Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Two scandals that aren’t going away (UPDATES)

There are at least two administrative scandals that aren’t going away as easily as the Obama regime would prefer them to.

Operation Fast & Furious

In the case of perhaps the more egregious, involving unnecessary bloodshed along our southern border, Lanny Breuer, the head of the DoJ’s criminal division, is now attempting to drag the Bush Administration into this gunrunning controversy, while seemingly taking the heat for his boss AG Eric Holder. Hmm, blame Bush & cover Obama via Holder…no one should be surprised about either of these revelations

Nonetheless, as CNSNews reports:

Attorney General Eric Holder was informed about Operation Fast and Furious in memos from July 2010, which seems to contradict his May 3, 2011 testimony to the House Judiciary Committee, when he said: "I'm not sure of the exact date, but I probably heard about Fast and Furious for the first time over the last few weeks."

House Judiciary Chairman Lamar Smith (R-Texas) has called for a special counsel to probe whether Holder told Congress the truth when he was under oath.

Don't let up on Holder!  One might also venture over to this CNSNews story to check out the video of Breuer squirming about while being asked questions from Sen. Grassley just to give you a glimpse of not only the deception going on here, but the arrogance of these DoJ guys with what I can only guess they expect as a pass.  Enlightening.

In addition, Holder is still scheduled to face questions on the operation from the Senate Judiciary Committee on Nov. 8th, which will likely be a friendlier venue than the similar House session in early December (let’s see…Patrick Leahy vs Darrell Issa…yeah, think so!). Perhaps what wasn’t scheduled was Arizona Sheriff Paull Babeu finding 2 more guns linked to Fast & Furious, seized as part of a major drug smuggling bust that took place on Monday. Also to note, the man caught was involved in a larger investigation into the cartel and had been deported two weeks earlier! Way to secure that border and protect American citizens, federal government.


From one subpoena to another. That may be the case, as a CNN blurb explains:

House GOP leaders announced Friday that they are laying the groundwork for Congress to issue a subpoena for internal White House documents regarding the decision to issue federal loan guarantees in 2010 to Solyndra, a solar energy company that has since filed for bankruptcy.

However, it appears that the Obama Adminstration isn’t cooperating quite as smoothly as Republicans had hoped for (surprise, not), as PV Magazine relays:

…the Obama Administration pushed back on October 28 - not only declining to provide more documentation on the spectacular collapse of the California-based solar company, Solyndra LLC, but also mandating its own independent, 60-day review of Energy Department loans.

Right, you guys sit back and we’ll investigate ourselves? Don’t think so. Congressional Republicans should in no way relent on this one, as new documents come to light, showing that the founder and former CEO of Solyndra negotiated a severance package worth almost half a million dollars. There’s more of that crony capitalism that breeds freely in this administration; or more accurately, I should call it 'crony socialism'. Also, speaking of ‘details come to light’, it appears that there may yet be another Solyndra on the horizon…yes, so soon! Leave it to UK’s Daily Mail to report on this one:

It looks as though taxpayers will have to pick up the tab yet again.

Beacon Power, an energy company that received a $43 million loan guarantee, through the same government programme as Solyndra, has filed for bankruptcy, leaving taxpayers to cover the $39.1 million in loans the company has not yet repaid.

You know, after digging around for much of this information, one kind of feels like one commenter to the previous CNN blurb:

“Anybody else notice how the MSM has TOTALLY BURIED the Solyndra and "Fast & Furious" Obama scandals? Hmmm.... I wonder why? Hundreds of millions lost, American law enforcement killed with weapons supplied by the government, and almost complete dead silence. Hmmmm... Almost like somebody is protecting yet more Obama administration incompetence.”

Now I will say that sure, there are reports out there on these scandals. I’ve found several here. However, the commenters point is taken, as targeted towards broadcast news, in the fact that these reports are mostly buried between all of the more gossipy dribble of the day-to-day news cycle, when they should be TOP stories. We all know they would be aired hourly under a Republican administration.

UPDATE I: Solyndra subpoenas out!

UPDATE II: Now comes the feigned outrage from the White House on Friday, via The Hill:

“I am disappointed and troubled that, despite our offer to work with the committee on a more focused request that balances the important interests of both the Congress and the Executive Branch, the Committee decided to move forward with an overbroad subpoena that is unprecedented and unnecessary,” Ruemmler said.

White House counsel Kathryn Ruemmler wouldn't have to be so 'disappointed and troubled' over the demand, if the documents requested and received thus far weren't so heavily redacted, kinda like the Fast & Furious obstruction that Issa's up against! These people...

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