Tuesday, June 17, 2014

RUSH: 'The only real enemy of Washington today is the Tea Party'

A truth among truths...
"Some people, I think a lot of people, are so immersed in the traditional Democrat versus Republican mind-set and think that it still exists, and it doesn’t.

There isn’t a Democrat versus Republican mind-set in Washington anymore, ladies and gentlemen. There is an election, presidential election, there’s a pretense of it, but in truth, the only real enemy of Washington today is the Tea Party. The Republican and Democrat establishments, the Chamber of Commerce, the whole way Washington is working, the only enemies are people who want to reintroduce free markets, get rid of crony capitalism, blow up the relationships that exist between Washington and individual businesses or business at large, Wall Street firms.

You people in the Tea Party -- liberty, freedom, free markets -- you represent the problem to John Boehner, to the Republican establishment, to the Republican consultants, Obama's not the problem. Anybody opposed to the way Washington does business today is the problem, and that would be you and me."

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