Thursday, November 10, 2011

a well-needed cup of Joe

Most of the media headlines have said, "Joe Walsh yells at constituents" or something to that affect.  However, those headlines completely miss the point.  Leave it to Rush to put Joe's passionate comments in perspective, "Joe Walsh screams truth!":

Joe Walsh, up-and-coming, rising star in the Republican House of Representatives, he is from Illinois. He held A Cup of Joe with Joe Walsh meeting with his constituents last Sunday in Gurnee, Illinois. And during the Q&A one of his constituents said, "Look at the people, Paulson and whoever else that keep going from big bank to the government, then they go back to the banks, they just keep rotating government to big banks," and Walsh had had enough.

Agreed, Joe...we're tired of hearing that crap too! Rush continued:

Joe Walsh, Republican from Illinois trying to pound home to his constituents just who was and who wasn't responsible for the housing mess, the subprime mortgage loans, because he got a question, "Look at these bankers, they keep going from the bank to the government and it's a revolving door," and it isn't. But they're not the problem. It was your government.

Right on, right on. It's time to stop blaming the private sector and look directly at this unending dependency on more and more government regulations that continue to screw ALL markets.

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