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A work of art to explain the outcome of either convention...

This is actually two separate portraits painted by the same artist, but with an appropriately combined working title, "Two clowns in the same circus"... 

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Don’t patronize me, Madam Secretary

Along comes a conservative statesman...

“Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become more corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters.” ~ Benjamin Franklin
You know, I often find myself frustrated with the way language is thrown around so lightly. Our pop culture sees fit to freely misuse words, redefine words, and even censor non-offensive words when they reveal too much truth to bare. I've felt this way about a couple words in particular for quite sometime: conservative and Republican.  The two are too often used synonymously when we've seen all too often, particularly as of late, that these words don't actually have the same meaning. Another word that comes to mind amidst these is Principle.

If you've gotten this far, perhaps with an open mind, the following might help illuminate where I'm going with this...
TheResurgent: All my life I have heard conservatives and conservative pundits cry out for a statesman not a politician, for a man (or woman) that would stand for principle not party. Yet last Wednesday night, when Ted Cruz embodied exactly that type of leadership, many conservative pundits and fellow Republican politicians were apoplectic. Of course we all expected Cruz to be vilified by Democrats and the main stream media no matter what he had said in his speech. But it was beyond disappointing to hear such a negative reaction from fellow conservatives. Even media figures and politicians who had been very supportive of Cruz throughout the primaries joined in the piling on.

I could understand it a little better if these conservative critics simply thought Cruz made a tactical error politically, but they went further than that to question Cruz’s motives. I am stunned by how many consistently label Cruz as only self-serving; as though he couldn’t possibly be genuinely trying to do what he thought was right. As with his filibuster on Obamacare, where Cruz is blamed for single handedly shutting down the Government, (last I checked Harry Reid had the capability to avoid a shut-down had they not been so inflexible themselves) it seems never to occur to conservative talking heads that Cruz might actually have been trying to do what he had promised his constituents he would do if elected. Also last week, as was done following the filibuster, the term “stunt” was thrown around quite often on Thursday when evaluating Cruz’s speech.

Is it possible that conservatives have gone so long without truly principled leadership that many didn’t recognize it when they saw it? Isn’t it more of a condemnation on the current jaded state of conservative punditry than it is on Ted Cruz that so few saw his stand as courageous? We talk about the founders and founding principles constantly. So what do the so called “experts” suppose a George Washington or a John Adams would have done in a similar situation? Pundits are free to disagree with Cruz’s conclusions but Cruz genuinely believes that Trump will be harmful both to the country and to the party, a position most of Cruz’s critics held until eight weeks ago. Had Washington or Adams believed the same would they have endorsed for the so called “greater good”.

...many conservatives only think they want statesmanship. ...

Conservatism cried out for decades for a selfless leader who was willing to stand against the tide and articulate conservatism. Then when that leader showed up and did exactly that, we discovered that conservatism has been so compromised, so watered down, that three fourths of our own movement didn’t recognize true leadership when they saw it.
Now, I know I will invariably hear more static that distracts from this truth: "Why you still talking about Ted Cruz? Get over it! Donald Trump is our nominee? What, you gonna vote for Hillary?" But this is noise, not honesty.

What's honest is that throughout Ted Cruz's life, the man -- pardon me, the statesman -- has vigorously pursued conservative interests prior to holding office, and similarly that of his constituents once elected, seeking a much needed return of principle and values to the arena of politics, which has grossly dispersed from those who would now lord over us.

Many have rhetorically and physically fought for similar ideals of liberty throughout human history...

There's been many comparisons drawn between Cruz and other great men of the past who struggled through righteous causes. Reagan, Goldberg, Martin Luther, William Wallace, and others. Maybe Ted Cruz actually was our Wallace after all...
MadisonsCPC: ...a line was drawn between true constitutional conservatives, and those who see themselves as conservative, but are quite willing to accept a loss of liberty to quell their anger- those who see rhetoric and bombastic statements as superior to constitutional ideals and principles.

As Wallace lost his battle, he lit a fire of independence in the hearts of his countrymen, so Cruz has ignited a flame that burns hot and bright for those who seek to return the republic to its constitutional foundation.
Just because a nomination was lost, don't let the flame of conservatism burn out. We live to fight another day, and fight on we shall. We just need a political apparatus, a party, to join us in that fight.

Until we desire a 'new party' that 'speaks to the heart', we find ourselves here...

I heard Glenn Beck talking about a topic of interest this morning on his program (I'll attach that to this post if it happens to appear on the interweb). It's one that I started thinking about last night while viewing the powerful video of Khizr Khan addressing Trump at the #DNCinPHL.

Folks, THIS should have been a part of the #RNCinCLE had Republicans chosen a viable nominee...

TheResurgent: If you are a Republican, you should watch this video clip and be ashamed. That mother and father lost their son. He died on the battlefield while serving the United States against our enemies in the Middle East. This is a muslim family. They immigrated from the United Arab Emirates...

They are proud American patriots. If Donald Trump had his way, they’d have never been allowed into the United States.

“You sacrificed nothing and no one,” is a line that is going to echo through Campaign 2016. It was the most powerful moment of the past two weeks and the most powerful words spoken in either Cleveland or Philadelphia.

Shame, Republicans. Shame on you.
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This emotional moment will of course be used by Democrats like all other expressions of the heart, but then isn't that the point? This was the most effective display of average people who responded to Trump's offensive antics throughout the campaign season (others included a Texas military widow who was scammed by Trump University and a wheelchair-bound young woman with cerebral palsy responding to Trump's mocking of a disabled NYTimes reporter).

I wished that there existed a party with the sincerity behind these kind of messages. The Democrats are not, they just exploit them, quite effectively I might add, and we all know it. But the Republicans used to be that party; however, it no longer subscribes to such unity in values or principles, and it nominated a man who rejects those very provisions of conservatism.

We have allowed the years of successful divisions promulgated by leftists to fester, seep and adhere to the sensibilities of an exhausted and frustrated right-of-center people. And in so doing, we are losing the hearts of our people to the Big Government facade of compassion that would use such sincere messages for its own benefit, not that of ours.

As I heard Beck plainly speak to this conundrum, I agree, we need a new party that knows what the 'F' it's doing...that genuinely speaks to the hearts of Americans, devoid of Big Government solutions, but with a reinvigorating, honest message of liberty, truth, justice...real independence. Until then, we find ourselves here...

ADDENDUM: Here's some of those Beck radio segments that I was referencing from the 7/29 program...

This first segment was earlier in the program ('Thanks!' to the lefties at RWW for posting, HA!), where Glenn explains how the 'RNC idiots' have completely missed out on reaching the impassioned, somewhat uninformed, average American, who desires a change for the better towards our inherent 'red, white & blue' values (i.e., tea party, Constitution, Founders)...but while the Republicans were reaching out the Sanders Marxists, completely jettisoning our Founding documents & tea party people, the Democrats recognized the void and were reaching out to these very people, making an entire week out of it!
"GOP, RNC idiots. You idiots! Maybe after you get your ass handed to you by a bunch of Marxist, revolutionary radicals, who have just cloaked themselves as YOU, maybe you'll figure it out that maybe we should stop moderating to the left."

...and here's the segment where Glenn explains how the Democrats effectively used 'the message of the heart' to reach the undecided (@13:55)...a message that completely escaped the RNC the previous week. After Glenn mentioned the Gold Star muslim father, the wheelchair-bound disabled woman, and the black Trump University military widow, he asks a poignant question aimed at the Republican-voting electorate:
"Who do you think moved the needle further? That person, or us screaming about how horrible Hillary Clinton is? Or them screaming about what a racist Donald Trump is? They positioned this the entire time with the three things I have been saying are missing: 'You don't feel like you belong'...[second] 'I hear you'...and the third thing they didn't accomplish is 'You don't feel like you have any control of your life,' but I think in a way they can't ever accomplish that because they're for Big Government. But through marketing, they made you feel like 'I'm in a group that hears me; they're gonna give me control of my life!' Those three things are the main thing that I believe America feels right now and is the source of our problem. We did nothing, NOTHING, except inflict more pain on the people who feel those three things. And we did it with anger and fear instead of love and charity."

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Effective Kool-Aid: #DNCinPHL concludes with PUNCH

"The GOP had a real opportunity to win in 2016. ... The GOP had the chance to lift the American spirit against a woman with 60% disapproval. Instead, they chose a man even less liked that her. I hate 2016." ~ Erick Erickson
If there's one thing the Democratic Progressive-Socialist convention has taught us this week, particularly in comparison to last week's Republi-something one, it's this: If people are gullible enough to elect Trump as a Republican, then equal gullibility (and culpability) exists within those who'd soak up this week's gauntlet of speeches as authentic, on top of electing Hillary as their next president...

The Monday into early Tuesday disarray...

...has shifted rather quickly. Actually starting with Michelle's speech Tuesday night, Dems methodically initiated effective punch, counter-PUNCH, both Tuesday evening with B.J....

The party of family values has just nominated a man on his third wife with numerous affairs and they are pitting him against a woman whose husband routinely cheated on her, but they kept their marriage together. Republicans are prone to cast aspersions on the Clinton marriage. “They did it for power” or “she stuck to him for her own benefit” are the most common ones. But in a day and age where marriages crumble and kids wind up spread all over between parents and step parents, the Clintons kept their marriage together. Judge not. They swore a holy vow and, though Bill broke the fidelity part, they have kept the bonds of marriage between them that Trump has so easily cast off.

That was a good speech. Bill Clinton is still the guy you want to have a beer with. He paraded through a tour of states on what Hillary had done for the little guy. He talked about their marriage. He completely skipped 1998. But he came to rehabilitate Hillary’s image in the eyes of the American people and I suspect the old charmer charmed a good number of people.

...and the following Wednesday evening with B.O....

The President gave a speech that was multiple things. It was an ode to American progressivism and defense of his record. It was the Republican response to Donald Trump. It was a flat sounding campaign for Hillary Clinton. The progressivism was nauseating. I cannot blame the President for ignoring the low economic growth rate during his administration. His values are not my values.

But I appreciate his denunciation of Donald Trump. He was accurate. The Republican Party is supposed to be the party of the individual that believes in the American people. It is now the party of Trump that believes only by electing Donald Trump can we make America great again. The party of Reagan that put faith in the people now puts faith in an orange braying jackass who is all talk and bankruptcies.

Effective doesn't make it right, but remember, I first mentioned gullibility...and there's a lot of it going around...

Look, like it or not, all Hillary has to do is keep Obama’s coalition from 2012. But she’s also starting to steal college educated white voters. They went for Romney in 2012. Obama’s speech might be particularly effective toward them.

... The Democrats are going to try to make a play at the middle now. They won’t get those who are strongly pro-life. But the moderate suburbanites who don’t go to church on Sunday, but vote Republican because of taxes may just decide Clinton is the safer bet.
So what's Trump doing to counter any of this throughout the week as the attack Cruz antics subside? Uhum...

Are these as troubling as Hillary & Co.? Remember the effective and gullible factors already mentioned...

Oh, and all 'part of the plan', though, ya see...?

Actually, sadly, it seems more like this to me...

We are now at the final day of the two major party conventions, and what we have witnessed so far has professional unbiased political analysts baffled, and partisan political operatives of the left elated. The GOP used it’s convention to scoff at, badger and belittle it’s base. After failing to consolidate the ground troops, Team R made an overt attempt to lure the base, not the fringe mind you, the base of the Democratic Party. The Commissar of Crazy directly appealed to the Socialist wing of the Democratic Party, further alienating his party’s own base and alarming the right of center moderates that are so crucial to carry in order to win. After jarring the members of his own party he then went full collaborator with his call for Russian intervention in our electoral process and probably pushed the last couple of undecided independent percentage points out of play.

Meanwhile, the Democratic Party, deftly let their base air their grievances, and handed them the scalp of the party chairwoman as a sincere gesture of reconciliation before the first prime time speaker hit the stage. They devoted night one to the base with all the speaking slots, and they brought it all home to mama. The next two nights sounded like a victory chant for the moderate wing of the Republican Party and featured a Ronald Reagan impersonation that dropped the jaws of many moderates. If Secretary Clinton presents herself as a serious person, in a subdued and solemn manner tonight, the Team D grocery getter wagon may just pull away from the pack and glide to Pennsylvania Avenue on cruise control.

My party has capitulated and I’m not sure It will survive. When this is over, please send a search and recovery party to locate the buzzard picked GOP carcass somewhere on the side of I-95 way south and short of Washington D.C.

And conclusion:

One final clarification from Erickson: Conservatives cannot support her.
A lot of my friends who hate Trump are toying with the idea of supporting Hillary Clinton. ...

People want to pick a candidate. Americans want to vote for President. But sometimes it is far better to be a conscientious objector.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are both thoroughly awful candidates. No amount of Wayne Grudem rationalization can convince me supporting Trump is the moral thing to do. But supporting Hillary Clinton is not a moral or conservative alternative.

Her speech may have played to centrist or center-right sensibilities last night, but her laundry list of programs was thoroughly leftist.

You might as well just recognize that as a nation and as a conservative movement we have been sold out and are screwed for the next four years.
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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

#DNCinPHL in disarray, until...

Even more feverish than Day 1 of the RNC, the #DNCinPHL was in disarray for most of the day...

After being discovered to have rigged the Democratic presidential candidate race against Bernie, and in favor of Hillary Clinton through over 19,000 leaked emails, Schutlz stepped down as the DNC chair. But while the DNC said "leave it," Clinton pulled up quick to retrieve it. Now Schultz is one of Clinton's chief campaign staffers, and Democrats are none too happy about it.
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It's been a rough night for people who socialist voters believe have sold out to Hillary Clinton. One such victim was Elizabeth Warren, who spoke at length on why Donald Trump is bad and why Democrats are good (so vote Hillary Clinton because she is one of us). During the speech, hecklers cried out "We trusted you!" to Warren...
It is amazing that in the twenty-first century the Democrats would resurrect the failed ideas of the twentieth century and try to run on them again. Bernie Sanders really wants free everything, but has no explanation for how he will get the money. More troubling, his crying supporters seem to have no idea that free stuff is really just stuff paid for by someone else. Who exactly will do that? Mexico?

The Bernie Sanders phenomenon is the Donald Trump cult of the Democrats. The Democratic Party at least had the presence of mind to snuff it out, unlike the Republicans and their cult of Trump. It is ridiculous to see people crying over a communist who celebrated the Soviet Union as it was exterminating its citizens wholesale.
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...and a valid point that Leon Wolf raises...

The problem, for Clinton, is that at first blush, Sanders's supporters were not ready to hear this message and seem to have largely rejected it. Of course, the wounds right now are especially fresh after the Russians (probably) gave Trump a huge assist by dumping the #DNCleaks material on the weekend before their convention. There are probably some number of Sanders supporters who are more tempted to vote for Trump out of spite for Clinton than they are to listen to Sanders and vote Clinton to stop Trump.

But will that dynamic hold all the way until November? It's a question that's likely to decide the 2016 election, either way.
BUT there were a couple of things that happened (and that will continue to permeate) that has united the former Democratic Party now merrily packaged with Marxist...

The crowd came and booed. They jeered and chanted. They tried to disrupt. The Bernie supporters could not be placated. They disrupted every speech, even the speech of their goddess, Pocahontas on the Charles. But when Michelle Obama took the stage, the Democrats had unity.

...Michelle Obama made a positive case for Hillary Clinton, even though she is purportedly not a Hillary Clinton fan. She passively made swipes at Donald Trump. She praised her husband. She made a case for America that was not bleak or dour. ...

Had Michelle Obama put her name into the hat in Philly tonight, she’d leave on Thursday as the party’s nominee for President. Instead, she’s with Hillary Clinton and because of her speech a whole heck of a lot of people not with Hillary going into Philly will be with Hillary going out.
It was humorous to listen to Democrat after Democrat lament the state of the Obama economy where the poor are getting poorer and only the rich can get anything passed in Washington.

...Throughout the night, effeminate Bernie Bros cried and jeered and chanted for Bernie. They lashed out at Senator Pocahontas for betraying them by standing with Hillary. Actually, Warren never said, “I’m with her,” just “We’re with her.”

But most striking of all was what was not there. The Democrats celebrated illegal aliens, some tried to justify and rationalize murdering police officers, they all attacked Trump, but not a damn soul in prime time bothered to mention the war against Islamic radicalism or ISIS.

Continuing in Barack Obama’s footsteps, the Democrats has far nastier things to say about the GOP and Donald Trump than about ISIS and Islamic radicals. That is rather telling and rather shameful.

The Democrats view the GOP as the bad guy, while thinking ISIS is misunderstood. ...they will only fight Republicans and Christians, not Islamic Radicals.
With everyone talking about Debbie's downfall, it may be hard to find much hand-wringing over it. But, barring some last-minute changes, here’s what the Democratic Platform looks likely to include, via the Washington Post’s Dave Weigel:
This stuff isn’t as sexy to most reporters... but it’s arguably more important to pay attention to, especially since the people pushing some of the really right-leaning stuff in the Republican Platform have basically no influence in the GOP, other than where platform fights are concerned, and the people pushing the leftward lurch in the Democratic Platform have enough power to, well, oust the Democratic National Committee Chair.
This isn't your grandfather's, or even your father's, Democratic Party anymore (and neither is its media arm). Regardless of the perceived tension, they always come together for the agenda. Party first, second, third, always.
"The Democratic Party of today has reverted to the Democrats of the late sixties and it is a damning indictment of our present culture that they’re more successful now than then." ~ Erick Erickson
This is something Republicans could stand to learn if they could find common cause to fight for Principle!

RNC Chairman Priebus to Democrats: 'Vote your conscience'

Or alternate title: The rank hypocrisy of Rience Priebus.

Folks, you can't make this up. Or as Susan Wright says, "You don’t become this tone deaf without practice."

RedState: Yes, dear readers. RNC Chairman Priebus, who helped railroad conservatives at last week’s GOP convention in Cleveland, and who has championed the orange fraud and his minions to the point that all Hell has broken loose over Senator Ted Cruz urging voters to “vote their conscience” – is telling disgruntled Democrats to vote their conscience.

Let’s recap:

Republicans voting their conscience = BAD.

Democrats voting their conscience = GOOD.

I think we’re done here.
I'm certain Rience is so much more relieved that the #DNCleak came out this weekend to take the heat off the RNC's own shilling.

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Analogy: ‪#‎RNCinCLE‬ message sent & received

I like movie analogies, so let's try a few...

Here's the message sent all week during the #RNCinCLE:

But for a few exceptional moments Wednesday evening:

The Empire responded as it always does against its own who don't fall in line:

But the actual result will prove fatal to itself:

Message received?

Friday, July 22, 2016

This is where I remain with #RNCinCLE, Drumpf and the former Republican Party...

Let this serve as a continuation of This is where I am with the convention, the candidate and the RNC lot...

Ronald Reagan said, “I ask you not simply to ‘Trust me,’ but to trust your values—our values—and to hold me responsible for living up to them.” George W. Bush stated, “I know the presidency is an office that turns pride into prayer, but I am eager to start on the work ahead.” Even Nixon, for all his faults, declared, “Without God's help and your help, we will surely fail; but with God's help and your help, we shall surely succeed.” But Trump...
“I am your voice... No one knows the system better than me, which is why I alone can fix it.”
He helped pay for it and thus build it up with the current crop of corrupt Washington swine (including his Democratic rival that he can't seem to focus on), so, yeah, unfortunately he knows the system all too well...

After this week's circus, it's affirmed that we are more divided than ever thanks to Donald J. Trump and his devotees. Conservatives truly find themselves at a fork in the road, and it's time to plot our new course home...

Wednesday night Ted Cruz spoke for the Republican Party, and Thursday night Donald Trump spoke as a law-and-order Democrat running under the GOP banner. ... Using Reagan’s slogan “Make America Great Again™” and Nixon’s rhetoric, Trump’s message resonates with disaffected Democrats, whose party has moved so far left that there’s no discernible difference between them and most European socialist parties... Cruz’s speech, even through bitterness, framed a more Reaganesque Republican Party, with a focus on liberty and freedom. ... There are really now two parties. ... on November 9, 2016, I would love to see a new party rise up, led by actual conservatives in the tradition of Lincoln and Reagan. ...there are two parties trying to share one banner. It’s time to quit pretending while the GOP turns into the Whigs of 1840.
...because if this is Trump unity, I, along with multitudes of conservatives, want no part of it... the aftermath of last night’s disturbing acceptance speech, Cheeto—who presumably has more responsibility for party unification than anyone, as the official nominee—has eschewed any attempt at unification and is now only further declaring war on Ted Cruz. POLITICO has a pair of pieces out this morning, covering Cheeto’s Friday morning press conference: the first piece notes that Cheeto is so butthurt over his epically being snubbed on Wednesday night that he would not even accept an endorsement from Cruz, at this point, and the second piece notes that Cheeto has decided to revive the (properly) moribund unfounded rumors about Cruz’s father somehow being involved in the JFK assassination. ...The Republican presidential nominee then openly speculated about forming his own Super PAC to try to primary Cruz in his 2018 U.S. Senate reelection campaign, purely out of spite. ...This is the man for whom the Party of Lincoln and Reagan is presently in the tank. The Party that once argued that, for public officials, character and decency matter.

Ted Cruz did the right thing by not sacrificing the integrity of the post-William F. Buckley, Jr./Russell Kirk/Ronald Reagan conservative movement at the false altar of Donald J. Trump. He did the right thing by defending the integrity and sacred honor of his family’s name against a borderline-deranged iconoclast who would deny them both. It is to the everlasting shame of the Republican Party apparatus that, not only can it not plainly see this, but it is now forced to shill for the Cheeto Jesus monster it helped create—a monster who disregards that sacrosanct integrity and honor with much the same cavalier alacrity as he shows in repudiating the very conservative first principles themselves which some of us still hold so dear.

The Resistance will endure as the conservative movement in exile. Cheeto Jesus is our Nebuchadnezzar. Welcome to Babylon. With enough strength and force of will, we will persevere and eventually find our way back to Jerusalem.
Vindictive much? Aren't the primaries over? Hasn't Trump been nominated? Isn't he now running to defeat Hillary? But like a bully, he can't help himself. He's incapable of unity, and he further proved it this morning...

Continued exacerbation: WATCH: Republican Nominee Donald Trump Trashes & Mocks GOP Senator Ted Cruz AGAIN Because Unity Or Whatever
Sore winner MELTDOWN: Trump doubles, then TRIPLES down on Cruz attacks
WATCH. Unhinged Donald Trump Becomes Even More Unhinged On CSPAN (VIDEO)

He continues to tear down Cruz and conservatives, while further pandering to Bernie Sanders voters and the LGBTQxyz community? And what's with booing talk of Liberty and God, like Democrats? This is not the Republican Party that I've always voted for...

In the early days of the Republic, John Adams famously wrote, "Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other." The logic was clear. Without a firm grounding in Christianity and the morality that springs from Christianity, the US Constitution simply can't work. That common language has to exist in the electorate otherwise we descend rapidly into a society where we are governed by out base instincts not by our better angels. The Democrats fell here years ago, adopting sexual license and perversion and covetousness of the wealth accrued by others as planks of their party platform.

Now the GOP is there.

This is a party that is unmoored from the history of the nation and its own history and from common decency. This is a party that worships nothing but celebrity, wealth, and ephemeral power that is held not for the purpose of moving the nation forward but for merely the sake of holding power. This is a party that has decided it is tired of being the "stupid" party and it wants to be another "evil" party.

Until this party rids itself of Trump and his acolytes, I'm done with them.
Oh, and by the way, for the party operatives, devotees and assorted loudmouths or fearmongerers, give it a rest...

Heck, I remember the first Clinton administration well. Obviously, a lot of stuff happened that was not what I would have preferred politically, but the country soldiered on. Democrats acted like George W. Bush was evil incarnate, but the country lived through that as well. Obama's been a bad President too, but the country is still here. The country will survive Hillary Clinton. It will probably be worse off than it was before, but that's the choice Republicans made when they nominated Donald Trump. I don't like it, but I've been on the losing side of elections before and the next day the sun still rises in the East. Save your scaremongering for someone who can be convinced that these aren't the droids you're looking for.

This tactic rings especially hollow in this election, given that the Republican alternative is doubtless much scarier, in terms of the potential damage he can do to the country, the Republican party, and the world as a whole. Just this week, his rhetoric on Estonia caused us to again wonder exactly how cozy with Vladimir Putin he really is.

But even worse, as streiff just pointed out, Trump celebrated his nomination at the RNC with a bizarre, unhinged, homeless-person-pushing a cart rant that once again dredged up the facially insane conspiracy theories about Ted Cruz's father being involved in JFK's assassination. Again, this is not ideological disagreement territory, this is "Trump is mentally unhinged" territory. If Trump is willing to believe and publicly espouse crazy stuff that he reads in the National Enquirer, what might he do as President, with the command of the whole military at his fingertips? That's scary.
Folks, it is up to the nominee to unite the party, but all this nominee can do is further divide us, particularly in the targeting of conservatives and conservatism itself. I'm sorry, but again, I've got no interest in this degradation and fundamental transformation...

We’re in a bad place. We’ve been there before, but after 8 years of awful, we shouldn’t be actively seeking to drive a stake through our own hearts.

We are doomed to our left, destroyed to our right. Let’s pray enough people are willing to wake up from their apathy to actively fight to break the 2-party system this year.

We need a new conservative home, because all things conservative died last night, to the thunderous applause and approval of those who claim to fight for it.

Did they ever really know what conservatism is, in the first place?
The worst part is, no one is holding them accountable. The voices that have the ability to influence change have succumbed to a false god that promises "we will win". Trump has ushered in a new era where the focus is not ideas or character, but cheap shots and sound bites. The leaders have fallen in line and the image of conservatism will be forever scarred by the Era of Trump. It's going to take a big loss to shake conservatism up, and hopefully the next generation of leaders will have the integrity that the current leaders have tossed away.
So, there's my takeaway from this week's Trump Party rally. Sayonara, GOP.

Possibly a new beacon? If You Actually Care About Conservative Principles, Join Glenn Beck And I In Denver Aug. 12-14

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ERICKSON: 'Cheeto jesus's sermon in crevice'

For Trump so loved himself that he gave his only begotten self that whosoever believeth in him shall not win, but shall have everlasting lies.
I prefer Orange Zod, but Cheeto jesus will suffice. Another brilliant mixture of candor, humor and throwdown from Erickson. Copy, paste and done...oh so done...
TheResurgent: There has not been a more pessimistic speech given by any major party Presidential nominee since perhaps — well, there’s never been a speech quite like this.

Everything is terrible, according to Cheeto jesus. There is too much crime, too many illegal aliens, too many muslims, too much everything. But the orange wonder intends to save us all. He will do so through expansive government programs championed by the party of small government.

I’m sure in the original German the speech had some nuances that were commendable. But in its English translation it was amazing to watch the Republican base cheer on how awful everything is and how much a victim they all are. There was no self-starting, no spirit of entrepreneurship, and no American exceptionalism. Instead, we’re all suckers beset on all sides and need the least qualified man ever to run for President to save us — just like he saved all those widows and single moms he screwed out of money. Gross.

The Republican Party is officially now the party of Trump. Instead of happy warriors, they are angry, bitter bigots who hate Muslims, hispanics, and consider Democrats the enemy instead of political opponents. That anger is not going to attract anyone, so they will bully and browbeat. “Convert or Die” is now the GOP’s message. Their messiah is an orange Mohammed promising virgins and paradise if the party will only blow itself up. And it intends to.

I await the Republican response.
Ouch! More than a couple of stingers in there...and well deserved of the worst nominee this century and a busted party that I don't even recognize anymore. Lincoln, Coolidge, Reagan...nope, not of the same apparel, much less cloth.

This week's circus is over. Next up, onto her rotten Thighness and the conga line of freakshows (as Levin would say) in the coming week. God help us.

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Thursday, July 21, 2016

The problem is that Cruz's speech made others realize they have violated their own principles and values

I understand now the problem, and it's not Cruz's refusal to violate his principles and values. The problem is that Cruz's speech made others realize they have violated theirs.
And that's really the gist of it, folks...
RedState: Last night, Ted Cruz proved a lot of things about himself and about the things he believed. But the most important thing he proved was about Donald Trump's supporters: he proved that they are more interested in settling perceived grievances with the Republican party than they are in actually winning the White House. ...

...they are hopping mad and incessantly bitching about Ted Cruz not endorsing Trump - in spite of the fact that the first words out of Cruz's mouth were congratulating Donald Trump for his victory, and in spite of the fact that he did not say a single negative word about Trump, and additionally in spite of the fact that he encouraged people not to stay home in November.

Let's be clear about something: contrary to what a bunch of ill-informed Trump supporting idiots are saying on Twitter, Cruz's speech - including the absence of an explicit endorsement of Trump - was pre-cleared by both the RNC and Trump. his speech, including the non-endorsement of Trump, was not a surprise to the RNC or Trump in any way. Even Donald Trump himself admitted this on Twitter, and for once Trump's twitter is not full of crap. I began to hear reports in the afternoon that Cruz told the RNC that he would not endorse Trump, and that the RNC was exerting a lot of pressure on him to change his mind, but that he firmly told them that he would not. He said he would congratulate Donald Trump, would avoid saying anything negative about Trump, and talk about the principles he stood for. The RNC and Trump both agreed to let him proceed with the speech as is. So the idea that Cruz sprung this on them as some sort of surprise is absolute BS.

Another piece of BS that has been circulated by the RNC to throw dirt on Ted Cruz is that he gave different remarks on stage than the prepared ones he submitted to the RNC for review. Unfortunately, the RNC screwed themselves on this score by sending to media organization prepared copies of Ted Cruz remarks which show that Cruz said exactly what his prepared remarks indicated.

In fact, in response to the news that Cruz was going to make a speech that did not explicitly endorse him, Trump intentionally chose to escalate the situation by leaking the news to friendly delegations and instructing them to boo Cruz to make this a bigger deal that it otherwise would have been. If Trump's delegates had not booed and caused a ruckus, but instead had remained silent or applauded at Cruz's exhortation to vote for down ticket races, everyone today would be talking about Pence and his speech, and the discussion would be about positive things associated with Trump and Pence and how they are going to move forward after the convention to at least possible victory.

But that is not what Trump's supporters are interested in. They are interested in having a constant object of hatred and scorn, and it's preferred if the target is a Republican. This is the driving force behind their support for Trump, principles be damned. Trump knows it too, which is why he was perfectly happy to let Ted Cruz go on stage, as long as the signal was clearly sent to his supporters that Ted Cruz is supposed to be the new object of hate.

Trump's supporters really and truly don't understand how well he constantly plays them. He treats them exactly like he treats his reality TV audience, and he knows that the successful ingredient to any "reality" TV show is the character who everyone loves to hate. ...

...What I can't understand is why [well-intentioned Republicans] can't see that winning against Hillary isn't the point of what either Trump or his followers are doing. They're just working out perceived grievances with the GOP, and when they get bored with Ted Cruz, they might well fixate on you next, if that's what Trump tells them to do.

The time for focusing on beating Hillary has passed. That ship sailed when the party didn't feel like defeating Trump was an important enough reason to unite behind Cruz (or someone else, I would have taken any of the other candidates, personally). Trump himself isn't going to focus on it, and neither will his supporters. So why are you begging conservatives to join in the destruction of their own party?
FYI, Ted Cruz is trying to SAVE the party! That effort continues to be lost on the train'd masses and the party elite. Having been exposed by Ted Cruz, they are angry.

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The 'pledge' was thrown out by ALL the campaigns...especially Trump!

All the hullabaloo with the infamous pledge. If one does just a hint of research, one would see the point where that was not merely abrogated, but was thrown out by ALL the remaining campaigns!

Republican Presidential front-runner Donald Trump said during a CNN Town Hall that he won't support the eventual Republican nominee, if it isn't him. Senator Ted Cruz and Governor John Kasich were more vague with their answers.
So what do Trumpsters think about never voting for someone who broke their pledge to the GOP now? Oh, it's ok if Trump says it's ok. So just feign outrage if Cruz, or anyone for that matter, has a legitimate problem with it? Yes! Got it.

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ADDENDUM: Also of perhaps greater importance...
TheResurgent: When Ted Cruz promised to back the GOP nominee it was a pledge to NOT run as a third party candidate, a possibility envisioned by Reince Priebus and others who thought that if Donald Trump did not win the nomination he would self-fund an independent presidential bid. Politico reported in September of 2015:
“The Republican National Committee on Wednesday privately reached out to GOP presidential candidates to ask whether they’d be willing to sign a pledge stating they would not run as an independent candidate in the event they fail to win the Republican nomination in 2016.”
The only people who believe Ted Cruz violated his loyalty pledge on Wednesday night are those who believe they must violate their conscience by voting for Donald Trump.
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ADDENDUM II: Levin added...
On Thursday’s Mark Levin show, Sen. Ted Cruz told Donald Trump days in advance that he would not endorse him, and Trump’s team had already read the speech hours before Cruz took the stage. Now Trump and his surrogates are whining that Cruz broke his pledge! Is that the same pledge that Trump already voided months ago? This is phony drama and if Trump loses, this may well be the moment that sealed his fate. Trump’s surrogates are continuing to divide the party again over this issue. Trump needs conservatives, but for some reason he doesn’t seem to want them. The burden to unify is on him.

Cruz on Principle, Truth and a non-endorsement: “I will not be a servile puppy dog”

No servile puppy dog here...just Principle!
During his remarks before the Texas Republican delegation Thursday morning, Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz defiantly defended his Wednesday night convention speech in which he declined to endorse Donald Trump for president. One angry Trump supporter in the audience asked Cruz why he wasn’t honoring his pledge to support the eventual Republican nominee. “I will tell you, when I stood on that debate stage and they asked every candidate there, ‘If you don’t win, will you support the nominee,’ I raised my hand and I raised my hand enthusiastically with full intention of doing exactly that,” Cruz responded. “And I’ll tell you the day that pledge was abrogated,” he continued. “The day that was abrogated was the day this became personal.” Cruz insisted that he wasn’t there to attack or criticized Donald Trump. “But I’ll just give you this response: I am not in the habit of supporting people who attack my wife and attack my father. That pledge was not a blanket commitment that if you go and slander and attack Heidi, that I’m going to nonetheless come like a servile puppy dog and say, ‘Thank you very much for maligning my wife and maligning my father.’” “This is politics, you got to get over it,” yelled an angry Trump supporter. “No, this is not politics,” Cruz retorted. “I will tell the truth. I will not malign, I will not insult, I will tell the truth. This is not a game, this is not politics. Right and wrong matters. We have not abandoned who we are in this country.” ...

In beginning his remarks today, Cruz said, “I recognize there are some folks here and elsewhere at the convention who are not happy with me. That’s OK." He called it "troubling" that he was booed by "partisans" when he told the convention to vote for candidates in whom they believe.

“What I wanted to do last night is lay out the principles I believe we stand for as Republicans,” he went on to say. “In that speech last night I did not say a single negative word against Donald Trump.”
Unfortunately, so many these days don't understand Principle....just pledge, pledge, pledge allegiance to all unworthiness. We'll cover more of that in just a moment...

Truly, in a party full of cowards, Cruz stands apart...but it takes a special kind of badassery
What shouldn’t be lost in the kerfuffle is that the speech he gave was a well-delivered distillation of conservative ideas that went well beyond the strikes on Trump. In contrast to what’s been going on, it sounded inclusive.

Cruz also made a strong case for religious liberty — for “Christians, Jews, Muslims, and Atheists” — and for federalism, mentioning a pot legalization state like Colorado. All that talk about the Constitution offended Trump’s fans because they know well the candidate has little, if any, interest in preserving the document. The phrase “vote your conscience” literally provoked boos from the GOP nominee’s fans.

The same day Cruz angered Trump supporters by not honoring a silly, political pledge to endorse the GOP nominee, Trump was quoted in a New York Times interview praising another authoritarian and asserting that he would ignore international treaties signed by the United States.

So while it takes guts to pull off what Cruz did, there wasn’t much downside politically. It seems unlikely that a Trump victory would mean an end of his Senate career. If 2016 ends up being a disaster for his party — and, right now, it’s a good bet it will — Cruz will be the only major Republican to emerge from the Trump fiasco with his principles largely intact.
Fact is, Ted Cruz had his Vito Corleone moment...and Trump and the RNC hate it didn’t backfire.

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