Friday, June 20, 2014

RUSH: The Democrat Party will only allow the appearance of prosperity to be associated with 'their president and their party and their policies'

Upon discussing the latest, or rather ongoing, attacks from Wisconsin Democrats on Scott Walker and the phony controversy that was already thrown out by the courts, Rush had one of his classically profound moments addressing the incessant politicization and obstruction of American prosperity by today's Democratic Party...
"It's obvious that the Democrat Party has no desire for this country to ever be prosperous when that prosperity and abundance is created by average men and women in this country. The Democrat Party, it is now clear, cannot abide prosperity and abundance that results from the hard work of the American people.

The Democrat Party is now insisting and mandating that the appearance of prosperity be associated with only one thing. Their president and their party and their policies. The truth of the matter is, their president and their party and their policies are on the way to fundamentally transforming this country into being something it was never intended to be, something it never has been and in practical terms will destroy it. It will destroy the engine that creates opportunity for prosperity for millions and millions of Americans. That's what they can't abide."
"If a bunch of low-information Americans figure out that their route to abundance and prosperity lies within themselves, then the Democrat Party is cooked. So the Democrat Party needs as many people as possible thinking that they're victims of this unfair country and that they don't have a chance for prosperity or happiness or abundance ever. Those days were not real. Those days were a fad. Those days were foe, if you will. They were artificial. The real America is what we're on the way to being now, where there is hardship and victimization and discrimination and misery everywhere that only the government can address.

Their intention is for as many Americans as possible to think and believe that their lives are hopeless if left to themselves. The only way anybody will ever accomplish anything is through government. After all, that's where the Democrats derive their power. Scott Walker, Ronaldus Magnus, any number of Conservatives, the 80's demonstrate the falsity of the Democrat book."

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