Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A stroll down memory lane

They say 'conservatives can't win' or 'they can't beat Obama'.  They said the same about Reagan.  Levin took us on a little stroll down memory lane in Wednesday evening's monologue.  Funny how things repeat themselves.  This one's for conservatives to take heart, and Washington beltway elites of both persuasions to take note!

Sound familiar?  Remember how that one ended? Landslide.

And while the establishment is taking note, in conjunction with Levin's message, and supplying additional perspective on the run-up to the Republican primaries involving our candidates, Rush felt compelled to respond to one caller to expand on the larger issues of where the country is at, the condition of the Republican Party, the primary process, and where conservatism should be playing a crucial role in all...(as the clip is entitled, "Here is Rush Limbaugh at his best talking about conservatism")

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