Monday, July 21, 2014

IT'S OFFICIAL: Gov. Perry deploying Nat'l Guard to the border! (UPDATE)

Texas Governor Rick Perry just announced the weekend rumors...he IS deploying National Guard troops along the Texas-Mexico border...FINALLY! Some kind of deterrent is better than no deterrent at all.

Texas is setting a precedent that hopefully other border states will follow: Use state tax dollars to fund the deployment, then send the bill to Washington, D.C., who's thwarted its primary responsibility!
CNN: Texas Gov. Rick Perry will immediately send up to 1,000 National Guard troops to help secure the southern border, where tens of thousands of unaccompanied minors from Central America have crossed into the United States this year...

Perry also wants President Barack Obama and Congress to hire an additional 3,000 border patrol agents for the Texas border, which would eventually replace the temporary guard forces.

He made the announcement, which he called Operation Strong Safety, on Monday in Austin.

Perry's state has received the majority of migrant children, especially in the Rio Grande region, and he has repeatedly called on the federal government to deploy the National Guard.

"I will not stand idly by," Perry said. "The price of inaction is too high."
Among the flood of illegals, comes the exploits of the drug cartels, human traffickers, and the overall criminal well as the obvious terrorist threat...

And when Obama starts whining, the appropriate response should be, "So sue me!"

Speaking of, Texas AG Greg Abbott (the next Texas governor) also stated that his office will be ready to file suit if the federal government doesn't pay the bill.

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UPDATE: 30-45 days? Kinda frustrating...
Breitbart: Deployment of the Texas National Guard may take up to 45 days before any impact will be visible to the general public. Leaders of the Texas Military Forces (TMF) under the command of the Texas Adjutant General, Air National Guard Major General John Nichols, are now developing plans based upon the directives issued to them by Texas Governor Rick Perry and the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS).

The role of the soldiers and airmen of the TMF will be to provide additional eyes and ears for state law enforcement authorities who are already deployed to the parts of the border region being covered by Operation Strong Safety according to Lt. Colonel Joanne McGregor, TMF Public Affairs Officer who spoke with Breitbart Texas. Without speaking directly to the general law enforcement authority and capabilities of the TMF while under state control the Colonel said the TMF will not be making any arrests per the directives from the DPS.

McGregor was not able to clarify at this time, exactly why the deployment could take up to 45 days. She said the planning will take about two weeks and then training would begin with assigned units. She also could not address, at this time, when airborne resources would be deployed.
Meanwhile the influx continues? And they need to be given arrest authority, which the Governor could also direct.

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