Thursday, June 19, 2014

McCarthy, Scalise voted into House leadership by secret ballot

Not a damn thing has changed. Scurrying like nothing happened with the loss of Cantor, establishment Republicans prove once again that they never learn...
Politico: House Republicans elevated California Rep. Kevin McCarthy to majority leader, and elected Louisiana Rep. Steve Scalise whip Thursday in a rare mid-session leadership shakeup.

Their election — which was held by secret ballot — doesn’t represent seismic change atop the House Republican majority, but it does give the Deep South a spot at the leadership table after a two-year absence.

Scalise, who represents a district stretching from New Orleans to the Gulf of Mexico, beat Illinois Rep. Peter Roskam and Indiana Rep. Marlin Stutzman in a competitive three-way race that started immediately after Rep. Eric Cantor (Va.) lost his primary challenge June 10.
Folks, this is why primaries are crucial! Taking out one is not enough, they must all be removed in order to reform...those would-be establishment leaders, as well as those who'd vote for them (if we can move beyond secret ballots!). In the meantime, meet the new old leadership schmoe...

Answer the question, putz!

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