Tuesday, June 17, 2014

McDaniel opens 12-point lead over Cochran!

One week away...NOW is the Time, MISSISSIPPI! We have the momentum!
Breitbart: A new poll shows conservative state Sen. Chris McDaniel with a commanding 12-point lead the runoff election in Mississippi’s GOP primary over six-term incumbent Sen. Thad Cochran (R-MS).

The Citizens United Political Victory Fund poll, conducted by Kellyanne Conway of The Polling Company, Inc., shows McDaniel has a 52 percent to 40 percent lead over Cochran. In a memo, pollster Conway noted too that McDaniel has an “intensity advantage” as 47 percent of his supporters say they are “definite” supporters whereas only 37 percent of Cochran’s say as much.

The poll comes after Cochran has been through a difficult stretch politically in which he said he grew up doing "all kind of indecent things with animals" -- then apparently forgot he said that. He also appeared not to know that Majority Leader Eric Cantor had lost his primary race, despite giving public remarks about it two days earlier.

A plurality of Mississippians, however they plan to vote, think McDaniel will win. When asked “regardless of how you might vote, whom do you think will win the runoff election?” 49 percent said McDaniel, while only 26 percent said Cochran and 24 percent were unsure. Conway wrote in her memo that this means the “momentum belongs to McDaniel.”

Meanwhile, Cochran is still desperately courting Democrats and vice versa...

Forget about questioning his conservatism, how is this even Republican? It ain't. Here's the take-away: Be aware of the Democratic shenanigans taking place in the state (yes, Democrats are being encouraged to skew the results of this all-too important Republican runoff), but don't be fooled by it either, because McDaniel has the momentum!

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