Monday, July 7, 2014

Levin lays out Obama’s executive plunder of America through illegal immigration

It couldn't be any clearer...this executive plunder is by design...
TRS: Mark Levin looks back at Obama’s actual record on immigration over the last few years leading up to this point. And it couldn’t be any more clear, as he puts it, that we have a “radical imperial president who has step by step by step caused the catastrophe that exists on our southern border.”

Of course, he also points out it’s not just on the southern border any longer, that we who don’t live on the border aren’t just spectators any longer. These illegals are being shipped all over the country.
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After tallying off the incremental evisceration of our immigration law, Levin lays out how all of this, its proponents and their flagrant disregard for the American People have broadly and negatively affected our country...
"We're being overwhelmed. Local communities that are especially hard hit, their budgets are going to hell. Law enforcement's overwhelmed. Local hospitals are overwhelmed. School systems will be overwhelmed.

And the quality of life for the American People will decline, and it will decline because those aren't rocket scientists, those aren't engineers who are crossing the border. They're the poorest of the poor! The illiterate in Spanish! The unskilled, the low skilled. Meanwhile, how many of these proponents of an open border in essence, of amnesty in essence, even though they deny it, how many of them ever speak about the poor in our own country? The working poor and the flat-out poor. How they're going to be denied jobs. How the resources, like it or not, that we contribute, that we use, are now going to be diverted to others, whose only relationship to this country is that they violated our laws in the last few weeks, few days, few months, and came across the border. They have no other relationship with this country. Zero. None. ...

And we apparently have no say in the future of this country. None.

And the way it used to work, ladies and gentlemen, the reason people went to Ellis Island and other places was because they were interviewed, because they wanted to know if they had diseases, had jobs, whether they'd be wards of the state, and yes, people were turned away. What is going on now is NOT historically correct in this country. That is, when people say, 'This is who we've always been, this is what we've always done.' That's a LIE! An absolute flat-out lie.

And we have politicians in Congress, we have a politician in the Oval Office, we have their ethnic front groups, radical groups that oppose assimilation and promote balkanization, all pushing this agenda. And then we have the slobs at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, short-sighted, foolish, self-serving individuals. Then we have the slobs that run the big unions in this country, selling out their members because they think they can get more dues-paying members over time. But when do any of these people talk about what's in the best interest of the American People? When do any of these people dare to consult with the American People, the Citizenry? When? Never."

"Mr. President, you have that process to deport people. You have the process to secure the border. You did all of this. You and your party and the Republican ruling class. John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Tom Donohue over at the Chamber of Commerce, the Bush family, Rove, on and on and on, you know who you are. La Raza, the race. LULAC. This is all intended, and We The People have to sit here and witness this?

And then some brave citizens stand up and say, 'Wait a minute, WAIT A DAMN MINUTE! Why are you bussing people into our community? You don't know who they are, you don't know if they're criminals, you don't know if they have diseases. How are they gonna be taken care of? This is our community! We didn't go into their community!' And now what do they say about them? 'Oh, they must be racist, xenophobe. How does the Republican Party expect to win elections if it doesn't just embrace all these people?' Where's Jeb Bush? Where are all the advocates? I don't see them, and I don't hear them. Maybe that's a good thing."
And don't be fooled...of the nearly 300,000 illegal aliens that have entered the U.S. since April (that's just a few months ago, folks!), the majority are adult illegals; yet, the media continues with the phony compassionate pleas focused on the 50,000 children. Meanwhile, this administration uses them as political pawns, only planning to return a minute fraction of them to their home countries.

I don't even know if we can refer to this as an invasion so much as an invitation by our rogue federal government to trample the rule of law and our national sovereignty.

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