Thursday, July 3, 2014

Time to Declare our Recourse that Article V provides

Our 238th Independence Day is right around the corner, and while our nation has made great advancements in those many years, we uncannily find ourselves at a different-yet-similar crossroads to determine whether our country will reclaim its liberty bestowed on a free people proclaimed in our Declaration and fulfilled through our Constitution, or whether we'll continue to deviate down the road of tyranny under an increasingly authoritarian government.

Let us review our current predicament. As imperial as this executive branch is directed under this President, no impeachment will happen, not under this Congress. Boehner can pretend to prosecute, but that's going nowhere fast. And we know the House has already given up their power of the purse to curb the out-of-control Leviathan when the party leadership in lockstep with the old guard turned its back on Ted Cruz's filibuster. The checks and balances between the legislative and executive branches have been surrendered, and while there's the occasional victory within the judiciary, activism and fiat corrupt its mechanism for justice and constitutionality. Well, what of elections? In one breath they encourage citizen activism, yet in another, the Establishment works vigorously to crush us when we attempt to organize (i.e., tea party). #RememberMississippi!

So what's the solution? Where does our Recourse lie? Precisely where the Framers, specifically George Mason, placed it: an Article V Convention of the States to amend the Constitution...
On Friday's Mark Levin Show: The federal government is out of control as the country is falling apart from their increasing regulations on both the individual, industry, and economy. Mark explains how we can't go to the politicians anymore - for they are the same ones that have put us in this situation to begin with. When in the past we would use the power of the purse in the House, Speaker Boehner has taken that threat off the table. So what are we left with? Mark gives a step by step analysis of how we've gotten to where we are now, the influx of socialism on a national level from our federal government, and what needs to be done. Ultimately, the Convention of States and Article V process is all we have left. We must use the Constitution, to save the Constitution.
...and thus the nation.

Mark made mention of the state legislator who's valiantly leading the charge to organize such a crucial effort, Indiana State Senate President Pro Tempore David Long...
NWITimes: Legislative leaders in all 50 states have been asked to send delegates to Indianapolis for a second discussion on the state-led process for crafting amendments to the U.S. Constitution, and to begin shaping the rules and procedures a Convention of the States that would follow.

Senate President David Long, R-Fort Wayne, is among the organizers of the June 12-13 meeting of The Mount Vernon Assembly that will convene in the Indiana Statehouse.

He said delegates won't be proposing amendments to the U.S. Constitution this time. Instead, the goal is "to put a structure and a foundation in place for a Convention of the States, so that we can have consensus on how this thing is going to be run." ...

Long said he's heard the calls for fast action on an Article V convention, but is confident the careful, thoughtful approach being taken by The Mount Vernon Assembly is the best way to ensure Congress authorizes a Convention of the States and that any proposed constitutional amendments are seen as legitimate.

"This is the one group that is moving forward, with state legislators, putting a process in place so whatever ideas ultimately win out and get to a convention, we will have everything ready to go and the process will work effectively," Long said. "Without this structure, it won't work."

A bipartisan group of lawmakers from 33 states initially met in December at George Washington's Mount Vernon estate in Virginia to see if there was sufficient support to move forward with planning for a Convention of the States.

Long said he expects The Mount Vernon Assembly will meet a third time later this year to tweak and finalize the decisions it makes at the Indianapolis session. Then state legislatures in 2015 can begin sending identical resolutions to Congress requesting a Convention of the States.

He said the topic of the first proposed amendment likely will be a requirement for a balanced federal budget or some other plan to rein in the national debt. "We need something to change and this is, I think, the only way it's going to happen — the states are going to have to take charge," Long said.
H/t: AmericanThinker

There are the Ninth and Tenth Amendments that must absolutely be reestablished. But there is also the plainly stated recourse of Article V that directs us to a corrective means. We should not allow the naysayers to discourage us in this course, but we should embrace it, for this very constitutional path laid forth by our Framers will lead us back to our Independence once more.

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