Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Obama's energy agenda

An interesting piece by Kenneth Green in the Daily Caller sheds more light on Obama's energy agenda, and quite succinctly explains the way many of us see it: symbolic environmentalism at the cost of significant economic ramifications. It's well worth the read, but the conclusion hits the nail on the head:

The White House, of course, tells us not to worry. With his usual Orwellian dishonesty, President Obama assures us that “my administration will build on the unprecedented progress we’ve made towards strengthening our nation’s energy security, from responsibly expanding domestic oil and gas production to nearly doubling the fuel efficiency of our cars and trucks, to continued progress in the development of a clean energy economy.” But the Keystone decision shows the reality of the Obama energy agenda: stifling all forms of fossil fuel production, acquisition and use in favor of replacing a small fraction of that energy with expensive, intermittent renewables constructed by crony corporations like Solyndra, General Motors and General Electric.

Reinforcing that sentiment, as well as adding another layer to this insidious agenda, just take a look at the latest in the Solyndra scandal, via Fox News:

As the White House rejects charges that the Obama administration was motivated by politics in its decisions on green energy loans, scrutiny is increasing over the preference given to Democratic donors seeking federal loans.

Recent emails suggest that politics did play a role in administration decisions regarding its energy loan guarantee programs. But beyond the timing of political announcements, the Solyndra investigation has churned up questions about the White House's overall strategy of doling out taxpayer money.

The rolls of green energy subsidies show that beyond a few headline-grabbing cases, several well-connected Democrats obtained taxpayer assistance for environmentally friendly projects.

And that, my friends, ties directly into an earlier post on congressional insider trading, which we're learning also occurred with non-elected, non-congressional administration members.  No wonder the White House is lashing out at Congress for investigating.  How dare anyone seek transparency!  Especially after emails show that the Obama Administration pressured Solyndra to delay layoffs until after the 2010 midterm elections (but Rahm doesn't recall anything about that).  Oops.

See how it's just one big bundle of cronyism at the most corrupt levels?  Change?  Riiiight.  Obama's energy agenda is a disaster for America.

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