Wednesday, July 9, 2014

RUSH: Obama, Dems sending illegal kids to the shadows, don't want you to see refugee camps or know where kids are sent (UPDATE)

Neil Cavuto mentioned earlier about court dates being set for the parents of these Central American illegal children to come and plead their kids' cases, and the incentive that would give these illegal adults to stay. DHS verified last month that unaccompanied illegal children are being placed with alien parents and guardians. Couple both of those with the fact that, according to ICE87% of the unaccompanied illegal minors that have even been summoned to court still don't have final deportation orders, and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what's going on, particularly when everything's being kept under the radar...

...But it may take El Rushbo to explain it in the simplest of terms...
"They admit it is policy not to know whether these kids are being sent to the homes of illegals. So what's happening here, folks...the Regime is attempting to see to it that these children are sent to the shadows. Because remember what this is all about. This is multifaceted, but one of the things this is about is pressuring Republicans to do an immigration bill that's amnesty oriented before the elections. And they're flooding the zone here."
See, the next Congress, next year, which Boehner appears to be on board with, isn't soon enough for Obama...

"Somebody explain to me how passing an amnesty bill is gonna affect this at all. How's it gonna stop? There's no way passing immigration reform is gonna stop what's happening at the border. Why would it? In fact, it might just do the opposite. If you pass an immigration reform bill, amnesty, or something close to it, you're gonna increase the number of people trying to get over the border. Not decrease. Why would it stop?

But, see, that's the thing the Regime is attempting to convince the Republicans, "Look, you're gonna have to do this, otherwise this isn't gonna stop." So the kids are being sent to the shadows, plain and simple, by virtue of policy admitted to by the Regime."

NEWSFLASH for Republicans: an amnesty bill WON'T stop this. Remember the never-ending Ted Kennedy lie?!

UPDATE: More from Rush on Friday...

"Whenever there is a crisis involving children, the Democrat Party can’t wait to show it to you. They put the children all over, they give us all the details about their plight and their story, and there’s none of that here. And I was joking the other day about a telethon. “Where’s the telethon? Where’s the hashtag?” The truth of the matter is, there will never be a telethon. Because if you do a telethon, if you’re gonna do a Sally Strothers-type thing, you’ve got to give the backstory.

You have to explain who these kids are, how they happened to get here, what in the world is going on — and there’s nobody on the left that wants to go there. In fact, it’s just the opposite. They’re doing everything they can to prevent the story from being told. They don’t want anybody to even take a picture of these kids and the others that are immigrating illegally. They don’t allow cameras in. They’re not allowing the media in. This is one of the first Democrat Party programs for the children where they do not and will not allow anybody to see a single photo."

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