Thursday, July 17, 2014

Legal American Latinos want deportations and 'enforcement first' before reform talk

"A lot of immigrants that I talk to... are the maddest about illegal immigration because they're the ones who stood patiently in line, and obeyed all of our laws, came here with a sincere desire to become Americans, and they are watching 11 million people trying to cut in line and flout our laws. I have found that legal immigrants, those people who came here in order to become Americans, are the angriest about illegal immigration and we need to appeal to them as well." ~ Tom McClintock (R-CA)
I think out of everything that's wrong about our current border crisis, there's a crucial voice that's getting lost in this debate: that of legal American Latinos.

Black Americans aren't the only minorities waking up to Democrats' illegal immigration goals and furious with the tide of illegal immigrants pouring over the border. Legal American Latinos are among the most frustrated about this rampant illegality.

Comedian Paul Rodriguez is among the latest (that the media has actually let slip out) to oppose illegal immigration and amnesty...
TopRightNews: Mexican-born comedian Paul Rodriguez stunned the CNN panel on illegal immigration when he advocated for DEPORTING illegal aliens who have flooded the border in recent months.

Anchor Don Lemon embarrassed himself by suggesting that legal immigrants (meaning Hispanics) like Rodriguez can’t possibly be against illegal immigration. Wow, he really did go there.

Rodriguez would have none of it, even taking on a priest who was advocating for mass amnesty. Way to go, Paul!

Despite the liberal media's open border narrative with every special interest in tow, along with the purposeful dampening of these voices, Latino voters have statistically opposed 'amnesty first' efforts for illegal aliens, while supporting heightened border security and genuine immigration reform (nobody's buying 'comprehensive'). From 2005 to 2013, American Latinos have backed an 'enforcement first' approach over tinkering with our laws.

With our current border meltdown, we find again that Hispanic voters look to blame Obama (and Democratic Senators) for this mess...
TheDC: An unreleased poll shows that one third of Hispanic voters and political independents strongly blame President Barack Obama for the border breakdown that has allowed at least 100,000 unskilled Central Americans to flood over the border.

The poll matches other polls showing that middle-class Hispanics oppose a large inflow of illegal or unskilled immigrants.

The public’s hostile reaction to the border meltdown means trouble for the senators who voted in June 2013 for a business-backed bill that encouraged the Central American migration...

The poll shows that some Hispanics and most independents blame the administration.
So I'll iterate once again, all of this only matters if you don't fall for the hype again and elect these same kind of people!

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