Thursday, November 17, 2011

Gengrich takes the lead

A new Rasmussen shock poll shows Gengrich taking the Republican presidential lead:

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich has already picked up steam among Republican primary voters nationwide, and now he jumps to the front of the GOP pack among caucus-goers in Iowa.

Romney comes in at 19% and after weeks of media smears and attacks, along with the Libyan gaffe that the media has played up as hard as Perry's forgotten third agency, Cain returns to Iowa in third at 13%. And with Newt now leading Mitt, the media have already turned their sights and adjusted their aim at the former Speaker with a linkage to Freddie Mac, which on the surface appears to be much ado about nothing; however, the mere mention of the failed mortage finance agency sends the mainstream press salivating at the prospects of tying to a Republican.  I think they'll find breaking Newt is not so easy.

Likewise, results in yesterday's Fox News poll garnered the same results, with Newt gaining the lead in the GOP presidential race.

I thought of posting this last night, but now seems a much more opportune time to do so.  At the end of Wednesday's show, Mark Levin conducted a brief interviewed with the former Speaker and dug for answers on some of the host's bigger concerns with the candidate.  See what you think...

In any regards, it looks like the witty debate performances have finally produced results for the former Speaker.

ADDENDUM: It certainly doesn't hurt to make these kind of points either...

Also, I think Rush asked a very important question during Friday's show, "Now it's Newt's turn for an anal exam, but how come it's never Mitt Romney's?" For real.

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