Friday, July 11, 2014

TSA letting illegals on planes without ID

"Is this just this Obama bunch in the middle of a crisis not knowing what the hell to do? Is this something else? Is this the purposeful erasure of the border?"

So deems the police state...
Breitbart: The National Border Patrol Council released a statement asserting that it stands behind reports that illegal aliens were allowed to board commercial flights by presenting their Notice to Appear documents as personal identification to the TSA:
The National Border Patrol Council was recently notified that as recently as July 9, 2014, illegal aliens, who had been processed by Border Patrol agents in the Laredo Sector, were released with an I-862, Notice to Appear, and used that document as identification to board commercial aircraft at Laredo International Airport.

Border Patrol agents witnessed illegal aliens present the I-862s to Transportation Security Administration officers, who accepted the form, and cleared the illegal aliens through a security checkpoint. The Border Patrol agents notified the TSA officers that the I-862 is not a government issued form of identification. The TSA officer then notified a supervisor, who reviewed the documents, made copies, and told the Border Patrol agents that because the documents were issued by the Border Patrol that TSA was willing to accept them. Another supervisor looked over the documents and said they were going to forward them to their national headquarters for guidance.
More infuriation.

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