Thursday, November 17, 2011

another mentally ill occupier (UPDATES)

A common denominator seems to be missing from all the reports of yesterday's White House shooting suspect: he spent time among the Occupiers.  NewsBusters reports:

NBC, ABC, and CBS left that fact out of their evening and morning coverage of his arrest.

All three network evening news programs made the Wednesday afternoon arrest of Ortega-Hernandez their lead story. NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams proclaimed: "Shots fired at the White House, prompting an urgent manhunt for the gunman, now under arrest amid questions about his motive." ABC World News anchor Diane Sawyer declared: "Caught. The man accused of tiring an AK-47 at the White House, apprehended." On CBS's Evening News, anchor Scott Pelley reported: "Bullets strike the White House. Bob Orr on the man in custody."

On Wednesday's Special Report on Fox News, anchor Bret Baier took note of the shooter's reported connection to the Washington D.C. Occupy protest: "Hernandez reportedly spent time with the Occupy D.C. protesters and may be mentally ill, according to officials."

You got it right, Bret: another mentally ill occupier!

UPDATE: Looney Toons! Come one, come all...

'Occupy San Diego' honors suspected White House shooter with moment of silence

Honor this guy?!  "You see, Oprah...I am the modern-day Jesus Christ that you all have been waiting for."

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