Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Levin: "these damn cowards"

Wednesday's Mark Levin Show was chalked full of great topics, and the Great One was on FIRE, so here's another I felt the need to share.  In this one, Levin gave the latest updates on this sham of a BBA proposal, the latest with the Super Committee politburo's decision to continue spending, and the cowardly, defeatist Republicans that appear ready to cave again (surprise).  Now is not the time to settle...

What the Republican leadership has shown us throughout the vast majority of 2011 is that they not only used conservatives to regain power only to sink back into their establishment, statist-enabling ways, but they fear the beltway punditry something fierce.  How they fear these useful idiots more than their own constituents, is astounding.  One thing is clear, though: next year we MUST elect not only a president who's capable of adhering to some notion of conservative principles, but equally important, we MUST reinforce the ranks of the House and Senate with conservative statesmen if we want to see any balls in Levin would say, "That's right, I said it!"

ADDENDUM: Rush also mentioned the Super Committee sham in Wednesday's program.

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