Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Jeffrey Lord: 'Unease in the GOP over Mississippi? This goes way, way beyond Mississippi.'

No, in the midst of all this illegal alien business, we haven't forgotten about Mississippi.

Though it will disgust and raise your level of cynicism, Jeffrey Lord has assembled an exceptional detailing of the corruption between the Republican and Democrat parties, using PACs to do their bidding in the Mississippi race, and, well, beyond...
AmericanSpectator: The headline in the New York Times over the weekend was straightforward: “Unease in G.O.P. Over Mississippi Tea Party Anger”:
The stormy aftermath of Mississippi’s Republican Senate runoff has sent Tea Party conservatives around the country to the ramparts, raising the prospect of a prolonged battle that holds the potential to depress conservative turnout in November in Mississippi — and possibly beyond.
Well, there’s an understatement. Just last night Texas Senator Ted Cruz was on Mark Levin's show talking about “the D.C. machine” running “false attacks” that were “racially charged” and demanding that allegations of criminal conduct — one man reportedly told Charles C. Johnson that Cochran paid him to buy votes — be “vigorously investigated.” There should be “unease” in the Republican Party, as more and more of the base becomes aware of just how cynical GOP leadership has become, and as the curtain continues to be pulled up on all the shenanigans in Mississippi.

This is a MUST read. #RememberMississippi!

H/t: TRS

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