Thursday, July 24, 2014

Rush on the way liberals work: Americans who love America & liberals who don't understand why

Rush reported this morning on the latest discombobulations of the Obama administration's lack of concern for our southern border, and in doing so, honed in on liberalisms approach, what they're doing to our country, and simply how wrong they are about our border crisis and illegal immigration, as well as their lack of understanding Americans who genuinely love America!

"Obama needs a team of experts on the Southern border to go down and study whether or not there’s a problem when he’s got governors all over this country, all over the border who are going crazy trying to protect the people that live in their states?

Now, if Obama’s team of experts — if they get back alive, ’cause, I mean, that news that Governor Perry had last night? I mean, 203,000 people in the last five years were booked into jail. That’s not the total number that came across. That’s just the number came across ended up in jail — and of those 203,000, 3,000 homicides, 8,000 sexual assaults.

So Obama’s team of experts could be in danger as they go down and study the border. If they get back alive, and if they are able to report their findings to Obama, maybe then Obama will then appoint a blue ribbon panel to study the problem a little more in depth. This is the way liberals do things."
Picking up on 'the way liberals do things,' Rush used the example of the racialist La Raza president to explain how what's going on at the border is all about liberals not liking this country...
"Now, here's the point. What's going on down at the border, this La Raza babe says that when she hears some people showing up shouting "USA, USA," that what she hears is hatred cloaked in patriotism. And let me just tell her how she's wrong. This is Janet Murguia, the CEO of La Raza.

Janet, what you're hearing when you hear people at your speeches shouting, "USA, USA," you're hearing love. The people of Murrieta, California, love America. They don't hate it, and they don't hate you, and they don't hate these kids crossing the border. They love America. The truth of the matter is that what's going on at the border here, the Democrat Party is helping attract people like those who are coming, by criticizing, by blaming. This country is evil. This country's filled with injustice. This country is filled with racism and sexism, and we must let these people in to prove to the world how we're not any of those things and so forth.

The fact is that the people behind this, the people who are trying to engineer a permanent underclass of voters for the Democrat Party, they are the people that have a problem with America. These people that are coming in the country that are downtrodden and poor, you know why they're downtrodden and poor? Because America made 'em that way. That's what they think. We got too much. They don't have enough. It's unfair. We should be forced to give them what we've taken from them in the first place. That's what's driving all of this."

"There's a reason why Obama is not gonna visit the border, and that's because once you see what's going on there, you have no choice, you got to shut it down. But if he doesn't go, if he doesn't see it, then he won't shut it down. And he does not want to shut this down. The Democrats do not want to shut this down. The Democrats think we deserve this.

The Democrats think that somehow it's this country's fault that these people are living the way they're living. It's either our thirst for drugs that's causing the existence of the drug cartels or it's the fact that our economic policies have resulted in us getting all the goodies in the world and depriving the rest of the world what was rightfully theirs. It's the same belief why there are poor people in America, is the rich stole it from 'em, the rich have an unfair share, and they got rich on the backs of the poor. So we gotta raise taxes and give it to the poor to make it even 'cause this country's so unjust. It's the same thinking.

There is poverty in Mexico and El Salvador, Ecuador, and Guatemala, because we have taken all the good stuff. We get all the money. We make all the products and we export all the oil and we use all the oil and we're polluting the planet. We're destroying the plane, and these people are in dirt-poor poverty, it's our fault, and they only have a right to improve their lives, and if they happen to do that by coming here, who are we to say no? And that's what's driving this. There's no love driving this. None. The people who love this country are the people like those in Murrieta who show up and tell Janet Murguia "USA, USA." They are expressing love for their country, not hatred for somebody else.

And another thing: Opposing liberalism does not equal hate. But that's what they want it to be. You oppose Obama, you hate him. You oppose Biden, you hate him. You oppose La Raza, you must hate Hispanics. If you oppose the Reverend Jackson, you must hate blacks. Screw that, folks. There isn't any hate that drives any of this. What drives this, what drives this partisan divide is love for this country that we all feel, and the shock and the anger and the fear when we see what's happening to it."
RIGHT ON, Right On!

Recall that age-old adage: 'Love it, or leave it!' Well, today's liberals are attempting to turn that phrase on its head. They don't love it, so they want to leave everything that makes America 'America' behind. We beg to differ.

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