Friday, June 13, 2014

Cochran: The lights are on, but is anybody home?

You know...not to poke at ol' Thad's age, but with his latest round of bizarre statements, it's hard to see how Mississippians could justify sending this guy back to Capitol Hill for a seventh term to seriously represent the state, much less in a conservative manner!
LegalInsurrection: First, he joked (or was it a joke?) about doing indecent acts to animals as a kid. Mark Levin questioned whether Cochran was “all there”:

Thad Cochran Brags of “Indecent Acts With Animals”, Gets $825k Check from Mitch McConnell
Second, Cochran was interviewed and was unaware that Eric Cantor lost. The interview was published today but apparently took place Thursday:

From his responses, it is questionable whether he knew who Eric Cantor was. It’s strange because on Wednesday he seemed to know about the loss:

Memory loss? Baffled by the question? Only responding to what was asked?
Dude. Thad still doesn't know much about the tea party, and now there's some cloudiness about whether or not he even knew about the congressional Majority Leader's primary defeat over the past few days? And the 'indecent acts with animals' comment...creepy. I'm gonna have to go with one comment to this article by snopercod:
…and the GOPe are always claiming that it’s the *Tea Party* who back whacko candidates? Really?
Enough with being out of touch! Time to send this senior senator back to private life to get in touch with his state and nation, and send some fresh blood to represent Mississippi and shake up Washington.


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ADDENDUM: Streiff at RedState mentions a few more senior moments, including a rather troubling one in support of Obamacare...
The most significant political even in the United States in the past week was the first House Majority Leader since 1899 being turfed out of office by his constituents. Cochran doesn’t know about it. The article goes on to note that he followed this up with an interview with the WaPo’s Dan Balz, When asked about Obamacare, Cochran said:
“I think we need to monitor any federal programs that provide services and assistance to people who need help, and this is an example of an important effort by the federal government to help make health care available, accessible and affordable,” he said. “We have probably one of the best health-care systems in the country, in the world, and we’ll need to continue to work to make sure it meets the expectations and needs of the American people. I’m glad to be involved in that effort.”
All joking aside, it is pretty clear now that Thad Cochran does not have sufficient mental faculties to serve as Senator. And that, my friends, is a sad state of affairs.

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