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Obama's lawless border: Deport 'some', keep criminal Undocumented Democrats, forget about Tahmooressi

On Friday, news spread from the White House that as of June 15, 52,000 illegal kids, along with 39,000 illegal adults with children, have been apprehended on our southern border. Anybody see the obvious problem for Democrats in that statistic? Not enough voting undocumented Democrats!

It's no secret that Obama and Democrats want an infusion of undocumented Democrats to hasten the fundamental transformation of America (i.e., a new citizenry). However, there seem to be unintended consequences for such an open border policy. Besides creating a chaotic refugee environment, you've also got an influx of non-voting age unaccompanied minors from El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala streaming in. Now those, he says we can humanely know, like we should be doing with anyone entering illegally.
WashingtonTimes: President Obama told his Mexican counterpart in a phone call Thursday that immigrants crossing into the U.S. illegally won’t qualify for legalized status or deferred deportation, including children.

The White House said Mr. Obama and Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto discussed “a regional strategy” to address the surge of unaccompanied children coming from Central America, through Mexico, to the U.S.
However, Obama's words, like so many other instances, don't match his deeds. So, maybe he is actually planning for the long haul of undocumented Democratic generations...
WeaselZippers: The time to say that they wouldn’t be allowed to stay would have been when you caught them at the border, rather than shipping them all over the country. Unless of course, as we reported earlier, it looks like you were planning on allowing them to stay.

Obama is now catching some flack for this debacle, and so has to appear to be doing something. However, why should Mexico care what he says? They are taking bribes to let the crossings occur, and why should they want to be stuck with all these folks if we boot them. So Obama is all about a lot of words, signifying nothing.
I mean, after we've resettled them, housing the current influx, and then payoff the nations of those who can't stay (all of which is likely to encourage more lawlessness, especially that last one), it sounds like the President and his party are investing for their future!

So, who are some of the future undocumented Democrats they want to keep? The criteria isn't yet clear, seems to include the criminal variety...
DougRoss: The consequences of open borders will be felt for decades. Over the coming years, Americans will experience Balkanization, an exploding welfare state, and higher taxes to pay for an uninvited influx of largely impoverished, low-skilled and illiterate migrants.

The short-term ramifications, however, will be equally serious. Writing at Western Journalism, B. Christopher Agree explains:
The recent rise in unaccompanied minors illegally crossing America’s southern border in recent weeks has led to serious criticism of existing immigration laws and lax border security. While the influx is seen by many as a symbol of a broken system, however, a large number of Americans still believe officials should allow these children to stay in this country and reunite with family members already here.

A recent revelation by authorities might just change some minds.

According to an investigation by Action 4 News in Harlingen, Texas, underage gang members are being released without supervision into American neighborhoods near the border and beyond. San Juan Police Chief Juan Gonzalez explained that such a policy could have tragic consequences in our society ... “They are not your average person that wants to better their lives,” he said.

The majority of these thugs are easily identifiable, according to the National Border Patrol Council ... “they are usually pretty predominant with their tattoos,” noting they typically display “a lot of face tattoos.”

Nevertheless, when gangsters under the age of 17 – and without a U.S. criminal history – are detained by border guards, they are subsequently sent on their way, free to terrorize American neighborhoods.
So, criminals on the other side of the border, can start with a clean slate on this side? Just peachy.

Never mind that two in three Americans disapprove of Obama's handling on illegal immigration, behind the scenes, Biden's spilling the beans on a plan to give 'some' illegal aliens citizenship, while Valerie Jarrett wines & dines Rupert Murdoch to get those establishment puppets on the so-called 'right' in know, Chamber of Crony Commerce style.

Now, we know very well that the lawful citizenry have been reduced to second class by the Washington ruling class. Yet in the midst of all this, while the government plays Wheel of Fortune (or is it the Price is Right?) with which illegals can stay and which have to go, there's been something rather important left out of the conversation with our southern neighbors...oops.
Breitbart: On Thursday evening, Fox News Host Greta Van Susteren said she hoped President Barack Obama did not blow it by not talking to Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto about U.S. Marine Stg. Andrew Tahmooressi, who has been languishing in a Mexican jail since March.

The two Presidents spoke on Thursday about the border crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Van Susteren, who has been relentlessly reporting on the case, said there is “NO MENTION” in the readout about whether Obama spoke about Tahmooressi, who, as Breitbart News has noted, “accidentally crossed the Mexican border with guns in his truck” on March 31 before he was “promptly arrested, chained, and beaten by Mexican authorities.”
Meanwhile, armed Mexican officers have repeatedly crossed our border, but those infractions, on top of imprisoning Tahmooressi, are likely payback for the hundreds of Mexican deaths at the hands of Obama's Fast and Furious gunrunning.

One word comes to mind: FUBAR!

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ADDENDUM: On Monday, U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, Attorney General Greg Abbott (soon-to-be Governor), and Congressman Michael Burgess gave a press conference this morning at Lackland Air Force Base on the flood of unaccompanied minors illegally crossing the border in Texas...
“We are witnessing a humanitarian crisis unfolding that is the direct consequence of President Obama’s lawlessness.”

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