Wednesday, July 23, 2014

As House and Senate offer competing plans, neither are serious about BORDER SECURITY or ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION!

Nothing in either plan to simply deport these children back to their country of origin, which would be the most expediently humane thing to do, and save the taxpayers a LOT more money than our political elite are ready to spend on crisis management.
WP: The Senate and House are poised to act on separate emergency border security plans, likely setting up a protracted debate in Washington as the Obama administration warns that it is running out of money to address the child-migrant crisis at the southern border.

Senate Democrats said Tuesday that they will move forward next week on a spending bill to provide $2.7 billion in emergency funds to deal with the influx of minors from Central America flooding into the country illegally — about $1 billion less than President Obama has requested.

Meanwhile, House GOP leaders are working on a proposal to set the funding at less than $2 billion, according to aides familiar with the talks. They are set to unveil a set of policy principles Wednesday that would also mandate that the administration send National Guard troops to the border, a move the White House has called unnecessary.

The competing border plans are expected to ignite a fierce fight on Capitol Hill that is unlikely to be resolved before Congress adjourns for a five-week summer break at the end of next week, lawmakers said.
At which time Obama will be poised to act unilaterally (as if he's not already).

But while the headlines trumpet the GOP plan's call for National Guard deployment at the border, the reality is that it still doesn't seriously address our nation's border security or effectively stop illegal immigration. Quite the contrary, it continues to encourage more Central American illegals to risk life and limb to appeal to our corrupted courts for amnesty.
AmericanThinker: On the surface, this Republican plan to deal with the border crisis is a lot better than the plan offered by President Obama.

But fearing the accusation of being "inhumane" to the illegal alien children, the GOP House members charged by Speaker Boehner with developing the plan will not call for the immediate deportation of the kids, but rather grant them their hearing before a judge. The plan calls for the hiring of more judges to expedite the process.

See: GOP border security group calls for sending National Guard to border

Frankly, I don't see much difference between the president's plan - which also calls for hiring more judges - and the GOP plan. The National Guard deployed to the border will marginally help the states by taking some administrative responsibilities from border agents so that more of them can patrol the border. But they're not going to "guard" the border in any meaningful way.

What this shows is that Washington is still unserious about border security. Too many elites benefit too much from illegal immigration for Congress to do much of anything about it.
Typically, this is more of the same nothingness out of Washington's ruling class.

Could have used a real change in the primaries, Republican voters.

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