Friday, October 30, 2015

Senate RINO traitors deliver bloated Obama-Boehner budget deal to president's desk

This is how it happens.

Last night while you were sleeping the Senate voted to steal $150 billion dollars from the Social Security Trust Fund. I joined 34 of my colleagues in a vote to prevent this raid. I would like to thank Senator Rand Paul for leading the fight to protect to Social Security from the thieves in Washington, who seem to think that if they steal from the American people at night while they are sleeping that they will get away with it. I was proud to vote with Senator Paul on his point of order that would have protected Social Security, and I ask you to help me shine a light on what Washington has tried to hide from you in the darkness of night.

If everyone who sees this message shares it, it will reach millions of Americans. As someone who has been fighting for years to reform our broken government in Washington, I know it is exhausting, I sympathize with your frustration, and I understand your impatience. But don't give up. Washington wants you to give up.

Just remember, a vote to raid social security in the middle of the night in a desperate attempt to perpetuate an unsustainable spending addiction isn't a sign of strength. It is a sign of weakness.

~ Sen. Mike Lee
And in two days, actually less than 48 hours, on the same day as the selection of a new Speaker, the American people are saddled with a burdensome two-year budget that works towards increased debt on our heads and future generations. Besides those RINOs in the House, you've got these GOP Senators to thank for it...
Politistick: “Obama’s Mitch” McConnell and seventeen of his fellow RINO squish Surrender Caucus members gave Obama an early Christmas present early Friday morning, while American citizens, already shouldering an almost $19 trillion in debt — excluding trillions more in unfunded liabilities — received a trick not a treat.
Passed by a 64-35 vote in the U.S. Senate, the budget deal would eliminate the debt ceiling until 2017, well into the next presidential term when Barack Obama will be out of office.

Eighteen Republicans voted for the deal, including RINO relics Mitch McConnell (RINO-KY), John McCain (RINO-AZ) and presidential candidate Lindsey Graham (RINO-SC), who is hovering around zero percent in all recent polls.
Senator Rand Paul (R-KY), also a presidential candidate, had attempted to filibuster the deal, but was stopped when the same eighteen treasonous RINO senators joined with Democrats to invoke cloture. Paul excoriated those who voted for the deal as being out of touch with the average American on the street and said that the vote is indicative of why Congress is held in such low opinion.

Fellow presidential candidate, constitutional conservative Ted Cruz also sharply condemned the budget deal, which he had earlier in the week referred to as a “golden parachute victory for the Washington Cartel,” and a “complete and utter surrender” to “lame duck President Obama and Congressional Democrats to extend Washington’s failed spending policies another two years.” On the Senate floor, Cruz reportedly said that the budget deal is like giving Obama a “diamond encrusted glow in the dark AmEx card.”
The legislation, which was passed in the House on Wednesday, will bust the previously agreed to 2011 budget caps and will increase spending on military and domestic programs by $80 billion.

The bill now goes to the desk of Obama, who will no doubt sign the bill as it gives him everything he desires.

Both the House and Senate have now completely surrendered their power of the purse to the anti-American, anti-freedom Obama Regime, and John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, and the other corrupt RINOs who voted to increase deficit spending, must be held accountable.
Yes, they need to be, but will the American people hold them accountable? We've got to get rid of this 'not my representative' and 'not my senator' attitude. If they're bad, can'em! The opportunity was there last year to rid the halls of Washington from more than a few of these quislings, but they were ushered back into office. It's time for some tough love and a one-way ticket back home, America; otherwise, they'll continue to rob us blind.

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ADDENDUM: This illustration says it all...

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Boehner, Ryan handcuff the next president to Obama's budget

It's funny that when establishment Republicans "negotiate" with Democrats, Democrats get 100% of what they want, and now when "conservative" Republicans negotiate with establishment Democrats, we see establishment Republicans getting whatever they want. Why does it always go in one direction?
Were they think they're being sneaky, the timing couldn't be more obvious. While attentions were turned towards the future presidency last night, like clockwork, the House passed Obama-Boehner budget deal conveniently coincided with the nomination of a new Speaker...
The bill received support from Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) who was nominated by House Republicans to succeed Rep. John Boehner (R-Ohio) as Speaker of the House just hours before the budget vote.
So, John Boehner leaves his 'job' (not service) with 'no regrets,' and Paul Ryan officially becomes the new Speaker of the House...

...but at what cost?

How about saddling (or as Ed Straker more vividly describes it, 'handcuffing') the next president to Obama's budget!
AmericanThinker: Paul Ryan has endorsed a huge, secretly put together mega-budget that was created in precisely the manner in which he said he wouldn't create budgets. And Democrats love it.
"John Boehner said he was going to 'clean out the barn'," Ms. Pelosi said in an interview on Wednesday. "He's checking off things and moving in a timely fashion until the last full day."

The budget deal, reached in secret negotiations with Congressional Democrats and the White House, will increase federal spending by $80 billion over the next two years, and provide an additional $32 billion in funds for overseas operations by the Pentagon and State Department.
And Paul Ryan's reaction?
House Speaker-in-waiting Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) is suddenly supporting the big-spending budget deal that effectively writes lame-duck President Obama a blank check to rack up debt.

"What I've heard from members over the last two weeks is a desire to wipe the slate clean, put in place a process that builds trust, and start focusing on big ideas," Ryan said in a statement reported by Politico.
Wipe the slate clean? This budget gives Obama complete control over spending for the next two years, with zero chance of defunding Obamacare, his amnesty, his Iran deal, or anything else. Congress is completely giving up the power of the purse. Wiping the slate clean means giving up all their congressional powers. What "big idea" can Ryan focus on once he's given up his congressional powers for the next two years?

Ryan adds:
It's time for us to turn the page on the last few years and get to work on a bold agenda that we can take to the American people.
Turn the page on the last few years? Ryan is endorsing a budget no one has seen that will give up control for the next two years. Look at this meaningless drivel coming out of his lips:
Ryan pledged to unify the House Republicans and get the House back on track. "We have an obligation here in the people's house to do the people's business," Ryan told reporters after the vote. "We are going to respect the people by representing the people."
Ryan can say "people people people people," like a mantra, but what he is doing is government's and big business's interests. If he were doing the peoples' interests, he would not sign on to this awful deal. And yet Republicans love him for it.
"Ryan is a really a thought leader for the Republican Party. We've been operating under his blueprints and he's one of the best communicators that we've had -- equal or even greater to Newt Gingrich," California GOP Rep. Devin Nunes, a close ally of Boehner's, said on Tuesday.
And then there are gutless wonders at the "Freedom" Caucus, who buckled at the first sign of pressure and agreed to endorse Ryan, even though Ryan didn't make any public promises to change things. He certainly didn't promise to oppose Obama in any meaningful way, which makes sense now, given that he has endorsed a budget that will take away Congress's power for the next two years. All we know is that starting in 2017, Ryan will start pushing for amnesty again, and if we get the wrong president, it will pass.

And this is the candidate a supermajority of the Freedom Caucus said they would support? They should disband, and all of them who voted for Ryan should be primaried.
Too harsh? Too extreme? With the state of our economy, our over-spent government and the supposed opposition party that's fallen ever so leftward, We The People should not hesitate to go further in action.

At some point, the sleeping giant can't just be rousted to only shrug and roll over. There must be a complete awakening. Please say it's not gonna take a full collapse, America?

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Cruz SHINES BRIGHT in third 'Dem-Press-led' GOP debate

The stars at night are big and bright, deep in the heart of Texas!
The pivotal moment last night...

I particularly appreciated when he said, "And nobody watching at home believes that any of the moderators has any intention of voting in a Republican primary." DAMN! An audible gasp was even heard from the audience, because everyone knows it to be true, but no one up to that point has said it to their faces before the entire nation! Bravo, sir. It's a time for truth.
AmericanThinker: There was a disturbance in the force last night at CNBC's Republican debate, and it left no doubt of who won and who lost. The loser was CNBC, and the winners were all ten Republican candidates – in varying degrees, of course. (More on that later). And there is no doubt when this shift in the axis happened.

Everything changed when Ted Cruz dressed down Carl Quintenilla and John Harwood – two of CNBC's far-left commentators – and literally mocked their absurd line of questioning.

Cruz did not just criticize the questions; he made sport of them. He demonstrated just how infantile most of the CNBC crew was (Tea Party originator Rick Santelli not included). Cruz flat-out embarrassed them, and they knew it.

After the crowd stopped roaring in approval of Cruz's protest, which took a while, the rest of the Republicans followed the Texas senator's lead, and there was almost no Republican-on-Republican crime after this exchange. In fact, we then saw numerous examples where Republicans made it clear that any of the ten on the stage would be far preferable to what we have now, and to Hillary Clinton. These comments were met with loud approval from the audience every time. Meanwhile, Quintenilla was literally booed loudly three times.

Couldn't have happened to a better branch of the Brian Williams Democratic Press. THANK YOU, Sen. Cruz!

Though they still tried to stifle him and others on the stage last night, as Erickson stated this morning, "Cruz used every word wisely and his attacks on the media and defense of single mothers resonated outside conservative demographics. He really is just that good." Yes he is, even managing to shoehorn his tax plan in there that would eliminate the IRS! That, atop MUCH MORE articulative substance, is why not only Texas loves him, but why America needs to embrace this passionate statesman.


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Cruzin' steady: the dark horse rising

ADDENDUM: Beck proves that Cruz is the guy you want at the negotiating table, America!

And Limbaugh further explains how Ted Cruz scares the hell out of the Republican Establishment...

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BREAKING: Rush/Hannity/Levin ask to host future GOP debate

ADDENDUM II: Limbaugh lays into media critics (Fox-FREAKIN-News!) and defends Cruz, saying, 'It is a badge of honor to be DIVISIVE!' And Cruz continues to embarrass the media with a consistency they could never execute...
RUSH: "The Republican Party, by definition, should be divisive. The Republican Party, by definition, should be standing up against the Democrat Party and what Obama is doing. By definition, as an opposition party the Republican Party ought to be divisive, but you see what a dirty word it is."

Full Cruz interview:

Fearless conservative. #CRUZ2016!

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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The need to DEFUND: 11th CMP video shows PP profiteers cackling over harvesting baby heads

Folks, the callous nature of these modern-day Mengele's nonchalantly discussing living human dissection and harvesting never ceases to shock the senses. And they really wonder why Texas is leading the charge in saying, ENOUGH!

CMP: The eleventh video release from The Center for Medical Progress in the ongoing Planned Parenthood baby parts scandal shows the abortion doctor for Planned Parenthood in Austin, TX, Dr. Amna Dermish, describing a partial-birth abortion procedure to terminate living, late-term fetuses which she hopes will yield intact fetal heads for brain harvesting.

Dr. Dermish admits she was trained by the Senior Director of Medical Services at Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Dr. Deborah Nucatola. Nucatola described a partial-birth abortion technique to harvest fetal organs in the first Planned Parenthood video released July 14 by CMP.

“My aim is usually to get the specimens out pretty intact,” says Dermish, speaking to actors posing as a fetal tissue procurement company. Dermish admits that she will sometimes use ultrasound guidance to convert a 2nd-trimester fetus to a feet-first breech presentation: “Especially the 20-weekers are a lot harder versus the 18-weekers, so at that point I’ll switch to breech.”

“That’s what Deb [Nucatola] was telling us, was it really makes a difference for tissue collection at PPLA,” says one of the actors, referencing Nucatola’s technique for organ harvesting. “It’s really nice when it’s, yeah–I trained with her,” replies Dermish.

In reply to a question about harvesting fetal brain, Dermish notes, “I haven’t been able to do that yet,” but exclaims with laughter, “This will give me something to strive for!”
The video also has Dermish on camera affirming a $50/$60 price per specimen, while joking about procuring intact heads. Here's the added insult to injury: though the sale or purchase of human fetal tissue is a federal felony punishable by up to 10 years in prison and a fine of up to $500,000, Obama's DoJ won't do a damn thing to punish this lawless inhumanity, because he and they support it.

It's also disheartening that we can't even get a Republican-controlled Senate to force Obama to put his pen where his pro-abortion mouth is on defunding Planned Parenthood...
RedState: We have an opportunity to force President Obama to veto a bill defunding Planned Parenthood, and we’d be fools to squander it.

Let me set the stage. There have been a number of pro-life bills that have passed the overwhelmingly pro-life House of Representatives over the course of the Obama presidency. None have reached the President’s desk. Until recently, a majority of the Senate has been stanchly pro-abortion.

However, this has changed. A recent stand-alone bill defunding Planned Parenthood – the largest abortion business in America – of hundreds of millions of our taxpayer dollars overwhelmingly passed the House. And for the first time, it not only got a scheduled vote in the Senate (something that the prior Senate Majority Leader, Sen. Harry Reid, never allowed to happen), but also was supported by a bipartisan majority in the Senate.

That’s right, 55 Senators publicly supported this bill. Yet, through the filibuster of a pro-abortion extremist minority in the Senate, the bill did not get the 60-vote threshold to receive a vote. (Under longstanding precedent a bill only needs a simple majority to pass but requires a supermajority of 60 votes to overcome a filibuster – to end debate – and actually receive a vote in the Senate.)

There have been several additional attempts at various legislative mechanisms to move this same basic legislation forward, and all of them for one reason or another have failed.

Fast forward to today. Last week the House of Representatives passed bipartisan legislation to defund Planned Parenthood and partially repeal pro-abortion ObamaCare. This time a special legislative mechanism was employed – reconciliation – that can be used to bypass a filibuster in the Senate.

If you’ll remember, it was this special budgetary maneuver that allowed the Senate to pass ObamaCare in the first place, even though Senator Scott Brown had just been elected, breaking the Left’s filibuster proof supermajority in the Senate.

The use of reconciliation to not only cut off hundreds of millions of our taxpayer dollars from funding an abortion business that has padded “their bottom line” by selling aborted babies’ body parts but also repeal key components of pro-abortion ObamaCare would be as massive victory.
So either they can suspend the filibuster, like Harry Reid did, or use reconciliation, like the Democratic-controlled Senate passed Obamacare, but the McConnell quislings are more concerned with media whoring, donor collections and compromising to protect LIFE. Find the conscience to defund this evil, Senate!

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After a long delay, the Center for Medical Progress is out with a new, typically ghastly, Planned Parenthood video: Fetal Hearts Are ‘Amazing’ — That’s Why I Destroy Them As My Day Job!
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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Conservatives respond to Boehner-Obama lawless budget deal

"GOP voters are entitled to have their representatives represent them – not act as opposing counsel" ~ Sen. Jeff Sessions

"What they are doing to your children's future is unconscionable." ~ Mark Levin
This cooked-books, unending, indebted spending will undoubtedly cripple our future...and these jokers running D.C. don't give a DAMN about this generation or future ones! Their golden parachutes are secure, so they just continue to spend and spend and hand-over-fist spend more of your money, while their media sycophants run headlines, Obama Wins on Budget Deal as John Boehner Cleans Out the Barn, as if this is some kind of damn game!

Once again, John Boehner and Barack Obama cut a secret deal that all the usual miscreants love, further raising the debt limit, raising spending caps, and putting off a much needed budget fight until 2017:

"We [conservatives] are the only thing standing between a Unity Party." ~ Mark Levin
How truer are Levin's words, but for the few statesmen who are speaking out about this unlawful rule.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) released this statement today in response to McConnell and Boeher’s budget deal negotiated with Obama, calling it a SLAP IN THE FACE for conservatives, and moreover ALL AMERICANS, and a victory for the Washington Cartel:
“Majority Leader McConnell and a lame duck Speaker Boehner have once again linked arms with a lame duck President Obama and Congressional Democrats to extend Washington’s failed spending policies another two years. This is not a ‘grand bargain’ or negotiation -- it is complete and utter surrender. John Boehner’s golden parachute will certainly cement his legacy, but it is a slap in the face to conservatives who rose up across the country in 2014 on a promise that we would stop the disastrous runaway spending and debt in Washington. We now have a GOP Congress, but no one watching this budget surrender would know it.

“For anyone wondering about the source of the American people’s volcanic frustration with Washington, one need look no further than so-called ‘Republican’ majorities in both houses of Congress increasing the budget and our debt by more than $400 billion. It’s ridiculous, deceitful, and a disgrace.

“Make no mistake: the Speaker’s golden parachute is a victory for the Washington Cartel, for the politically connected elite, and for big business and lobbyists who get in bed with career politicians to grow government. Unfortunately, it is a loss for single moms, for Hispanics and African Americans, for small businesses, and for all of those hardworking Americans who can’t afford expensive lobbyists and are hurting the most under the Obama Administration’s failed policies.

“No one in Congress who campaigned on stopping President Obama’s runaway spending and debt should vote to advance or pass this golden parachute that gives Obama and Boehner nearly everything they want. This budget completely annihilates the 2011 budget caps, the one successful attempt at spending restraint in the Obama era. We should never default on our debt, but this deal suspends the debt ceiling, saddling future generations with the bill for our reckless spending, while making no meaningful reforms to the programs driving our runaway spending.

“President Obama and Speaker Boehner are heading into retirement. Some people get a gold watch. Obama and Boehner are settling for at least $80 billion in additional spending and debt above the budget caps. Unfortunately, our children and grandchildren will be left to foot the bill long after they are gone.”
Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL), a senior member of the Senate Budget Committee, issued the following statement after outgoing speaker John Boehner and President Obama unveiled a two-year deal to suspend the debt limit, waive federal spending caps and raid workers’ payments into their Social Security Trust Fund:
“Once again, a massive deal, crafted in secret, unveiled at the 11th hour, is being rushed through Congress under threat of panic. Once again, we have waited until an artificial deadline to force through that which our voters oppose.

At its core, this deal with President Obama does two things: First, it lifts federal spending caps for the next two years – including a $40 billion increase in spending on the federal bureaucracy. Second, it waives the federal debt limit through March of 2017, allowing for approximately $1.5 trillion to be added to the debt – ensuring no further conversation about our debt course or any corresponding action to alter it.

It appears this deal is built on the same principles as the Ryan-Murray budget deal from 2013. It exchanges instant increases in federal spending for distant savings, as much two decades down the road, that are likely to never materialize. It funds increased spending through increased revenues – violating a core budget principle by collecting more money to expand an already too-large federal bureaucracy. And it trades the termination of today’s spending limits for the promise of new spending limits ten years from now.

The spending caps in law today were pledged as part of the 2011 Budget Control Act agreement to lift the debt ceiling by $2.1 trillion. It represented a bipartisan commitment to cap spending at a fixed amount. This deal shatters that commitment by spending $80 billion more than we promised over the next 2 years.

The deal also uses a common gimmick where alleged savings in an entitlement program are used to boost unrelated spending in the federal bureaucracy. Any savings found to entitlement programs faced with insolvency must be used to shore up those programs – not to surge spending somewhere else. Yet this deal claims illusory savings from Disability Insurance and increased pension insurance fees in order to boost bureaucratic budgets. Perhaps even worse, the deal attempts to stave off the shortfall in fraud-ridden Social Security Disability by plundering from the Social Security Trust Fund for retirees. One hundred and fifty billion dollars in funds will be siphoned from Americans’ payroll retirement contributions and redirected to the mismanaged disability program.

Finally, this deal cements the unacceptable precedent that every dollar of increased defense spending should be matched with a dollar of increased non-defense spending. This is upside-down: if an emergency requires more defense spending, common sense says we should seek to identify reductions, not hikes, to spending in non-defense accounts.

The people want an end to wasteful Washington spending. Lifting the budget caps and raising the debt ceiling through 2017 only ensures that our ineffective bureaucracy continues its wasteful ways while momentum in Washington for debt reduction stalls out. It eliminates a powerful opportunity to advance the case for financial discipline.

The deadline is artificial and can easily be pushed back with a short-term measure if needed. Republicans should insist that any vote on spending caps or the debt ceiling be delayed until the House has chosen a new Speaker - and until there has been a full conversation among our conference and, most importantly, our voters. There is no urgency to pass a 2-year deal. GOP voters are entitled to have their representatives represent them – not act as opposing counsel, urging them to capitulate to the President’s demands. Whether it’s spending, debt, crime, immigration or trade it is time for us to start fighting for what our voters want – instead of demeaning their just concerns about the future of our country."
Rand Paul has also announced that he would filibuster this bipartisan budget deal reached by the White House and so-called GOP leadership. We should have the MAJORITY of representatives standing with him against this lawless out-of-control spending.

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Monday, October 26, 2015

Face facts that only alternative media gives: Guys like Bush & Romney gave us Obama

"We are witnessing the decline our country right in front of our eyes. We are witnessing the transformation of our country. We are witnessing a particular party do it with glee, and we are scared because the party we thought that we supported to stop it isn’t interested in stopping it. They’re interested in stopping us. Meaning, opponents of what’s happening. We don’t want to lose our culture. We don’t want Western civilization to take it on the chin. We don’t want government to become so big and out of control that we lose our individual liberty and freedom and impetus and ambition and desire. We don’t want to lose the language. All of this is happening. People are losing their jobs, they’re losing full-time status, all because of an Obamacare policy that the Democrats put in with not one Republican vote. But beyond that Republicans have done nothing substantive to stop it. People are scared. We genuinely see a crisis, a crisis that involves the future of the country. And a desire to maintain this country as founded. But the people inside the Beltway obviously see no such crisis, either party." ~ El Rushbo, 10/26/15
The McCains, the Romneys, the Bushes and the whole damn GOP Establishment aren't saving the Republican Party, folks. And as if it's not enough that their FAILED history has taught them NOTHING... the last LOSER completely embarrasses himself by railing against the alternative, conservative to the lamestream media, longing for the 'good old days' of bought-and-paid-for one-size-fits-all press, and ironically on a David Axelrod podcast! (Let us count the conundrums)
Breitbart: Failed GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney lamented that the demise of traditional media is empowering Republican “insurgents” and preventing establishment Republicans from compromising more with Democrats.

As the Republican establishment is trying convince Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI)58% to run for House Speaker, Romney told David Axelrod on a recent “The Axe Files” podcast that the “extremes within our respective parties are having a louder and louder voice and demanding more attention” and “immediate action” as opposed to more “collaborative action.”

Romney said this phenomenon flows in part from the “change in the world of media.”

“There was a time when we all got the news with the same facts, if you will,” he said. “We had three networks we watched for the evening news. Most of us got newspapers. Everybody in the middle class got a newspaper, so we got the same facts whether we agreed or not with them.”

Now, according to Romney, people “get their news on the web” and “they tend to read those things which they agree with.” He said people are “not seeing the other side” and “not even getting the same facts” while “we have commentators” on left-leaning and right-leaning cable news channels “who are hyperbolic in expressing their views on issues.”

Romney lamented that more Democrats are considering themselves “liberal” and “in my party, there are more and more who feel they are more insurgent than towards the center of the party.”

“And I think that divisiveness is one of the things that has led to Washington having such a hard time getting things done,” he said.

The rise of new media outlets in the Internet age has allowed regular Americans to get access to information that the mainstream press, with the help of the both political establishments, often concealed from the general public when, as Romney noted, Americans all received the same set of facts.
And you see, he, THEY, loath you for being on to them. No longer can they disguise or outright HIDE their quisling desires from voters. We're ALL now a witness to the one-party rule. (They unite against us, go figure)

Rush commented more on Romney's establishment lamentations...

RUSH: "Mitt Romney went on a podcast. This may be why it didn’t get widely reported. He went on a podcast hosted by David Axelrod. Of all places to go, Romney went on a podcast hosted by David Axelrod. Let me just give you the upshot of what he said. There was a time when we all got the news from the same facts, if you will. We had three networks we watched for the evening news. Most of us got newspapers. Everybody in the middle class got a newspaper. So we all got the facts, whether we agreed or not.

Mitt Romney is on record in the David Axelrod podcast as lamenting and complaining about the fact that there is now a conservative media, both on talk radio, in print, in broadcast, and on the World Wide Web. Romney told Axelrod that the demise of legacy media had empowered conservative insurgents like this show and others, which has prevented collaboration in Washington. ..."
...framing them quite accurately as the defeatist ideas they are...
"While on this podcast… Actually no. On State of the Union yesterday on CNN, Romney was praising various Republican presidential candidates as being in possession of best approach to find common ground with the people across the aisle. The names he mentioned are Jeb Bush, John Kasich, and Chris Christie. And then he said, “We have Paul Ryan, for instance, willing to work with Democrats. That’s a good thing. That’s a productive thing. That’s what we need.” No, we don’t. Is there not one of you in the Republican establishment — is there not a single one of you — that wants to win?

Is there not a single one of you in the Republican establishment in Washington that has ideas you think superior to the Democrats that you want to win and implement? Is the entire reason for the existence of the Republican Party to collaborate with the Democrats and get things done in Washington like Obamacare and an Iran nuclear deal that makes the world much more dangerous? A terrorist regime in possession of nuclear weapons? You want to agree with a political party that’s going to make that happen? Name anything else the Democrat Party has done in the last seven years that has benefited this country and you want to collaborate with that?

That’s how you measure your success?

This is embarrassing.

It is just completely embarrassing."

The incessant desire to 'collaborate' -- from Romney's pride in Romneycare to any host of liberal policies flooding the Republican Establishment -- IS what's led to Obamacare, the economic downturn with stagnant wages, and a flood of unskilled workers! And if it wasn't for alternative media, we'd be kept in the dark...
On Monday’s Mark Levin Show: The Republican establishment will do their very best to sabotage Conservatives, which is why there hasn’t been a Conservative nominee since Ronald Reagan. Mitt Romney gave us another four years of Obama because he went back to his old Massachusetts ways. Romney and other establishment types attack Conservatives while claiming to be the real Conservatives – the same people that refuse to back Sen. Ted Cruz, who has the most consistent Conservative record. Also, if you can repeal 85% of Obamacare, why would you vote for a continuing budget bill that prevents repeal? That’s exactly what Paul Ryan did, which is why there’s no wonder why Conservatives in the House and Senate question Ryan and his record. Finally, Washington won’t lift the debt ceiling to fund our military or secure our border, but they’ll lift it for more massive unconstitutional government spending. John Boehner’s last act as Speaker of the House might be a two year budget bill to lock in a future Congress and President. He’s worked so hard to expand government and fund every penny of the Obama agenda that it’s only fitting this is how he’ll go out.

All of this has become standard operations for an out-of-control Big Government apparatchik. Despite the political desires to silence, we must continue to maintain sources that keep us in the know, if we hope to maintain any degree of knowledge over and pressure on those elected.

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Cruzin' steady: the dark horse rising

While the GOP establishment panics because the money and ads aren't working for the go-along moderate candidates, we're seeing the cream of the crop bubble to the top. And one candidate rides just as steadily now as he has since announcing. That same principled statesman is actively seeking to engage with the average American--Republican, Democrat and Independent alike--in necessary discussions about our future.

On Friday night, Ted Cruz went on C-SPAN to answer questions directly from C-SPAN callers...

Then on Saturday, Sen. Cruz took more questions at the Iowa Grassroots Coalition...

More and more folks are witnessing the dark horse rise...
RUSH: I think that there is a dark horse in this entire thing. I think there is one candidate who is positioned here. Now, I know it's getting late. ... But there's still a long way to go. It's politics. Any number of unforeseen, unpredictable events are potentially out there, and there has been somebody trucking along here, steady Eddie that has continued to be who he is and continues to lay down foundational markers for himself, and that's Ted Cruz.

We still have somebody in our roster who opposes every bit of the Democrat agenda, perhaps more than anybody else in the race, and that's Cruz. I mean, Cruz does not have in his record any statement like Trump does of having supported certain things the Democrats have done. Cruz is inarguably a thoroughbred conservative. ...the more I read about Millennials and where they are attitudinally, politically, socially, economically, Cruz is somebody I think has a great opportunity to connect with them.
Keep that steady gallop, sir!


TONIGHT: Ted Cruz ‘like you’ve never seen him before’
Out with the RINOs, In with the CRUZ!

Friday, October 23, 2015

Texas leading in fight to defund Planned Parenthood as unreleased CMP videos leak

Since the corrupt federal government won't act, Texas is leading the nation in clamping down on Planned Parenthood's abominable practices of dealing in aborted baby parts by meticulously DEFUNDING their inhumane efforts...
LifeNews: After a Houston-based Planned Parenthood abortion clinic was caught selling aborted baby body parts, state investigators conducted a raid on multiple Planned Parenthood abortion clinics across the state.

Texas officials raided several Planned Parenthood facilities [yesterday] in an unprecedented move that follows on the heels of pro-life Governor Greg Abbott announcing earlier in the week that the state would further de-fund the abortion business. Abbott said this week “the gruesome harvesting of baby body parts by Planned Parenthood will not be allowed”...

The raids were carried out at Planned Parenthood abortion centers in Houston, Dallas and San Antonio by representatives from the Texas Office of the Inspector General and the state served subpoenas on five total Planned Parenthood centers.
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Texas Officials Demand Records From Planned Parenthood Health Centers

And Sen. Ted Cruz is encouraging the nation to follow Texas’ lead to defund this abortion industry titan that disguises itself as 'women's health care'...
LifeSiteNews: Sen. Ted Cruz, R-TX, believes that the nation should follow Texas' lead in defunding Planned Parenthood -- and he promises, if he is elected president, it will.

Cruz praised a report yesterday that the state's Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) would bar the local Planned Parenthood affiliate from receiving millions of dollars from the state Medicaid program.

"The state has determined that you and your Planned Parenthood affiliates are no longer capable of performing medical services in a professionally competent safe, legal and ethical manner," the letter to Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast said, specifically citing undercover videos released by the Center for Medical Progress. The fifth CMP video shows a Houston Planned Parenthood official discussing the harvesting of fetal organs and tissue in exchange for money.

"Today, my home state of Texas proved that states can make a real difference in the fight to block taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood," Cruz, who has served as the state's U.S. senator since 2012, said on Monday. "I encourage every state to follow Texas’ lead in stopping taxpayer funds from going to Planned Parenthood, and I will continue to lead the fight in the United States Senate to defund Planned Parenthood at the federal level."

His words echoed those of state and national pro-life leaders, who saluted Texas' commitment to ending any taxpayer subsidy of the abortion industry while simultaneously expanding public financing of women's health care.
Meanwhile, remember the rest of those damning CMP videos that were restrained by a lawless court order? Yeah, they've been hacked and leaked and now the National Abortion Federation is freakin' tha @#$% out!
GotNews: has obtained all of the Planned Parenthood tapes but the lawyers representing the National Abortion Federation wants to censor them and us.

Yesterday we were hit with an unconstitutional demand letter from Morrison & Foerster, the firm representing the National Abortion Federation in its suit against David Daleiden and the Center for Medical Progress.

A person in plain clothes with a gun on his hip also arrived at Charles C. Johnson’s home. Johnson didn’t know who this person was & called the police. The man turns out to have claimed to be a process server and threw the documents down on the ground outside Johnson’s home.

We will continue writing about them as our attorneys inform us that is not subject to any temporary restraining order concerning David Daleiden. The law firm wants to turn over all texts, emails with Daleiden. This is easy. There aren’t any.

We are moving from the Planned Parenthood tapes being about the sale of organs to the unconstitutional restrictions on First Amendment.

Meanwhile the hacker Andrew “Weev” Auernheimer has torrented the rest of the tapes for your viewing displeasure.

Weev writes:
Charles C. Johnson acquired all the Planned Parenthood videos, in defiance of a federal court order to censor them. I’ve put them on YouTube and torrent (please help seed on latter). For those of you that have the stomach for watching hours of very kosher women gleefully discussing baby meat, here’s the YouTube:

and the torrent on TPB: will contest any unconstitutional prior restraint of speech all the way to the highest courts in the land.
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babymeat: PP videos courts tried to censor leaked [GotNews Exclusive]
National Abortion Federation videos leaked

The whistle can't be blown loud enough or often enough on a more disgusting group of domestic murderous practitioners that leftist lawlessness incessantly defends. Thank GOD ALMIGHTY that we still have an idiom of decency throughout this country that refuses to sit on the sidelines, that will not stand for this rampant inhumanity, and that will fight for the innocence of LIFE.

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UN Human Rights Committee Chair Confronted Over its Promotion of Abortion
Undercover video: Abortionist says ‘killing’ is ‘the most important thing I could do with my life’

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Obama VETOS Defense Bill, SHUTS DOWN the military, because it spends too little

Well, that and he HATES the military. Who's playing politics now? Obama wants more of what he wants in domestic waste, so he's further hollowing out our military in a time when America's enemies (evidently, his allies) are on the move. This is disastrous...
RedState: The glory days of big spending liberalism are back. Barack Obama has just vetoed a defense spending bill that spends $612 billion. Why? It does not spend enough on non-defense spending.

That’s right. Barack Obama wanted more domestic spending. The Republicans and enough Democrats in the Senate refused. So Obama vetoed it.

He wants bigger government or no defense. That’s the American left.

By the way, the legislation would have increased pay for the military and put in a provision blocking bringing GTMO terrorists to the United States. He didn’t like that either.
This imperial president just SHUTDOWN the American military! Where's the lamestream media upon mention of that taboo word? When used for feigned outrage and attempt to scare the crap out of the public, you can't shut'em up. When the word actually has meaning behind it, silence.

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One American killed in Iraqi operation to rescue 70 hostages

Death of US soldier in Iraq will not be classified as combat
Pentagon Refuses To Say U.S. Special Forces Operator Killing During Firefight With ISIS Died In Combat

ADDENDUM: Levin went in-depth on this last night, as well as the Benghazi hearings...

On Wednesday’s Mark Levin Show, President Obama has vetoed the annual defense spending bill, which is effectively a vote to shut down the U.S. military while the Islamo-nazis and Russia and China are on the move. The bill would’ve boosted pay and benefits for the brave men and women in the military. Obama’s veto is because the proposed budget won’t increase domestic spending, and also makes it harder for him to transfer terrorists being detained in Guantanamo Bay to U.S. prisons. Obama is a greater threat to our military than any foreign nation because they don’t have the power to cut off funding. It’s ironic in a sick way that Obama’s veto comes on the same day as Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi hearing. Hillary, Obama and the whole corrupt regime knew within 24 hours that Al-Qaeda was behind the attack in Benghazi, but refused to let that info out because Joe Biden was too busy talking about how Osama Bin Laden was dead and Al-Qaeda was on the run. Hillary lied, Obama lied, Susan Rice lied – they all lied to once again put party and the Obama agenda before their country.
Related link: Whittle speaks the truth about how Hillary and Barack get away with their lawlessness...and where this leads

Whittle speaks the truth about how Hillary and Barack get away with their lawlessness...and where this leads

Hillary Clinton breaks the law, gets people who work for her killed, lies to the American people...and she's still a media darling? How is that possible???
WAKE UP, America! Excellent monologue from Bill Whittle on how not only Hillary skates through what should be damnable hearings and felony charges, but how Obama gets away with similar lawlessness and then some. It's not supposed to be this way!
"Let's just come out and state what we all know to be true. Hillary Clinton will either walk scot-free for treasonous graft and criminal incompetence, or she will be indicted and lose the nomination solely on the personal whim of Barack Hussein Obama and the merits of the deal that the Clintons can cut with his majesty in order to save her skin. Everybody knows this is true. Everybody knows that justice in the absence of a press corp is now at the whim of this president, and the only reason that she's being prosecuted in the first place is because it pleases Barack Obama to do so.

You know, there's a credible story that she went to him in a rage and told him, "Call off your f***ing dogs, Barack!" I can remember a time when they weren't his f***ing dogs at all. I can remember when the f***ing dogs could not be called off because the FBI and the Justice Department were beholden to enforcing the law of the land and not the whims of the emperor."
"So, how does Barack Obama get away with the same kind of autocratic lawlessness that we fought a revolution against? Because he's black, that's why. Any other questions I can help you with? He is the ascended wet dream image of every progressive reporter and editor and publisher or any of these other idol-worshipping adolescent girls that make up what was once the proud profession of newspaper men, and he's walking kryptonite to spineless, gutless Republican cowards who would violate their oath of office, and abandon their souls too apparently, before being willing to be called a racist for daring to oppose this lawless, naked power grab."
Bill wraps this up with the kicker:
"You know, we fought a Revolution, not because of taxation, but because of taxation without representation. It was the shear imperial lawlessness of it that forced our ancestors to take up arms against their own illegitimate government. And I'm beginning to wonder if we might not have just one more left within us, and I'm not alone."
Unfortunately, if directions aren't changed, shifted or reversed in some significant manner, unbridled and raw history's proven how empires rise and fall. Hint: It doesn't end in utopia.

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ADDENDUM: There were lots of smoking guns today, but Jim Jordan had to have topped the cake with this one in particular, yet the media yawned. And much like Mrs. Clinton, they continue to brush aside the truth for any number of distractions, and as a result, lawlessness prevails...

TRS: This is amazing. Hillary Clinton told her family via email, the president of Libya, and the Prime Minister of Egypt that she KNEW the attack in Benghazi was a terrorist attack and not a protest over a video. But she told the American people it was a protest over a video.

If this miscreant is allowed to become the Democratic nominee, and God Forbid our next president, then our democracy will have truly failed its people.

Hillary Lied: She Knew All Along Benghazi Was A Planned Terror Attack
Sister of Benghazi victim REVEALS Hillary blamed POOR, UNEDUCATED Libyan people for attack

ADDENDUM II: Limbaugh further explains the predictable 'I told you so' on Friday morning...

"When telling the TRUTH is the effort and what takes work, yesterday was a piece of cake!"
"Have you heard, by the way, ladies and gentlemen? A story from UK Guardian: Nearly 70 hostages facing imminent mass execution have been rescued from an Islamic State jail in a raid by Kurdish troops and US Special Forces in northern Iraq. The operation took place yesterday. It led to the first American combat death in Iraq since 2011.” Oh, you didn’t know about this? Oh, you didn’t? You probably thought we don’t have the ability to do this anymore ’cause we didn’t do it in Benghazi.

We had four people pinned down there. We had four people, one of whom thought that help was on the way. We had four people pinned down in a terrorist attack, that we knew about in advance, that Mrs. Clinton and Barack Obama continue in the media to lie about. Yesterday it was said that nothing could have been done. The help, the military was too far away, that Mrs. Clinton couldn’t find a way to communicate with the ambassador. She could talk to Huma any time she wanted. She could talk to Sidney Blumenthal. They could reach her via e-mail. Chris Stevens, the ambassador, couldn’t."
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