Monday, November 28, 2011

9-9-9 The Movie (UPDATE: Cain status)

I've argued for it in past posts and among friends & foes alike, particularly since I'm both a flat taxer & a Fair Tax advocate and a supporter of the inherent transparency & accountability that's built into both concepts, which leads me to promote Herman Cain's latest endeavor to succinctly explain in the clearest of terms (complete with visuals this time around) his bold 9-9-9 Plan:

(Here's a link to the movie site as well)

ADDENDUM: Funny how these things seems to happen like clockwork.  Just as Cain launches this most important push for his plan, as well as his campaign, a new allegation, dwindling poll numbers and a rabid media push back at the candidate; and according to staffers, Cain is reassessing his decision to remain in the race.  Unfortunately, and yet again, the fate of the Fair Tax might once again find itself up against the old stone wall of the Washington establishment, where the status quo continues to falter.  Personally, I hope this movie is not an epilogue.

UPDATE: Looks like the potential epilogue is only the next chapter!  Herman Cain will stay in the race.  Now WATCH the movie!

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