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Mississippi runoff: Cochran or McDaniel? A RINO hiding behind Democratic mischief OR a conservative with a constitutional prerogative

'Political corruption and back-room deals have reached a historic level. It's time for the people to be heard. Reclaim your government!' ~ Chris McDaniel
The night before the Mississippi runoff, and Cochran is still up to any and every kind of dirty trick to downright steal this election, not just from McDaniel, but from Republican primary voters...
TRS: This robocall shows just how desperate Thad Cochran is to win, but it also shows the disdain he has for the Tea Party.

According to the details on the Youtube video, this robocall is going out to black Democrats and that’s said to be illegal because you can’t encourage someone to vote for you in the primary whose intention isn’t to vote for you in the general.

That may be true, but even if it weren’t, suggesting the Tea Party is ‘racist’ is enough for me to know this guy is a real loser.

(Rough Transcript)
“The timing has come to say no to the Tea Party, no to their obstruction, no to their disrespectful treatment of the first African American president. Vote Tuesday June 24th. Tea Party candidate Chris McDaniel is in a run off against Senator Thad Cochran. If we do nothing Tea Party candidate Chris McDaniel wins and causes even more problems for President Obama….With your help we can stop this. Please commit to voting against Chris McDaniel next Tuesday and so no to the Tea Party.”
This robocall shows so much contempt towards both conservatives & Republicans alike, while riling up hatred among Democrats, promoting voter fraud, and unnecessarily racializing the entire campaign. I don't even think Cochran understands, or perhaps just doesn't care, how much he's harming the Republican Party in Mississippi. The concern could be laid out more crystal clear than this...
Mississippi PEP: Today I am fearful that in this latest race for U.S. Senate we have witnessed a willingness by Senator Thad Cochran’s Campaign and his surrogates to go the extra mile to do more than attack political positions. We have seen a willingness to destroy the Mississippi Republican Party.

I don’t use these words lightly.

The twisted attacks on Chris’s record in the state senate are bad enough. The unwillingness of Cochran to step forward and debate his record are bad enough. The divide and conquer tactics and the pandering to votes based on the “pork” Cochran has brought to Mississippi are bad enough. Establishment Republicans attempting to brand other Republicans as racist and “extreme” and “dangerous” are bad enough.

None of that in my mind is as bad as paying and bussing in Democrats to vote in the Republican runoff. What we are seeing is a group so hell-bent on retaining power that they would rather take the chance of seeing a Democrat elected in November than allow Republicans to decide the Republican candidate for U.S. Senate.
But it may be broader than just what Thad Cochran is doing to the GOP in the state of Mississippi, because the National Republican Senatorial Committee, in their incumbent protection plan capacity, just poured more money into Cochran's campaign coffers on Monday, suspiciously on phone calls. What a coincidence that simultaneously we catch wind that these last minute robocalls focused towards black Democratic communities. Any of this money come from the NRSC? Hmmm...
RedState: The NRSC is pouring more money into Mississippi’s Republican Runoff to defeat Republican Chris McDaniel. It looks like they just dropped $175,000.00 on phone calls.

The NRSC has a lot of races on its hands to take back the Senate this year. And they just deprived a Tom Cotton or a [insert candidate here] of money needed to win the Senate so they could save an incumbent.

Mississippi has not elected a Democrat in a statewide federal election in quite some time. The odds are it will not happen this time, even if Chris McDaniel is the nominee. So this really is more about saving incumbents than winning the Senate. They’ll win Mississippi anyway. They just want to win it with Cochran.

I wonder which Republican will lose in November because the NRSC did not have the funds to get him over the finish line.
McConnell, if we're lucky!

But this is just the latest underhandedness from the Cochran campaign, following a weekend of Cochran corruption: a campaign staffer arrested for destroying and stealing McDaniel campaign signs, more mounting evidence of an effort to drive Democrat votes for Cochran, and let's not forget about Cohcran's wonderfully liberal daughter's rantings against McDaniel and supporters. What a winner, Mississippi...and by that, I mean loser.

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There is an alternative, Mississippi, and a genuinely conservative one at that. Tomorrow, Tuesday, you have the opportunity to turn out to make the difference and to make DC listen again. It only happens one election at a time, and NOW IS THE TIME for Mississippi to send CHRIS MCDANIEL to Washington, and Thad Cochran to retirement...
DavidBossie: This coming Tuesday, June 24th, Mississippians have an opportunity to vote in perhaps the most important election for U.S. Senate in their lifetimes. The results will play a major role in deciding the direction our country will move in going forward.

Are voters in the Magnolia State ready to break-up the failed status-quo or will they side with more of the same? Mississippi has become ground zero in the fight that will help answer these questions: what do we as Americans stand for, and where should we go from here?

Do we stand for individual liberty and responsibility or a centralized government that makes our decisions for us? Do we stand for fiscal responsibility and balanced budgets or reckless spending and an unsustainable national debt? Do we support the idea of the citizen politician or the career politician?

Senator Thad Cochran, who was first elected to Congress before the final Apollo moon landing in 1972, represents in many ways what has unfolded in Washington over the past 40-plus years. Our nation’s capital has become out of touch, bloated, and broken. The politicians who roam the halls of Congress have become too comfortable in their cushy offices and incapable of changing their own dysfunctional ways.

Conservative challenger Chris McDaniel, by contrast, is ready to come to Washington to get the job done and then go home. He will never become a Washington insider who cuts irresponsible backroom deals behind closed doors. By casting a vote for McDaniel, you are casting a vote for:

Constitutional Principles
Balanced Budgets
Repealing Obamacare
Reforming Washington
Pro-Growth Economic Policies
Conservative Leadership
A New Optimistic Way Forward

If you are registered to vote in the state of Mississippi, casting a vote for Chris McDaniel will not only help elect a fantastic conservative leader to the U.S. Senate, but you will also be telling the rest of your fellow citizens around the country that you are ready for different results to come out of Washington. The American Dream can still be a reality for future generations, but we need new leaders in order to solve our nation’s current challenges. Don’t keep electing the same leaders and expect different results. Vote Chris McDaniel on Tuesday June 24th.
Mississippi, you can make history on Tuesday!

Grab your friends, call your family, and pray to God Almighty that Mississippians show up in droves to elect Chris McDaniel as their first conservative U.S. Senator in a very long, long time. Mississippi needs a voice again...and DC could use the reform.

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