Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Levin is Defending the American Dream

"You can't put a price tag on the American Dream. That dream is the heart and soul of America; it's the promise that keeps our nation forever good and generous, a model and hope to the world." ~ President Ronald Reagan, October 22, 1986

There's no doubt that the media has distracted our attention away from the important issues at hand over the past few weeks, as we have likewise allowed ourselves to be. However, as the Cain campaign has stated, I too concur...it's time to refocus and get back on track.
One instance of getting back to the important issues at hand, came in the form of a unique one-on-one Lincoln-Douglas style debate that occurred this weekend between a couple of our presidential candidates, which I was actually able to report on. Yet another of perhaps even more substance, as to the overall direction of our Nation, also came on Saturday evening. And that occasion came in the form of Mark Levin's keynote speech at Americans for Prosperity's 'Defending the American Dream' Summit.

"My brothers and sisters, my fellow patriots, we are here to occupy the White House, we are here to occupy the United States Senate, we are here to occupy the House of Representatives, and no band of miscreants and malcontents is going to stop up," said Levin as he began a soberly stirring speech, in which he addressed the downward projection of our "post-constitutional government transitioning into an increasingly powerful utopian tyranny." From Woodrow Wilson to Barack Obama, there has been a successive rejection of our founding documents, both the Declaration and the Constitution.

Bundling all the statist details described, Mark said, "Well, let me put it this way: today the federal government is the largest creditor, debtor, lender, employer, consumer, contractor, grantor, property owner, tenant, insurer, healthcare provider, and pension guarantor in existence." Think about that for a moment, and reflect on not only what we fought for, but why we once again must FIGHT for a reinvigorated Independence!

Also to strengthen our resolve, as Levin reminds us, "No amount of class warfare Marxist propaganda, phony jobs bills, unconstitutional executive orders, and liberal media smear jobs of our candidates will dispirit us or divert us!"  Right on.

To note: Mark was also awarded AFP's George Washington Award for Principled Leadership for a "lifetime of service building a free and prosperous America."

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