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Mississippi: McDaniel wins majority, forces Cochran into a runoff!

"This is an historic moment in Mississippi's history...but our fight is not over. ... Whether it's tomorrow, or whether it's three weeks from now, we WILL stand victorious. ... We are going to win this fight because we are Mississippians. We are stronger than them." ~ Sen. Chris McDaniel

"Congratulations Chris McDaniel, who beat 42-year incumbent Thad Cochran yesterday. But Mississippi has a 50% threshold requirement, so there will be a runoff in three weeks for the GOP nomination, meaning Chris must win again. The ruling class Republicans and their crony buddies will do everything possible to prop up their hapless candidate, so we will need to do all we can to help Chris in this next battle." ~ Mark Levin
Looks like the Barbour-Bush establishment of Mississippi ain't what it used to be. And Thad Cochran wouldn't even come out to speak at his election night party. Invigorating candidate there. Way to go grassroots! But the battle's not over yet...

Chris McDaniel won by less than 1% of the vote last night, but didn’t break 50%, so there will be a runoff election on June 24. See how important EVERY SINGLE VOTE is, Mississippians?

Here's a few interesting words of encouragement and considerations to ponder from RedState. First, Erick Erickson's observations on the runoff...
The best shot the establishment had at beating Chris McDaniel was a primary. But now they find themselves in a runoff where the most energized supporters show up. When their candidate lacks energy, it is hard for any of their voters to have energy.

But Chris McDaniel has energy headed into a three week runoff. The only caveat is if overnight some mystery votes from the machine show up for Cochran.
That was one of my concerns as far, nada...
And here is the dirty little secret. The establishment largely has to win every one of their races. The grassroots do not. We just need to add to the ranks of conservatives in the Senate. And we are doing that. The establishment and grassroots are playing two different games. The establishment can pour money in and win in most cases as they have done. But the grassroots can just keep nibbling away.

Now, however, the establishment finds itself in a funny position. They’re used to blaming conservatives for losses. They are used to claiming that conservatives are sore losers. I have personally given to people like Mitch McConnell after my candidate loses and their candidate wins.

The question now is will they? Because if they don’t, the media narrative writes itself. The establishment takes it football home, while expecting conservatives to still show up and vote for their guys. That won’t work much longer. We are either in this together, or we are two separate parties coming to terms with divorce.

We’ll see in three weeks.
Personally, I think it's past time for the divorce proceedings to go through with the way the Republican establishment has treated their conservative base over the past several years. Yes, it'd be risky, but aren't all liberating endeavors? It's either this or retake the party, and this cycle of primaries with incumbents backed by Rove Inc. and the Chamber of Crony Commerce (and winning most, btw)  isn't pointing towards the necessary reform. So there's something else to ponder...

Next, we have Ben Howe's assessment that Cochran's wasting GOP resources by not conceding. No argument from me!
So a Senator that has been in office continually for 41 years and in the Senate for 36 years, has joined leadership on every bad call to end fights before they began, has voted for everything from Medicare Part D to the Internet Sales Tax, who ran ads recklessly linking his opponent of criminal activity, who claims to rent a basement apartment that doesn’t exist from his assistant who throws fundraisers for Democrats out of the same location while his wife is left alone & ailing with dementia in a home… this Senator can’t be removed by democratic process because we might have to spend some money on [McDaniel] name ID?

Well fine. If it’s about “saving money and resources” then let me help find some for everyone. We’ll start with Thad Cochran who as of mid-May still had almost $2.4 million in cash. Since history shows us that the momentum in a run-off is on the side of the challenger, Thad should step aside and offer the resources of his campaign coffers to electing the Republican in the interests of gaining a majority in the Senate.

The NRSC can pitch in too. When they aren’t busy accusing candidates of crimes and engaging in scorched-earth campaigns against those who would challenge their precious, ineffective incumbents, they’re spending money on Senatorial races. That’s their job. As I’m often told, they’re about creating a majority and “being realistic about it.” Brad Dayspring of the NRSC is often talking about working together to build a majority. Ok, let’s work together then, Brad. Thad ain’t going to win the primary. So stop sending money to get ground forces in Mississippi to fight against a fellow Republican. Take the money you’re about to spend the next 3 weeks firing at McDaniel and push it towards raising name ID for him. I’ll help in any way I can.

Look, I was told over and over by so many people in Washington whenever I objected to a so-called “safe seat” being safe, that we have to be cautious and diligent with how we as a movement spend our money and commit our time and resources. I was told that the people demanding we protect incumbents at all costs were actually really conservative as well and, if it made sense in terms of polling and cash, they’d be on my side.

Well guess what? It makes sense in terms of polling and cash to support McDaniel and for Cochran to retire in peace so he can tour the world with his girlfriend. Send us a postcard, Thad. We’ll be busy trying to undo 36 years of reckless spending.
Great advice!

In 3 weeks, I encourage EACH & EVERY McDaniel voter to return to the polls, preferably with an additional friend or family member in tow, and elect constitutional conservative CHRIS MCDANIEL to the U.S. Senate. He's the best man for the job!

ADDENDUM:'s been deleted from his Twitter feed now, but Thad was a little too quick out of the gate on this one...
Welcome home, Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl. A grateful America thanks you for your service.
2:37 PM - 31 May 2014
Out of touch much?

Also, the Cochran camp appears to have been desperately courting Democrat votes in the last days leading up to the primary (a conservative, huh?), and I finally heard a little confirmation from Erick Erickson today regarding possible crossover votes... More bad news for Thad: All those folks who voted in the Democratic primary are INELIGIBLE to vote in a GOP runoff!

And finally, CONGRATS to all of these conservatives in Tuesday night's primaries!

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