Wednesday, July 16, 2014

RINO ALERT: Republican establishment attempts to 'Cochran' Kansas

Yet more indications emerge in the wrongheadedness of the Republican establishment. And if this is the direction that the Republican Party is headed in, which appears to be that of the Democratic Party, then we've got some bumps ahead while we find a New Party!

AP reports that 100 Kansan so-called ‘Republicans’ are supporting a Democratic candidate for governor over the current Republican Gov. Sam Brownback!
Democratic challenger Paul Davis sought Tuesday to give his campaign for Kansas governor a bipartisan boost by announcing endorsements from more than 100 moderate Republicans who’ve split with conservative GOP Gov. Sam Brownback over education and tax policy.

The disaffected Republicans include outgoing Insurance Commissioner Sandy Praeger, three former Kansas Senate presidents and three former Kansas House speakers. More than half are former legislators, and the list includes former U.S. Rep. Jan Meyers, who represented the Kansas City-area 3rd District from 1985 to 1997.

They announced that they formed Republicans for Kansas Values because of their concerns about the aggressive personal income tax cuts enacted at Brownback’s urging. They called the reductions a reckless fiscal experiment and suggested Brownback’s administration has been hostile to public education.
They're obviously not conservatives, have little to no 'values' and can damn near even call themselves Republicans.

Tea Party candidate Milton Wolf, who's challenging Mr. 'Every time I get an opponent I'm home' Pat Roberts, is also feeling similar resentment that the Cochran-Republican establishment foisted on Chris McDaniel in Mississippi: Roberts won't debate Wolf and Roberts' staff begins racebaiting out of thin air. (Probably something to do with Wolf acknowledging support for McDaniel after being wronged by establishment Republican's racist tactics)

Who'd like to wager that most, if not all, of these Democratic-supporting moderate Republicans above are also supporting Roberts? Give'em time, and they'll have Democrats illegally corrupting the vote as well.

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