Thursday, June 19, 2014

Obama's Iraq remarks: a waste of time, blames Bush and contradicts himself

Here's the gist of Obama's remarks today on Iraq (via WeaselZippers)...
  • Personnel from Baghdad embassy “relocated” to keep them safe.
  • Says he has increased intelligence gathering to get a better “picture” of how ISIS is operating.
  • Says U.S. will create joint operations centers within Baghdad.
  • U.S troops will go to Iraq (as many as 300) but will not return to combat but will “advise” on situation.
  • Relocated military assets to use if military intervention is necessary.
  • More inclusive nonsense.
  • Military action will not back one religious sect over another.
  • Says America must ask hard questions before taking military action (blaming Bush). Says wounds of the last Iraq war debates are starting again.
And to reemphasize, he says, "There's no military solution inside of Iraq," but he's sending somewhere between 275 and 300 military 'advisors,' depending on which day he's speaking? And remember, he'll 'keep Congress in the loop.' What could go wrong?

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ADDENDUM: Rush put together the would-be tv version of Obama contradicting himself on Iraq...
"So we're not sending military forces back to Iraq except that we are. But we're not sending 'em in like Bush did. We're sending "advisors," a small number of advisors, "up to 300 to assess how we can best train, advise, and support... But American forces will not be returning to combat in Iraq." This is exactly, by the way, how Vietnam started."

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