Saturday, November 5, 2011

A whimper or a bang

Well, it appears that the G-20 summit ended with a whimper (i.e., that means less debt for least for the remainder of the year), as USA Today explains:

Europe failed to get the leaders of the world's wealthiest economies to help out with its debt troubles, but everyone left a G-20 summit Friday relieved that at least they forced Greece's prime minister not to hold the world hostage with a bailout vote.

Investors had been hoping the Group of 20 nations would lend the struggling eurozone a helping hand — but the G-20 leaders said Europe needs to help itself first. They said the International Monetary Fund could be beefed up to help more, but not for at least three more months.

The debt crisis that rocked the 17-nation currency union the past two years has reached a new high and now threatens to push the world economy into a second recession.

I can't help thinking this might be one of those questionable outcomes of globalization.  Regardless, the BOLD is my emphasis, to which I believe lies the first step in solving Europe's problems (and I hope the G-20 members actually meant it; however, I'm certain they don't quite see it through the conservative lens): stop living as socialist democracies that breed a culture of dependency and class envy, and in some cases, from Greece to London or Oakland, have resulted in rioting dregs!  Responsibility goes a long way...something far too many, particularly our so-called leaders, have forgotten.

However, rather than dwell on the irresponsible state of the world, let our attention turn to something a bit more local.  Being an American of the conservative persuasion, it's hard to dismiss a few highlights from our Dear Leader's remarks at the summit.  Upon elaboration of the expanding economic crisis in the Eurozone, Obama thinks leaders should talk up the currency, and that will infuse confidence into the markets, because he believes "some of this crisis is psychological." Yes, it's all in your minds, folks, much like that of his American subjects. The brunt of these troubles couldn't possibly have anything to do with the reckless spendthrifts we elect as leaders, whether in this government or that one.  Naaa, of course not.  And to assure us back home that his one and only concern lies within creating jobs and reviving the economy (because he's done such a bang-up job so far with record unemployment and matching regulations), Obama told reporters, "The least of my concerns, at the moment, are the politics of a year from now." Right. As Weasel Zippers commented, "I guess that’s why he’s been in perpetual campaign mode since day one," with a stellar image that captures the full embodiment of his only concern...

Well, as much as I don't believe Mr. Cool-as-a-cucumber, their appear to be others out there with more proficiencies than I, who have their doubts of Obama's presidential fate as well.

One of them is Dr. David Hill, a pollster who's worked for Republican candidates and causes since 1984. He published a followup piece at The Hill entitled, "Obama Fails All Viability Tests" (here's the prior).  After going through all the data points and numbers (here's a few to consider), Dr. Hill concludes:

The numbers say that voters don’t think he deserves reelection, he has no meaningful accomplishments, and the nation is headed off in the wrong direction under his watch. He is simply not viable by any measure. That’s an empirically informed, hard-nosed judgment. This isn’t a movie or fantasy tale where a miracle occurs at the last moment to save the day. If Democrat campaign professionals don’t start acknowledging the same, and intervening, they risk Obama bringing down their entire ticket.

However, rest assured, unlike the G-20 summit, Obama's presidency won't end with a whimper, but will remind Titanic survivors of that violent hissing sound as the tops of the funnels met the ocean surface.  Whether with a whimper or with the more probable bang, conservatives are determined to make this president a one-termer.

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