Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Levin's call to conservative arms!

Wow!  Screw Anonymous this and Accuser that!  If you prefer to be a part of 'thinking' America, instead of distracted America, and want to know all the crap going on with the Obama Administration -- Eric Holder and the Fast & Furious scandal, Solyndra and the crony billionaire behind it, the Democrat annihilation of America's economy through the Super Committee, the Czars, the executive orders, the lies and corruption of Obama, as well as the contemptuous fifth column within the Republican Party -- PLEASE listen to Levin's opening monologue for Wednesday's program.  What an eye-opening wake up call to conservative arms!

"You and I, we have a country to save, we have a Constitution to defend. And I am well aware that the statists seek to distract us and deter us and confuse us and demoralize us, I'm well aware of it. But that's not gonna happen, not now, not tomorrow, not the next day... Now like you, I love this country too much, and I love my children too much, to allow this to happen without a fight, and damn it, I mean a fight!  A fight like never before." ~ Mark Levin

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