Monday, July 21, 2014

LEVIN: Bi-political Tom Donohue is the 'Chairman of the Republican Party'

Continuing to address the destructive path blazed by the bought-and-paid-for Republican establishment's slash-and-burn approach during this primary season, Levin picked up on the U.S. Chamber of Commerce backing Justin Amash's primary opponent. See, it's not just about defeating conservative challengers to protect incumbents. The Chamber will endorse a challenger when a conservative incumbent does't line up in lock step with the Chamber's crony priorities (i.e., the current amnesty push). And it is because of this blind allegiance to the Chamber pledged by the Republican leadership that Levin emphatically states, "Tom Donohue is the Chairman of the Republican Party!"
"Ladies and gentlemen, I want to suggest to you right now that the United States Chamber of Commerce, the top 100 companies in this country, these corporatists, who use government, who not only try to have consumers, but try and get favorable laws and appropriations to subsidize them, to benefit them against their competition, not all of them, but anybody who's a member of the U.S. Chamber of Crony Capitalism certainly, they now run the Republican Party. Tom Donohue, the clown...he is the head of the Republican Party.

And by the way, Tom Donohue, he's bi-political. ... He'll make deals with the Democrats; he'll make deals with the Republicans. Whatever it takes. As a matter of fact, he likes Obama. He has supported many of Obama's major initiatives, because they help his members. They crush small business; they crush the individual; they crush entrepreneurship. But it works fine for Tom Donohue, because he's bi-political.

These are the people who McConnell go to for money; these are the people Boehner go to for money; these are the people the RNC, the NRSC...all the whole alphabet-soup of these losers and the Republican establishment, because you, the grassroots, aren't contributing to them anymore.

So, Tom Donohue is the Chairman, as far as I'm concerned, of the Republican Party!"

And to add an interesting little tidbit...
RollCall: The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has already spent more than $14 million on races this cycle, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.
So...The Republican Party now answers to and is essentially run by the bi-political Tom Donohue, who shows no allegiance to any single party or principle.

That makes one future Democratic presidential nominee pretty happy, among an assortment of miscreants and malcontents...
Breitbart: Hillary Clinton thanked the Republican establishment and its big business allies for taking on the Tea Party and defeating conservative candidates like Chris McDaniel in Mississippi's June runoff.

In a Thursday interview with Charlie Rose on PBS, Clinton said tea partiers and conservatives needed to be reined in. And she said it was about time the GOP establishment got a "wake-up call from the big business wing" that wants to continue the bipartisan big government policies that have made Washington, D.C.'s suburbs the country's wealthiest "boomtown." ...

The Chamber of Commerce, which has vowed to spend at least $50 million against Tea Party candidates and those who oppose amnesty legislation, and Karl Rove's American Crossroads, have also emphasized their desire to defeat conservative candidates, much to Clinton's delight.
Idiot RINOs.

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