Thursday, July 17, 2014

LEVIN: 'There’s nothing compassionate about the downfall of America!'

Last night, Mark Levin laid into the left, the media and, yes, even many of the so-called 'Repubicans' in Washington with concerns about the border crisis, but more broadly about their advancement of the downfall of America...
"There’s nothing compassionate about the downfall of America! There’s nothing compassionate about the hollowing out of our society! There’s nothing compassionate about bankrupting our children and grandchildren, destroying our school system, destroying local law enforcement and hospitals, what’s been built up over 200 years.

It’s one thing to export our viewpoints, our economic ideas, our governing ideas. But it’s quite another to import the views, the culture and the destitution of the third world. Because that is national suicide. And any thinking person who is not playing politics, who’s not a demagogue, who’s not a propagandist, any thinking person regardless of party, ethnicity, or anything else knows I’m right!

This isn’t about voting as far as I’m concerned. This isn’t about pandering to this group or that group as far as I’m concerned. This is about preserving what’s left of this Republic.

And I know who that man is in the Oval Office! I know what’s between his ears! I know what’s happened to the Democrat Party!

And I know what’s going on at the Chamber of Commerce and the AFLCIO! They think they own this country!

And I know what’s going on within the Republican Party, a bunch of cowards, fat ass cowards at the top of the party!

That’s right I said it!

Mark are you angry? You’re damn right I am."
As should we all.

On Wednesday's Mark Levin Show: Mark says that unlike other wars such as the Revolutionary War or Civil War, the war we are fighting right now is one from within - an ideological one where liberty is fighting against a tyranny. They want to conquer the nation, divert the Constitution and use and then abuse the freedoms that liberty has bestowed upon them, to control the rest of the citizenry. Mark discusses the border and reminds us that President Obama wanted to come across as a world leader, not just an American leader - even though it's not the rest of the world that is being affected by our borders not being protected. Mark explains that the southern border is in anarchy right now and it is because of a conspiracy of special interest groups including corporatists, ethnic radical groups, big unions, and power hungry politicians that do not want to keep American society preserved.
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