Wednesday, June 25, 2014

After winning MS Republican vote, McDaniel vows, 'We haven't conceded, we're going to investigate' (LEVIN ADDENDUM)

McDaniel joined Mark Levin this evening to discuss the corruption that took place in Tuesday's MS primary runoff, and expressly made it clear, "We haven’t conceded. We’re not going to concede, right now, we’re going to investigate."
MFP: Chris McDaniel won the Mississippi Republican primary. Twice. On Tuesday, he won by 25,000 votes among Republicans.

Just one problem: Through all manner of chicanery and deceit– Thad Cochran convinced 35,000 Democrats to illegally tamper in the GOP runoff...

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ADDENDUM: Levin UNLEASHED on Cochran, McCain, McConnell, Wicker, Barbour, Rove, Donohue and the whole of the Republican Party establishment this evening for their malicious behavior against McDaniel... and was the second influential conservative today to encourage Mississippians NOT to vote for Cochran in the general election...
On Wednesday's Mark Levin Show: Mark says that the Republican Party doesn't represent the people anymore and has no loyalty to conservatives, so why should we keep supporting it then? We used to be proud Republicans, but not anymore - not when they deliberately went to the Democrats in Mississippi to get their vote and to take out conservative Chris McDaniel. Mark says Republicans shouldn't vote for Thad Cochran in Mississippi - with a political battle cry of, "Remember Mississippi." Remember what the Establishment and the likes of Mitch McConnell and others did to conservatives. Chris McDaniel calls in and talks about the sleazy tactics that were used against him, the race baiting that was going on, and the fact that he received more Republican votes than Cochran did, but it was the Democrats that won the race for Cochran. How can we be proud of that?
Listen to Levin's excellent first hour monologue and the rest of his discussion HERE!
"I've never seen anything like this. So desperate is Mitch McConnell to be majority leader in the Senate for personal reason, because God knows he doesn't do a damn thing up there. So desperate are the incumbents in the Republican Party to hold onto office, they will do, they will say, ANYTHING. They will BECOME whatever they need to become, they believe, in order to attract votes. ... You see folks, the Mitch McConnell Republican Party used the tactics of the old South! They used the tactics of the segregationist South against conservatives, against Chris McDaniel in Mississippi! They should be ashamed of themselves, but they are SHAMELESS! Because they're power hungry, they don't stand for anything anymore."
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