 51 percent, respectively.

“A 30-point ballot move in six weeks is rare, indeed,” Birnbaum said in a release. “Clearly, as more voters are tuning in to the race, and learning more about Chris McDaniel, and learning more about how Thad Cochran has lost touch with Mississippi values, they are moving away from Cochran and to McDaniel.”

Birnbaum added that the poll shows “a strong indication of McDaniel’s surge,” but he added, “perhaps more important is the fact that 80% of those with a favorable view of McDaniel say they plan to vote for him, against just 70% of those with a favorable view of Cochran who say they plan to vote for him.”

“Historically, incumbents who don’t win the votes of at least 80% of the voters who view them favorably don’t win,” Birnbaum said.

Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund exclusively told Breitbart News, too, that 68.5 percent of respondents said it was “unacceptable” when asked that “that despite Thad Cochran’s four decades as one of the most powerful politicians in Washington, Mississippi still ranks dead last in so many categories like education and median income.”

As such, McDaniel’s surge—as evidenced by this poll and another poll from Citizens United, where he is just inside the margin of error with a slim lead over Cochran—comes as he publicly embraced the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) pledge against amnesty and a massive increase in legal immigration instead pledging to help American workers find work. And it comes as McDaniel backed the “conservative reform agenda” of Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT), designed to offer proactive conservative policies that shrink government’s influence in people’s lives while getting them back to work and on the pathway to economic prosperity.
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Kentucky, you've failed us

Polls are in, and the establishment is breaking out the champagne with a McConnell sixth-term win in the bluegrass state tonight. However, I'm sorry to say this says more about Kentucky voters than, why has Kentucky failed us? Well, this may contain a two-fold explanation...

Following the polls over the past week, The Courier-Journal has shown McConnell besting Bevin, while being tied with Grimes.
U.S. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell still holds a commanding lead over Louisville businessman Matt Bevin as the Republican primary race enters its final weekend, but his potential match-up this fall against Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes remains a toss-up, according to the latest Bluegrass Poll.

The poll found that 55 percent of likely GOP voters support McConnell, while 35 percent favor Bevin. Three other Republican candidates split 5 percent of the vote, with the remaining 5 percent undecided.

But the poll found that McConnell is in a statistical dead heat with a November showdown looming, with 43 percent favoring her and 42 percent backing McConnell, a five-term incumbent. McConnell would do slightly better in a head-to-head match-up with Grimes than Bevin would.
Grimes, but not Bevin? I know...WTF, Kentucky? Well, apparently Republican Kentuckians have not only bought into McConnell's propaganda of being conservative, as well as bringing home the bacon at the expense of the rest of the country, but they're obviously also panicked that the Democrats have a serious threat to the five-term Republican-turned-RINO incumbent. Which should give reason enough to refresh the field, but such rationale is not the case.

Also, there seems to be a shift occurring in the state. Although McConnell wins tonight, the King of Kentucky's reign is no longer viewed as the defining element of Republicanism in the state...
NationalJournal: The headquarters of the Republican Party of Kentucky occupies the corner of a leafy neighborhood about a half-dozen blocks north of the Capitol. There are two signs out front. One, in gold lettering, identifies the facility as the party headquarters. The other reads: “MITCH McCONNELL BUILDING.”

And so it has been. For three decades, Mitch McConnell, the Senate minority leader and the state’s senior senator, has been the face, heart, and brains of Kentucky Republicanism. And although he is expected to dispatch his tea-party primary opponent, Matt Bevin, with ease on Tuesday, the campaign has put on display a simple fact: McConnell is no longer the singular force here he once was.

“There’s a change of the guard taking place now in Kentucky,” said James Comer, the state agriculture commissioner and front-runner—though he is still technically undeclared—for the GOP gubernatorial nomination in 2015. “It’s still McConnell’s Republican Party, but it’s edging toward being Rand’s Republican Party.”
Ok, this could be viewed as a positive or a negative. The positive is change from the establishment that McConnell represents. However, the problem lies in what that change is towards. Aside from Rand's squishy record thus far, particularly in upholding a foundational rule of law (Voter ID, immigration, Obamacare, etc.), if such a transition occurs, the Republican field likely splits with libertarianism, while the Democrats rout the elected offices (no offense to the conservatives among libertarians, it's just what happens). Of course, that's a problem with any split, which is why so many have advocated for a revitalized Republican Party, meaning core conservative (squish-free)!

In the end, if Republican voters in the state can't see the big picture in sending a conservative to D.C. in place of The Crony of establishment cronies, then perhaps they deserve what they get when the Democrat trounces the Senate Minority Leader. And if that's the only way to shake Mitch out of Washington, then woe to Kentucky...but so be it.

Levin may be hesitant in such a strategy, but the pain needs to happen now, so the future can be brighter. Otherwise, the status quo keeps dragging our status low, state by state.

Kentucky Republicans could have gotten rid of McConnell the easy way with the election of an actual conservative. Instead, now the state's GOP voter base will be asking themselves how they could've been so blind when they lose him the hard way to a modern Democrat.

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Death Panels reach the VA first

This has been brewing for over a week now, but here's how yet another disgrace under this President has unfolded thus far just this week...
"So, in truth, when it comes to the VA, Obama hasn’t done anything. Not one head has rolled. Not one person’s been punished here, folks. Forty veterans died in what is, to many people, the modern embodiment of the death panel. You had 40 veterans on a special waiting list and the government workers that pared that list down got a bonus for making the list shorter. How’d the list get shorter? Fewer people on it. How’d that happen? They died."

"People on these lists assume that they’re being moved ahead of the line. That’s the purpose of the secret list, that they’re going to really be taken care of. Because the backlog is so jammed, the line for treatment at the VA is so long that they’ve come up with this secret list business, and the people on that list think that they’re essentially being moved to the top of the class, or the head of the line, in front of the line. And they’re just being ignored.

Now, over a hundred people, if you add the Dayton Daily News story today, over a hundred people have died while on these lists. It’s simply unconscionable. So you have to ask, the natural assumption is that nobody wants these people to die, even if you add the death panel component, nobody wants these people to die, yet they are. At the very least what we’re dealing with here is a total inability to deal with this. And at worst it’s the death panel being done on purpose.

But no matter how you come down on this, I mean, some of you are not gonna want to believe the death panel aspect, even though the evidence is pretty clear. When you have government employees receiving salary bonuses for ostensibly saving money by virtue of shrinking the number of people on the list, how does that happen? How do people end up off the list and not treated? They pass away. And if you’re gonna have government employees bonused on that basis, then you would be not that far out of whack to assume there might be some death panel at work here."

Supposedly, Obama's 'mad as hell,' but many would beg to differ, even some from CNNparticular since this promise has persisted as a rehashed campaign promise over and over again...

So you see, HE KNEW! And per the WashingtonTimes, as far back as 2008!
The Obama administration received clear notice more than five years ago that VA medical facilities were reporting inaccurate waiting times and experiencing scheduling failures that threatened to deny veterans timely health care — problems that have turned into a growing scandal.

Veterans Affairs officials warned the Obama-Biden transition team in the weeks after the 2008 presidential election that the department shouldn’t trust the wait times that its facilities were reporting.
Here...from the jackass's own mouth. Listen as Obama professes that 'the true test of our patriotism' lies in how we treat our veterans. In usual form, he attempts to place blame solely on his predecessor; yet, as we've witnessed, has made NO IMPROVEMENTS under his regime...quite the contrary (H/t: Grabien)...

"At a time when we're facing the largest homecoming since the Second World War, the true test of our patriotism is whether we will serve our returning heroes as well as they've served us.

We know that over the last eight years, we've already fallen short of meeting this test. We all learned about the deplorable conditions that were discovered at places like Fort Bragg and Walter Reed. We've all walked by a veteran whose home is now a cardboard box on a street corner in the richest nation on Earth. We've all heard about what it's like to navigate the broken bureaucracy of the VA - the impossibly long lines, or the repeated calls for help that get you nothing more than an answering machine. Just a few weeks ago, an 89-year-old World War II veteran from South Carolina told his family, "No matter what I apply for at the VA, they turn me down." The next day, he walked outside of an Outpatient Clinic in Greenville and took his own life.

How can we let this happen? How is that acceptable in the United States of America? The answer is, it's not. It's an outrage. And it's a betrayal -- a betrayal -- of the ideals that we ask our troops to risk their lives for.

But it doesn't have to be this way. Not in this country. Not if we decide that this time will be different."
...I think the 'mad as hell' designation would better suit the family members of those vets who died on these backlogs...

FoxNation: Two family members of victims of the alleged scandal enveloping the US Department of Veterans Affairs, Jo Darling and Sally Barnes Breen, discussed their tragic situations with Sean Hannity.

Breen, whose father-in-law, died of bladder cancer while awaiting treatment from a VA Hospital, was asked whether she had a message for President Barack Obama regarding her situation.

“If he called me tonight, I’d simply say ‘You’re a liar. I don’t trust you…’ I believe he’s a part of it as well,” she said.
But as Rush accurately stated, Obama's fury doesn't fix anything...

"There’s no reform, is there? None of this has ever been addressed or fixed. It doesn’t have to be, because all that has to happen is the low-information voters are told Obama is livid, how could this happen? And, boy, whoever didn’t tell him this was going on, their heads are gonna roll.

The thing to take away from this, I mean, if you want to treat this VA thing seriously, this is exactly where we’re all headed. This is what Obamacare’s gonna be for everybody. The VA is just one small bureaucracy. Veterans Administration, medical benefits, care, treatment and so forth for a finite number of Americans, veterans, they can’t even do that. Forty of them died on a special waiting list in Phoenix just waiting for an appointment for a doctor. This is where Obamacare’s headed. There isn’t any evidence to the contrary, in fact, anywhere, that any bureaucracy runs what it oversees or regulates any better than the people that actually know that business in the private sector run it. There’s no evidence of this ever. This is what’s so flummoxing about people’s requests or demands that government fix the problems they make, they create, they cause."
Levin also weighed in last evening:
On Monday's Mark Levin Show: Mark talks about the V.A. hospital problems and mocks President Obama who says that he's madder than hell over the revelations about some of the unacceptable healthcare being given to our Vets. Mark says that if Obama cared about the Vets, he would have been doing something about it since coming into office in his 1st term. Instead, we have the federal government who can't even run or handle the V.A. hospitals, and yet our politicians think that restructuring our whole entire health system into Obamacare will be beneficial. We are going to have waiting lists, reduced quality and lack of access to doctors or specialists, because that is what a socialized healthcare system does.
We're witness to yet another disgrace on Obama's watch. One that seems to have no end as more and more information is revealed. But just to make matter even more infuriating is what was done just last week in a matter of days. While we've got veterans literally dying on these VA wait lists, the Pentagon found it appropriate to fasttrack a convicted traitor's transfer from a military prison to a civilian one just to get transgender disorder treatment so he can live out his incarceration as a woman! Has this government gone mad, America?! You know the answer...

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